Title: Idiots.

Disclaimer: Not mine.

Pairing: AoKaga.

Note: Write, then exam, then write again. Never do that again. Not good for my result.

The sun was obscured by the grayish clouds rolled in forecasted snow. Few snowflakes were caught in his deep blue locks as Aomine crouched down to the snowy ground, patting his snow-rabbit he'd been working on for hours.

Aomine allowed himself to smile smugly at his first masterpiece.

"Nice rabbit you've got there," Kagami's voice came whispering from the back of his shoulder, catching Aomine's off guard. Aomine lifted his head up to level his gaze with his lover's, staring into the crimson eyes vacuously.

That line... Kagami's words... They triggered something in the back of Aomine's mind.

"Nice rabbit you've got there," came a tiny voice from behind him. The 6-years-old Aomine Daiki whipped around to the voice, only to find a crimson-black layered haired kid, whom Aomine believed same age with him, looking at his handmade snow-rabbit.

"Never seen you before," said Aomine suspiciously.

The redhead kid shifted his gaze from the rabbit to him. "Not from around here. I'm here to visit my uncle before going to US."

"US?" Aomine tilted his head in confusion. He'd never heard that word before. "What's that? Can we play with it?"

"Dunno," the kid shrugged. "Dad said we're going to live there."

"We can't play with it, then," Aomine concluded. He jumped to his feet and dusted the snow off his knees. "Say, wanna play with me?"

The redhead kid blinked at him. "Play with you?"

"Yeah, play with me," he repeated. Then, he formed a pout. "Satsuki said she wanted to play with me, but she's not here yet. I'm so bored waiting for her," his pout vanished and a sincere smile came replacing. "So, we can play together until she's here."

The redhead kid hummed thoughtfully with split brows scrunching up, mulling over his suggestion. Aomine noticed the darkened expression flashing across the redhead's face, so he cut in before the kid could say any further. "C'mon, just around here," he pleaded with hopeful grimace.

The redhead kid thinned his lips. "...okay, then."

His short hesitated reply prompted a smile to Aomine's face. Aomine immediately caught the kid by his small wrist and dragged him to the nearest playground. He pointed at the monkey bars and started to climb, playfully hanging from one bar to another with an inviting smile on his face.

The redhead looked at him, then back at the bars, then at him again.

"Come, it's fun~"

Carefully, the redhead kid reached out and grappled the bar. Aomine gestured him to come over. Even though hesitance clearly drifted across his slightly tanned face, the redhead gave it a try, swinging to another bar. He seemed to be thrilled at his first swing, so the redhead motioned faster and closer to Aomine.

"It's...fun!" he said between his ragged breathing with a goofy smile. Aomine laughed.

To their dismay, the redhead's hand slipped. Aomine reflexively swung to save him, instead he got pulled down at his shirt. Together, they toppled over on the snowy ground, with Aomine on his back and the redhead on top of him. They both groaned in pain.

Aomine cracked open his eyes once the pain had eased up. That's when he clashed with the pair of crimson eyes. He hadn't noticed the beauty of the rare color possessed at first, now they were this close, he could see it vividly.

They were so beautiful, he thought.

Without his own awareness, he was enchanted by the crimson eyes.

The spell was gone when the redhead shifted up. "That hurt," said the redhead kid.

Aomine shrugged the weird feelings bubbling up inside him off and turned away. He pouted. "Your fault. You pulled me down!"


"No! Your fault!"

The redhead sprung up. Aomine sat up and shot the redhead a childish menacing look. The redhead swallowed his saliva thickly.

"Run," was Aomine's reply.

With that, their chasing game begun. The redhead ran around the playground, ducking, sliding, dodging, and even jumping over the bench while Aomine followed closely behind him. Aomine picked up his pace, and with the help of his hidden talent which he wasn't aware of, he knocked the redhead down by catching him by his waist from behind.

Again, they doubled over, but this time, filled with sincere laughter. Vibration of laughter from the redhead spread across to his own body, giving Aomine a surge of pleasant feelings washing over his small frame.

