It's funny how inspiration suddenly hits me. Just when I feel about ready to give up with writing for a while, or putting a story on hiatus, I end up getting wildly inspired by my muse. Of course, this would benefit me a lot better if my muse would inspire me with things for my current stories (*cough* Domination *cough*). I woke up in the middle of the night with a rush of ideas for a new story which I cannot deny writing immediately. This is the outcome. I hope you enjoy!

Summary: Goku goes into an Alternate Universe to experience what it's like to be apart of Vegeta's group during the days of Frieza and get to know his brother, Raditz, better as he feels the Saiyan was the cause for his entire life changing. What he doesn't expect to happen is to get wrapped up in their culture and lifestyle traveling the universe, as well as fall for a young, 18 year old Prince of Saiyans.

Pairing: GokuxVegeta (plus many others)

Warnings: Sex, Violence, Drug Usage, Angst, Drama

Disclaimer: I do not own DB/Z/GT. All canon characters belong to Akira Toriyama.


I lay in a warm bed with the hum of a generator resonating in the moderate sized sleeping quarters. Next to me, he is sound asleep without nightmares keeping him awake for the first time since I had come to know him. I reach over and stroke his smooth jaw, the gash on his chin fading into a subtle, permanent scar. He breathes lightly and my heart constricts in my chest. I've never seen such a beautiful creature in all my life, and his entire being takes my breath away. I ache and long for him, finally feeling like I belonged somewhere, no longer needing to leave to find myself or figure out what to do next.

I sigh and roll onto my back, looking up at the ceiling of the sleeping chamber. Acidic stress burns in my throat and stomach as I begin to think about leaving him and the Saiyans I feel I cannot live without. My time is finally up in this world and I have a choice to make: Do I stay or do I go?

Vegeta shifts next to me and I feel his young face nuzzle against my arm, searching for my warmth in his sleep. His fuzzy auburn tail his wound around my leg and I ache again. After everything I had been through with him, my brother, and the others I have come to need in my life, the mere though of returning to my own universe is nearly unfathomable. In the deepest parts of my mind, I think about leaving my family and friends behind, so I can indulge in this new life forever. I've never thought of myself as a selfish person, but recent events have proven otherwise. I have had to make quick decisions in order to save myself, or to turn someone else in so I didn't reveal what and whom I really was.

I gently reach my hand up and stroke Vegeta's hair, listening to him breathe and feeling his heart thumping against my body. I am filled with regret as I think back to that fateful day that landed me here on Frieza's ship, never thinking that my life would change so drastically…

"Awe c'mon King Kai! I think it'll be fun!" I grinned and followed after my long-time friend and mentor.

"Goku! I can't just have you gallivanting across different universes as if it's a game! Bending time and space just because you're curious about the past is outrageous!" The round, blue Kai stomped across the grass and into his small home, slamming the door in my face. I figured he would be a little upset at my asking such a favor, but not this angry.

I came over to an open window and rested my arms in the sill, putting my chin on my arms and looking at him. "I don't know why this is such a big deal. I could just go to Shenron instead and ask him. But I figured I could save some wishes and attention by coming to you!" I smiled at him, leaning into the window some more.

"What about your family and your friends? Won't they be wondering where you are?" He looked at me with a crease in his forehead.

I waved it off and shook my head. "Nah! They are used to me leaving every once in a while! So whaddaya say?" I pulled myself up through the window and entered into his home.

King Kai frowned more at me and crossed his arms over his chest. "You have yet to give me a good enough reason! Now I don't want to hear anymore on this!" He huffed and turned from me.

I frowned myself and hurried after him, grabbing him by his shoulder and turning him to look at me. "Ok! Ok… Look… I just… I feel jipped on experiencing what it's like to be a real Saiyan… Vegeta is so proud of our race and even if he's been on Earth for over 20 years, he doesn't stray away from what he really is..! I just… I want that, you know? Vegeta can tell me all the stories I can possibly ask of him, but it's just not the same. I promise I won't be gone that long!" I was all but pleading with him now, knowing he had the powers to send me to an alternative universe and I was determined to make it happen.

He sighed and turned his head from him, his long antennas flicking a little. I could tell he was thinking about it, but he just needed a little more encouragement. "Besides that…. I… want to get to know my brother, Raditz, too…" This made him look back to me and I knew I had him hooked. "Regardless of what he did when he arrived, he was the one that finally gave me the answers to things I have been wanting to know my whole life. He was the reason my life changed… And, I just…" I trailed off and looked to the side now.

King Kai hung his head and let out a heavy sigh. He then reached over and patted my shoulder. "I understand, Goku… After all, you have done so much for Earth and even for the Kai's… The least I could do is let you have a little fun on my expense."

I smiled from ear to ear and let out a joyous laugh, grabbing the round Kai and spinning with him. "Oh thank you, King Kai! This is going to be great!"

He struggled and flailed about, pushing on my chest and blushing. "Don't thank me just yet! We have to set some ground rules, ok?!" He grabbed my hair and yanked, getting me to stop and calm down. I set him down and rubbed my head where he had yanked on my hair with a pout. He straightened his shirt and adjusted his glasses, looking to me. "You can only stay for a short period of time. Just a few months tops, got it?"

I nodded eagerly, my eyes full of wonder as I thought about meeting Raditz and travelling around the universe as a Saiyan with no ties to Earth. My family would understand.

