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Chapter Twenty Seven

Once again, the sun rose bright and early on Pokémon Isle. A week had passed since our heroes' last battles. All the first battles of the block stage of the Commissioner's Cup had finally concluded. This week, trainers would be battling for the second time. Ash's next battle would be against Daphne Waters. He would be battling her in a couple of days. Paul's battle would be the next day, so everyone watched that battle. Paul won that battle with his Ursaring and Magmortar.

The following day, Ash's iDex vibrated to announce that he would be battling Daphne Waters on the thirty second floor of League Tower. Max would be battling Kevin Quinn on the thirty first floor.

When Ash entered the battle room, Daphne was already there. She had brown hair and blue eyes, as well as multicolored highlights on the tips of her hair. She had a red short sleeved mock turtle crop top and dark blue jeans and tennis shoes. The young lady appeared short for her age. She stood waiting in her trainer's box for Ash to go to his. His friends that weren't watching Max's battle were in the stands. Ash walked over to his box and the referee raised his flags.

"This will be a two on two battle between Ash Ketchum and Daphne Waters. There will be no substitutions and the battle will end when one side is out of usable pokémon. Begin!"

"Go Spiritomb!" Daphne called out her forbidden pokémon.

"I choose you, Garchomp!" Ash called out his mach pokémon.

The ghost dark type and the dragon ground type stared at each other. Both were slightly unnerved by each other. Garchomp was huge and Spiritomb didn't exactly have a calming effect. Regardless though, neither pokémon let their misgivings get to them and both waited for their trainers' commands.

"Use dark pulse!" Daphne suddenly called out.

"Dodge and use dragon rush!"

As Spititomb unleashed dark aura, Garchomp jumped up, dodging out of the way. A red and blue aura then engulfed the mach pokémon who flew at Spiritomb.

"You know what to do." Daphne spoke softly.

Hearing its trainer, Spiritomb shrank until only the odd keystone remained. Garchomp ended up colliding with the rock, which sent it flying. However, when Spiritomb re-emerged, it appeared unharmed.

This is not good. Ash thought to himself. I have to figure out a way to deal damage to that Spiritomb.

"Use dark pulse!" Daphne called out.

"Dodge and use dragon rush again!"

The same scene from before replayed itself. Spiritomb attacked only to have Garchomp dodge. When Garchomp started to head towards its opponent, Spiritomb hid in its keystone again.

"Stop!" Ash suddenly shouted out.

Garchomp came to a skidding halt moments before hitting Spiritomb. The mach pokémon now stood directly over Spiritomb.

When Spiritomb re-emerged, Ash suddenly called out, "Use flamethrower and dragon claw!"

The attacks hit Spiritomb who collapsed to the ground, knocked out.

"Spiritomb is unable to battle. Garchomp is the winner!"

"Return Spiritomb! You did great." After pocketing Spiritomb's pokéball, Daphne enlarged a second one. "Go Togekiss!"

The jubilee pokémon appeared on the field, flapping her wings.

Double not good. Neither of Garchomp's STAB attacks will deal any damage to Togekiss. I'm going to have to rely on rock type moves.

"Stone edge!"

"Dodge by using dazzling gleam!" After saying that, Daphne quickly lowered her head.

As bands of rock started to surround Garchomp, Togekiss started to glow brightly. The attack blinded Garchomp and Ash. Garchomp moved a wing to try to block the light, which disrupted his stone edge attack.

"Now use aura sphere!"

Togekiss glowed again, but this time an aura sphere was launched. Garchomp jumped into the air to avoid the attack, but the aura sphere followed him. Eventually, the fighting type attack collided with the mach pokémon who came crashing down back to the ground. Garchomp struggled to get up before slowly standing.

"Use stone edge once more!" Ash ordered his pokémon.

"Aura sphere on the rocks!"

As Garchompp launched his rocks, Togekiss launched her aura sphere. The sphere collided with the rocks, and stopped them from hitting Togekiss.

"Dazzling gleam!"

Once again, Togekiss glowed brightly. The attack hit Garchomp who was sent reeling from the super effective attack. Garchomp collapsed to the ground and was unable to get back up. He lay on the ground with swirls in his eyes.

"Garchomp is unable to battle. The winner is Togekiss."

"You did great Garchomp, return!" After Ash recalled Garchomp, he turned to the Pikachu on his shoulder. "Ready buddy?"

Pikachu gave a nod before jumping off of Ash's shoulder.

"Dazzling gleam!" Daphne called out.

"Close your eyes."

The attack still did damage, but it did not blind the electric rodent.

"Now use thunderbolt!"


Electricity and fire collided in the middle of the field. The attacks appeared to be evenly matched, but slowly thunderbolt edged out flamethrower. Ash smirked when he saw this because he knew that since Pikachu was an electric type, thunderbolt would get a boost in power. Togekiss was not a fire type, so it wouldn't get a boost.


As the thunderbolt was about to hit her, Togekiss shut off the flames and flew out of the way.

"Aura sphere!"

"Dodge and use iron tail!"

As the fighting type move made its way toward Pikachu, Pikachu jumped and slammed into Togekiss with a metallic tail. The attack sent Togekiss crashing into the ground. Pikachu then jumped out of the way as the aura sphere kept following it. The attack ended up colliding with Togekiss.

The jubilee pokémon, however, was not yet willing to give up. Slowly, Togekiss flew back up.

"End this Pikachu. Use a weak thunderbolt."

A bolt of electricity raced towards Togekiss. The weakened flying fairy type was unable to dodge in time and fell to the ground once more. This time, she didn't get back up.

"Togekiss is unable to battle! The winner is Pikachu. That means that the winner of this battle is Ash Ketchum, who is awarded three points for his victory. His total is now six points. Daphne Waters doesn't gain any points for losing, so her point total remains one."

The two trainers shook hands and made their way to the pokémon center to heal their pokémon. That night, when everyone had dinner together, Max told the group that he had won and now had four points. Ash was in first with six. Kevin was last with zero, and Daphne was third with a point.

Max and Ash knew that they would be battling each other relatively soon. A win for Max would give him a total of seven points, meaning that he would move on. If the battle ended in a draw or Ash's victory, then Ash would move on. The two then proceeded to train hard for their battle. They had roughly a week until their match.