Authors note: I'm not sure when I last updated this but I did say the updates where going to be erratic yet really quite large so I guess that evens it out, anyway a lot more of the same, if I keep updating this fic in particular its gonna be a couple more chapters before plastic beach I think, I've actually got some plot bunnies for that, but I'm kinda thinking of doing a revision as the authors note at the end of the this chapter explains.

Its a particularly cold day at Kong, perhaps this is what lead up to this event just as sometimes there's really no better way to warm up then a shag, perhaps it wouldn't have mattered either way, it certainly doesn't matter now as nails dig into the walls, blue hair now drenched with sweat despite the temperature, and cockney accented swears tainting the air mixed with high pitched moans.

But lets go back a bit, set the mood and whatnot, it started as a simple run in in the halls of Kong, the bassist and the singer simply finding themselves on the same path as each other, and they got to casually chatting, shooting the breeze if you will.

The thing about Murdoc's and 2D's friendship, if it can even call it that, is that's is extremely on and off, mostly because when they usually interact its with quips, insults and actions, but the odd thing is that it seems no matter how much time they go without saying a word to each other they can pick up talking to each other as if it had only been minutes, they didn't see each other for years after the break up and they kind of just picked up where they left off, despite the sour way they parted, in fact neither of them knew it but they had somehow grown closer through the disconnect, there had been more casual conversation between them since the reform, and instead of leaving the room when 2D entered Murdoc had been choosing to stay around more often, the faceache still annoyed him to no end though, and he still hit him just because he would take it, but interaction is interaction, if it where true hatred the bassist would just ignore him.

Of course Murdoc was a bit more conscious of this then 2D, and sometimes feigns much more annoyance and hatred then he feels especially in interviews, keep up his image and whatnot, knowing that none of it will hurt 2D, not really, he spits out insults at him all the time and eventually he even started to copy him, Murdoc isn't likely to admit it, but banter is something he enjoys especially when your opponent is a little worse for wear in the thinking department and learnt a lot from you.

Shooting the breeze soon turned into talk about sexual encounters, 2D not having that much to tell on the subject whereas Murdoc had far too much to tell.

"But you know." Murdoc explains with this devious smirk. "Shit happens, and who am I to refuse a free shag."

2D nods, as if he follows, truth is he hasn't been following much of what Murdoc's been going on about, and has just been adding his small comments here and there as the bassist rambled on, Murdoc may not be a people person but if you get him in the right circumstances he just won't shut up sometimes, 2D made the mistake of asking him about his favorite bass once and while he sat though it, just because he'll do a lot of things for Murdoc, he did let a few yawns loose that the bassist barely even noticed.

2D as stated before is more on the quiet side, that and when he does open his mouth it gives Murdoc a excuse to hit him over the head, and while the bassist would never admit it 2D really is his favorite person to talk to, doesn't try and take the stage from him so to speak, too stupid for witty backtalk, will sit and listen for as long as Murdoc wants, always handy, and doesn't mind when he hits him over the head, or at least doesn't say anything, the bassist couldn't care less which.

The conversation had started out usual enough, they had talked about the various women they had been in bed with, most of 2D's stories ending in Murdoc either shagging or scaring off his girlfriend at the time, and while that was one of the few things that 2D did complain about he didn't really hate the bassist for it, not really.

Murdoc's stories where of course, quite graphic, and 2D couldn't help but inwardly cringe at a few of them, and the more he hears from Murdoc the more he really understands his lack of standards.

"Yeah, that's interesting, Muds." 2D responds, the cigarette in his mouth falling out as he talks causing him to stumble to catch it.

"Sweet Satan its fucking cold in here, why is it always so cold in this place." The bassist gripes, changing the subject rather suddenly.

"Maybe ghosts and stuff like it that way?" 2D suggests, having regained his cigarette and now twiddling it in between his fingers, the bassist watching the act from the corner of his eye as they walked.

"Not the ghosts I've meet, they all prefer to be on fire if they can help it." Murdoc replies, hands stuffed as far as they will go in his jean pockets.

"All the ghosts you've met came from hell, Murdoc." 2D says, squinting one eye to create that iconic look that he's not even aware that's iconic or that he even does it.

