Having been fifteen minutes early, they were the first to arrive. And the first to meet Miss Lwaxana Troi. "Oh! You've all arrive early!" Dressed in a bright baby blue 1940's women's dress, Lwaxana Troi's outfit spoke for itself, including her hair...which matched the dress. All of the senior crew who were assigned to their present reality took a step backwards as Jane just grinned. "Jane! It's lovely to finally meet you, dear. I'm sorry Deanna couldn't be here but she's at Starfleet Academy."

Jane held a hand out to greet Lwaxana properly but the Betazoid simply pulled her into a hug. "Miss Troi," the blonde managed to get out. "It's a pleasure to meet you again as well."

Jim took a cautious step forwards. "You've met her before?"

"Yup," Jane said, pulling herself out of the bear hug. "The Lwaxana Troi in my reality threw us a party too. That's why I figured the Lwaxana here would be throwing the party once I heard it was on Betazed."

Lwaxana's next hug victim was apparently Jim. "James T. Kirk. I have heard absolutely nothing but good things about you." Jane winced as her male self awkwardly patted Lwaxana on the back. "I am not a crazy woman, Captain, and frankly, I am the tiniest bit offended that you would think that!" She then turned to Spock. "Don't worry, Spock dear, he's all yours. I'm just borrowing him for introductions."

Everyone turned to Jane, who just shrugged. "Telepath, remember?"

"If I may inquire, Miss Troi -"

"-How did I know that Janie was on the Enterprise? Well, see, I had the strangest dream recently - just after I thought about throwing this party - and it was myself! She told me that Jane was here and I should invite you all to the party. Love the costumes by the way. Where did you get the ideas for the dresses, Jane?" Lwaxana ignored the bewildered crewmembers in favor of going for fashion tips. Suddenly, she spun around to face Bones. "Doctor McCoy! I'm surprised at you! That was a very rude thing to call me!"

A stunned silence fell over them. "Lwaxana," Jane said gently. "They haven't quite gotten used to you yet." The Betazoid closed her mouth, shrugging after a moment. "By the way, why did your invitation include Miss Spock?"

Lwaxana nearly jumped when she remembered. "I just had the feeling that she was there too. Why, is she not?" She looked amongst the attendees. "Hm, apparently I just missed her. Oh well, hopefully my other self got the invitation out." Suddenly, another group of attendees arrived, sparing the crew of the Enterprise any more of Lwaxana's mostly one-sided conversations.

They turned to Jane again. "Sorry," she offered after a moment. "I kinda forgot to warn you guys that it would be her." Subconsciously, she began checking her outfit.

Bones was the first one to move. "I need a drink," he muttered.

Scotty nodded. "I agree, laddie. With a woman like her, we'll all be needin' a few drinks tonight." The two of them moved to the bar, which was already open. Pavel and Hikaru went off to a corner to go discuss computer stuff (probably), leaving Jane and Uhura with Jim and Spock.

"This is gonna be a really long party isn't it?" Jane and Uhura nodded.

"But at least there's alcohol!"

Unfortunately, Jane was only too right about the alcohol.

Two hours later, when the party was in full swing, she'd already consumed enough alcohol to get her extremely drunk. Bones and Scotty started a drinking contest with Pavel, leaving Hikaru and Uhura to supervise. Jim had to be friendly for the Federation's sake. Spock had taken a permanent residency at one of the walls. It was here that he saw a familiar face. "Commander," Miss Spock greeted, taking a place beside him. "I was unaware that you would be present."

"Miss Troi had insisted in her invitation that certain members of the crew be present at this party, including yourself and Captain Jane Tabitha Kirk." Spock took in his female self's outfit. "I must express a certain dislike for your current choice of outfit."

Confused, Miss Spock put a hand to her necklace, covering the jewel, before checking her earrings, and then her coat. "I understand your dislike, however the fur is synthetic," she explained, light reflecting off the pearls by her ears as she adjusted the fur-lined coat.

Spock nodded. "Is it not excessive given the current temperature?"

