Chapter Nine: Tantalizing Tenten

~A/N~ you've waited and now you can read it. Chapter Nine and it's the weapon mistress of Konoha's turn.

Naruto yawned as he sat back on a bench drinking in the warm waves of the sun. He smiled lightly as he rested his head on a certain kage's lap. The entire summit knew what Naruto had done. He had 'tamed' two of the Kages and taken a woman from the other three. While A and Gaara didn't seem to mind Oonoki was fuming.

"UZUMAKI!" a voice thundered out. Naruto shot up seeing the short old Kage walking towards him with rage in his eyes.

"Yo gramps what's up?" Naruto asked as he rubbed his eyes.

"What have you done to my granddaughter?" Oonoki asked with his commanding voice.

"I slept with her… a lot," Naruto said.

"Excuse me?" Oonoki asked.

"Oh I'm sorry your old ears missing things?" Naruto asked. "I. Had. Sex. With. Her," Naruto said one word at a time.

"You defiled my granddaughter and you admit to doing it!" his voice thundered.

"First off I wouldn't say defiled… she came to me and yes I'm not going to lie. We had sex… lot of sex and she claimed that she would move to the leaf to live with me," Naruto replied.

"You little-" Oonoki growled before he was silenced.

"Now now you wouldn't be threatening one of my Shinobi would you?" Tsunade asked standing up to glare down at Oonoki.

Oonoki grumbled to himself then turned his eyes on Tsunade. "This conversation involves me and the boy," He said his eyes still burned with rage.

"Hey get this through that old fence sitting skull of yours," Naruto said gaining the man's attention. "Your granddaughter came to me. She wanted me. She loves me. You may be her grandfather but you have no control over her heart," Naruto explained as the very topic of their argument walked up with a smile on her face.

"Naruto-sama," Kurotsuchi nearly sung as she reached them.

"Ku-chan… I told you I hate being called sama outside of the bedroom," Naruto grinned making the girl blush.

"Oh sorry I forget that," She smiled and stuck out her tongue. Oonoki clenched his fist as he looked at Naruto.

"What's your real problem? That I'm Minato's son or that I have several women already? Because as bad as it sounds I'd wager you're more upset about the former than the latter," Naruto said getting Oonoki to pause.

"Grandfather… I'm going with him,"Kurotsuchi said steeling herself for anything her grandfather might say.

"Too much like your mother… fine. I hear by release you from your duties as a Kunoichi of Iwa," Oonoki said as he rubbed his brow.

"Thank you grandfather!" Kurotsuchi shouted as she hugged him. Oonoki said nothing as his granddaughter hugged him.

"Come on Naruto we should be packing to head home," Tsunade said.

"Yeah you're right… though I was hoping to lay down a little longer… oh well," Naruto said as he and Tsunade left the two as they started to say their goodbyes.

"You are sure about this?" a red haired man asked as he looked to a rather nervous looking woman.

"I am," she replied looking to her brother. "I know you may not be happy-"

"Nonsense, you are happy that's all that matters," Gaara replied as he surprisingly hugged his sister.

"You're ok with it?" Temari asked.

"I am, now while I might not agree with Naruto having several women I won't deny your happiness with him," Gaara explained as he pulled back. "The papers are signed and you are free to move to the hidden leaf,"

"Thank you Gaara," Temari smiled happily as she was given the papers. She gave one more bow then left so she could head home to pack and move to Konoha.

Naruto yawned lightly as the small group neared Konoha. He was over joyed to be home but was still tired. A slow grin came to his face as an idea popped into his head.

"Oh lord… I've seen that look before," Tsunade spoke as she glanced back to see a rather devious grin on Naruto's face. Naruto gave her a light wink before he pulled out a tri-pronged Kunai.

"When on earth did you?" Tsunade asked before he was gone.

"When did Naruto learn that?" Shizune asked looking to Tsuande.

"I couldn't tell you… I would have thought he would have used it before," Tsunade said unable to place when he could have learned the technique.

"Oh that's not fair," Shizune said.

"I know he just leaves us behind," Tsunade said.

"No not that… he's going to get started without me," Shizune said with saddened eyes.

