This is finally it, my loves. The last chapter. I have nothing much to say, except I am very proud of this story and I hope you have all enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I am notoriously bad at never finishing a story, and I have pushed myself for 2+ years to break the habit. Prepare yourselves.

Summary: Things are coming to an end as Goku finally faces Vegeta.

Warning: Sex. So much sex. Possible OOC (get over it, it's my story).

Disclaimer: I do not own DB/Z/GT or the characters involved. All canon characters belong to Akira Toriyama

Indulgence Chapter 11

Hardly anything had changed in my universe since I had left, aside from the transition from day to night. Nobody had been waiting for my arrival, nobody was demanding an explanation for 'where I went this time,' and not a single enemy had even tried to make an appearance—it was as if I just took a day trip. This was all thanks to King Kai's incredible ability to find me a universe where for every 30 days that passed there, only an hour had gone by in ours.

While this was an incredible feat, it came at some poorly design costs as I had been gone for 6 months in the other universe—an irritatingly long and stressful 6 hours for King Kai. I was completely disoriented at the speed of time and kept tipping over from my equilibrium being off, while King Kai suffered from a migraine and small, somewhat manageable seizures. I insisted on helping my Master recover from the ailments this powerful ability had caused, but all he wanted to be was left alone, making that clear when he reached the door to his house and slammed it in my face. I paced around in his yard for another hour, just in case he ended up having an emergency or had a change of heart in letting me at least help him, but eventually gave in and placed my fingers to my head to transport myself back to Earth.

I came home to a dark, empty house, nearly forgetting that I had gone off of my little adventure during a time when Chichi was with her sick and newly incontinent father, The Ox King. The King was a private man, and during his new found illness my presence was not welcome by his community or even by my own wife. This didn't bother me, as I had grown used to being left alone or to Chichi's frequent trips. As I turned on the lights and went into the kitchen to forage for food, I felt like a stranger in my own home. I had gotten so accustomed to living quite barbarically in space that staring into a refrigerator at all of the processed, pre-wrapped food felt silly. I suddenly missed having to catch my meals and cook them over a massive fire, or finding the street vendors on Planet 79 with rare delicacies of the universe. Even though I was hungry nothing looked appetizing to me, so instead I opted to take a shower in order to unwind from the stress of traveling back to my own universe. Stepping into the shower, it was hard not to reflect back on what I had gone through and to especially not to think about Vegeta. I let the hot water spray against my back as I closed my eyes, leaning my arm against the shower wall. I had to figure out just what in the world I was going to do about the Prince. Not only did I know him in the most intimate of ways, but just thought of him made my heart race. I hadn't meant to fall in love with Vegeta, but then again I hadn't meant for a lot of things to happen that did.

I couldn't get him out of my mind, the heat of the shower fogging my thoughts and making me blush. How could I possibly be around the Prince, knowing all the things that I did now? The way he smelled, the feeling of his body against mine, the look on his face when he was aroused, or the sounds he made when having an orgasm… A part of me always knew I had been attracted to Vegeta but I always denied it, somehow disregarding the sensations or feelings whenever they came to the surface for something else. And now not only could I no longer deny the attraction, I craved after him. He handled pleasure the way he handled himself in battle—with an insatiable passion and desire to dominate his partner. He always excited me during fights and left me breathless, so the sex was just as intense of an experience, if not more. While the Prince was a selfish Saiyan most of the time, as a lover his focus was centered on ultimate pleasure, regardless of who was getting it. Just the thought of him eagerly dropping to his knees in front of me without hesitation made me shiver, wanting nothing more than to feel his rough hands and smooth tongue between my legs. A throbbing sensation caught my attention and I found that I was hard and aching, hissing to myself when I reached down to grab my stiff cock. As the heat engulfed me, I pumped my cock slowly with long, deliberate strokes, biting my lower lip as I fantasized about the Prince and all the dirty things we did. Water and sweat poured off of my body as I thought about how Vegeta had no shame in shoving his tongue along my dick and between my ass, ripping sounds out of me I had never made before. I moaned and stroked my cock harder, feeling the stickiness of my pre-cum on my fingers, imagining instead that the Prince was pleasing me. I wanted to thrust myself as deep into Vegeta as I could, listen to the way he howled and cursed me to go harder, feel his fingers claw into my back and thighs, encouraging me to orgasm with filthy words… My head tipped back and let out a half moan, half shriek as my cum shot against my hand and the shower wall, my entire body convulsing with pleasure as I found my release. My eyes opened and I shivered, staring down at my leaking cock as my hips continued to thrust forward, aching for more, aching for the Prince of Saiyans…

"Vegeta…" I sighed as I rode out the aftershocks of my climax, wiping my mess onto my leg to be washed away by the hot water. "What the hell am I going to do?"

I awoke many hours later after I had collapsed on my bed to the sounds of rattling around in the kitchen downstairs. Still feeling somewhat disoriented from my travels, I stumbled out of bed and looked around the room, noting how the sun was pouring in with afternoon light and how I was still nude from the night before. There was more clattering around downstairs and I decided to go check it out, pulling on a pair of pants and quietly heading toward the source of the noise.

I half expected it to be Chichi returning home from her father's village, so I was surprised to hear two male voices coming down the hall instead. After sensing their energy, I realized that it was in fact my youngest son Goten and his long-time friend, Trunks. While I couldn't make out the exact conversation that they were having, I could feel the tension in the air and thought it would be rude to interrupt them. I kept quiet and stayed around the corner, despite the fact that I was in my own home, hoping to hear what was being said between them. The purple-haired Saiyan rarely made an appearance these days as he was the face and brain behind Capsule Corporation, and I often wondered how things were between him and my son now that they were both adults. Something told me that I was about to find out after stumbling upon this private meeting between them.

"Please, Goten… I just want an answer." Trunks was urging my son, his voice firm and authoritative.

"I don't have to tell you anything, Trunks. I really wish you would just drop it." Goten was flippant with him, clearly irritated at Trunks' persistence.

"You know I can't do that. I'm not just going to sit here and wait for you to come up with one god damn excuse after another! Now, answer me! I'm not leaving this city until you do."

My son gave an exacerbated sigh, prone to being infuriatingly hard to reason with when he was feeling combative, "I don't know what the hell you want…"

"I love you, Goten! You know why I'm here and what I've come for!"

The room was suddenly quiet and I felt my heart pounding in my chest, just as shocked at the proclamation by Trunks as I'm sure Goten was. One part of me wanted to run out of the house to get away from my son's private moment while another part wished I could have been there since the beginning to get the full story. Seconds passed by like minutes as neither one of the Saiyans said a word, making me anxious at what could possibly happen next. Did my son feel the same way? Had the two of them had something in the past, or even now? What was this going to mean moving forward?

Finally, Goten broke the silence, "Trunks… I just…"

"Don't you know that I've done all of this for you? All the money, all the work on this stupid company, the god damn name I've made for myself… it all means nothing if you're not part of it! I'm sorry, Goten, it took me all this time to realize what I really wanted…! I didn't mean to have you wait so long… I have always wanted to be with you… I just pray that it's not too late…" I heard Trunks begin to take a few steps towards my son, his voice getting softer. "I love you… Please… Please, Goten…" It was all that was said before I heard something bump against the counter and the sounds of heated kissing.

