Summary: "Ne, Heichou? Will I... see you again in the next life?" A RivaillexEren fic! RiRen! Reincarnation fic! :)

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Pairing: main RiRen; other pairings may appear as the story progresses

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Rivaille could only watch as Armin landed on the ground where Eren's Titan body fell after he, Humanity's Strongest, incapacitated the boy. He watched, with numb feelings, as the huge body burned away, revealing the bloody form of the one he loved the most. Eren…

His team was sent for another recon mission outside the wall that day. They just got a few kilometers when they were suddenly surrounded by Titans, where majority of them consisted deviant types. Of course, his team was the elite of the elite, the best of the best, but they have the new recruits with them so they couldn't do a freaking rampage the way they used to when on missions.

It wasn't part of the plan for Eren to turn into a Titan but he did when he and Armin got trapped by a dozen of humongous nightmare. The boy was almost out of gas and Armin wasn't that much of a fighter so they had to rely on the former's Titan ability, effectively going against Rivaille's orders.

They were doing great. Almost. Eren managed to defeat all twelve Titans, earning a relieved cry from Armin. However, the moment he saw his blonde best friend, the Titan-Shifter had attacked him. Just like what he did to Mikasa during that operation to retake Trost.

But Mikasa was one of the best soldiers humanity has ever seen. Armin, on the other hand, was quite the frail one.

Eren was getting berserk when Rivaille arrived. The Corporal wondered for a brief moment how Armin managed to survive for five minutes with Eren in a rampage. He narrowed his eyes at the Titan when it turned to him. "Shitty Brat," He muttered as he pulled out his blades. "I promised to end your life if you ever lose control, right?" He asked rhetorically, not taking his eyes off Eren. The Rogue Titan just bellowed and aimed for him. Unluckily for it, Rivaille was faster. He spun away from the Titan's fist and landed gracefully on its shoulder.

"Eren, snap out of it." He hissed as he raised one of his blades and stabbed it mercilessly onto the Titan's shoulder.

The Rogue Titan howled in pain and made a grab for Rivaille. But before he could do it, the Corporal managed to cut off his right hand.

"Eren, stop it!" Armin yelled as he ran forward, hoping to be able to snap his best friend back to consciousness like what happened before.

"Brat, stay out of the way!" Rivaille yelled as he spun towards the blonde strategist who stared at the Titan heading towards him in fear. "He's not hearing you." The Corporal kicked Armin out of the way then he spun back to Eren and sliced the back of his neck, just right at the weak point. He didn't want to do it but he had no other choice. He had to kill Humanity's Hope –the Hope that kept everyone going, the Hope that made him stronger. He landed on the ground, facing the other way. He didn't want to see Eren. He'd rather not see him now.

"H-Heichou…" But when he heard that voice, he instantly looked up and silently cursed himself. He saw Eren staring at him, a weak smile plastered on his face. "S-Sorry…" He mumbled then to the Corporal and Armin's horror, he coughed up blood.

"Brat," Rivaille hissed as he approached and dropped on his knees beside the brunette. He waved Armin as if telling him to get help. The blonde immediately moved and disappeared. He then turned back to the boy that was now in his arms. "It's not your fault, Brat. You just lacked training." He said in his usual emotionless voice. "Get ready for training when we get back to the headquarters."

Eren laughed weakly then coughed up blood again at what Rivaille had said. "W-We both… know that I-I'm…" He stopped as he coughed another batch of deep-red blood. "…not going to… stay alive… l-longer…"

"Idiot," Rivaille muttered, earning another painful smile from Eren. "You just have to go and spoil everything, don't you?" He glared at the brunette but Eren could clearly see the sadness and pain that was buried underneath those perpetually-glaring eyes.

"N-Ne, Heichou…" The Titan-Shifter raised his bloody hand and held the front of Rivaille's uniform. "Will I… see you again… in the next life?"

The Corporal was silent for a moment as he stared back at those beautiful green eyes that he knew would haunt him forever for the rest of his life. Then he slowly nodded. "Of course. We'll see each other again, Brat. What made you think we won't?"

At Rivaille's words, Eren's smile, if it was possible, widened even more. "T-Then I'll…" He used the remaining of his strength to lift his head and give Rivaille a soft kiss on the mouth. The Corporal doesn't seem to mind that it was literally a bloody kiss. "…see you later, Rivaille. I… love you." Then with that, he heaved his last breath and closed his eyes, those luscious green orbs sleeping forever.

Rivaille stared at the brunette in his arms for a moment. Eren looked like he was just sleeping, with a contented smile on his cute face. The Corporal shook his head as he swept off the bangs that hindered his lover's face. "Brat," He mumbled as he gently laid the lifeless body down on the ground, but not before giving him a soft kiss on the forehead. "I'll see you later…" He stood up and grabbed his blades and began to leave. He could hear Armin and Mikasa's screams from behind as he walked away but he never once looked back. "…after I fulfil this dream of ours." He finished as he leapt and spun on the air, heading towards the Titans.

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