Seeing the supposedly prospective team member, Shepard seriously doubts the Illusive Man's sanity. Sure, he has read the dossier. Sure, he knew that the person had a long criminal record and probably wouldn't be easy to get on with. Sure, the display of biotic powers was more than impressive.

Except that the angry knot of biotics, skinny limbs, tattered clothes, extensive tattoos and leather… harness… seems so deranged that she might actually be nearing normalcy from the other side. – Ah yes, she, despite the name.


There's definitely nothing feminine about her, and the quick glimpse of the Sleeping Beauty in the cryo must have been someone else. The lips have lost their fullness as they are twisted and baring teeth, there is only a mild swell to the chest under the leather straps, she stands crouched with her fists balled, her biotic aura glowing – Shepard suddenly finds in himself a certain degree of understanding for the recently demised Warden Kuril to keep Jack in cryogenic stasis. He would have done the same, though preferably in a mental institution. With very, very thick walls.

To his right, he hears Garrus producing subvocal sound, unmistakably signifying amusement; to his left, Taylor slightly shuffles and clears his throat.

Yeah, sure. If we don't take her along, we have just blown a prison ship and released dozens of dangerous criminals for nothing.

He sighs. Time to pull a Shepard – provided that she can be reasoned with.

He feels no little relief when it turns out that yes, she can.

As her face relaxes from the furious expression, her eyes are no longer narrowed. They are, in fact, large and deep brown and, surprisingly, very beautiful.

With hindsight, he realizes that he was lost as early as then.