As much as I wanted my son to resolve his feelings with Trunks, the last thing I wanted was to be an audience for a more intimate act. I hurried over to the staircase and pretended to come down them, purposefully making as much noise as possible so that the young Saiyans would hopefully hear me and stop their actions. I came down the hallway and gave a fake yawn, calling out Goten's name to see if he would acknowledge me. Coming around the corner and into the kitchen, he and Trunks had already pulled away from each other but were both still red in the face. I tried my best to act as nonchalant as possible, giving them both a smile as I walked by to look in the fridge for something to eat.

"What brings you both here today?" I asked them with genuine curiosity, grabbing a generous portion of leftovers to shove down my throat before facing the day.

"Goten invited me over, sir…" Trunks started, seeming to be the most flustered of the two.

"We were just stopping by to grab something… I didn't think anyone was home." Goten intervened into the conversation, his eyes flicking towards my direction.

"Well, I wasn't originally supposed to be home, but my plans ended up changing so here I am!" I was cheerful with them as I brought my food over to the table, beginning to eat the bland tasting leftovers. "I won't stick around long though. I thought I'd go find Vegeta and see if he wanted to spar or something." I felt myself blush at just saying his name, hiding my face behind the pile of food I was consuming so they wouldn't be suspicious of me.

"That's funny—He was asking about you earlier this morning." Trunks mentioned and it peaked my interest, fighting back the redness in my face as much as I could.

"H-he was? What about…?" I inquired, looking over at the purple-haired Saiyan with a raise eyebrow.

"I don't really know," Trunks shrugged, giving me an apologetic look, "He seemed more aggravated than usual and I wasn't all that interested in catering to him since I had just arrived home. He mentioned something about wanting to know where you were, but that's all that I caught… Sorry, Goku."

Trunks' words made me nervous. I wondered if Vegeta had known about my absence all along and was trying to track me down. If this was the case, why was he monitoring after me and why was it so important he find me? My heart was starting to race as multiple questions ran through my head as I tried to reason over Vegeta's persistence to locate me. I had barely had enough time to adjust back to my own universe and already I was going to have to face my greatest challenge yet.

"He's probably just looking to kick my ass!" I laughed it off and stood up from the table, feeling my appetite had gone and I was no longer interested in eating. Both of the half Saiyans watched me with curious looks, so I continued to blabber on nervously, "Oh you know how he can be! It has been a while since we've sparred, so I bet he's just ready to release some steam, hehe."

Both Trunks and Goten seemed accepting of this answer, nodding to me and wishing me the best of luck as I hurried out of the kitchen. By the time I reached the bathroom upstairs, my hands were shaking uncontrollably and I felt like throwing up all the food I had just consumed. As much as I wanted to see Vegeta again, now I wasn't sure I was ready. I looked into the bathroom mirror to get a good look at myself for the first time since arriving and was stunned at what I saw—I hardly looked myself as the lines in my face had gotten deeper and my skin looked darker, I had new scars on my chin and forehead, and my nose was a different shape from the multiple times it had been broken and reset. How would I be able to explain the difference in my appearance to the Prince? Goten and Trunks hadn't seemed to notice, but they had clearly been distracted by each other to care. Shaking my head, I pulled myself away from the mirror and took a deep breath at an attempt to steady my nerves. One way or another, I was going to have to face Vegeta whether it was by my own choice or not. I heard the front door slam and went to the bathroom window, watching as both Goten and Trunks took off into the sky and left, mostly likely to handle their own business in a more private place. I felt thankful for being left alone again and went over to the closet to grab a fresh gi, feeling strange in the loose-fitting clothes as I had gotten used to spandex and armor. I stared at myself in the full-length mirror and frowned, not liking how I looked in man-made clothes, wondering briefly if Bulma had any spandex bodysuits left in storage at Capsule Corp that I would be able to wear later. I checked my face and made sure that my hair was in place, fighting my bangs and inspecting my teeth for any stray pieces of food. After a few minutes of fussing, I began to blush at the realization that I was trying to make sure I looked good before seeing Vegeta and growled, shaking my head furiously and pulling away from the mirror.

Just as I was about to leave the bathroom, my eyes caught the sight of something black and shimmery in my pile of dirty clothes from my trip. Using my foot, I pushed aside the armor and saw the intricate amulet of Deabrua laying on top of my spandex, my eyes going wide as I had nearly forgotten all about the gift from the red-skinned warrior. I leaned down and picked it up, feeling the bones, spikes and jewels in my fingers as I inspected the piece, remembering how I ignored all of my senses to rescue the Prince on the black, radiation-filled planet. The pendant in the middle was still hot to the tough and shone an eerie orange-red color. I brought the amulet up to my lips and closed my eyes, thinking about how happy Vegeta had been when he saw me and how everything had changed between us in that moment, the younger Saiyan promising to take me as his mate and conquer the universe together. I had been thrilled and down-right terrified at the idea, and now I wished more than ever to be by side as his mate. Would he even give me the chance to try? Was it even worth it to bring up my feelings to him? The last time I had done so, his younger self had laughed in my face and the pain had been too real to want to experience again. Could I even stand to be rejected a second time, especially by a more hateful and hostile Prince?

I stood up and took a deep breath, putting the amulet around my neck and hiding it under my gi, thinking it may come in handy at some point during the confrontation. Giving myself one last glance over in the mirror, I went over to my bedroom window and opened it up, taking in the fresh air as I searched for Vegeta's energy. He had his usual barriers up but was obviously not trying to hide his presence as I found him within a few minutes, his ki mixing with mine and causing my hairs to stand on end. I placed my foot on the ledge of the window and steadied my heartrate, knowing I needed to have my shit together before facing the Prince.

With one final exhale, I jumped off of the ledge of the window and took off into the sky towards the direction of Vegeta. He was quite some distance away from myself and even Capsule Corp, and it made me wonder if this was done on purpose or if there was an underlying motive I needed to be aware of. Vegeta remained unpredictable and spontaneous ever since he came into my life—I could only imagine what he could possibly have in store for me now.

There was only one way to find out.

I arrived nearly an hour later on the isolated island Vegeta had staked his claim on just a month ago, feeling eager and wracked with nerves at the same time the moment I landed on the sand. I had a fleeting thought of the last time I had come to the island, remembering that Vegeta had been nude, quite drunk, and had even teased me on a few occasions. If I found the Prince in the same state again, I wasn't sure I would be able to control myself.

"Focus, baka!" I scorned myself, realizing that my loins were already starting to distract me.

Crossing the sand in my heavy boots, I came over some dunes to the lining of trees where I had located the Prince last time. And within a few steps, the object of my obsession and indulgence had come into view, finding that the Saiyan's bare, scarred back was turned to me as he was staring out into the crashing waves of the ocean. He was wearing a pair of his spandex shorts and his boots, meanwhile having his gloveless hands dug into the white, powdery sand. My heart nearly leapt out of my chest at the mere sight of him, fighting back the urge to whimper in desperation as I longed to touch him. I forced my legs to move as I stared at his frame, praying to Kami that he was in a somewhat reasonable mood.