"It is at the moment," Miss Spock agreed. "However, I had not anticipated on Miss Troi inviting so many people and laying out a rather large dance floor. This party appears to be more of an alcoholic indulgement gathering." She turned her attention to something mentioned earlier. "Captain Jane Tabitha Kirk?"

Her male self nodded. "She was transported on board in the same manner twenty-two point three one hours after your departure." Spock nodded his head over to where Jane currently was. "Miss Kirk and the Captain appear to be enjoying themselves."

"Miss Kirk, possibly. However, your captain does not have a fondness for diplomatic meetings. I suggest you accompany him for some refreshments before someone else does." Spock nodded before raising an eyebrow, silently inquiring where Miss Spock would be. "I believe it would be in poor manners if I did not introduce myself to Miss Kirk."

Jane was enjoying Lwaxana's party way too much. The feathers on her dress were getting ruffled as she danced fairly close to the middle of the dance floor, making it difficult for Miss Spock to get to her. Spock tapped Jane on the shoulder, aware that it would be illogical to attempt to gain her attention by referring to her by name, and felt a rush of warmth, enjoyment, other pleasant feelings, and loneliness. The blonde turned, a confused look on her face. "Who're you?" She probably would've been slightly alarmed by her lack of manners but she was drunk.

"My name is Spock," the Vulcan said, catching Jane's attention. "We have not had the opportunity of meeting at an earlier point."

The blonde's jaw dropped. "Uh, hi. I'm Jane." She looked around, suddenly aware that they were surrounded by people. "Would you like to find a table?" Spock nodded, extremely uncomfortable surrounded by so many people, suddenly thankful for her coat. The two of them weaved their way through the crowd to an empty table. "I thought you'd gone back to your reality," Jane began, not really finding another conversation starter.

Spock nodded. "I had. However, I received Miss Troi's invitation and decided upon coming."

"So, what's the time difference?"

"A twenty-four hours in this reality is only a single hour in my reality." She figured out what Jane was thinking. "I do not believe this is the same between this reality and all other realities."

Jane shrugged. "It's okay. I'm supposed to be on Risa anyway. This is kind of the only actual vacation part I've had since I got here."

Spock nodded, understanding Jane's desire for relaxation. "Is that the motivation behind your excessive consumption of alcohol?" The blonde chuckled bitterly. "Or is it a reason I am more likely to understand?" When Jane didn't respond, Spock nodded again. "My captain, the Jim in my reality - I have discovered that he experiences loneliness when I am not present, or rather when he has no one to pass time with. I am under the assumption that you are suffering from the same emotion."

The blonde half-smiled. "Yeah." She looked at Spock again. "Don't you find it weird meeting me? I mean, it is for me because you're the girl version of my boyfriend." Jane shook her head, suddenly wishing she had a beer. "Sorry. That was a strange thought."

"I do."


Spock looked around the room nonchalantly. "I do find it strange to meet a female version of my close friend and person I am currently in a romantic relationship with, as well as people who I know well only to find that they are not the exact same."

Jane smiled at Spock. "D'you think Lwaxana had something to do with this?"

"Miss Troi was the one who arranged this festive gathering."

"No, I mean, do you think the Lwaxana from my reality, the one from your reality, and the one from here all worked together to get all of us here?"

The Vulcan considered this for a moment. "If they had, would it not also be productive to bring the Spock from your reality and the Jim from my reality?"

Jane nodded, standing. "I think I should go rescue everyone from their boredom." She held her hand up in the Vulcan greeting. "It was a pleasure to meet you, Spock."

Spock returned the gesture, nodding. "Live long and prosper, Jane."

A/N: Ta-da! Lwaxana Troi's party for the crew of the Enterprise! Okay, so, not as fun as I'd planned, then again, I didn't make Jane make out with Spock while drunk either like I'd originally planned BUT I like it, nonetheless. Love it? Hate it? Wanna come after me with pitchforks for it? Reviews and suggestions for the rest of Jane's stay aboard the Enterprise are welcome! Remember, she still has a few more days to go before going home.

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