Authors notes Aka me rambling about the fic and spoiling a few things: If your looking for a bit of citation on why I wrote this look no further I suppose, basically I remember seeing a headcanon that Murdoc suffers from frequent nightmares and he goes to 2D for consolation (or in this case 2D comes to him) but it was worded pretty badly and I started writing this because I thought I could do better and It was only supposed to be about a page long, but in case you haven't noticed this thing is long as hecke. Short story short I kept going because I was bored and added a sex scene at the end because I wanted to challenge myself by going out of the usual theme of dominance for this particular pairing and making it seem feasible to boot, although in any continuation this fic the balance of topping and bottoming would stay pretty equal.


It is a little known fact that Murdoc frequently deals with night terrors, his own subconscious twisting his reality into a horrid and terrifying mess while he sleeps.

He earned those bags under his eyes you know, sometimes spending whole nights awake in fear of going to sleep again, he would never admit to it though, nothing scares Murdoc Niccals, nothing.

These nightmares where highly unpredictable, sometimes he would go without dreaming for weeks on end before suddenly every time he let himself nod off he was sure to wake up in a cold sweat, heart pounding.

Despite Murdoc's best efforts to hide his troubles, the people around him couldn't help but notice that sometimes he would seem much more on edge then he usually was, the bags under his eyes even bigger then they where before, if that was even possible.

He was also bound to be much more volatile during these periods, snapping at people if they said one wrong thing, just asking how he slept could get you a punch in the face.

It wasn't hard for the rest of the band to notice Murdoc's odd behavior too, and the occasional shouts that came from Murdoc's Winnebago late in the night all but confirmed their suspicions that he was having trouble sleeping due to nightmares, either that or he was practicing some kind of strange devil worshiping ritual that caused him to scream. They would never confront him about it though, that was just asking for trouble.


At least the sensible ones wouldn't.

Murdoc bolted upright from his bed with a shout, gasping for air that he wasn't quite sure he needed.

Breathing heavily he threw the covers off himself and swung his feet over the edge of the bed, trying to calm himself, hands shaking.

Their back. Something muttered mockingly at the back of Murdoc's head, he quickly silenced the voice like you silence a particularly annoying alarm clock, hissing out the words "shut up" like it would fix it.

Heart pounding Murdoc ran a hand through his messy hair, trying to calm himself but to no avail.

It had been months since he had suffered from his unfortunate night terrors, and now suddenly they seemed to be back and worse then ever.

He sat like that for what must have been minutes, simply starring at the floor below him in a cold sweat, and a minute or two later he realized he was trembling, his hands shaking uncontrollably.

Murdoc let out a defiant growl, wrapping his arms around himself, trying to stop himself from shaking with fear.

He needed a bloody drink, sometimes if he got so wasted he wouldn't have these fucking nightmares for a night or so. However he didn't feel so inclined to move right now and instead just stayed still, screwing his eyes shut.

"Dammit, I'm Murdoc fucking Niccals leader of the greatest band in existence and I do NOT get scared by a few night terrors." Murdoc growled out in exasperation pulling his knees up to his chest leaving him a sort of fetal position.

"Murdoc?" It would be a lie to say Murdoc didn't start when he heard that voice, his head immediately snapping upwards and looking over to the slightly ajar door of his Winnebago, that none other then 2D was peaking through.

Murdoc's fear was momentarily replaced with annoyance at 2D's appearance, dammit he always came at the most inopportune times.

"What the hell are you doing here, faceache." Murdoc growled releasing his legs from the death grip they where in, covering up his previous uneasiness.

Murdoc's annoyance seems to go right over 2D's head and he cocks his head quizzically at the bassist.

"I heard some noises." 2D replied simply, shrugging ever so slightly.

Murdoc scowls at him.

"Oh yeah, what kind of noises?" Murdoc grunted, his voice oozing with sarcasm. 2D takes a second to think about the question, before finally coming up with a answer.

"Whimpering, and then a shout." 2D says, much to Murdoc's dismay, whimpering? If there was one thing Murdoc didn't do it was whimper, even in his sleep. And even if he had whimpered 2D couldn't have heard anything from his room anyway, unless he was standing outside his door the whole time, fucking creep would do that.

Still, Murdoc is good at hiding his emotions and hides any dismay or fear with anger, glaring up at 2D.

"Well it wasn't me, now get out of here before I kick you out." Murdoc hisses at his uninvited guest.

2D however decides to do the exact opposite and inch a little closer through the door.

Murdoc glares at him and gets up from the bed stalking over to 2D.

"I said OUT, faceache." Murdoc snaps, keeping his voice low in hopes of not waking anyone else, the last thing he needed right now was more "visitors"

2D doesn't even flinch as Murdoc stalks up to him, and instead just keeps looking at him curiously, that might be curiosity, Murdoc can't really tell, its hard to read someones expression when they have no visible pupils, whoopsie.