"Vegeta…?" I finally spoke, keeping my shaky hands behind my back.

Vegeta looked over his shoulder and stared up at me with obvious surprise, his thick eyebrows arching in curiosity at my presence. "Kakarot?" He quickly got to his feet and my breath caught in my throat as I drank in his image, feeling my body start to flush with heat from the close proximity of his muscular, compact body. I could hear the slamming of my heart in my ears as I waited with baited breath on him to speak again. "What are you doing here?" He questioned, never breaking eye contact with me.

"H-Huh?" I managed to blubber out, this time knowing that my face had flushed bright red.

"I thought you were gone…" He started, his eyebrows knitting together as he took a step closer to me. I could finally smell his scent and I was suddenly grateful for my loose-fitting gi as my loins began to throb, swallowing down the knot in my throat. "I thought something happened… I felt it. I felt you just, disappear…" His gaze was powerful as we stared at each other, seeing intense emotion in his onyx orbs. It hadn't crossed my mind that passing into another universe would result in such a dramatic loss of my ki, and even then I hadn't cared too much to know how my ki's absence would affect my friends or family. And now here Vegeta was, thinking that I had either disappeared or just stopped existing all together and showing just how freaked out he had gotten. So the questioned still remained—why?

"I uh…. I didn't realize you were always keeping tabs on me…" I finally directed the attention towards him, watching as he too started to blush.

"You're the last full-blooded Saiyan in the universe besides me, Kakarot! Of course I am going to keep tabs on you!" He barked, the blush never leaving his face as he frowned at me. He made an excellent point and I felt stuck again with what to say, watching as he finally broke eye contact with me and looked off towards the crashing waves of the ocean.

"I didn't mean to worry you, Vegeta…" I cajoled him, daring to move just a little bit closer. "I'm sorry… I just wanted some time alone to myself. I've had a lot on my mind and have too many distractions here…"

His sharp eyes looked at me again and he snorted at me, "OH well, in that case, carry on you fucker. I didn't realize that we were just 'distractions' to you." With that, he turned on his heel with the roll of his eyes and walked away to the lining of trees.

I sighed and hurried after him, knowing that he was going towards his hermit-like hut he had constructed as his shelter. My words had come out the wrong way already and I knew I had to set things straight, having no interest in parting ways from him again, especially on an unresolved note. I felt I knew him better now and could manage his sudden changes in emotion, learning from a more personal, intimate experience thanks to his younger, alternate version. Approaching the entrance of the hut, I leaned against the doorframe and watched as Vegeta kicked off his boots and sat on his bed, knocking aside palm leaves from a hidden compartment where he kept his stash of liquor. I had seen this all before, knowing the Prince would rather numb any type of feelings or emotions instead of facing them, and realized that this would be a true test of my love for him as he was much older, much angrier, and much more stubborn.

"Vegeta…" I started, "You know I don't mean you… You have to know that…" I took a step into his hut, making sure to note his body language in case I was overstepping my boundaries. So far, he didn't seem to care whether I came or went as he continued giving his attention to a bottle of liquor, opening it up and bringing it to his lips to swallow down a few gulps. I watched his Adams apple bob up and down as he satisfied his need, casually licking my lips when some of the dark liquid ran down his chin to his neck. Stepping closer, I continued to try and appeal to him, "I know I have a pretty bad habit of just up and leaving sometimes… I should have said something to you at least—"

"So then what are you doing here, Kakarot?" Vegeta interjected, clearly not interested in any apologies or reasoning from me. He set down the liquor bottle and stared at me, one of his brows lifted inquisitively. "Who sent you this time? My son? That woman? What do they want from me now? Tell them… Oh! Tell them I wanted some time alone to myself, too." He chuckled at his own joke and lifted the bottle again, having another drink.

"I wanted to see you, Vegeta!" I affirmed, ignoring his rude demeanor and pushing forward, "I'm the only one who ever wants to see you... No matter how much of an asshole you are." I finally gave a snort towards him, hoping he would start to take this a little more seriously.

This seemed to catch his attention as he stopped drinking and took the bottle away from his lips, his steely gaze turning to look at me. "Alright, Kakarot." He threw the bottle down and got to his feet, causing my heart to start racing again. I watched as his chest moved up and down from his breathing, sweat and beads of liquor clinging to his scarred skin, daring to let my eyes dip down further and get a glimpse of his muscular stomach. "You wanted to see me?" He took a step towards me this time and I looked into his eyes again, seeing what I swore to be desire behind his challenging stare. I kept my feet firmly planted as he closed the gap between us, feeling excited and alarmed at the same time as I wasn't sure what to expect from the Prince. "Here I am…" Vegeta was finally mere inches away from me, enveloping me in his mouth-watering scent again and causing my knees to feel weak. I smelled something else in the air, a familiar intoxicating aroma that he –and his alternate self- had emitted before, and his time I knew what it was—he was aroused. His eyes were dark and intense with emotion, his energy was enticing and hot, and I could practically taste him on my tongue, wondering to myself how much more I could handle. He half growled, half purred at me, leaning in closer to my face, "What do you want..?"

It was too much for me to bare and my inhibitions finally broke, answering him breathlessly, "You! I want you, Vegeta!"

Before I knew it, Vegeta had shoved me against the wall of his hut and crushed our lips together, growling as his tongue plunged into my mouth to slide against my own. I arched my body against his and moaned at the contact, feeling his rough hands grabbing at my hips and back, trembling with desire as he touched me. I wrapped my arms around him and held him close to me, digging my fingers into his hair as he started rubbing against me. A desperate moan escaped me when I felt his hard length grind against my own, both of our hips rocking back and forth to achieve maximum stimulation and I felt I felt I would nearly blow my load right then and there.

I pulled away from the passionate kiss with a groan, breathing against Vegeta's lips as I desperately tried to form words, "V-Vegeta… wait… please…! I-I'm gonna…" If we didn't stop, I was sure to cum in my own gi from being overly excited.

The Prince pushed himself away and stared at me with dark, burning onyx eyes, licking his lips and wiping the saliva from his chin with his arm. He chuffed and growled at me, stepping backwards and beckoning me with his finger, to which I eagerly followed. I felt dizzy with heat and desire, my body throbbing with each slamming beat of my heart, whimpering as I watched him sit on his bed and spread his legs. Vegeta moved his hand down his body and into his bulging shorts, pulling out his thick, veiny dick and starting to stroke himself. I fell to my knees, unable to work my legs anymore and crawled to him, feeling myself salivating at the sight and smell of his manhood. By the time I reached him, pre-cum was dribbling down his cock and onto his hand, enticing me even further as I knelt between him and took him in my mouth. "Hn! K-Kakarot…!" He gasped while his hand grabbed a fistful of my hair, shoving me down further onto his large member. I grasped onto his thighs and began moving my head up and down, sucking on his throbbing meat and feeling the veins against my tongue. With each bob of my head, I tried to swallow him deeper and deeper, stopping when the head of his dick hit the back of my throat. Above me, I could hear the Prince trying to fight back his moans as his hips began thrusting up while he held my head down, shoving his cock in and out of my throat at an increasingly desperate rate. "O-oh f-fuck! Hnn… Gods, Kakarot…" Vegeta continued to growl and buck his hips, choking me every so often until I learned to breathe through my nose, knowing that he was close to his orgasm. With one final, hard thrust the Prince's hot cum shot down my throat and filled my mouth, forcing me to swallow every last gushing drop while I listened to him shout in sexual completion.