"He really made you a pervert," Tsunade said as she shook her head.

"Don't lie you want more," Shizune said as she picked up her pace slightly.

"I never said I didn't," Tsunade replied as she too started to walk a little faster.

Naruto appeared in his apartment with his grin still plastered on his face. His ears quickly perked hearing the tell-tale sounds of sex. He moved with all the stealth he had and found what he was looking for. Inside Sakura's room what quite the feast for his eyes.

"Faster!" Sakura cried out as Ayame laid over her pounding into her with a strap-on. Ayame groaned as the reverse side of said toy vibrated against her core. Sakura's back arched up as she gripped the sheet of the bed they were sharing.

"Are you really just going to watch?" Kurama's voice echoed out.

"Well you've been quiet for quite a while haven't you?" Naruto retorted.

"I've been enjoying the show," Kurama joked.

"What a show right," Naruto replied nearly laughing.

"And it's just getting started," Kurama's laugh echoed through his mind making Naruto smile as he turned his attention back to the two girls before him.

"God you're such a whore," Ayame moaned out as she moved her hips as fast as she could, which was nowhere as fast as Sakura wanted.

"And you're too damn slow," Sakura growled.

"Sakura… what did I tell you?" Naruto spoke making both girls stop.

"Naruto!" Ayame smiled happily

"Master," Sakura tried to move.

"Hey… what did I tell you?" Naruto asked.

"To always obey the others," Sakura replied.

"So what should you be doing?" Naruto asked as he pulled in a chair and sat down. Sakura paused then gave a slow nod.

"Please Mistress Ayame… fuck me more," Sakura begged as her legs wrapped around Ayame's waist. Said brunette smiled and started to move her hips again. Sakura's back started to arch once again as pleasure was pushed into her system once more. Ayame leaned down and started to kiss and lightly bite at Sakura's neck making her moan louder.

"Go for her collar bone… it's more sensitive," Naruto said with a grin and he watched the two. Ayame obeyed and turned her lips onto Sakura's collar.

"Ayame!" Sakura cried out as her body trembled heavily from Ayame's kisses. Ayame stopped as her body reached her climax.

"God I wish I was a ninja now… I can't keep up with you guys," Ayame said slowly as she pulled off to sensitive to keep going.

"Hmm," Naruto rubbed his chin for a moment.

"I know what you're thinking… and yes you can," Kurama's voice echoed out.

"Ayame come here," Naruto said. Ayame obeyed and started to take the toy off. "Leave that on… you'll need it for her," Naruto added. Ayame shrugged then moved to her lover.

"Focus your chakra into your teeth then bite her neck and I'll give her a healthy dose of stamina," Kurama said with a cackle. Naruto closed his eyes for a moment and focused his chakra into his teeth. He felt his canines grow and he grabbed Ayame and sunk his teeth into her neck.

Not to his surprise but Ayame moaned loudly loving the pain. She was one hell of a masochist. "Oh Naruto… I feel funny," Ayame said as she felt something pulsing into her. After a few moments she started to feel stronger and really horny.

"Just a little more and it will become permanent," Kurama called out.

"What are the side effects?" Naruto asked.

"Increased Stamina, increased senses, and of course increased sexual urges," Kurama replied.

"So I just made her hornier and last longer?" Naruto asked as his teeth pulled away.

"Yup… not sic her on the pink slut," Kurama said.

"There you go… now go give Sakura a good fucking," Naruto grinned. Ayame grinned as she moved to Sakura. Said pinkette was on her hands and knees lightly shaking her ass for her mistress.

"Like I said… whore," Ayame said as she grabbed Sakura's hips and slammed into her in one thrust. Sakura's head flew back as an ecstasy filled screams erupted from her throat with each of Ayame's thrusts.

"You know I think she's getting off to easy… lead her over here I could use a blowjob," Naruto commanded. Ayame nodded and rather easily lifted Sakura up while keeping the falsehood impaled inside of her. Naruto unzipped his pants and freed his raging cock. He had been hard for too long in his mind. Sakura licked her lips seeing Naruto's cock; the moment it was within her reach she started to suck at it. Her head started to bob quickly as she lovingly worked her maser's cock.