"Not ghosts mate, demons, there a difference." Murdoc replies, the conversation seems normal enough, at least for the two of them, and neither of them really think about it but they stop in the middle of a hallway and lean against the wall, perhaps their legs had just gotten tired, the conversation having no foreseeable end.

And you know Murdoc's spontaneous, which means that with no warning other then the annoyed look 2D gets when he changes the subject and goes on about his favorite zombie movie for a bit too long for the bassist, Murdoc grabs the singers wrist jerking it away as its inches from reuniting the singers current cigarette with his mouth, and 2D starts, yelping slightly as his wrist is grabbed and looks at the bassist.

Murdoc immediately plucks the cigarette from 2D's fingers, letting go of his wrist and brings it to his lips smirking smugly at the singer, who lets out a brief "Hey!" at having his sweet nicotine stole from him and tries to grab it back but Murdoc skillfully blocks him this sadistic playfulness plaguing his looks as he turns his head so 2D can't grab his fag back.

"uh, uh, uh." Murdoc taunts trying to keep his mouth shut so the cig just doesn't fall onto the floor, and 2D eventually decides that the effort is fruitless and backs off, and just goes to reach in his pocket and get a new one.

"That was unfair Muds" 2D gripes. "I was unprepared." Murdoc just smirks smugly at him with a look that seems to say "such is life" Before doing something that the singer also fails to anticipate.

2D has his back turned to Murdoc as he fishes in his pocket for his lighter, fresh cigarette clutched in his other fingers, and when he turns back to the bassist he almost drops his new cigaret too, as Murdoc is not only now making unbreaking eye contact with the singer but he also has the fag stuck between two fingers just inches away from his face as that famously long tongue runs itself along the unlit part in this leisurely way that can only be intentional, tongue sliding slowly up and down the cigarette .

2D simply stares as the bassist's smirk only grows, knowing he's hit a certain nerve and only seems to double his efforts for another almost agonizing few seconds, at least for poor 2D, before immediately and quite suddenly retracting his tongue back into his mouth with a sound that's actually quite gross sounding.

"Your brand of fags is shite, mate." Is all Murdoc says, taking a drag from the previously assaulted light as 2D just stares for a second more before composing himself, a blush plaguing his features.

"Y-You know I think I'm gonna go take care of something." 2D stutters, his face his bright red at this point and right before he turns around to leave and "Go take care of something" as he puts it Murdoc grabs his arm.

"Why don't you let me take care of that little something for you. Mate?" Murdoc says this huge sadistic and almost playful smile spreading across the bassist's face as he stares face to face with the singer, and 2D gulps, at a loss for words.

Before 2D can respond the bassist takes the lit cigarette still in his fingers, and despite calling them shit about ten seconds ago, brings it to his lips and inhales as much humanly possible before leaning forward and pushing his mouth to 2D's, the singer veritably defenseless as his jaw was a bit slack at the time, and in a second or two god is he glad it was because the bassist breaths all that smoke into singers mouth while simultaneously sliding his tongue in there, kissing vigorously, and the two sensations kind of leave him with a almost surreal buzz, his eye lids dropping as he starts to kiss back, Murdoc's incredibly long tongue beginning to grapple with 2D's much smaller one.

And its kind of a blur from that point on, 2D being shoved up against the wall at some point by Murdoc, tongues still clashing, and then them rolling over and 2D pressing the bassist up against the wall in turn, the both of them grasping onto each others shirts tightly.

Its almost like fighting really, both of them taking any form of leverage over the other if they can get it, only this is really quite a lot more enjoyable for both party's to be honest, and predictably Murdoc is the first one to try something new to catch 2D off guard, one hand moving down the singers waist until it rests on his ass and the bassist give's it a good squeeze, chuckling into 2D's mouth as he does, the singer tensing as his ass is grabbed, eyes snapping open, but quite surprisingly to the bassist his rebuttal is quick and he pushes Murdoc further against the wall suddenly, pressing and grinding his crotch to the bassist's making Murdoc's eyes widen, his grip on 2D's behind loosening momentarily.

Murdoc's lets out a small gasp despite himself at the friction, the hard denim they where both wearing making it either better or worse, his hands gripping the collar of the singers shirt tightly.

2D, caught up his small victory as he grins smugly, the makeout session they where having previously somewhat ended as they had broken apart for breath yet still remained close enough to start again at any time, something as soon as Murdoc has reincorporated takes immediate advantage of.