I slipped Vegeta's cock out of my mouth and gasped for air, some of his cum dribbling from my lips and chin along with my saliva. My body was throbbing with pleasure and unsated lust, feeling that my own dick was continuing to leak and pulse with excitement. I looked up at Vegeta from between his legs and our eyes connected, his handsome face stained red with satisfaction and arousal as he panted. He slid his hand down my face, stroking my cheek and then my chin, wiping away the cum from my lips and bringing them to his own to lick it away. I shivered with delight at the erotic sight, whimpering slightly as I ached for release. "P-please, Vegeta…"

He smirked and licked his lips, leaning back on his bed and pulling me with him. I kicked off my own boots and hurriedly crawled over top of him, clawing at the sash on my gi to undo it. The prince snorted and smacked my hands away, instead grabbing my sash and tearing the fabric away from my body, causing my pants to fall from my hips and pool around my ankles, exposing my own throbbing, wet cock. I gasped with delight when his hand finally grabbed my aching member, circling his thumb over my leaking tip. "If I didn't know any better… I'd say you've been wanting this for a while…" The Prince continued his torturous, slow movements on the tip of my cock, making my body tremble. I tried to say something –anything- in response, but all I could muster was an incoherent groan. He snickered and finally started to stroke my cock, making sure to squeeze my tip with each movement, "That's ok… Me too…" He confessed to me and leaned his body up, pressing our lips together. I shoved my tongue into his mouth and gyrated my hips, happily accepting whatever touch he was willing to give. Before long, one of his hands went between my cheeks and started to rub and stimulate my entrance, causing me to rock back against his fingers and have one slide inside of me. I whimpered in the kiss as he pushed another finger inside, moving them in and out and stretching my hole to prepare me for what was to come. "Fuck, Kakarot…" Vegeta began to moan and I could feel his rock hard cock pressing against my thigh, thrusting his fingers deeper into my body until I arched my back and howled. I buried my face in his neck as he pushed against that special bundle of nerves over and over again, nearly sobbing as I ached from stimulation and pleasure. I needed more of him, I wanted more of him, and by Gods at this point I was all but begging for him!

Vegeta finally answered my pleas as he took his hand away and pushed my hips down, his large member sliding deep inside of me until he was buried at the hilt. I gasped and dug my fingers into his bare shoulders, my hulking body straddling against the Prince's muscular hips as I did my best to blink away the black spots in my vision. His thick, veiny dick rubbed against all my nerve endings and filling me in the most spectacular of ways, his tip already pressing against my prostate. "Vegeta…!" I looked down at him in a pleading manner, starting to rock my hips back and forth on his cock in an attempt to show him what I wanted. The Prince hissed and tilted his head back from my motions, raking his fingernails down my thigh until I bled. He then gripped my hips and moved my body up until just his head was inside, only to slam me back down and thrust his cock deeper into of me, pounding my prostate as well. Vegeta repeated this over and over until I was left howling and screaming in bliss, leaning back and grasping onto my ankles to brace myself from his powerful fucking. I cried out his name as he grabbed my dick while I rode him, stroking me in time with each thrust I received. Bright lights flashed before my eyes and sweat poured from my body as that bundle of nerves was rammed again and again by his thick cock, my pre-cum spurting out prematurely every time it was hit, completely blown away from how mind-numbing it was to be fucked by him. My stomach burned and my balls tightened, the building sensation of my climax coming ever so nearer as I listened to him curse and groan, holding onto my hips with a bruising grip and thrusting into me harder. As my prostate was given an onslaught pounding I finally found my breaking point, wailing out Vegeta's name as my semen sprayed against my chest and his abdomen. I convulsed on top of the Prince as my orgasm wracked my body, tightening myself around his cock while he continued to fuck me from below, my eyes rolling into the back of my head as I received my release. Before long, Vegeta lurched forward and sank his teeth into my shoulder, shouting against my bleeding skin as his hips bucked up and his hot load overfilled me, spilling out of my entrance and down his cock. He shivered and moaned from the aftershocks of his climax, lapping up my blood from the bite he had given me, his hands stroking my sides and giving my rump a few smacks.

I collapsed on top of him and groaned when his thick cock pulled out of me, feeling the cum run down my ass and thighs. As I attempted to catch my breath, I listened to Vegeta's heart thump against his chest, noting how fast it was going as he too was trying to calm himself down. I felt very suddenly overwhelmed with emotion as I found myself in the Prince's arms again, inhaling his scent and burying my face into his neck, wishing to myself that the moment would never end. A hand found itself in my hair and it hesitantly stroked my spikes, the Prince seeming unsure of how to act from here and I could sense it in his energy. There was a silent purr in his chest but I knew that it would eventually fade as reality was soon to set in.

"Kakarot…?" Vegeta finally spoke, his voice surprisingly gentle and soft from its usual rough and gritty tone.

I let out a shaky, nervous breath and lifted myself on my elbows to look down at the Prince, his eyes heavy and cheeks flushed with sexual satisfaction. He was so beautiful to me, even more so than his younger version, and I couldn't believe it had taken me this long to notice. I hoped I would be able to stay like this with him forever, but feared that he too would reject me and move on like his alternate self. At this point, I was willing to do anything to be with him, even if it meant losing my friends and family in the process. "Vegeta…?" I answered back, blushing as he reached his hand up to stroke my bangs away from my eyes. I was surprised at his tenderness, having been exposed to it from the other version but never to my Vegeta now, purring deeply in my chest and nuzzling against his rough hand.

"What's different now…?" He stared up at me, tracing my jawline and knitting his eyebrows together in concentration. My blush deepened when his finger skimmed my lips, unable to stop myself from licking the appendage. "Of all our time together, why now…?" He pushed his thumb further into my mouth and I gave it a slight suck, my spine tingling in pleasure.

"Hmm…?" I licked my lips with a whimper when he pulled it away, opening my eyes again to look down at him and seeing he was waiting for me to respond. I shook my head to try and focus and cleared my throat, realizing that he was in fact owed some kind of explanation. "W-well… like I said earlier, I had a lot on my mind…" I blushed and finally broke eye contact with him, feeling somewhat embarrassed as I admitted more to him, "I guess you could say I've had you on my mind… a lot…" I glanced at him to see he was still watching me contently, feeling motivated to continue, "I really needed the time alone to think… about what I wanted… about if you wanted me… I'm sorry it took this long… But I had to be sure." Our eyes connected again and I held my breath, waiting for his response.