"Atta girl," Naruto ran a hand into Sakura's hair as her head bobbed. Sakura moaned onto his cock as Ayame started to move her hips again.

"What did you do to me?" Ayame asked seeing she could thrust faster and harder than ever before.

"Infused you with some of Kurama's chakra. You'll be able to keep up with the others now," Naruto explained as he forced more of his cock into Sakura's throat hearing her gag lightly on him.

"Thanks," Ayame said as she gripped Sakura's hips tighter and her hips picked up their pace once more. Sakura moaned with each thrust from Ayame; Naruto groaned in approval as her voice vibrated on his hardness.

"Aww yeah suck it," Naruto started to buck his hips forcing his cock deeper into her throat. Sakura's eyes were rolling back as she felt her body being pounded from both ends. This was the purest form of ecstasy for the pinkette. Her nails dug into the ground as she felt Naruto's cock throb. Her eyes widened and her mouth started to water more. He was getting close and she wanted to drink down every drop. Her head started to bob faster as her tongue worked over his length as much as possible.

"Ah… I'm going to cum," Ayame moaned out as her paced reached its maximum. Her legs burned as exhaustion rose in her but she couldn't bring herself to stop. It simply felt too good to stop.

"Same here," Naruto groaned. "Here it comes, drink it all," Naruto commanded as he let himself go and blew his load down her throat. Sakura happily gulped down rope after rope of Naruto's seed. Naruto removed his cock from her throat before he could finish cumming. His last few spurts shot over her face making Sakura moan loudly.

"I love it when you cum on my face," Sakura said as she collected the extra cum on her cheeks, forehead and chin quickly gulping it down with another deep moan.

"How's it going Ayame?" Naruto asked.

"So close… can't stop… too good," Ayame moaned as her hips slapped against Sakura's ass. Sakura gripped Naruto's pants as she started to lose the strength in her arms to keep herself up.


"Mistress!" the two cried out in unison as they came together. Naruto smiled as he ran a hand through his hair watching the two tremble in their orgasms.

Sakura panted heavily as she looked up at Naruto. "Thanks you Naruto-sama," Sakura spoke weakly. Ayame leaned forward too tired to hold herself up.

"Naruto… how long will this last?" Ayame asked wondering if she would be able to keep up with the others from now on.

"Should be permanent," Naruto replied and he put his still hard cock away and stood. "Now if you two are satisfied for the moment I have somewhere to be," Naruto smiled as he saw the girls nod.

Tsunade sat behind her desk finishing the last of her paperwork for the day with a big smile. Thanks to Naruto telling her about using Shadow Clones to help with the less important paperwork she was able to fly through it and complete the entire day's work in a few hours.

Her attention turned towards the village as she looked out wondering what her blonde haired lover was up to at the moment.

"Tsunade-sama? You're done with your work?" Shizune asked in shock.

"Yup Naru-kun informed me on a great way to speed up my paperwork," Tsunade replied as the door opened.

"Konohamaru, Moegi, Udon and Ebisu reporting in after the completion of a C ranked mission," Ebisu said with a bow.

"Ah well done you four… now Ebisu I have a request for you," Tsunade spoke.

"Anything milady," Ebisu said with bow.

"I want to test one of my Shinobi to see if he would be ready to lead a team. I thought your team while not to experienced and not under experienced would be the prefect one to use to test said Shinobi," Tsunade explained.

"Of course who's the Shinobi? Nara-san? Perhaps Aburame-san?" Ebisu asked. Tsunade smiled lightly and snapped her fingers. Ebisu looked up to see the window open and Naruto step in.

"Naruto of course. I plan to make him a Jonin either way but he has shown a desire to train and had requests to be made a Jonin sensei," Tsunade explained.

"Boss! Oh so cool you're going to lead us on a mission," Konohamaru grinned.

"I was hoping to see if I could in fact lead a squad," Naruto replied.

"I guess but I would request an easier C ranked or a high D ranked due to Naruto inexperience in leading," Ebisu requested.