The bassist presses his lips to 2D's and forces entry and at the same time biting down on his lower lip a bit harshly, causing 2D's smirk to immediately fade a somewhat panicked noise escaping from the back of his throat at his sudden loss of dominance, although really he should have expected this from Murdoc.

Murdoc's biting down on the singers lip hard enough to at least leave a bruise and smirking evilly, and if it hadn't been for that playful glint still present in his eyes to signify that hes still just fucking around 2D might have been scared, I mean, hes still scared, of course hes scared a demon bassist with practical shark teeth is latched onto his lower lip anyone with a functioning nervous system would be scared, but to a much lesser extent then if Murdoc had been really mad.

2D lets out a sound from the back of his throat on the verge of a moan, and swears he feels skin break as he begins to kiss back, hands still resting on the bassists sides as Murdoc has gone back to groping the singer's ass.

2D would have been content to keep going like this for as long as it took, groping hands, hot tongues, the jeans that where starting to feel all to tight making for a almost painful amount of friction in places... until he remembered that they where still standing in the middle of a hallway.

"H-Hey Murdoc?" 2D stutters as soon as Murdoc lets go of his mouth, his accent somehow showing even more in his state, the dullards lucky Murdoc has spent enough time around him to understand.

"'Eye Murdoch?'" Murdoc responds in a terrible and over exaggerated 2D imitation as he pulls a stupid face and shakes his head back and fourth, Either annoyed that 2D has interrupted their little session or annoyed by his tone of voice, probably both.

"We're in the middle of the hallway." 2D continues as if Murdoc hadn't just mocked him, trying to fight off the bassists attempts to reunite their mouths to get him to stop talking, which wasn't too hard really all he had to do was straighten his posture and lift his chin.

Murdoc after a brief attempt to drag 2D down let out a frustrated growl, stopping because he realized he probably looked like a complete idiot while he was standing on his toes so he could try and kiss a bloke.

"Fine, have it your way." The bassist grumbles indigently as he lets go of 2D with one hand and reaches off to the side, feeling around until he finds a door knob, whether he actually remembered it being there or had just decided to extend his arm and see what he found is anyone's guess.

"Wha- what do you mean 'have it your way' you don't go down on your bandmate in the middle of a hallway you dirty tr-" 2D's somewhat heated rambling is interrupted by Murdoc tightening his grip around the singers waist, a bit painfully, probably for that remark that he was about to drop, opening the door next to them and plunging the both of them through it, 2D predictably letting out a yelp.

Getting thrown into a random darkened room isn't really all that fun wherever you are, but if you're in Kong it could very likely be a portal straight to hell, thankfully instead of hell they find themselves face to face with a rather small broom closet, that does in fact have one wayward broom in it that finds itself fit to dig itself into 2D's back as Murdoc shuts the door plunging them into pitch blackness.

"There, happy?" Murdoc sneers as soon as the door is closed, the closets so small that 2D can practically feel the bassists breath hot in comparison to the cold air around him.

2D feels like retorting but even though its pitch black he can somehow sense Murdoc's scowl, daring him to complain, and decides to be quiet, and Murdoc seems to get the message because he takes his silence as a yes and presses himself to the singer, picking up where they left off and immediately latching onto the singers lips.

2D eagerly lets Murdoc enter his mouth, the bassist's hands moving down to his belt buckle quickly, impatiently, and 2D gasps into the bassit's mouth as his member scrapes against his tight jeans almost painfully, begging to be freed, and Murdoc happily obliges quickly getting the belt buckle undone and sliding 2D's jeans down his legs, briefs following soon after.

2D's too busy dragging his tongue across Murdoc's teeth and lacing his fingers through his hair, thinking about making a point of messing up the bassist's grease slicked mop because he knows it will look absolutely ridiculous, to notice Murdoc slowly moving his mouth down his body with some kind of intention, most likely a devious one, knowing Murdoc.

Murdoc's anger towards being messed with as such really should deter 2D, but really it just wants to make him mess with him more, just provoking any kind of reaction from the bassist is quite intriguing for some reason that the singer can't be bothered to puzzle out, or perhaps just can't with all those headaches.

Quite suddenly, just as 2D is really getting heated up so to speak Murdoc suddenly drops quite far down the singers body, his previous position at his neck suddenly abandoned as he gets to his knees and grabs 2D's half hard member and gives it a squeeze, making 2D's eyes pop open his posture suddenly straightening against the wall behind him as he lets out a low sound from the back of his throat.