He snorted with a smirk, his hand sliding down my side to rest against my bum, "I had just given up, you know…? I felt you disappear and figured you had left us all for good. Before you came here, I was just thinking about what the fuck I was going to do…" This time he broke the eye contact with me, his smirk fading as he frowned instead with contemplation. "I was resolved to leaving this fucking Planet once and for all, and then you showed up…" His eyebrows knitted together and he looked at me again, his words causing my heart to pound against my chest. "I only stay here because of you, Kakarot… Nothing on this shitty rock matters to me except for us, and if you're not around… then what's the god damn point to any of it?"

I was stunned at his confession, never having thought that he had felt such a way about us, or even about me. I couldn't believe I had been so blind to his feelings towards me and even felt somewhat embarrassed that it took me going to an alternate universe just to figure it out. Maybe if I had just put all my effort and emotions into this reality instead of trying to create an alternate one, things would have probably gone a lot smoother. Maybe if I had taken the time to think about someone other than myself, I could have been in Vegeta's arms sooner. "Kakarot?" His gruff voice finally jerked me out of my spiraling thoughts and I looked at him with guilt in my eyes.

"I'm sorry… I really had no idea you felt that way…" I started, my heart racing at the idea that Vegeta may actually return my feelings, "I know I can be dense sometimes—"

"Kakarot, please. It's not like I've made it very easy for you." Vegeta snorted and gave me a smirk.

"You never make things easy for me, 'Geta." I laughed at first and then I stopped, blushing at the realization I had let the pet-name slip.

The Prince gave me a quizzical look and shook his head, reacting with surprising content, "Alright fine, but that stays between you and me. Got it?"

I grinned and leaned down to give Vegeta a kiss on the lips, "Yes, 'Geta."

We left the island and the Prince invited me to come back to Capsule Corp and stay the night—an invitation I was all too eager to accept. He had moved into a different wing of the dome building, making sure to stay as far away from the business end as possible so that he did not have to run into Bulma or Yamcha, where had his own living quarters and even a brand new -albeit smaller- Gravity Room attached outside. The space was open and clean, having very minimal décor with white, sleek, modernized furniture that seemed practically untouched. His kitchen was the same, having grown lazily accustomed to ordering his meals from the robotic drones that hovered about, but he had plenty of alcohol on hand.

While he commanded the drones to prepare us a meal, he proceeded to shove the booze in our faces and we got very drunk very fast, snickering about nonsense and casually sliding our tongues together every so often. I had memories of Planet 79, remembering how I had done this very thing with the other, younger Vegeta, becoming physically excited at the déjà vu of the situation. The Prince's hand moved up my leg and he caressed my groin, turning me into a panting, needy mess before our dinner arrived and forcing me to eat through the meal with a blush on my face and a tent in my gi. Our drinking continued as the Prince led me into the bathroom and started the shower, pulling each other's clothes off and stumbling under the hot, spraying water. We lathered each other in soap and pressed our bodies together, growling and gasping from the contact our groins made until I could no longer take it, telling him how much I wanted him. Then he turned around and leaned against the shower wall, thrusting his hips back against me, ordering me to fuck him. I grabbed his hips and did just as I was told, thrusting my cock in and out of him as I moaned in pleasure, listening to him curse my name. He felt so incredible around me and I pushed my dick in deeper, leaning over to brace myself against the tile and thrilling in his guttural howl as I rammed his tight bundle of nerves. Before long, I was howling with him as I fucked him harder, my eyes rolling back into my head as I felt him convulse and tighten around me from reaching his orgasm. It was more than I could stand and I jerked forward, sinking my teeth into his shoulder as I came inside of him, filling the Prince until it dripped down his thighs. Instinctively I lapped his blood up with my tongue and kissed the wound as an apology, pulling out of him and gasping for breath against his shaking body. Vegeta was rumbling with the purr of sexual satisfaction, looking over his bloody shoulder at me and giving me his characteristic smirk. I fought the urge to blurt out my feelings, painfully learning before that proclamations of love were not appropriate while the Prince was intoxicated.

How we managed to get the bedroom was beyond me, ungracefully falling back onto his large bed and feeling the cool touch of silk sheets on my naked skin. I opened my eyes to watch him crawl onto the bed and over me, drunkenly kissing my body before collapsing on top of me with a groan. He laid his head against my chest and his eyes fell shut, the alcohol the heat from the shower, and the sex finally getting to the Prince as he passed out. I couldn't help but give a wide, stupid smile and wrap my arms around him, holding him securely as if he would disappear from my life if I let go.

As I started to close my eyes, I thought how easy it had all seemed to go and wondered why I had been so worried about confronting Vegeta after my private adventure. I even allowed myself to think that by this time tomorrow, I would be able to tell him I loved him and that he would not only accept my feelings, but that he would even have a confession of his own. The exhaustion took over and I kissed Vegeta's scalp, falling asleep with the Prince in my arms.

My rest did not last long as I awoke a few hours later to the feeling of being watched, sensing that a light had been turned on somewhere behind me. I opened my eyes and sat up slightly startled, rubbing my eyes and shaking my head to wake myself up faster. Glancing around the room, I noticed that the Prince was standing in the doorway to his bathroom, the light spilling through behind his figure. He seemed to be looking down at something in his hands and I felt confused and somewhat worried.

"Vegeta…?" I called out to him, trying to get his attention and see what it was that had his attention.

"Where did you get this?" He asked me, the tone of his gravelly voice telling me that something was wrong.

I blinked a few times to adjust my vision from the light to see what he was referring to, and that's when I saw it— the Deabrua amulet; the glowing, lava-like pendant was glowing between his fingers as the bones and jewels hung down around his hand, shimmering when the light caught it. He must have found it in our pile of clothes. I had forgotten all about grabbing it before leaving to see Vegeta, having felt I may have needed to use it as proof of something –anything- during our original confrontation. Now that it was out in the open, I couldn't think of a more horrid time for it to be discovered or even talked about. I was ready to accept that Vegeta and I were together now and I didn't need to worry about sharing my alternate universe experience. My heart dropped to my stomach as I grasped at straws, realizing that I hadn't even planned what to say about it even if I had used it earlier.

"W-What?" I tried to buy myself some time, knowing that playing dumb usually worked in my favor.

"THIS Kakarot. This amulet. Where did you get this?" He charged towards me and shoved the amulet in my face, the glowing orange of the pendant illuminating his angry features.

"I… I, uh…" I stammered and flinched when he turned from me abruptly, going over to his chest of drawers and rummaging through them. I slipped out of bed and got to my feet, still feeling someone drunk from the alcohol earlier as I slowly approached Vegeta from behind, starting to get on my guard. "I-It's nothing, Vegeta…! Honestly!" I tried to brush it off, but something told me that trouble was brewing.

Vegeta turned around and showed me what he had been rummaging around in his drawers for, the color in my face draining as I stared at an exact replica of the Deabrua amulet. He held them side by side and my jaw hung open in mute shock, never having prepared for such a discovery. I was caught like a rat in a trap and I knew that there was no escape. All I could pray for was that Vegeta would be understanding and somewhat lenient on me, if he understood my motives behind it.

I took another step closer to him, trying to keep my voice calm as I spoke, "…Vegeta… I can explain…"

"I knew it! I knew you were up to something!" Vegeta barked at me and his face went red, anger and resentment filling his dark eyes.