"No I thought I'd send them on an S ranked suicide mission," Tsunade said her voice dripping with sarcasm.

"I meant no offense milady," Ebisu bowed again.

"None taken I understand I've never led before," Naruto replied.

"Well it's settled then. For the next mission Team Ebisu will become Team Naruto," Tsunade said. "Now then Naruto I have some great news for you," Tsunade said as Team Ebisu was shown out by Shizune.

"It's done?" Naruto asked quickly.

"The Namikaze-Uzumaki clan compound is in fact complete," Tsunade explained.

"But I thought it should have taken another month to finish?" Naruto asked.

"It should've but once a certain bridge builder and wood release Shinobi learned it was for you they both came and chipped in to finish the compound. Thanks to Yamato the compound was finished beyond expectations. And thanks to Tazuna it was made better than you had thought it would be," Tsunade smiled happily.

"Perfect," Naruto summoned several shadow clones.

"NC1- report home and tell Sakura, Ayame, Anko and Ino to start packing," Naruto said pointing to the first clone.

"NC2- Find Kurenai and Hiruzen and tell her that she cans start packing as well," Naruto said to the second clone.

"NC3- go to Suna and tell Temari she can move hear now that the home is done," Naruto turned said as the first three clones left.

"NC4 and NC5- same mission and NC3 but to Kumo for Kauri and Iwa for Kurotsuchi," Naruto said as the two clones bowed and left quickly after the others.

"Your clones can make those trips?" Shizune asked.

"Normally no. but I fused them with significantly larger amounts of chakra so they can make the trips," Naruto explained as he beckoned Shizune to him. Said mednin moved to him.

"Once Hokage-sama is done with you I want you to start packing too," Naruto explained.

"What about Hinata?" Tsunade asked noticing he had left her out.

"I already promised I visit her when I got back so I'll go myself," Naruto said as his eyes turned onto Tsunade. "Also I fully expect you to move in too Hokage-Sama," Naruto grinned.

"Not until I pass this hat on which I can't do until I'm sure you can lead a Genin team," Tsunade replied.

"Gotcha just a little longer then," Naruto smiled as he turned around. "See you later Tsuna-chan," Naruto grinned as he jumped out of the window and vanished into the village.

A young brunette woman sat in her parent's weapon shop her fingers drumming over the counter as she waited for someone to come in. With a bored sigh she let her eyes slowly start to close. Just as she felt like sleep was going to claim her the bell rang and someone entered.

"Welcome to Kage's Armaments my name is Tenten how may I be of assistance?" Tenten said looking up to see Naruto.

"Hello Tenten how have you been?" said blonde asked.

"Not too bad… how's the 'stud' been," Tenten asked.

"Stud?" Naruto asked.

"Please you've claimed just about all my friends as lovers so who do you think they talk about when we get together?" Tenten asked.

"Ah… yeah can't help that," Naruto said as he rubbed the back of his head with a sly grin.

"Actually I'm sure you could. But hell if you can have them all why not right?" Tenten asked.

"I can't tell if you mad that I have several girlfriends or that you're not one of them," Naruto replied making Tenten blush heavily.

"I'm not into sharing," Tenten retorted quickly.

"I think it's quite the opposite… but you're just to shy and embarrassed about it," Naruto said as he approached the counter.

"No I'm not… I don't like to share," Tenten said slightly louder.

"Still not to believable," Naruto said as he reached the counter. "Could it be you are worried about losing someone close again so you've walled your heart off?" Naruto asked.

"I don't know what you're talking about," Tenten replied.

"Please… I can see the pain in your eyes. You aren't the only one that misses him. Hinata still cries herself to sleep some nights. Even I can't console her enough to take away all the pain. And you loved him and you've dealt with it by yourself," Naruto explained as he placed his hand over hers. The simply touch broke her down and she jumped into his arms and started to bawl. Naruto said nothing and simply held her in his arms. He slowly ran his arms around her and held her close letting her vent her pain.

Several minutes passed and her tears finally slowed. Her breathing slowly returned to normal speed and she slowly pulled back.

"Thanks… I needed to do that," Tenten said as she felt Naruto's thumb run over her cheek wiping away the last tear than ran down her cheek.