"Where you having nightmares again?" 2D asks softly craning his neck ever so slightly making Murdoc stop dead in his tracks, looking at 2D with wide and shocked eyes.

Murdoc's shock is quickly replaced with white hot anger, how dare he fucking ask that, he had no sodding right.

"Out." Murdoc fumed, resisting the urge to stand on his toes just so he can gain some height on the abnormally tall bastard. 2D just continued to look at him curiously though, showing little to no signs of fear.

Maybe he finally swallowed one too many of those pills that's hes always carrying around and lost it, Murdoc thinks.

"Are you?" 2D asks again, still appearing completely calm, his hands behind his back.

Murdoc lets out a extremely annoyed huff of air, fighting with every fiber in his being to not punch 2D's face in, hes not sure why though, bastard fucking deserves it.

"Why the fuck do you care." Murdoc growls clenching his fists so hard that his knuckles where whitening, It wasn't so much that 2D was here, it was the fact that he was so calm in the face of danger, in the face of him.

2D lets our a apprehensive sigh, bowing his head slightly.

"You keep waking me up." 2D says, and he sounds like he's telling the truth but they both know otherwise, 2D's room is almost on the complete opposite side of the car-park and through a concrete wall or two, if he was being woken up he would have to be the lightest sleeper in existence.

At this point Murdoc has reluctantly figured out that it would be completely pointless to further deny he was having nightmares, 2D obviously knew and everyone else in the flat probably knew too if that dullard could figure it out.

"Well tough luck, now go back to sleep." Murdoc hisses pinching the bridge of his malformed nose, a old habit that he carried when he was under any sort of pressure.

2D however does not move and perhaps leans in ever so slightly.

"If you're scared..." 2D whispers as if hes offering something to Murdoc.

"I don't get scared by a few small night terrors." Murdoc snaps a bit too quickly, he could at least deny that he was scared, despite the fact that 2D had probably seen him trembling like a lost puppy on his bed before he even noticed the that the sod was watching.

Murdoc's about to say something along the lines of "Screw off." when he realizes just how much he doesn't want to go back to sitting alone on his bed probably sleepless for the rest of the night, and perhaps 2D's company had been somehow distracting to him, sure as hell was keeping his thoughts away from fear, and he didn't like to drink alone...

Murdoc opens his mouth, as if hes about to say something before shutting it again with a sound that's somewhere between a snap a pop, and looks down letting and out a apprehensive sigh.

"Fine." Murdoc finally says, shifting uncomfortably from one foot to the other. "Come on we're going to go get shitfaced." Before 2D can reply Murdoc grabs his arm and begins to drag him through the garage, he may not be too bright and was surprisingly intrusive but he was better then nothing.

2D takes Murdoc's sudden change of heart with stride and walks after him quickly, both of them where still only wearing their sleeping cloths, Murdoc in a pair of jeans and shirtless, 2D in briefs and slightly oversized shirt.

"Where are we going?" 2D asks, weaving around the large somewhat creepy halls of Kong with the satanist.

"Kitchen, booze in the fridge." Murdoc grumbles, at this point he's let go of 2D's arm and had shoved his hands in his jeans pockets. 2D just nods and continues to take such long strides compared the bassists, he really only asked because Murdoc was known for having hidden catches of alcohol wherever he lived, Kong was littered with them, they could have been going anywhere.

It doesn't take long for the two of them to get to the filthy kitchen, the single flickering overhead light already on when they arrived. Murdoc wastes no time in going over to the fridge and pulling it open with more force then is really necessary, grabbing a couple bottles of this cheap ass beer that he always has in stock.

Meanwhile 2D waits a few feet away, leaning against a door frame.

Murdoc slams the refrigerator door shut and stands up booze in hand, and he's about to start making his way over the table in the center of the room when the light above it flicker's weakly making both 2D Murdoc turn their immediate attention to it.

The light flutters for a few seconds more and then goes out entirely leaving the room in pitch black darkness.

2D hears a sharp intake of breath from Murdoc, who is currently screwing his eyes shut and cursing the light bulb for going out and himself for even being afraid at all, blasted nightmares made him more on edge then a rabbit.

Murdoc just stands frozen to the spot like that for a few seconds, and when he hears not a sound from 2D he becomes even more nervous.

"You still there, faceache?" Murdoc asks, his voice trembling ever so slightly. There's the sound footsteps coming towards him and Murdoc opens his eyes starring at the area where he thinks the noise is coming from.

"Course." The voice is so unexpectedly close to Murdoc that it nearly makes him drop the two bottles hes carrying, stumbling backwards from it, startled.

"Sweet Satan, don't sneak up on me like that." Murdoc hisses searching around the darkness frantically for 2D who he only manages to pinpoint when his eyes have adjusted to the light level.

2D is in fact standing about a foot away from Murdoc craning his head down to look at him, if the bassist had to describe it he would call it owl-like.

Murdoc grits his teeth and tries to steady himself, he wasn't even afraid of the dark, but those dreams could make him jump at the drop of a hat.