Aomine rolled off of the redhead, so he could see the redhead's face by lying side by side. Somewhat he liked the flush on the redhead kid elicited when he laughed.

The redhead turned to him. "You're fast."

"You're slow," although there was no bite in his words.

The redhead grinned. He got up. "I wanna try the swings next!"

Aomine quickly shadowed the redhead's steps. The redhead settled down on the swing and swung up happily. Aomine had another idea. He carefully stood up on the swing, so he could swing it up further away. His trick worked, to his delight.

The redhead, then, copied his trick, making it even better, in fact. Aomine felt challenged, so he pushed harder. They both were competing with each other; who could swing higher and faster. Thrill coursed through Aomine's small frame when he felt his body much lighter swinging in the air, and before he knew it, he'd already spilled out delighted chuckles with head thrown back and the redhead soon joined him laughing. The atmosphere was echoed with their gaily chortles and creaking of the swings.

Aomine wanted to try something fun. He jumped off of the swing, savoring the feelings of cold wind slice his skin. But, his excitement was cut off once he spotted a shadow looming over him. He looked up. That's when he saw the redhead soar through the sky freely, like he owned the sky. In that briefest moment, Aomine thought he saw a pair of huge white wings.

They both landed on their feet safely. A flock of pigeons flew away, and Aomine looked up at the redhead in front of him. The redhead turned to him, a genuine sincere smile stretching his lips while white feathers rained down on him.

One thought came across Aomine's mind.


A feminine voice shouted up. The redhead whirled to the sound, then talked to the woman standing not far from the playground. He nodded at the woman before facing him again, but with a grim face.

"What's up?" Aomine asked.

The redhead dropped his head low. "Gotta go..."

"Eh?!" he shrieked. "Already?! But, I wanna play with you more! You're fun!"

"Must go...sorry..."

His heart was crushed. Not fair, he thought. When he thought he finally found a great friend to play with, it was snatched away right in front of him. Not fair at all. Aomine tried his best to not look so dejected, but his face and voice betrayed him. With a wavering voice, Aomine asked; "Play with me again?"

The redhead's face lit up, and he gave a quick, earnest nod.

"Promise?" Aomine offered him his pinky finger.

The redhead happily linked their pinky fingers together. "Promise!"

However, that was the last time Aomine had seen him.

"...Mine... Aomine...!"

Kagami's voice snapped him back to reality. Aomine blinked up at the crimson eyes in front of him. He remained dumbfounded even when Kagami placed his hand over his forehead to check his body temperature.

"You okay?" Kagami held him by his shoulders. "You looked so pale."

"Uh..." it took Aomine awhile to get his brain and mouth functioned again. "...yeah... recalling something... I guess?"

"Recall what? Forgot to buy Mai-chan's photo book again? Or your homework?"

"Mai-chan's photo book? Never," Aomine inched closer to his lover. "Homework? Dunno what the hell is that, and don't want to know about it either," he wrapped his hands around Kagami's waist to seek his warmth.

"You're hopeless," nonetheless, Kagami returned his embrace.

Aomine rested his chin on the crook of Kagami's shoulder blade. He hummed for a moment. "Hey, ever heard of falling in love at the first sight?"

"Ah, that crappy thing? Heard of it like millions times. I don't give a shit about it."

"Really...?" Aomine's voice trailed off as Aomine let the bittersweet feelings seep through him.

His lover's tone raised a question in Kagami's mind. Odd, he thought. Aomine whom he knows never takes that kind of tone with him; he's so annoyingly arrogant that he'd never ever drop his tone even with Kagami.

"Hey, what's wrong with you?" Kagami asked worriedly.

"Nothing," Aomine breathed out into Kagami's shoulder. "Guess it happened to me."

"What? You? Fell in love at the first sight? Ridiculous! When? With whom?"

Aomine peeled himself off of Kagami. He smirked. "Even if I told you, you wouldn't understand it, Bakagami."


Updated: 19/11/2013