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Chapter One

It was a bright and early day as Ash Ketchum returned to Pallet Town from his Unova journey. After completing another regional league, Ash was ready to relax at home and then start off on another challenge.

"Boy Pikachu, it sure is nice to be home!"



"Yeah mom?"

"You got a letter in the mail."

"A letter, huh. Weird."

Ash grabbed the letter from Delia and opened it up. He was shocked to discover that the letter contained a DVD. He then ran to the living room and stuck the disc into the DVD player that Delia had recently bought. On the screen appeared a tall man with raven black hair. He was wearing black pants and shoes, a black shirt, and a white coat that reached just above his ankles. Standing next to him was the canine like pokémon Lucario. They were standing in a large stadium surrounded by empty seats.

"Greetings trainer! My name is Commissioner Gowly, the head of the international pokémon league. You, yes you, have been invited to attend a new tournament that I am hosting: The Commissioner's Cup. The Commissioner's Cup is scheduled to take place ten years from when I was crowned commissioner of the league. This tournament is going to both commemorate my accomplishment and the power of the next generation of pokémon trainers. That's right, only teenaged trainers have been invited. However, an invitation isn't all you need. You must also obtain ten commissioner coins. I have randomly selected five regions. Two gyms in each of those regions are not only carrying a badge, but are also carrying a coin. You must defeat the leader in order to obtain the coin. Even if you've already defeated the leader, I promise you that they've become tougher. Ready? The gyms are the Cerulean and Saffron gyms in Kanto, the Ectucreak and Blackthorn gyms in Johto, the Petalburg and Fortree gyms in Hoenn, the Canalave and Sunnyshore gym in Sinnoh, and the Driftveil and Icurrus gyms in Unova. What are you waiting for? You've got one year before the Commissioner' Cup start. Go get your coins. Then you can participate in the tournament which is scheduled to take place here at the Battle Coliseum. Hop to it!"

With that the screen became blank, and Ash thought to himself that he had found his new adventure.

"Pikachu, are we gonna win this tournament or what?"


"Ash, you might want to talk to Professor Oak to see if he has more information."

"Okay Mom."

And so Ash made his way through Pallet town towards the Oak Research Lab. On the way he realized that he would have to sprint through the five regions. He wouldn't have time to train a brand new team. Ash would have to use the most powerful pokémon that he already trained.


Ash was so lost in his thoughts that he didn't realize that he had already arrived at Oak's lab. Ash knocked on the door to the lab. Moments later, Tracey opened the door.

"Hey Ash! What's up?"

"Oh hi Tracey. I was invited to participate in a tournament, and I hoped that the professor could give me some insight."

"Sure Ash. I'll go get Professor Oak. Feel free to hang out with your pokémon out back. We'll meet you there."

"Ok Tracey. Thanks."

As Ash made his way to the Oak Corral, Pikachu jumped off his shoulder and ran ahead to catch up with some old friends. When Ash stepped out into the corral, there was a stampede as his Tauros rushed at him. Jumping out of the way, Ash was tackled to the ground by his Bayleef.

"Hey guys. It's nice to see you too."

There was an orchestra of pokémon names as all of Ash's pokémon greeted him.

"Guys, I have some big news. There's a new tournament that we're participating in and this time, I'm not starting over. I'm taking six pokémon with me. So who wants to come?"

All of Ash's pokémon responded in the affirmative.

"Now what do I do? I can't take all of them."

"I can help with that Ash."

"Hello Professor!"

"So Ash. I heard that you were invited to participate in the Commissioner's Cup. Right?"

"That's right Professor."

"Well then, do you know what gyms you'll conquer first?"

"The gyms in Kanto because they're closer. I think I'll head to Cerulean through Mt. Moon and then I'll go to Saffron. From there, I'll catch a ferry to Johto."

"Sound smart Ash. Why don't you take pokémon that will help you beat Misty and Sabrina? When you get to Johto, you can always exchange pokémon."

"Sound like a plan. I guess I'll take Sceptile, Leavanny, Krookodile, Heracross, Charizard, and Pikachu of course. Misty won't know what hit her!"

"Okay Ash. I guess you're ready to head out. Call me if you need anything."

"Thanks Professor."

And so Ash headed out on his new adventure, but first:

"Sweetie, here's a bag packed with clothes and don't forget to change your you know whats every day!"