"I guess we're not drinking in here." Murdoc grumbles, he had planned to just set down in the kitchen and drown every worry he had with the cheap booze, but he didn't really want to do so in the dark, and he was pretty sure they didn't have any spare light bulbs around.

2D shrugs looking down at Murdoc with those dark caverns he calls eyes.

"We could go to my room." 2D suggests, he's slightly apprehensive of letting the bassist into where he lives and sleeps, but a mixture of pity and idolization are pretty swaying emotions.

At first Murdoc wants to outright decline, but he can't really think of anywhere else better, Kong was a big place, and there where plenty of couches they could just settle down on and start drinking, but they where all out somewhere very open, like a hallway or half a room.

Murdoc never liked large open spaces, he liked to be somewhere nice and secluded, and while he would usually retreat back to into the Winnebago he didn't like the idea of the faceache in HIS Whinnie, and the only place they would be able to sit on would be his messy possibly sweaty bed, a reminder of why he was even up in the first place.

Murdoc lets out a grumble as if he wants to protest before reluctantly nodding at 2D, and he swears he sees the bastard smile at his response.

"Fine, lead the way." Murdoc says shifting his weight from one foot to the other.

2D starts walking immediately, leaving Murdoc to scramble after him, despising how he instinctively clung to the singer in his fearful state, all just because he didn't want to be left alone.

The two of them continue down the halls of Kong until they get to the door to 2D's room, Murdoc following the singer like a weary shadow.

2D opens the doors to his own room, showing himself and Murdoc inside somewhat hastily the door creaking closed behind them.

Murdoc's technically only ever been in 2D's room a few times, and not recently either.

Him and 2D where never really great friends, between Murdoc's aggressiveness and 2D's ability to be extremely annoying and or sickening to the bassist whether he intended to or not made it so they barely ever talked on friendly terms.

The room was like you'd expect to look like, everything in complete disarray and covered in layers of crud, Murdoc can't really complain though his living space is usually even worse.

There's a single bed off to one side of the room with a bedside table next to it that's got the only source of light in the room on it, a old, but stable looking lamp, and since Murdoc can't see anywhere else to sit in the dimly lit room he makes a b-line for the bed.

2D follows closely behind sitting himself down on one end of his messy bed while Murdoc takes the other side, shoving one of the bottles of booze he has in his hands to 2D the second he gets the chance. 2D fumbles with the bottles for a second before steadying it in his hands, holding it by the neck.

"Now drink, faceache." Murdoc says, he has a policy of not drinking alone and forces liqueur on others just so their not sober while hes drunk, although sometimes he makes exceptions when he really doesn't feel like being around people.

2D nods at Murdoc and uncaps his bottle and by the time he's managed to get the top off Murdoc's already downing as much of the liqueur he can get, trying to wash away any fear he had with the stuffs intoxicating effects.

While hes drinking Murdoc can't help but take in 2D's living space, it wasn't that bad really in his opinion, other then it being terribly messy, but it had this sort of comfortable look to it, and just the atmosphere of the room was beginning to calm him down.

2D nurses his bottle much slower pace, taking small sips while Murdoc's already halfway done with his, the satanist in question already starting to feel a whole lot less jittery and a whole lot more blurry, is blurry even a emotion?

A couple of minutes later Murdoc takes the barely filled bottle from his mouth with a content sigh, setting it on the ground next to him and leaning back onto the wall behind him.

"Feeling better?" 2D asks, his voice low as he clutches the neck of his bottle with both hands. Murdoc cracks open one eye, glaring weakly at the singer who is looking at him so innocently before replying.

"I'm fine, I was never not fine." Murdoc grunted, if he wasn't so good at holding his liqueur he probably would be slurring his words right about now, they where pretty big bottles.

2D looks instinctively down again, and they sit like that in silence for awhile, 2D still drinking slowly while Murdoc looks like he's going to fall asleep again, his eyes closed as he lays against the wall that the bed is pressed up again.

They probably would have sat in silence like that for much longer too if 2D hadn't decided to open his mouth again.

"What are your nightmares about?" 2D asks out of the blue looking inquisitively at Murdoc.

Murdoc scrunches up his nose in annoyance before opening his eyes and glaring at the singer, maybe if he had been less tired he would have snapped at 2D and left for asking about his unfortunate night terrors, it was a touchy subject to says the least.

"Why the hell do you want to know?" Murdoc asks, meeting 2D's gaze.

2D shrugs, looking down again.

"Curious." He replies simply. Murdoc scowls even deeper at him, debating whether to answer or not, no other conversation topics where presenting themselves and he didn't want to sit in semi awkward silence for the whole time he was here, Satan why was he even here.

"Running away from something usually." Murdoc finally replies, grimacing, its nothing special but it sure as hell scares him enough to leave him in a fearful mess, and he hates that it scares him so.

2D cocks his head inquisitively.

"From what?" 2D asks, his voice cracking ever so slightly. Murdoc lets out a grunt, closing his eyes again.