"W-what?!" I stuttered, my heart starting to slam in my chest as I panicked internally.

"You came to me like a goddamn dog in heat out of nowhere today, and it was after you disappeared!" He growled at me, leaving me completely speechless, "Do you know how many times I've tried to have us fuck and you've just blown me off?! Did you really expect me to believe your bullshit story about needing 'alone time' to think about us? You fucking disappear, and then you come back with this… this monstrosity!" He threw the pendant at my feet with a hiss and glared at me, a fury of emotions coursing through his orbs. "I'm the only warrior who has been to Deabrua and lived to tell about it! Do you take me for a fool?!" He stomped the ground and growled at me, warning me in true Saiyan fashion that he was preparing to attack.

"V-Vegeta, please! It's not what you think!" I felt things were starting to come crashing down, fearing that I was going to lose Vegeta as fast as I had gotten him. Another thought occurred to me and I wondered if I had been set up by the Prince himself, noting how he invited me to spend the night and proceeded to intoxicate me until I passed out— just so he could go through my things. It seemed like something he would be capable of, and I felt like throwing up at the very idea of such manipulation and betrayal. While I knew that what I had done deserved to be questioned, it wasn't like I had set out to hurt the Prince. I just wanted to get to know him and my brother better, and to know what it was like to be a free Saiyan male—I hadn't meant for things to go as far as they did in the other universe.

"What did you do, Kakarot?!" Vegeta screamed at me, just inches from my face and spitting as he questioned me.

I finally broke down and confessed to Vegeta, telling him about my strong desire to meet my Brother and to live the life of a Saiyan and how that led me to King Kai finding an alternate universe for me in which to live out. I told him about meeting my pack and about becoming part of Frieza's regime. I told him about Planet 79 and how I had never experienced any place like it before. I confessed to him about my drug usage and poor decision making, and that during my time there it was then that I realized everything I wanted but by then I thought it had been too late to come home. It was during this time that I forced myself to tell him how his alternate version and I had gotten close, and how he had awoken feelings and desires in me I never thought I could admit to. He just stared wide-eyed as I told him how we were sent to Deabrua together and that we had barely escaped with our lives, receiving an amulet as a sort of warning from the warrior. I even told him that towards the end, things had gotten so out of hand and all I wanted to do was to come home and to see him. I wanted him to know that he was the one I thought of the whole time I was gone, regardless of the version of him I was with. By the time I had finished, I was on my knees and holding his wrist, begging him to believe me that I hadn't meant for things to go as far as they had, and that it was him that I wanted, now and forever. All I asked of him was just to be given a second chance—I was willing to do anything.

He was quiet for the longest time, which felt worse to me than the screaming rage fit that he was famous for. When I dared to look up at him, I couldn't read his expression or even the emotion in his eyes. The silence was killing me and I was growing more and more anxious, feeling tears forming in my eyes at my desperation.

Finally, he spoke.

"Why did you put yourself through all of that, Kakarot? Why didn't you just come to me?" His voice was stern and his arms were crossed tightly over his chest.

"You said so yourself that you didn't make it easy for me! Every time I tried, you just shit all over me… How could I come to you, if I didn't even know how? How could I even tell you?" I felt encouraged at the fact that he was willing to hear me out, even if he had an ulterior motive. "Vegeta please… you have to understand… I didn't know what else to do. I'm the one who is the fool. Samahani… Please… Please forgive me, mkuu wangu…" Keeping my head down, I reached my hand out to him and presented my knuckles with the hopes he would recognize and accept my Saiyan apology. He stared down at my hand and I could tell he was shocked, trying to process not only my display of complete submission to him, but also my use of our people's tongue. I had never behaved in such a way towards him, using all the skills and experience I had come to learn while with my pack to appeal to the Prince. So far it had been working in my favor as he hadn't attacked me or even walked away, and I began to feel like I may actually have a shot.

I finally dared to look up at Vegeta, still offering my knuckles to the Prince. He wasn't as angry and volatile as he had been before, and his eyes seemed guarded, but softer than usual. I watched as he uncrossed his arms and slapped my hand away, instead grabbing my wrist and pulling me to my feet with a snort. "Tell me why you're here now, or you'll never see me again..." His iron grip tightened on my wrist and he continued to scowl at me, causing my heart to slam in my chest at not knowing what he would do if I didn't come clean, "I will leave this fucking planet and never return, do you understand?!" The Prince raised his voice, hidden emotion coming through as he hissed, his hand shaking as he held me just inches from him. "What do you want? Why are you here, Kakarot?"

"I love you, Vegeta… I want to be your mate… I-.. I would do anything…" I whimpered, feeling tears well in my eyes as I felt completely crushed and defeated. I could barely stand, thankful at least that I was being held in my place by the Saiyan man.

I was damned if I fought and I was damned if I gave up.

Regardless of what universe I was in, I was going to have to suffer the same fate with the Prince over and over again.

The irony was almost unbearable.

"Kakarot…" Vegeta's gruff voice brought me back to reality, my face going red in embarrassment when I felt a tear slip from my eye. I flinched when his hand raised to my face but gasped out a breath when instead of getting punched, his rough finger wiped my tear away. "You were right about one thing… You are a mjinga." He continued to caress my cheek, making sure to discard any other tears that may dare to fall. The grip he had on my wrist had loosened and he pulled me even closer, our bodies touching once again. To hear him speak in our language made my heart skip a beat, starting to realize he wasn't rejecting me. "I've been ready for quite some time for a mate…" Vegeta smoothed my bangs away from my eyes and began to wrap his arms around my neck, "But-.. I didn't want it to be Bulma… I wanted it to be you..." The Prince confessed to me as our lips pressed together and I desperately grasped onto him, shivering as I felt his tongue push its way into my mouth.

Vegeta guided us to his large bed and we fell over, sliding our tongues together and caressing each other's muscular bodies as we rolled around on the silken sheets. The air was starting to turn hot and heavy as the both of us moaned and gasped with excitement. Before it could get any further, Vegeta sat up on top of me, straddling my hips and keeping me pinned to the bed with his powerful hands. His chest was flushed red with arousal and he was hard as a rock between his legs as he growled down in my direction. "Vegeta…" I whined out to him, raising my hips off of the bed to entice him further.

"I'm going to take you as my mate, Kakarot… You know there is no turning back once I do…" The Prince growled in my ear and started to grind his hips against mine, making me growl in anticipation as our stiff cocks rubbed together. "You'll only be mine, and nobody else's… Just imagine what we could accomplish together… The ultimate pair… The ultimate race… Just you and me together…" I felt him bite against my neck and I groaned, having heard these words before from his alternate version and was delighted that it was really going to happen. He pulled back from my skin to look down at me, giving me one last opportunity to change my mind, his own heart pounding in his chest against mine.