"You gotta start giving me warnings, mate." 2D says as soon as he regains his bearings. Murdoc mostly ignores him muttering a halfhearted reply, quite frankly too busy with his idea of hard work to care really.

"Whatever, sir." Murdoc replies in a mocking tone, as he starts to stroke the singer roughly.

Its like playing some kind of game where you have no idea whats going on and he does having sex with Murdoc, he's always got a plan or some kind of direction to go on and you kind of just have to throw caution to the wind and see if things go your way.

Murdoc continues to stroke 2D as the singer's hands grasp at the blank walls of the closet absent mindlessly, the fag in the bassist's mouth still lit and going but he decides to pull it out and snub it against the wall next to him in favor of using his mouth for something else an as soon as he gets rid of the light he immediately leans down and extends his tongue, licking the base of 2D's prick.

2D lets out a groan from the back of his throat as the unexpected contact, the groan soon turning into a lengthy moan when Murdoc finishes licking up his length and wraps his lips around the head of 2D's cock, grinning at the same time as he hears the singers moans.

2D's knees feel a bit weak as Murdoc slowly slips more of his length into his mouth, his head brushing against the top of the bassist's mouth causing 2D to let out another string of broken moans, Murdoc just eliciting more as his tongue wraps around 2D's member.

Murdoc begins to bob his head up and down once he has taken most of the singer's length into his mouth, one hand reaching down to gingerly fondle 2D's balls only eliciting further sounds from the singer as he desperately grasps at the wall with both hands.

After a few minutes 2D's fairly certain he's not going to last much longer as he resists the urge to thrust up into the bassist's mouth, one hand tangled in the bassist's hair as he clutches his eyes shut, breaths coming short and fast.

Murdoc was just thinking about pulling away in a moment, feeling his own half hard erection in his jeans reminding him that he didn't want to get the short stick on this arrangement, when there's a knock.

Now let me remind you that this closet was quite small so its not like the knock was just a distant thing in the background, no it was practically right next to their heads, and it immediately stops all movement and noises from the pair.

"D? You in there?" Comes Russel's voice from across the door, and there's a moment of terrified silence shared between 2D and Murdoc as they stare at each others shocked faces, and their only roused out of it when there's yet another knock on the door. Murdoc being the first to act ,er, extracts himself from 2D and stumbles to his feet hastily.

"Shit, shit, shit, what do we do?!" 2D hisses out as soon as he regains his bearings, it would be awkward however you put it because Russel might find two grown men just sitting in a closet together, even while clothed, a little suspicious.

"Well for starters pull your pants up, genius." Murdoc hisses right back his voice sounding hurried as he reaches past 2D and grabs the broom laying on the wall behind him, for reasons 2D can't puzzle out, and instead works on getting his jeans back up as fast as he can.

Russel's just about to open the door himself and find out if those noises he heard 2D making where in fact him or perhaps some dying animal trapped in there, when the door flings open itself, and Murdoc of all people almost comes colliding into the him, clutching a broom in one hand, acting like he had not known the drummer was even there as he walks out and acting even more surprised when he bumps into him, immediately looking at him with the best shocked face he can pull.

Thankfully, for 2D, he had just finished zipping himself up as soon as Murdoc opens the door, the bassist's plan of acting like they where just getting cleaning supplies as good as any, even if it means 2D has to hold his hands awkwardly over his crotch while Murdoc does somewhat the same with the broom.

"Murdoc?" Russel is greeted with a rather baffling scene, we have Murdoc looking shocked at him and clutching a broom in one hand with 2D still standing in the closet looking like he had just stabbed a bloke he was looking so nervous.

"What is it you lard tub?" Murdoc immediately snaps back, acting like he was just annoying them, which in truth he was, at least for Murdoc.

"Er, nothing. Just, what where you two doing in there?" Russel asks back, still swearing he heard noises coming from the closet, but by the looks of it-

"We where just getting cleaning supplies, Russ, that's all." 2D supplies, yeah that's it, the singer finally having caught onto Murdoc's plan, although he still looks guilty, a forced smile forming his lips.