"Can't really remember." Murdoc replies, hes not even lying to throw the dullard off either, he just can't seem to remember what was chasing him because hes so afraid to look back. 2D nods, leaning against the wall too instead of hunching over uncomfortably.

"Do you..." 2D trails off for second. "Get them a lot?" Murdoc rolls his eyes.

Fuck when did my singer become my therapist. Murdoc thinks. Although as far as Murdoc can tell 2D's just curious.

"They come in bouts." Murdoc replies, this is usually the point where Murdoc tells 2D to fuck off for being so intrusive and retreats back to his Winnie, but perhaps the alcohol is reaching his system more then he realizes, and the bed he's sitting on, no, scratch that, laying on, he seems to have fallen over, is awfully comfy, and hes not exactly inclined to get up.

2D watches Murdoc curiously as he slowly falls down onto his side, mumbling a response to his question that 2D doesn't quite catch.

He doesn't really care that he didn't hear what Murdoc says though, because a second later Murdoc's head has fallen onto 2D's lap, sufficiently drawing his attention else where.

2D's eyes widen as he looks down at Murdoc, wondering if he realizes where exactly his head is, or if he just happens to think hes laying on a particularly bony pillow.

The truth is that Murdoc's vaguely aware that he's using 2D for a pillow, but he can't really bring himself to care right now, because right now hes not scared of going to sleep again and at the moment that's good enough to not to leave.

2D however isn't quite sure what to do, because his reasoning is that chances are Murdoc doesn't realize where his head is and if he becomes aware 2D is likely to walk away with more then a few bruises, himself no doubt being blamed knowing the satanist volatile attitude.

So 2D, ever so carefully tries to slip out from under Murdoc with out the bassist in question noticing, his plan doesn't quite work though because Murdoc immediately notices when his "pillow" starts to move out from under him and he makes a grab for it.

"Where do you think you're going, faceache?" Murdoc mumbles incoherently, grasping at 2D's waist and pulling him back under him again. 2D lets out a small yelp when he's grabbed, but makes no move to try and escape Murdoc's grasp, well at least that answered his question if he was aware of what he was doing, although that really just raised further questions.

"Murdoc?" 2D says nervously as Murdoc buries his face into 2D's shirt, both of them lying down now. Murdoc lets out a annoyed grunt, and strengthens his hold on 2D.

"Goodnight." Murdoc mumbles, he'll deal with the consequences of this in the morning, right now only a few things register to him, that hes not nearly so scared anymore, hes tired as hell, and 2D's chest makes a nice pillow.

"Uh, goodnight?" 2D says, sounding ever so slightly baffled, he wasn't sure how asking Murdoc about his nightmares would go, he wasn't even sure what compelled him to come knocking on Murdoc's door in the first place, maybe he was just bored, but needless to say he didn't expect this.

"I'm sleeping in here tonight." Murdoc replies matter o factually, as if his word is law, and to 2D it might as well be because he's in a difficult position right about now, and not really in the spot to complain if he doesn't want to provoke the satanist.

2D twiddles this thumbs nervously, trying to figure out what he should say.

"You're not gonna like, wake up sober and try and kill me are you?" 2D asks his not so visible gaze darting all around the room. Murdoc gives a roll of his eyes, momentarily looking up at 2D.

"I'm barely drunk, D. Just shut the hell up for once will you." Murdoc replies, resting his head on 2D's chest again, patting the singer absentmindedly with one hand.

2D gives a small, albeit reluctant nod and leans onto his back, trying to figure out what he should do with his hands.

The weight on his body is not entirely unpleasant really, the feel of Murdoc's chest heaving up and down as he breaths what you may call comforting to the singer. So why not let him stay here for the night? He's running out of reasons why not.

"Uh mm okay, well G,night then Murdoc." 2D stammers still a bit unsure as he reaches out and turns the lamp off, leaving the room in darkness.

Murdoc gives a grunt in response, shifting his position ever so slightly to make himself more comfortable.

2D lets out a small sigh and leans back onto his pillow, settling in for the night. He's not exactly tired though, the events of the night stirring away any tiredness he might have had before and leaving him wide awake.

To compensate, 2D simply listened to Murdoc's gravely breathing for awhile, in, out, in, out, maybe it'd hitch for a second before going back to normal, it was oddly mesmerizing.

After a few minutes of this 2D opened his eyes and looked down at Murdoc, his eyes adjusting well enough to the dark that he could get a good view of the bassist. Murdoc appeared to be asleep, his breathing regular and his muscles lax.

2D's not sure what compels him to do what hes about to do, but ever so slowly he lifts up his left hand and brings it to rest at the back of Murdoc's head, the greasy mess that Murdoc calls hair lacing through his finger's.

2D lets out a content sigh and leans back again, what Murdoc doesn't know won't kill him, and twiddling his idle fingers in Murdoc's hair is serving as both relaxing and entertaining to the singer.