"Just you and me… That's what I want, Vegeta… I just want to be with you…" I reached up to the Prince's handsome face, finally feeling myself start to smile. "I love you…"

The Prince sighed gently and closed his eyes, nuzzling into my hand briefly and then leaning down to kiss me again. "I love you, Kakarot…"

A hot, stiff wind blew around me as I floated above a large, blood filled pond while immense, jagged needle structures surrounded me in a dark, bizarre forest. Above me the clouds were gray as a looming storm bellowed throughout the land, crackles of red striking the ground in the distance. I was too familiar with the area, having gotten permission from King Yemma to travel down Snake Way and dive between the golden clouds, immersing myself in the strange and dark work of a special kind of Hell where all the villains I had ever faced had and more been sent to spend eternity. They were free to live a new, highly governed life but had been stripped of almost all their abilities, guaranteeing the prevention of an uprising or even escape. The residences lived by a very strict set of laws that were enforced by the towering, horned demons on guard, and those who did not want to follow the ground rules were either locked away for decades at a time, or banished to the unforgiving expanse of Hell beyond its civilization. It was a very simple, almost dull life and to many of the warriors that were here, it was torture enough to exist forever in such a stagnant place. I've been told stories by King Kai how violence was still just as prevalent in Hell as there was in life, many warriors resorting to careless slaughter and suicide for centuries as death never came to them. The warriors will always return to wake up again in the same place, with the same body, having done nothing more than put themselves through more pain and suffering. The Kai claimed he could hear the screams of the warriors sometimes, begging for relief to pass into darkness or make the immortality stop, claiming it took a very strong being to ignore their pleas.

As I glided through the air, I made sure not to draw too much attention to myself, knowing that while no harm could come to me, the last thing I wanted was to have to confront an old enemy or two with a chip on their shoulder. I was in search of someone in particular, following a lead given to me by King Yemma in order to track them down. I flew over the jagged forest and eventually found my way to a more mountainous area, stretching out my senses and feeling for their energy source as I landed on the ground in a clearing of black trees. I knew they were nearby as something began to tingle in the back of my brain, alerting me to their proximity and making my heart race in anticipation. There was a dome-like structure tucked away behind some overgrown brush and boulders, the land having been cleared for a few small crops that appeared to be growing quite well. Plant life and vines grew on the building and gave it an almost charming feel to it, the owner of the structure having taken extreme care with the property.

I stepped out of the tree line and came out into the open, exposing myself to the front of the home and to the current resident who was inside, most likely aware of my presence already. I took a deep breath and walked closer to the building, trying my best to keep my anxiety in order so that I could face him. The door to the dome-like home opened and a large figure appeared in the doorway, his mane of hair swaying in the wind behind him, my heart stopping at seeing my brother again.

"K-.. Kakarot?" Raditz stared at me with wide, ebony eyes, his mouth hanging open from his shock. He looked as large and as handsome as ever, wearing a simple black body suit with a pair of boots, his long hair pulled back into a loose, thick ponytail to keep it out of his scarred face. He had caused trouble in the past before with King Yemma and the guards, but that was many years ago and he seemed to have adjusted well to his eternal confinement. The large man took slow steps in my direction, his body tense and his tail lashing behind him, showing me how much my presence was affected him.

"Raditz…" I took a few more steps towards him and stopped when we were just feet away from each other, both of us looking each other up and down and testing out the other's energy, trying to get a sense of what the other was thinking. I let down my barriers and let him in, choosing to be vulnerable to the older male and to be as submissive and calm as possible. He poked and prodded around in my psyche before I had to pull myself back a little, not wanting to give myself completely to him just yet, not knowing if he would try to kill me or trick me. "I… Y-You… you look great…" I encouraged, giving him a slight smile in the hopes that he was feeling friendly.

"Death looks good on me, doesn't it?" He smirked and crossed his arms his broad chest, looking up at the golden ring above his head briefly and then back to me. "All thanks to you, of course… We can't forget that now, can we?" My brother snickered at me this time.

I snorted and gave a scowl, standing firmly in my place as I spoke, "If I recall, you were the one trying to kidnap my son and kill me first." I raised my nose finally and crossed my arms over my chest too, mimicking his stance and challenging him to do the next move.

Raditz's smirking face finally faded into a more solemn, almost sad look, the large Saiyan uncrossing his arms, "I know… I don't expect you to understand what I was going through at the time…" He was silent for several seconds before he made eye contact with me again, "I can only imagine why you're here… Wish to punish me further?"

"No… No it's nothing like that, Raditz…" I shook my head, hating to think that he assumed I had arrived only to hurt him again. "I'm here because… I wanted to apologize… to you."

His eyebrows raised and he stared at me in shock once again, his tail no longer twitch in agitation but instead holding completely still. "What…?"

"Raditz…" I finally came closer to him, closing the gap between us, "Wewe ni ndugu yanga… You are my brother… The only connection I had to my past and to what I was… and I destroyed you, because I was scared… I've regretted that decision for my entire life. I'm sorry, Raditz…. I only hope that you can forgive me. I never even gave you a chance.." He was stunned and almost took a step back, opening and closing his mouth in an attempt to say something back to me. I really had no idea how he would respond, and I knew I was risking quite a lot by coming to this world and opening myself to him.

"How did you…? I don't understand…" He stammered, just as surprised as Vegeta has been by my use of our language. It was one of the last pieces of our culture that only the remaining few Saiyans still had left to hold on to, and it was cherished greatly by the Prince and my fellow pack when I was with them.

"I've gone through a lot of changes, Raditz… And I've done some incredibly selfish things… I want to make things right, and that starts with you."

"You did what you had to do, Kakarot. If a threat tried to destroy my family, I wouldn't have thought twice about my actions." Raditz tried to shrug everything off, putting his arms back over his large chest.

"I've been to the past, Raditz… I became a part of your pack and lived the life that you did….. I even knew about your affair with a certain Commander.." I saved the last bit of information for last, treading into a more private territory with him. He snapped his head back to me and he gawked, his face turning red and confirming to me that this was even true in our own universe. "I know because I was there, Raditz… I know what happened to you when you were caught… I know what the Prince forced on you…" I finally reached my hand out to him and gently stroked my knuckles against his arm, watching the color leave his face when I mentioned the abuse he had suffered from his betrayal to the pack. "Samahani… I wish I could have stopped it… And I didn't stay around long enough to see what happened afterwards."

"Please, no more.. I believe you, Kakarot…" Raditz finally shook his head and gazed down at me with intense ebony eyes, the same color as mine. "You have my forgiveness... You've had my forgiveness for a long time now." He finished and reached up, grazing our knuckles together as he accepted my apology the best way a Saiyan knew how. I couldn't stop my smile from spreading ear to ear, feeling overjoyed with emotion. "And just so you know, I wasn't with the pack much longer after all that… I ended the affair and a certain Commander told me to drop dead, which I did just weeks later when I was sent to track you down." Raditz shared with me and I was stunned to learn such news, realizing that my brother had lost everything but his mind when he found me. It was no wonder he had snapped and went on a rampage when I refused him. Many things were starting to make sense now that I was getting the answers that had eluded me for so long.

"I'm sorry, brother…" I sighed and looked down from his dark eyes, the guilt eating at me. "I'm sorry I put you here… and I'm sorry I can't get you out.." I had another crushing feeling of defeat at knowing that regardless of if Raditz and I had made amends, I still couldn't bring him back to Earth for a second chance.

