Harry lay on his bed waiting for the clock to tick over to midnight. In 2 minutes, he would be 16 years old. So much had happened to him in his short life, he couldn't help but wonder what this year would bring. He still felt an ache every time he thought about Sirius, an emptiness that he tried to shove down and bury. But he couldn't help but wonder, who would be next? His parents were dead because of a mad man who had been after him. Cedric had died because of that same mad man. Sirius was dead, ultimately because that mad man had fooled him, but really, it all came down to him and Voldemort.

This year would be different. He refused to go on as he had been, totally unprepared. If the Prophecy was true, and it really was just down to him or Voldemort, then he was going to have to start taking this more seriously. He needed training! But Dumbledore didn't seem all that keen on giving him extra lessons, it was almost as though he wanted Harry to be unskilled.

As his thoughts chased each other around in his brain, he failed to notice that the clock had finally ticked over. He barely had time to register that a glowing sphere surrounded him before his eyes rolled back in his head and he blacked out. This would be a mercy, he would decide later. Being unconscious, he wouldn't be aware of the pain that was sure to follow. As the light grew brighter, his body lifted and hovered above the bed, wind whipped around the room, and it seemed as though a great storm was happening. But all of it was happening in complete silence.

When it was finally over, Harry lay unconscious in the middle of his destroyed room. The only things untouched were the bed, Hedwig's cage, and a chair that was sitting in the far corner of the room. Had anyone been awake, they would have noticed that the chair was occupied, but as the room was dark, and no one was awake, the occupant merely leaned back and crossed their ankles. Patiently waiting for Harry to finish sleeping off the magic storm that had hit the room. Morning would be greatly entertaining, and the only thing keeping the figure from pouncing and waking Harry up right now to start the fun, was the knowledge that nothing would wake him at this point. He had to wake up on his own. And that would be hours from now, quite possibly not until the sun was well up in the sky. With a little sigh of boredom, they settled back to watch over him.


First Harry Potter fic, first fic written in 8 years. I have no beta, so any out of characterness or other mistakes are all my own. At the moment, I have 5 mates plotted for Harry, this may change as the fic goes on. MPreg has not been decided upon, currently there is none. If enough people request it, I may work it in somewhere. But it won't be integral to the fic.

Chapters get longer after this one, I just needed to set things up and this worked out as a good place to end.