"Concentrate! Imagine the flame as a ball in the center of your hand."

"I am concentrating! This is hard Ash, much harder than learning my Wizard magic, and even most of that I can't say was a cake walk." Harry ran his hand through his hair in frustration, it was already standing out from his head in an even bigger mess than usual from the amount of times he had done so in the last few hours. He could get the flame to appear, but he couldn't seem to make it take on any shape for the life of him.

Ash frowned and took a step back, her eyes narrowing slightly as she seemed to look through him. She finally shook her head and sighed.

"All right, this isn't getting us anywhere, and the last thing we need is you losing control when you don't seem to have any in the first place. We'd better take you down to the Healing Quarter and see if anyone can figure out why you're having issues."

Harry just nodded, too frustrated by his lack of progress to even object all that strongly to having to go to a Healer. Ash had already assured him earlier that it wasn't because they were of different elements, anyone who wanted to become a Guide had to go through tests and training. They were all trained in the basics of control for each Element, and no one was allowed to become a Guide who hadn't passed. He was still a little amazed that she had managed to pass her tests, considering how easily bored and distracted she was.

As he followed Ash through the house, Fionn slid through the door of the library where he had been waiting through Harry's lesson, and fell into step just behind Harry and to his left. It had been deemed safer for the Fae to not be in the room while Harry was learning, for everyone's sake. They left the house and turned down a street Harry hadn't investigated yet, it went in the opposite direction of the park and the main shopping area. Ash was humming softly to herself and seemed to be paying no attention to where they were going, but Harry didn't bother to ask her if they were taking the scenic route. If they were, he didn't want to know, his head was already throbbing from the training they had been doing and he really, really didn't want to give her any ideas about livening things up if she didn't already have them.

It seemed like they walked for a much longer time than it had taken them to get to any of the other places Ash had dragged them to. And the path they were on sloped downwards, it was quite curious. But at long last, a Square came into view. All the buildings were many-storied, and had the look of offices, or other business-type structures. And yet, they had the curves and flowing lines he had come to expect to see on the buildings in the Realm. Ash headed towards one that was about four stories tall, and had plants scattered around in pots around the base of the stairs leading to the front door. Once they got inside, she went straight for the desk and the Water Demon sitting typing something into a computer.

"Emergency or check-up?" The brunette didn't even look up from his computer screen as he asked the question, it looked like he was updating another patient's medical record as he kept flipping through a stapled form on his desk, but Harry couldn't read it from their angle.


The receptionist finally put the form into a box on his desk where it vanished, and then he looked up at them. "All three of you?"

"No, just Harry for now." Ash motioned to Harry and the receptionist pulled out another form.

"Fill this out and turn it back in when you're done, a Healer should be available shortly afterwards."

Ash took the form and a pen out of the cup on the desk, and headed for a row of empty seats with Harry and Fionn following her. She quickly began to fill out the form, asking Harry a question every now and then. He was a little surprised that she wasn't making him do it himself, but figured she must want this done with quickly, and her handwriting was better than his was. Once it was complete, she dropped it back with the receptionist and they all went back to waiting.

There weren't as many patients waiting in the room as Harry had expected. A young girl with bronze hair and eyes sat looking scared diagonally across from them, a woman who looked like her mother was with her holding her hand and murmuring softly to her. Two young men with Warriors braids were on the other side of the room, one was favoring his left wing. And a quartet of...Djinn? Harry wasn't sure, but whatever they were, they looked grim and were waiting impatiently. None of them looked hurt, but he didn't wish to draw their attention so didn't look all that closely. Fionn wasn't holding on to him, but he was sitting as closely as the chairs allowed them. They sat for perhaps twenty minutes before a young woman with pink hair popped her head through one of the doors and called for them. She led them down a hall and turned the corner before stopping at a door.

"Healer Hawthorne will be with you shortly." She waved them into the room, smiled brightly and then left again, closing the door softly behind herself.

Ash immediately took possession of the only chair in the room, leaving Harry to perch on the edge of the examination table. Fionn glanced briefly at the round, wheeled stool, and then lightly dropped to his knees on the floor near Harry's feet.

"You don't have to sit on the floor Fionn, I'm sure the Healer won't mind if you use the stool, at least until he arrives." Harry said, his voice a little perplexed as he thought they had managed to get past that particular quirk in Fionn's personality. There were still a lot of things they needed to fix, but he had thought sitting on the floor at his feet was one they'd already covered.

Fionn just shook his head slightly, and spoke in a soft voice. "Don't want to be a bother."

Before Harry could come up with a suitable response, the door in the back of the room opened and a man bustled into the room. He had short cornflower blue hair, and his eyes when he got close enough for Harry to see them, were a dark midnight blue. He was wearing a light green vest with a short sleeved darker green shirt on underneath, the pants were the same shade as the vest. He seemed familiar, but Harry couldn't quite place why.

The Fae paused a moment when he saw Fionn kneeling on the floor, but other than raising a single eyebrow, he didn't comment on it. He just smiled at them all and clasped his hands in front of him. "Hello! I'm Healer Hawthorne, but please call me Tristan. I see by your file that this is your first visit to a Healer's in the Realm. I imagine it won't be too different than a Wizarding check-up, at least in the basics of things. Was there anything specific you came in for, or is it time for your annual visit?"

"I'd like you to check to see if anything is wrong with him magically, he hasn't been able to do even the simplest of his Fire training exercises."

Ash spoke up before Harry could even get his mouth open enough to say anything, he rolled his eyes and decided not to try to say anything unless Ash got distracted by something shiny. Fionn stood fluidly and moved silently towards the corner Ash was sitting in, so he was out of the Healer's way.