"You can't let them know you're from a different universe, either! They could ruin your chances of coming back and then you'll be stuck there. I will have to open a portal and send you through it and if they know about it, they might destroy it or come back with you. We can't have that!" He snapped his finger to get me to look at him again, having caught me daydreaming. "I'm serious, Goku!"

"I know, I know King Kai! I won't tell them anything!" I laughed and rubbed the back of my head.

He groaned in frustration at me but continued. "When you go, you will need to act the part of one of them, ok? They are going to expect you to be able to kill a bunch of people or take over a planet without question. I don't know if your powers you have will transfer with you, so you may not be able to defend yourself if they attack you. They aren't going to be like the Vegeta you know now. They will sense something different and they will kill you!"

I just smiled some more and nodded, trying not to drift off into my thoughts. "I've dealt with Cell and even defeated Majin Buu! I think I can handle a couple of rogue Saiyans who get pissed off at me."

After some more reassurance and some innocent smiles, we came outside onto the planet 's open grassy area away from the house and his car that he loved more than life. I had quickly changed into one of the spandex uniforms I still had from my days of Cell, still not quite used to the skintight attire and form fitting armor. The wind around us started to pick up as King Kai began to concentrate, needing to open a hole in time and space to send me where I wanted: A time when Vegeta and his group were at their peak with Frieza and his regime.

I could hardly contain my excitement, jumping a little in place as before my eyes, a gaping black slit of energy appeared, slightly sucking me towards it from the gravitational pull. My adrenaline was pumping, my blood was racing, and I could taste the adventure on my tongue. Life was starting to get boring and repetitive on Earth and this was just the excitement I needed. "Don't forget what I told you, Goku! And don't let yourself get too caught up with them! You're only going to be there for a few months!" King Kai yelled over the humming energy and pulsating gravity.

"Don't worry King Kai! I'll be fine!" I smiled and gave him a wave goodbye, hurrying to the opened portal and jumping right through.

I was sucked through the portal and gasped as I was hurled through a blur of color and energy, immediately feeling sick to my stomach and dizzy with lightheadedness. Closing my eyes, I traveled through the hole in time, doing my very best to keep a cool head and not vomit from the sickness I felt. Thankfully within a few minutes, I was flung out of the portal and onto a hard, rough surface, dust and dirt flying all over the place as I tumbled across the ground. Stopping against a large boulder, I groaned in pain and nausea.

I raised my head and shook the dirt and dizziness away, looking around to see that I was on a barren planet with hardly any life around. Red dirt was caked on my face and in my hair, sticking to my skin like paste. When I tried to wipe it away, all I succeeded in doing was smearing it more. The next thing I noticed was hot blazing hot it was, finding myself already panting to cool myself down.

"Wow, what a ride…" I groaned and stood up, attempting to brush away the paste-like dirt on my spandex uniform. Overhead, a screeching creature with leathery wings passed by, stirring up the dust around me. My eyes were wide as I watched the animal soar though the air, looking so majestic and darkly elegant with it's horned body and black bat-like wings. Suddenly a blur of energy tore across the sky, followed by two other blurs, going right for the winged creature. No matter what universe I was in, I could sense just who one of those blurs were: Vegeta.

I hurried to catch up with him and the two others he was with, listening to them howl and laugh as they taunted the creature that they were chasing. Vegeta moved too fast for my own eyes, suddenly grabbing the animal by it's long leathery neck and jerking it to the side, snapping it's spine and making it give a piercing shriek of death before going limp and falling out of the sky. I quickly hid behind a boulder and watched as Vegeta dropped the animal onto the ground and stood on top of it with his back to me, looking like a predator showing off it's prize that he hunted. His counterparts dropped down to the sky by him and I felt my heart skip a beat, seeing my brother Raditz. Beside him was Nappa, both of them smirking and nodding at Vegeta's accomplishment.

Without warning, a sharp painful bite on my neck made me yelp and jump out of my hiding spot, instinctively reaching up and yanking away an enormous, nasty spider that had crawled up onto me. I could feel the burn and stinging pain of poison, trembling and groaning as I twitched and whined. I spun a little and suddenly bumped into a large form of muscle and armor, looking up to see a bald Saiyan with a handlebar mustache, scowling down at me.

"Uhh…" I started and backed up from him, gasping when I bumped into another figure from behind, a heavy hand on my shoulder. Looking over my shoulder, I saw my brother.

"Who are you?" A gruff but young voice from the side demanded of me. I couldn't look away from Raditz, watching several emotions play out over his chiseled face. It was as if he recognized me, and I felt slightly panicked. I yelped a little when I was jabbed in the side, the poison from the bite keeping me off of my game and confused. "Answer me, Saiyan!" The young voice barked again and I finally looked down, blinking as I stared at a very young Vegeta.

"Kakarot…?" I heard my brother Raditz say, my senses starting to get the better of me as I felt dizzy again, the world around me beginning to go black from the spider bite. My legs gave out on me and I crumbled to the ground, a firm grip on my arm keeping me from hitting the dirt too hard. I shook my head some more and looked up, blinking to try and fight passing out, watching as Vegeta, Raditz and Nappa stood over me with curious eyes and frowns on their faces. They spoke in a foreign tongue that I had never heard before, glancing at each other and giving nods of approval.

Inevitably I lost the battle with consciousness and watched as the faces of the Saiyans began to fade into blackness. I let out one last breath before completely passing out.