This was actually a part I simply forgot. It explains somewhat more...

At that same moment:

Chapter 16: Bros

A bright light blinds him. He tries to block it with putting his right paw in front of left eye, but the light is everywhere around him. * this the white that Phantom was bragging about...?

'Nope, it isn't.' he hears far in the distance.

'Who is there?' but he gets no reply. He decides to walk towards where he heard the voice coming from. Two white stone pillars, in ancient Greek style, appear in front of him blocking some of the light. It seems to be a gate of some sort. With burning eyes, he steps into a circular room, at last, a half round room. It's not that he can see that far. It's extremely hot. The fierce white light comes from above; a large, hexagonal stained glass cupola. The light slowly dies and the room is revealed: Everything is white, paving stone all over. Eight bronze sinks, scattered around the room, hang above similar coloured and paved benches that are in fact part of the wall. Cold water streams out. There's only one hole in it: a hallway to a different part. A huge, mosaic decorated stone is placed in the middle. In short: a replica Turkish bathhouse. Spectre now finally sees what he looks like himself: he's naked, with only a large, thick towel around his hips to cover his *cough*.

*Ssssshhh!* is heard as steam rolls over the back end of the room. When it starts to disappears, someone different appears.

'Spectre, I thought you would never come...' says Phantom, now visible. He is sitting on the bench next one of the bronze sinks, also, only covered by a towel.

'Ph..phantom?' stumbles Spectre.

'Hahaha...' laughs Phantom as he rises and walks towards his little brother.

'Spectre.' he states as he pads (hard) on his right shoulder. 'You look like shit.' notching to the scope.

'Don't mention it. What is this place anyway?'

'Welcome to Peace of Mind, my personal heaven/hell.'

'P..peace of Mind? That thing you made up, when you were like, 17!? But, I thought that plasma...'

'Haha, still into details huh? Yes, this is Peace of Mind. I told you, *places his (still available) paw on Spectre's heart* the spirit is, only once, stronger than even death.' quotes Phantom. 'Have peace what you fear, victory is near. Also, the plasma indeed resurrected me and now I have the ability to travel between this and the world of the living.'

Laughing is heard from the other end of the hallway. Leon and Wolf pass by, joking about something. Wolf looks somewhat drunk, hanging on Leon's right shoulder while Leon has the giggles. Like best friends depending on each other after a night of hardcore partying, they walk out of Spectre's and Phantom's field of vision.

'See?' states Phantom. 'Peace of mind, for everyone in here. Everyone can think straight in their own minds, or at least, in mine. Even you Spectre.'

*He...he's right. My anger, for Krystal... is, is gone. Killing, murdering, torture, all of those things, shrink away. Still, I'm pretty hungry... hmmmm, Pyro meat*

'Come on.' signals Phantom. 'Join me and relax for a bit.'

The brothers sit next to each other, enjoying that all the burden of the world of the living is left behind them. Phantom looks at Spectre, having the back of his head to the wall, almost falling asleep.

'Hey Spectre?' he asks humbly.

'Huhm? What is it?' replies Spectre sleepy. Phantom lifts up his left paw and forms a fist.

'Brofist?' Spectre reacts surprised.

' apologize to me?'

'It was me, wasn't it?'

'Maybe... *shrug with a laugh* Geh... I guess I don't have real proof.' he claims, coming up for Phantom's dumb action, more than 10 years ago. He also forms a fist.

'Brofist!' he finishes as the two fists collide. Positive shocks are throughout the two brothers. Before getting too emotional, he hug each other firmly. Phantom holds in his tears, being the big brother for the already whining Spectre. Even from under his scope, a tear comes down.

*snivel* 'Thanks Phantom...'

'No trouble Tim.'

'Are we using our regular names again? The others sound far better... Roger.'

'Like I don't know that. *suddenly rises* Alright, the last task.'

'What last task?' asks Tim, stunned by Roger's sudden urge to stand up.

'You haven't seen my garbage truck yet?'

'Garbage truck? Are you high or something?'

'No, Tim. *sigh* I only wanted the truth. And for that, already to many died. Wolf and Leon in the next will stay here forever, betrayed by Panther or because of insanity. My quest for the truth already took to many innocent lives. I could have done something, instead I didn't want to disturb the flow, that would eventually lead me to the truth. And of course, I didn't want to discovered. Stalking Starfox is something that must remain a secret.'

'Stalking Starfox!? Wew, I though I was crazy. Why do you follow them then.'

'I have a feeling that they'll lead to me the truth. It has something to do with Tiff, for some reason.'

'*sigh* Still in love with her?'

'Well... not that much any more...'

'Someone else?'

'Something like... a... uhm... *slaps himself* a curse or something... At least, it isn't letting me go. Are you coming with me?'

'What!? Away from this? Accepting the risk of never returning to this paradise? Oh, hell no!'

Roger shrugs. 'Well, I guess we are not on the same line yet. Doesn't matter, it's still too early for that. We'll be together... somehow. If you change your mind, you know where I am.' he states as he walks out of the room, leaving Tim in indecision behind.

How about that? The brothers have peace with each other again. Although they are not yet on the same line, something tells me, they will be shortly.