Suddenly Raditz started laughing, startling me out of my guilt-ridden thoughts and taking me by surprise. "Kakarot, please. I've accepted my fate here a long time ago—that's what happens when you have an eternity to face ahead of you. This place used to be a lot worse, but that was because I fought it every step of the way. Now I'm established and I've earned my own respect and my own place amongst the residents… Compared to the shitty life I had before, I'm quite content with where I am now." My brother smiled at me, resembling me and my children in an almost eerie way, and I couldn't help but smile back.

"I wish I could have gotten to know you better…" I admitted, putting my arm behind my head with my nervous habit.

"Eh, there's not much to know, Kakarot. My life has been nothing compared to the one you have fulfilled. The Legendary Super Saiyan. The Conqueror of the Icejin regime. Bringer of Peace and Justice through the Galaxies. An ally to the Gods… And now, as it would seem, the mate to the Prince of our People." Raditz's lips quirked up in a knowing smirk and I blushed deeply from his comment, not thinking he would have figured out such a thing so quickly. He snickered and finally put his heavy hand on my shoulder, giving me an encouraging squeeze, "Come now, Brother, you can't tell me you didn't expect another Saiyan to sense that? Besides, you reek of that man." He scrunched his nose and snickered again when I wiggled out of his grasp as he teased me.

"I'm still getting used to it…" I cleared my throat, "It's different, that's for sure." I rubbed the back of my head again, surprised at once again how easy it was for me to share such things with my brother now that we were together.

"Ahh yes… A mateship is not something to be taken lightly. It doesn't just come with the physical changes, but mentally and almost spiritually as well… You feel what they feel, they experience what you experience… It's the purest form of a union between Saiyans in our culture, but was uncommonly performed—almost rare. With the uncertainty of death looming around every mission, no sane Saiyan would dare have a mate and destroy them in the process of their demise." Raditz looked up in thought as he told me what he knew about a mateship. I was grateful for whatever information he could give me, having felt like I had gone through quite a powerful and nearly spiritual change the evening Vegeta and I claimed each other as our mates.

The performance had been like a ceremony where the Prince laid me down and caressed my body from head to toe until I was like putty in his hands, making sure to relax my muscles and get my blood flowing in my veins. He then had crawled on top of me and kissed my shivering body from my thighs all the way until he reached my neck, gasping in anticipation from feeling sharp teeth prickle against my skin and his firm hand pumping my erection. He was speaking in our tongue hotly against my body until I finally whined for him to take me, knowing I was ready now more than I would ever be. My Prince didn't hold back as he sunk his teeth into my neck just above my jugular, my blood pouring into his mouth and causing my eyes to roll into the back of my head as my body was wracked with shockwaves of pleasure and euphoria. I had an alarming sense of urgency to do the same thing to Vegeta and lurched forward, chomping down onto his neck and drinking in his hot, coppery blood, moaning in delight when I heard him growl and hiss above me. Vegeta pulled away from my neck and pressed our bloody lips together, pushing his tongue against mine and tasting the mixture of ourselves. Once our blood I mixed together, I felt connected to the Prince on levels I had never thought possible, only able to describe the experience as ultimate bliss. I could feel his pain and his sorrow, his joys and his pleasures, his regrets and even his fears. Tears streamed down my face as I was engulfed in his soul, feeling as my own tragedies, celebrations, struggles and experiences were revealed to him, the entire event taking only moments but feeling like another lifetime had passed between us. We both ended up holding each other all night in silence as we recovered from the mentally and emotionally draining mating ceremony. I knew I had made the right decision, and I continued to let my tears fall until I fell asleep with my Prince in my arms at last.

"You're very lucky, Kakarot. Vegeta will make for a fine mate." My brother had his hand on my shoulder again, smiling at me. "He has his faults, but it seems like you are the perfect match for him. It's a surprise you haven't mated to him sooner, to be honest."

"Heh, I know… don't remind me." I grinned at him, reaching out to put my own hand on his shoulder. I drank in his image and noted every one of his features, unsure when I would be able to see him again but happy with knowing that he was at peace and even welcoming of my presence. "Thank you, Raditz… If not for you, I never would have learned who or what I am… I never would have met Vegeta… I became all those things that you claimed about me because of you're doing. For that, I will be forever grateful." I gave his shoulder a squeeze this time, purring contently in my chest. Never in my life had I thought I would have had this opportunity or that I would have even wanted to attempt it. I meant every word that professed to my brother, knowing that if he hadn't come to Earth and pushed me to the path of becoming a great and powerful Saiyan, I would not be where I was today.

"Wewe ni ndugu yanga… You are my brother, Kakarot." Raditz pulled me closer to him and pressed our foreheads together, the intimate gesture making my heart swell as I remembered how the alternate version of my brother had done this to me. It felt good to reconnect with him again and share such closeness and intimacy, inhaling his scent and bonding with him as the minutes passed by.

There was a voice in the distance behind us that finally got our attention and the moment had gone, my brother pulling away from me to look over his shoulder and nod at whatever had called to him. Raditz looked back at me with a grin and dropped his hand from my shoulder, "Go on, Kakarot, and don't worry about me anymore. You have more important things to give your time to now. Take solence in knowing you did the right thing." My brother advised me, always having been surprisingly wise whenever he had the chance to finally speak

"I will… I promise." I smiled and nodded, finally deciding to steal a glance over my brother's bulky shoulder and see the source of the voice. My mouth hung open when I saw a tall, slender figure in the doorway of my brother's house, having silky green hair that spilled over cyan-colored shoulders. The man was wearing something clearly belonging to my much larger sibling on his athletic frame and had his arms crossed over his chest, the look on his pretty face that of boredom and slight irritation.

When I looked back to my brother, mouth still agape, he gave me a wink and snickered, "Like I said… I'm quite content with where I am now." Raditz finally turned his back from me and began to walk back to the home that he shared with the late Commander. As he reached his lover, the two of them shared an intimate kiss and the large Saiyan ran his fingers through the locks of emerald while the alien rested his head against his chest. My brother's large body practically swallowed the smaller size of the golden-eyed warrior, and it was a welcoming sight for me.

Raditz turned back to wave goodbye to me as I began to lift into the air so that I could leave Hell, feeling satisfied with our meeting and knowing that one day I would return to my brother. For now I was ready to indulge in a new life with Vegeta at my side, excited to be the ultimate pair and the ultimate race together. Regardless of what it brought me, I knew I would be ready to take on any challenge thrown at me, as long as I had the Prince at my side. That is how it has always been for nearly my entire life, and that's how I wanted it to be until time stopped existing. I had found the answers I had been looking for and in the process, I wound up receiving more than I had expected.

My life had changed forever the moment I stepped through that portal and began a quest of self-indulgence, and after looking back… I still can selfishly admit that I would do it all over again.

A thousand times over I would do it all over again.

When all was said and done, who else wouldn't want to indulge in their darkest desires and guilty curiosities… if even for just a moment?


Translations: Samahani = "I'm sorry" ; Mkuu Wangu = "My Prince" ; Mjinga = "idiot/fool" ;