"Someone as beautiful as you shouldn't hold her feelings," Naruto said as he slowly pulled back.

"You know you were right," Tenten said slowly.

"About what?" Naruto asked.

"I loved Neji… but not the way everyone thought I did. We never had romantic feelings for each other… he became my brother. I always thought I'd be doing him a dishonor if I cried over him," Tenten explained.

"Wow I really misread you then," Naruto said rubbing the back of his head again.

"You and everyone else," Tenten smiled.

"How about I take you out for dinner tonight," Naruto suggested with a soft smile.

"Trying to add me to your harem?" Tenten asked.

"I didn't have plans to do that," Naruto said with a light blush.

"Bullshit," Kurama's voice echoed through his skull.

"Quiet you," Naruto retorted quickly.

"I'd like that actually," Tenten said with a smile.

"What time do you get off?" Naruto asked.

"Six… so how about you pick me up around six fifteen or so," Tenten replied.

"Six fifteen, got it I'll see you then," Naruto said as he gave another smile and grabbed a bundle of Kunai. "And I'll buy these," Tenten smiled and rang him up then watched him leave.

'Would it be so bad?' Tenten thought as she returned to her boring wait for the next customer.

Hinata stood alone feeling a soft breeze moving over the field. She opened her eyes slowly and gave a nod to a figure a few feet away from her. A smaller girl returned the nod then charged in her palms at the ready. Hinata rather easily dodged and countered her sister's strike. She had long since stopped letting Hanabi win. She hadn't noticed it was actually hindering Hanabi to hold back. She wasn't learning the flaws of her stance or her strikes.

"Hanabi like me you are a Water Release… you need to move more fluidly like water. Not so jagged like the rest of our clan. You and I are all water just like our mother was, while the majority of the clan is earth releases. So we need to move like water not like rocks. Quick and fluid not jagged and forced," Hinata explained as she corrected her sister once more.

"Not to mention moving like water is way hotter," a voice said from behind the two.

"Naruto," Hinata spun around to see her love standing a few feet away.

"Hey Hinata… Hanabi," Naruto smiled at the two.

"Uzumaki-san," Hanabi bowed lightly.

"Naruto please…I don't like titles and stuff like that," Naruto said waving his hands.

"He's nothing like out family Imouto," Hinata said with a smile as she moved towards Naruto. Their arms encircled each other and a moment later their lips met.

"I still find it strange that you're willing to share like that," Hanabi said.

"I love everything about Naruto… so I sort of shrugged it off," Hinata smiled.

"If Konohamaru even tried that with me I'd have his balls," Hanabi said with a smile.

"You're dating Konohamaru? Oh I'm so picking on him. He wouldn't tell me who his girlfriend was. I suspect it's because I'm with Hinata," Naruto grinned.

"No he doesn't tell because father would force us apart," Hanabi replied.

"Why Konohamaru is from a high ranking clan it's not like he's clanless," Naruto retorted as Hinata kissed at his neck.

"Long story and I have to get going… father's going to notice I'm gone soon," Hanabi said as she ran off.

"Naruto… I've missed you so much," Hinata said.

"I know… let's go home," Naruto said as he put an arm around his indigo haired lover and left the field.

Tenten had just finished closing the shop up when Naruto appeared in her doorway with a soft smile on his face. "Am I too early?" He asked.

"No I'm just behind is all," Tenten replied. Naruto gave a nod and leaned against the wall waiting for his date.

"So why'd you ask me out if you've got what nine girls?" Tenten asked.

"Ayame, Shizune, Ino, Hinata, Anko, Sakura, Karui, Kurostuchi, Temari, Kurenai, Tsunade, Mei, So twelve," Naruto said with a laugh. Tenten on the other hand was left in complete shock.

"The hokage?" Tenten asked.

"Oh yeah excluding her and Mei everyone else is being moved into my now finished clan compound," Naruto explained.

"So how many of them are pregnant?" Tenten asked as she finished closing up.

"I'm not sure about Mei but none of the others should be. I have them taking contraceptives and what not," Naruto explained.

