Title: Idiots.

Disclaimer: Not mine.

Pairing: AoKaga (allow me to ship you guys to the AoKaga island~)

Note: Yaoi. This is a bunch of one-shots, so updates only happen when ideas strike. Fluffiness, craziness, stupidity (people don't call them Aho and Baka for nothing), errors. Of course, any ideas regarding them are welcome! :D

"Oi, Bakagami, move a bit."

"Shut up, Ahomine. You move."

"Don't wanna. You move," he elbowed Kagami.

"Fuck's sake, this is my bed!" Kagami kicked Aomine, but Aomine didn't budge at all.

"No, I'm living here too. So, practically this is my bed," he glared at the redhead.

"Hell no! This is my apartment, my room, my bed! You invited yourself to live here!" Kagami harshly pushed his lover away, making him stumble down the bed. "So, fuck off!"

Aomine rubbed his sore head. "…you fucker… that hurts" Aomine suddenly jumped, grabbed Kagami's arms and pinned them to Kagami's sides, startling the redhead. "You are the one who agreed," he hissed.

Kagami gritted his teeth. "How could I say no when you were kissing me and feeding me with your sweet words?! Not to mention, you were looking straight into my eyes, making me weak and shit!" the earnest confession exploded out of Kagami's mouth without he realized it, rendering Aomine speechless.

"What are you…" Kagami wriggled an eyebrow in confusion seeing his lover speechless. Then, realization hit him. "Holysh…" blush rushed to Kagami's face like a tsunami as Aomine buried his head in Kagami's shoulder blade, ears reddening.

"…damn, Bakagami… stop saying cute things, will you? Making me wanna jump you right now."

"WHAT?! DON'T YOU EVER THINK TO DO IT!" Kagami shouted. "Pervert…" he muttered under his breath while turning away. Blush hadn't left his face.

Then, Aomine looked at his lover, lacing their fingers together as he put on his infamous smirk. "So, I'm taking it as a compliment. I guess I'm your kryptonite after all," he purred sexily.

"Fucker! I never said that!" he barked out, blushing furiously.

"Babe, you suck at lying, you know that?" Aomine licked his upper lip. "Anyway, itadakimasu~" and he attacked Kagami's neck.

"Stop it, Ahomine! I hate you!" Kagami punched Aomine's back. "Damn you! Stop… egh! …it… I… haaa… hate you…" his punches gradually went weaker and weaker to a halt. "I…really…hate…you," he panted heavily, secretly relishing the warmth Aomine provided.

"Love you too, babe," Aomine playfully bit Kagami's nose.


-The next day-

"Morning, Kagami. Eh? Isn't it too early for winter?" Furihata asked as he noticed the scarf wrapping around Kagami's neck.

Only grunt was his reply. Kagami just brushed past him and headed to his seat.

"Er… did I ask a wrong question?" Furihata glanced at Kuroko, who was sitting at his own seat.

"No, you didn't. In fact, you pushed the right button, Furihata-kun," the light blue haired boy replied nonchalantly.

"Harr?" Furihata was confused, but his attention was riveted when Kagami suddenly thumped the table.

"Damn that fucker… I'm going to kill him!" he suddenly shouted angrily, making Furihata and his classmates more confuse.

Meanwhile, at Touou Academy…

"HAAACHIUUU!" Aomine gave a violent sneeze, surprising Momoi, who was walking beside him. He rubbed his nose. "Wondering who's talking about my awesomeness…"

"I think someone is cursing you," Momoi said. "Anyway, you seem glowing today, Dai-chan. What happened? Or did you eat something weird?" skeptical tweaked in her tone.

"Eat something weird? Naaah… In fact, it was a very good meal!" he snickered and left, leaving his childhood friend dumbfounded.

Updated: 28/7/2013