Tristan for his part frowned slightly and looked at Harry with his head tilted towards the left a bit. "How long have you been doing the exercises Harry?"

"Almost a week now. I can call fire, but I can't make it do anything once I have it." His face burned, he felt stupid that he couldn't do something even children were capable of doing.

"That...doesn't make any sense." Healer Tristan opened a drawer and pulled out a dull-looking black stone, it was about an inch and a half in diameter. "Hold this and imagine your Fire filling it up. Don't force your power into it, just let it trickle in like liquid fire."

Harry took the stone and looked at it dubiously, then shrugged and concentrated on doing what the Healer had said. The stone glowed ever so faintly from within, but nothing else happened. It didn't even grow warm or anything.

Healer Tristan snatched it out of Harry's hand and tossed it back in the drawer before pulling out what looked suspiciously like a hat pin. He then took down a copper bowl from a cabinet, and two beakers. Pouring a little of each beaker into the bowl, he mixed them together quickly with the hat pin, before rinsing the pin off in the sink. Then he carried both the bowl and pin over to Harry and held out the pin. "I'll need three drops of your blood into the bowl please."

Harry gingerly took the pin and held his left index finger over the bowl before stabbing it with the pin. Blood welled up immediately and he winced before letting three drops fall.

Healer Tristan whisked the bowl and pin back off to the counter where he swirled the mixture around a few times. Reaching to his left, he opened another drawer and pulled out a sheet of paper, he then dumped the contents of the bowl onto the paper and waited as it seemed to be sucked into it. He read the writing that appeared and blinked twice before turning back to Harry.

"You have a spell tied into your magic, both Wizarding and Demon. However it seems to concentrate mostly on the Demon magics, which would explain why you are having issues using your powers. This particular spell has been tied to you for so long, it will be very difficult to unravel. It would be easier if there was a physical component... Do you have any tattoos? Or scars that you don't remember exactly how you got? Especially magical scars?"

"I have my curse scar, from when Voldemort tried to kill me as a baby..." Harry was in a bit of shock. While he was glad that Healer Tristan had possibly found the issue, he wasn't sure how he felt about the fact that someone had basically put a lock on his powers. He knew he'd end up being angry about it once the shock wore off, and didn't want to set the hospital on fire, so maybe if he just didn't think about it too hard for right now...

He lifted his fringe so the Healer could see his curse scar and shoved his thoughts away for the moment.

Healer Tristan looked at the scar, then held his hand out hovering just above Harry's skin. His hand glowed softly and the scar felt warm and prickly, then he dropped his hand and shook his head. "That one is tied into the spell as well, but it isn't the source. If you don't know of any others, we're going to have to look for glamor charms. And to do that I'll need you to strip. Do you want your Guide or your mate to remain in here for that?"

Harry's eyes widened and he blushed, he was going to have to strip? And in front of a near-complete stranger? Then he quickly shook his head.

"N-no. I'd rather they didn't stay for that. And Fionn's not my mate." He'd almost missed that in his embarrassment, but while Fionn wasn't his slave, he most certainly wasn't his mate either. Not that Harry thought he'd mind that thought as much as he did when Ash first spoke about mates, but he still wasn't sure he was ready. Regardless, Fionn was too broken. He refused to do anything while the Fae followed him around and treated him like he was his Master. It wouldn't be right.

"All right then, everyone out. You can come back in after we're done."

Surprisingly, Ash just stood up and led Fionn out without a protest, apparently she had no more wish to see him without his clothes than Harry had for her to see him that way. After she left, Healer Tristan busied himself tidying the counter, cleaning and putting away the various things he had pulled out earlier. Harry was grateful that his back was turned as he got undressed, even if he'd be seeing him in just his boxers soon enough. When he put the last item on the examination table, he shifted his feet nervously. "I'm done..."

Healer Tristan turned around and didn't blink or look at him with anything other than a professional eye. "Now Harry, you saw what I did with your scar? I'm going to have to do the same with the rest of you. If I don't find anything, we'll have to try again without your boxers."

Harry thought his face was going to combust, he was blushing so hard, and dearly hoped that Healer Tristan would find the source of the spell without him having to get totally nude to do it!

Healer Tristan took a deep breath and seemed to center himself, then raised his right hand and started to pass the glowing appendage about an inch above Harry's skin. He started with Harry's face, and moved to his neck, then both arms, chest, tummy, legs. He then circled around Harry and did the back of his head, back of his neck, backs of his arms, back, and then stopped. Harry felt gentle fingers lightly tug the top of his boxers down just slightly, and then a feather-light touch on the small of his back. He felt that warm, prickly sensation again, but much stronger this time, and it was coming from the area Healer Tristan had traced.

"Found it. It looks like someone has spelled a brand of some kind into your back. I'm sorry, but I have never come across anything like it before. I'm going to take an imprint, which is like a picture done by magic, of the brand and with your permission, show it to a few colleagues of mine who have been practicing longer than I have. The moment I know what it is, and what it's supposed to do, we can figure out exactly how to remove it without damaging your or your magics. Is that all right with you?"

"I-yes. I want it gone, so do what you need to do."

Harry felt the tingling sensation grow stronger, and then Healer Tristan was stepping away from him and telling him he could get dressed again.

"I'll take this around right away, we'll hopefully know something soon. So go ahead and meet your Guide and set up another appointment with me in say...a week. If I find out anything sooner than that, I'll get in touch with you and we can move up your appointment. Don't worry Harry, it's fixable."