"And you're hoping to add me to your list of lovers?" Tenten asked.

"I would never force you Tenten. None of the girls are with me against their will," Naruto replied.

"That wasn't a no," Tenten tried not to laugh.

"Ok fine. Truth be told I've gotten greedy," Naruto said raising his hands in defeat.

"Well if you do good enough I might just give in," Tenten smiled as she walked by.

"I look forward to winning your heart," Naruto said as he lead her outside for their date to begin.

Naruto stood looking over his clan compound as a literal horde of himself carried boxes, couches, beds, tables, and just about everything else they would need. "Naruto, have I ever told you that you are efficient as hell," Ino smiled as the last of her clothes were taken into the compound.

"You know the boss," Naruto's clone smiled.

"So how's Tenten?" Ino asked.

"If the night is going according to plan, they should be taking a walk through the park," the clone replied.

"Is he planning on sleeping with her?" Ino asked.

"Up to Tenten, you know the boss he doesn't force anyone," the clone replied as he saw Anko, Ayame and Sakura all walk into the compound.

"I have a feeling Sakura's about to get gangbanged," Ino said trying not to laugh.

"You know Anko… she loves to dominate you girls," Naruto said with a chuckle.

"Tonight was amazing Naruto," Tenten spoke as they stood in front of her apartment. Naruto smiled and inclined his head slightly.

"I'm glad you enjoyed yourself." Naruto replied with a soft smile.

"How could I not? Dinner at the Emperor's Garden where they have the best sesame dumplings, a walk thought the park, and even a stop at the fortune teller. You know how to treat a girl," Tenten smiled.

"You deserve it," Naruto smiled. He was about to turn and leave when he felt Tenten's arms wrap around his neck forcing their lips together. Naruto's arms snaked behind her back holding her body against his.

"You… Me… bed… now," Tenten said as she panted. Naruto smiled and nodded letting her lead him into her home. No surprise it was wall to wall weapons and scrolls.

"Are you sure?" Naruto asked once they were in her bed room.

"Yes… now strip," Tenten smiled as she started to pull off her clothes. Naruto on the other hand moved to her and wrapped his arms around her neck.

"So impatient let me show you what I can do if you bid your time," Naruto said stopping her from pulling off her shirt. Tenten turned in his arms and relinquished her body to the blonde boy. Naruto pushed her down onto the bed and slowly undid the front of her shirt. His lips quickly found their way to her neck and started to attack her soft skin.

"Ah! Naruto!" Tenten gasped feeling his lips and tongue on her neck and shoulders. She started to pant lightly feeling his hands moving down her body pulling away her shirt. Naruto gave a light chuckle.

"So sensitive," Naruto said as one hand found her cloth covered mounds. His fingers deftly ran over her the bandages teasing her through the cloth. He wasn't surprised to see that she didn't wear a bra. The bandages she chose to wear made her all the sexier.

Tenten's back arched lightly feeling his hands slowly removing the bandages as his lips and tongue moved to her collar and down to her chest. She yelped lightly when her breasts were free and his lips found her stiffened nipples.

"Oh kami! Touch me more," Tenten begged.

"I plan to," Naruto replied as he moved a hand lower. Tenten's eyes shot wide when she felt his hand slip inter her pants and started to rub over her pantie clad womanhood.

"AH!" Tenten cried out as her back arched more and her toes started to curl. Naruto said nothing and continued to toy with the weapon's mistress. Her body was incredibly sensitive and he loved it. Tenten moaned lightly as Naruto ran his tongue over her body and his fingers started to push at her entrance. She felt her pants getting pulled down slowly as Naruto descended her body. His lips moved over her toned belly. He gave a couple extra kisses to her naval before her pants were removed and she was left in her panties.

"Oh please don't stop," Tenten begged as she felt his breath on her womanhood. His tongue slowly slid out and over her femininity. The first lick earned him one hell of a moan from her. Tenten's eyes rolled back slightly just feeling his tongue touch her once.

"Nice taste," Naruto smiled as he licked her again and started to tease her clit.