"What the hell are you doing, D?" Murdoc says blearily, causing 2D to start, immediately looking back down at Murdoc who's opened his eyes and starring at him with a vaguely accusing but mostly unfocused glare, 2D doesn't remove his hand though, and Murdoc doesn't request that he does or try and remove it himself.

"You're one to talk." 2D says back, gaining the slightest bit of courage. Murdoc scowls at him, reminded of just how fucking out of line what he was doing was, but if it meant possible respite from nightmares he may as well be A-O.K. with it.

"I repeat: goodnight." Murdoc says after a second, resting his head on 2D's chest again. He doesn't request that 2D take away his hand though, so he doesn't, and continues to laces his fingers through Murdoc's hair, making soothing motions.

Soon enough Murdoc's asleep for real, 2D following soon after, finally nodding off after about half an hour of just toying with the back of Murdoc's hair.

This is a oddly peaceful experience for one that involves Murdoc, 2D thinks to himself right before he falls into a light sleep.

2D's not sure how long he's been asleep for, only that hes sure as hell awake now, and for a few reasons. First off, and most apparent, is the feeling of sharp claw like things digging into his lower back quite painfully.

The next thing 2D notices is the feeling of the rest of Murdoc constricting around him, holding him tighter then is comfortable for the singer, and he would mark it off as a sign of aggression on Murdoc's part, if it weren't for the fact that he was also currently whimpering, yes, whimpering, Murdoc Niccals is whimpering.

2D's first reaction is panic, thinking that some kind of vice like trap is wrapping around his middle, that is until he looks down and remembers just what the hell he let fall asleep on him.

Murdoc's eyes are screwed shut as he clutches onto 2D, quite obviously dreaming and still asleep, although its likely he'll deny he was ever in this state the second he wakes up.

2D, not wanting the claws Murdoc calls finger nails digging into his back a second longer quickly reaches down his with both hands and shakes Murdoc's shoulders, him and Murdoc may not be the best of friends, but he looks fucking terrified right now, and 2D instinctively wants to pull him out of whatever scaring him.

"Wake up, Murdoc!" 2D yelps, when Murdoc's grip only tightens on his waist after being shaken.

Finally Murdoc's eyes shoot open, and he looks like hes just seen a ghost to put it mildly, shaking all over as he grips 2D frantically, the singers sure that there's going to be marks left.

2D's about to speak again when Murdoc suddenly bolts upward into a sitting position pulling 2D with him, his arms still firmly wrapped around 2D's waist but less forcefully so. 2D squeaks when he pulled up, Murdoc pretty much sitting in his lap and digging his face into his neck.

Murdoc's shaking, and that's pretty apparent to 2D, he'd probably never admit to it though, the last thing Murdoc would want is someone hearing about just whats going on now.

"Fuck..." Murdoc whimpers after a second or two, his breath hot against 2D's neck.

2D just stays still for second, not sure how he should react, although if he didn't know better he might say Murdoc is panicking, and that means that he should at least do something.

Slowly 2D lifts up his own arms and wraps them around the bassist, and when he doesn't protest 2D relaxes substantially, and starts rubbing circles instinctively on his back.

Murdoc does seem to calm down slightly thanks to 2D's efforts, but still holds onto the singer with enough force to ensure that hes not going anywhere, shaking ever so slightly.

2D's not sure what compels him to do what hes about to do , or what would even make him remotely want to do this, but he cranes his head down and ever so softly plants a kiss on Murdoc's cheek, his eyes closed.

You could say this 'distracts' Murdoc substantially from his terror filled thoughts and at first hes confused, terribly confused, until he processes just exactly what happened, and hes even more confused, but not entirely displeased.

Murdoc's had these nightmares for as long as he can remember, and he's learned that there's really only a few things that can distract him from the aftershock effectively, chief and most effective of which being a good lay.

Now Murdoc's not sure whats going through his head, maybe hes still slightly inebriated, and a little low on sleep, but he's not completely blind to the options he has here, and damn if he couldn't use a lay, and while a kiss on the cheek isn't really all that suggestive Murdoc's willing to try his luck with the singer.

Stupid fucking dent face is making me do this, Murdoc thinks right before he returns 2D's favor, by grabbing the dullards chin and jerking it towards his own mouth, causing their lips to collide in a bit of a painful fashion, teeth clacking.

2D yelps when hes pulled down, silenced as soon as his lips meet Murdoc's, and for a second he's pretty sure his mind has blue screened because there's that little activity going on in there, and the only thing that's really registering is that Murdoc fucking Niccals is currently trying to invade his mouth, and he's letting him. Not only is he letting him too, he's kissing back, running his own tongue across the seem of Murdoc's lips.

A million questions are running through 2D's mind at the moment, but Murdoc's tongue is awfully distracting, Christ its so long, reaching every crevice of his mouth while his own feeble in comparison grapples with it for dominance.

And 2D's not sure what's going through Murdoc's mind at the moment, but he's beginning to think he might agree with it, because before he knows it the bassist in question is laying below him as 2D supports himself with his elbows and knees, still kissing ferociously. They eventually pull apart for air, both of them left gasping as he finally pulls away from the singer.

"What are you.." 2D says, still a might bit confused but he's pretty sure he couldn't get up if he wanted to.

Murdoc just grins, oh this is fantastic distraction, he can't even remember what he was scared of anymore.

"Shut up, faceache." Murdoc replies gruffly before pulling 2D down again, their lips clashing much more gracefully this time.

2D does in fact shut up, and instead just decides screw it and goes along, hes never expressed a conscious attraction towards the bassist before, but it sure as hell is conscious now and the last thing he wants to do is stop, one of Murdoc's hands still wrapped lazily around his neck the other down right groping his arse, 2D's hands meanwhile on either side of the bassist's chest, and would probably be pushing up his shirt if he was wearing one.

After a few minutes of just clashing tongues Murdoc begins to get a bit impatient and decides to buck his hips upward, his clothed erection bumping up against 2D's thigh.

2D lets out a small squeak when this happens, momentarily startled, but getting the message that Murdoc wants to speed up right now, and slides his hands down Murdoc's stomach reaching for his belt buckle.

Meanwhile Murdoc decides to get rid of as much pesky cloths on 2D as possible, reaching down and pulling down his boxers as far as he can, 2D kicking them off the rest of the way.

By this time 2D has managed to unbuckle Murdoc's belt and is currently sliding his jeans down his legs, oh look, he's not wearing any underwear, what a surprise. 2D's shirt doesn't last long thanks to Murdoc and as soon as 2D's hands are done pulling his jeans off he makes sure that the its is long gone.

So here Murdoc was, naked, in a bed, and on the verge of fucking his singer, eh, he's been in worse situations, and far less arousing ones too.

They've returned to their previous positions now, making out vigorously in a fight for dominance.

2D's hands are on Murdoc's hips now, his fingers teasing to move to his crotch but never quite making it there. Murdoc notes with a bit of muted curiosity how forward 2D is being, he kind of figured he'd be the one leading this whole thing considering how squirrelly the singer usually was and Murdoc just assumed he was a complete push over in bed too, but hey, he was happy to sit here and be pleasured, because 2D's fingers are finally making their way to his crotch and his hand is wrapping around the base of his firm cock stroking lightly.

Murdoc gasps against 2D's lips when the singers rough finger tip brushes over the head of his member, the grip he has on 2D's back tightening slightly, certainly being treated well indeed.

"You jerk off guys often?" Murdoc quips, grinning a bit as 2D strokes him, might as well poke some fun while he's here.

"Do you get jerked off by guys often?" 2D replies, a tinge of smugness in his voice as he hides his expression from the bassist by resting his head on his shoulder.

Murdoc's about to give a comeback when 2D rather unexpectedly jerks Murdoc's member upward tightening his hand at the same time earning him rather surprised groan from the bassist that only escalates in loudness when 2D rather suddenly bites down on Murdoc's neck, its not a hard bite, but its still enough to get Murdoc to start making noises on the verge of shouts.

Murdoc swings his head back and tries to keep himself quiet, reminding himself of the fact that if he's too loud he could end up waking Russel or Noodle, or his dormant dignity, however his efforts are somewhat in vain because 2D is showing no signs of slowing down and by swinging his head back he's just managed to give the singer more space to work on his neck.

Murdoc digs his heels into the bed sheets involuntarily, every harsh movement 2D makes sending jolts of pleasure down his spine and coming to rest in his quickly heating crotch, and he's really trying to keep quiet, but every time 2D nips at his neck or tightens his hand around his length he can't help but groan deliriously.

2D, is consequently enjoying himself quite a bit too, every sound Murdoc makes only spurring him on more despite the fact that hes not really getting much out of the deal himself at the moment, erection almost pressing against his stomach between his spread legs.

Murdoc's tongue lolls out of his mouth as 2D continues to stroke him vigorously, ramping up in speed earning him more strangled moans from the bassist, Murdoc prides himself on his sexual stamina, but even he has limits, and with the combination the hand at his crotch and 2D's tongue that is now swirling over his new bite mark, he doesn't think he'll last much longer.

Fucker must jerk off other guys often if he's this good.

However just as Murdoc thinks hes not going to be able to last much longer 2D pulls his hand away.

Murdoc involuntarily lets out a exasperated whine at the sudden lack of friction when he was so close, sagging back down on the bed.

"Why the..." Murdoc groans looking more then a little confused, opening his eyes to look at 2D who's pulling his mouth away from Murdoc's neck. 2D's reply is delivered in the form of pressing himself even closer to the bassist letting his hard arousal brush against the bassist's inner thigh in a motion that makes his intentions clear without words really.

Murdoc lets out a small strangled sounding noise when this happens and he swears he feels his cock twitch, he guesses he's not the only one who gets to be pleasured here, and he's got a idea how he can repay the favor. Murdoc's, er, been on the receiving end before, if you catch my drift, there where just times when there where no birds around and he may or may not have been a bit inebriated, his consent being a bit dubious.