"AH! NARUTO!" Tenten cried out as she was already on the verge of climax. Naruto ignored her and ran his tongue around her lips before he slowly pushed his tongue in. Tenten dropped her head back with a throaty echoing moan as she hit her first climax.

Naruto moved putting her legs over his shoulders as he started to lick her more. Tenten's hands grips the sheets as her body reacted in kind to Naruto's touch. She was already covered in sweat, her back still arched and her toes still curled. The only thing she could do was moan and beg for more. But hell of course he'd be good at pleasuring a woman. If he couldn't pleasure one he would've gotten the ones he had… excluding Hinata.

"Naruto!" Tenten cried out again feeling his hands on her mounds toying with her breasts as his tongue ran in and out of her pussy. "Oh kami eat me!" She cried out. Naruto chose to say nothing and continued to work his tongue.

Tenten's eyes widened as she neared her second climax. "Oh kami… too soon… I'm gunna… Oh Kami!" Tenten cried out as she smashed through her second climax. Naruto slowly removed his tongue from her as he licked his lips.

"Yup diffidently a good taste," Naruto smiled.

"Thirteen," Tenten panted out.

"Oh?" Naruto grinned knowing what she meant.

"Please… Put it in me," Tenten begged. Naruto nodded and freed his cock. He grinned when he saw her eyes widen. She simply mouthed 'big' upon seeing it.

"Don't worry you're plenty wet and I'll make sure to lube myself up good before entering," Naruto said as he started to rub his cock over her entrance. Tenten's body trembled as she felt his cock rubbing over her entrance.

"I can't wait much longer," Tenten moaned.

"Just about ready," Naruto replied as he pushed his head against her entrance a few times. Tenten dropped her head back and moaned lightly feeling the tip of his cock push at her entrance. Naruto slowly pushed himself into her. He clenched his fist and stopped right away.

"What's wrong?" Tenten asked.

"Tight… so fucking tight," Naruto groaned. Her pussy felt like a velvet vice and it was awesome but just too damn tight.

"Ah," Tenten yelped lightly as Naruto sunk another inch into her. "You're so big," Naruto leaned over her kissed her lightly as his hands ran over her breasts. He waited until she was moaning once again before he pushed into her more.

"Damn Tenten… you're going to rip my dick off," Naruto groaned as he finally managed to sink half his cock into her pussy.

"Can't… help it," Tenten moaned as she tried to relax so Naruto could push further into her. Naruto took a slow breath then looked at Tenten. She gave a nod knowing what he was asking her.

"Brace yourself," Naruto said. Tenten gripped the sheets and Naruto pressed his lips against her. as they kissed Naruto rammed himself into her completely sheathing himself inside of her. Tenten screamed into their kiss her hands left the bed and hooked onto Naruto's back. She felt like she had been split in half. Her nails dug into his back as she tried to alleviate the pain.

Naruto groaned into their kiss as he felt her nails cutting into his back. "That… hurt… a lot," Tenten said slowly regaining her breath.

"Tell me about it… you're beyond tight and now my back's bleeding," Naruto said.

"Sorry… you can move… it doesn't hurt as much anymore," Tenten said with a blush. Naruto nodded and slowly started to move. Slowly the yelps and gasps of pain for the two died off and pleasure took its place. Tenten's body started to react to his actions. Her back started to arc and her nails dug into his back once again.

"Oh Kami… don't stop," Tenten begged as she reached another climax. Naruto groaned as he started to pump faster finally feeling her body adjusted to his size.

"Shit… so tight I can't hold back," Naruto groaned as he clenched his fists and emptied himself into Tenten. His seed filled her and earned him her loudest moan yet as her eyes rolled back as the euphoric waves washed over her.

Naruto fell to her side panting heavily as he laid next to her. "Oh kami… that was amazing," Tenten said as she panted heavily. Naruto simply smiled and pulled her into his arms.

"If you're really my thirteenth then you'll need to pack so you can move in with me," Naruto said as he kissed her cheek.

"Isn't that what Shadow clones are for?" Tenten asked as she pushed him onto his back and mounted him. "They pack we fuck," She added,

"Sound good to me," Naruto said as he grabbed her hips and the two started up again.

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