Murdoc's pretty sure he could talk 2D into letting him flip him over and fuck him, or he could just do it with out his direct consent, but that would mean doing most of the work and his theory is pleasure is pleasure and right now hes more then happy to sit back and get pleasured, just one of those moods he supposes.

"Fine, you got any lube?" Murdoc asks running a hand through his sweat stained bangs, resisting the urge to just reach down and finish himself, he was going to make 2D swear to secrecy about this whole thing before it got sexual anyway.

"Yeah, one moment." 2D replies his face a most interesting shade of red and pushes himself off Murdoc leaving the bassist sprawled out on the bed, cock still peaking up.

2D slinks off into his bathroom and returns a second later with what looks like Vaseline, but Murdoc's not picky and just lifts his legs up when 2D sits back down on the bed again, uncapping the container and dipping his fingers in.

Murdoc shifts a bit uncomfortably, how did he find himself in this situation again? Sitting in his best fuck me position while 2D of all people prepares to do just that, all because of Satan knows what. Nightmares? Probably, and definitely not because he actually wanted to have be jerked off by another bloke and then fucked, no sirree.

2D puts the container down and presses up to Murdoc again.

"Now don't screw anything up I swear I'll- Umpf!" Murdoc grunts unexpectedly as 2D presses his index finger up against his entrance and slides it in earning him a uncertain uhhing sound from Murdoc. 2D pushes in until he's at about the second knuckle, hesitates for a moment as if thinking the action over, and then pulls out making Murdoc's breath hitch before slumping back down again.

"This isn't really working." 2D states blandly, as if he was figuring out a puzzle, something which hes probably never done successfully Murdoc would probably say.

"And why's that?" Murdoc oozes sarcastically.

"You're just very tense." 2D responds cocking his head to the side, you could practically see the cogs in his head slowly making their rounds.

"Well you would be tense to if-oh, oh." Murdoc is cut off by 2D rather suddenly leaning down and pushing his mouth up against Murdoc's entrance, slinging his legs over his shoulder in one fluid motion and tonguing his entrance.

Murdoc makes a low groaning sound before he can stop himself that quickly escalates in loudness when 2D pushes his tongue inside him, making slow prepping motions.

"That's, uh, one way to do it." Murdoc stammers a bit deliriously with the ever distracting sensations, not expecting any reply from 2D for obvious reasons, and for a few less obvious.

Its not something that Murdoc really prides himself on but he's quite vocal during sex and everything else really, even if the other person is not. He's just by nature talkative and also has a lot to say.

2D on the other hand is a bit on the quiet side, a bit more so with Murdoc sometimes.

One: because Murdoc would be hard pressed to admit it under certain circumstances but he does talk a lot sometimes making it harder for others to speak. Two: He's likely to take offense at whatever 2D does say and smack him up the head.

Murdoc lets out a sound on the verge of a whimper as 2D pushes deeper inside him with slow persuading motions earning him more sounds elevated from the bassist, his breaths coming out as more of pants at this point.

"Oh sweet Satan." Is all Murdoc manages to mutter out grasping the sheets below him, his whole body tingling with a heat that quickly settles in his almost unbearably hot groin, cock pressing against his stomach slightly and begging to be touched.

Murdoc decides to answer its call and reaches a hand up to masturbate himself when suddenly 2D pulls away from his entrance the sudden whoosh of cold air and emptiness making him forget about jerking himself off for the moment, and when the bassist does look at 2D he's got this smug grin on his face because hes managed to solve his little puzzle of fucking Murdoc, whoopdie fucking do, Murdoc's happy for him, no really- now if he could just get back to having a hand around his dick then things could really get going.

"Lets get this thing going before the mood ends, alright faceache?" Murdoc says looking up at the singer who is still look a bit too smug for the bassist's taste. "And you didn't have to do that you know, I'm not made of glass."

"You where awfully tense." 2D replies matter of factually as he grabs the Vaseline and begins to coat his hard arousal with it.

Murdoc just grunts in return, losing the fight in him momentarily and just waits for 2D to be ready because he's getting impatient and maybe things would go faster if he shut it.

After a few seconds preparation 2D leans down and positions himself over Murdoc again, the bassist spreading his legs open obscenely wide.

2D's hands are digging into Murdoc's hip when he starts to slide into him, letting out something between a whimper and hiss as he pushes himself into the bassist slowly, that crazy high voice of his echoing around the room.

Murdoc meanwhile is clenching his eyes shut and trying not to let any noise escape from his lips as 2D's length slides into him, a intoxicating mix of pain and pleasure overwhelming him as the singer stretches that tight ring of muscle, 2D's not really all that big, ranging about around average in thickness and length, but hell if it doesn't feel big when its inside you.

After a minute or two of squirming 2D finally pushes himself in almost completely and lets out a shaky gasp, feeling inclined to ask how Murdoc's doing since his expression currently reads something in between terribly pained and terribly aroused.

"You doing alright, Muds?" 2D asks somewhat apprehensively as Murdoc's fingernails dig into his back, leaving his skin with a slight sting.

Murdoc's response was delivered in the form of pushing his hips forward when he would have edged away. Too gentle. Who wanted gentle? Not Murdoc.

The message that he should get going rang loud and clear to 2D and he began rocking his hips back and fourth almost immediately pushing even deeper into Murdoc, who lets out a low groan at the contact, 2D's head just barely bumping up against his sweet spot.

Murdoc's senses feel like their doubling over themselves, his entire body quivering as 2D rocks back and fourth in him, the singer in question trying to keep himself from just digging his hands into Murdoc's hips and thrusting with all his might, its not a easy task though with the very apparent tightness around his cock and the low groans that Murdoc is emitting every time he moves.

Never thought I'd hear that voice like this. 2D thinks briefly in between his concentration.

Despite this 2D keeps a steady pace for as long as he can manage, rocking his hips back and fourth slowly while Murdoc squirmed below him.

"Harder." Murdoc breaths when 2D continues to keep himself at a slow pace.

2D lets out a shaky gasp and nods a bit, pulling himself out almost completely, hesitating for perhaps half a second before slamming back into the bassist.

Murdoc's not sure what kind of sound he makes, but he knows its loud as 2D thrusts into him forcefully, and Murdoc's never been more thankful for lubricant then right now as the singer slid in and out of him, repeatedly bumping up against his prostate gland.

2D's tongue is on his neck again, sucking, swirling, and its drawing noises from Murdoc that he didn't even know he could make, strangled shouts and moans echoing through the room, ultimately drowning out 2D's exasperated gasping because the singer isn't holding back any more and fucking Murdoc right through.

Murdoc blearily realizes that he should probably keep a lid on it but 2D's hands feel like their everywhere, digging into his hips, lightly stroking up and down his member, calloused thumb pressing down on the head.

"I don't think I'm gonna last much longer." Murdoc slurs, surprised that he could even form a coherent sentence with the ever distracting sensations, 2D thrusting in and out and sending jolts up his spine every time he slammed into him, his prick feeling almost unbearably hot.

2D removes his mouth from Murdoc's neck, his breath warm against his spit wet skin.

"Then don't." 2D rasps, and Murdoc can tell hes close to from the strained sound in his voice.

Murdoc then grabs 2D and pulls him down onto his lips immediately trying to push his way into the singers mouth.

2D returns the kiss eagerly, the both of them muffling each others noises with their mouths, raspy and gravely alike.

Their motions quickly become frantic after that, moving against each other forcefully, and its driving Murdoc crazy, his entire body tingly in a very welcomed hotness all pooling at his immensely hard prick that 2D's stroking in time with this thrusts.

Its this insane moment of sex crazed high when Murdoc finally releases all over his and 2D's stomach, and he swears he sees stars, his entire body convulsing as he lets out one last strangled groan.

That's enough to send 2D over the edge, the sudden tightening around his cock too much to take and he releases with a actual shout against Murdoc's lips, hands digging into the bassist's hips.

There's a moment of silence after that, both of them panting heavily and frankly too exhausted to say a word and 2D's sure his head has blue screened this time, but at least its a blissful kind of blue screen.

2D's moving on auto pilot when he pulls shakily out of Murdoc, leaving a trail of his own cum as he flops down next to the bassist.

Finally after what felt like seconds to the pair but was probably minutes, Murdoc lets out a heavy huff of air just on the edge of a laugh, and grins

"Sweet Satan, D." Murdoc chuckles, his eyes shut. "I don't think I can move my legs." 2D lets out a small laugh at that as he watches Murdoc eventually get himself into a more comfortable position despite his numb arse.

At some point 2D reaches off the side of bed and fishes a packet of cigarets and a lighter from the floor, lighting one for himself and offering one to Murdoc, who takes it eagerly and wordlessly.

The two of them just lay there like that for a few more minutes, starring at the ceiling in silence, but its far from a awkward silence, its a comfortable silence really. Well it was silence until 2D decided to break it, his curiosity getting the better of him, but its still comfortable.

"Hey, Murdoc?" 2D asks catching said bassists attention, looking over blearily at 2D.

"Hmm?" Murdoc acknowledges, pulling the cigarette away from his mouth leaving a barely visible trail of smoke. 2D hesitates ever so slightly before talking.

"What where you dreaming about? You know, before I woke you up." 2D almost expects Murdoc to snap at him or at least not answer, but instead he just looks up and ceiling again, a small smirk tugging at the edge of his lips.

"Don't matter, D. Don't matter."

Told you it was long as hell. Anyway like I said I've got a few scenes and minor plots that could put into this fic, and I think I will, but I still think this will be on and off on the up dates. Also this was meant to be more fluffy then sex filled but, hey, I wanted to challenge myself so why not.