"Yeah, now If you'll excuse us." Murdoc interjects, glancing back at 2D to deliver a brief glare at him for probably only making the situation worse just by opening his mouth, before continuing. "We've got to go do some cleaning."

Before Russel can even let the questions building up more and more every second spill out Murdoc grabs 2D's wrist and immediately hurriedly drags him down the hallway, broom in one hand, as they round a turn and keep going until Murdoc's sure Russel's not going to be following them.

"That was close." 2D remarks as soon as they stop, 2D immediately leaning up against a wall to catch his breath. Murdoc immediately throws the broom he was carrying off to the side and it lands on the floor with a loud clacking sound.

"No shit, Sherlock." Murdoc sneers in response, his posture hunched as he goes to lean against the wall with 2D.

"If you had just held your mouth for long enough to get somewhere pri-" 2D is cut off by merely the searing glare that Murdoc is giving him, daring him to continue that sentence and 2D decides to shut up.

There's a somewhat awkward silence after that, 2D deciding to take out a new cig and light it up, as soon as he takes his first drag Murdoc opening his mouth again.

"I'm still horny." Murdoc grunts, almost making 2D drop his light again, even though its fairly expected, he still is too actually and still has a semi on in his jeans.

"Y-Yeah me too." 2D manages to stutter out in response, Murdoc's sudden declaration of really anything sexual still do get at him sometimes, in fact one time in a interview he blatantly said the sentence "purple headed trouser snake" when 2D mentioned the specific colour of his hair at a time after they had been in bed together mind you and 2D had to pick his jaw up off the ground after a moment, while Murdoc after a brief shocked look at what he just slipped, immediately composed himself and went along with the interview.

"Then what are we doing here?" Murdoc grunts, his angry "almost getting caught" demeanor starting to fade as he simpers at 2D, apparently almost getting caught not enough to put him off, which is hardly surprising since its well known that fact that his prick has mostly governed his decisions since he was 9 or so.

"Uh, we're leaning up against a wall?" 2D supplies, apparently taking the question seriously and Murdoc's smirk slides off his face as he rolls his eyes.

"I'm saying how about we go back to my Winnie and continue where we left off?" Murdoc says with a filthy chuckle at the end to make his intentions clear to the singer, who blushes slightly, thinking how if they parted ways now he'd probably just end up jacking off.

"Uh, yeah lead the way." 2D responds, letting grin onto his face and tries to look suave and not-awkward but kinda just succeeds in making Murdoc roll his eyes again, before grabbing 2D's wrist and leading him down the hall, 2D fumbling behind him.

It takes about two minutes for 2D and Murdoc to weave through the halls of Kong, get down into the car park, and get to the the barely functioning Winnie that the bassist called home, and Murdoc spares no time when he shoves 2D though the barely attached door and slams it behind them.

"Could you go any faster?" 2D asks, sarcasm lacing his words as the two of them stumble into the smelly Winnebago.

"Don't test me, I could kick you out right now to go take care of your little problem by yourself." Murdoc snaps back, smirking at 2D as he says the word little and at first the remark goes over the singers head until it finally clicks and he's about to retort when Murdoc grabs the front of his shirt and presses his mouth his, pushing the signer against the closed bathroom door.

2D lets out a surprised noise from the back of his throat as Murdoc assaults him with his mouth, his eyes wide at first but they soon grow lidded as Murdoc's hands roam down to his hips, grinding up against the singer somewhat reviving his half hard cock, the two of them gasping and panting into each others mouths.

Murdoc slips his hands under 2D's shirt as the singer reaches down and fumbles with the bassist's belt buckle, the two slowly undressing each other as they move their lips against each others.

Murdoc slowly moves the two of them towards the bed at one end of the Winniebago, the closer they get to it the more porn mags 2D thinks he sees littering the floor, predictably, until he's suddenly pushed back first onto the bed and lets out a surprised grunt as Murdoc climbs on top of him, his shirt being pulled off by the green skinned bassist.

Murdoc briefly sits up, straddling 2D, to take off his shirt too before going back down again and latching onto 2D's lips, the singer letting him in eagerly as he knots his hands through Murdo'c hair.

As the make out session progresses more and more cloths come off, 2D almost questioning Murdoc putting his boots back on after he's taken them off to get in jeans and briefs off, but decides to just leave it, especially as Murdoc starts to nip and kiss down his chest, making him let out a few groans at the sensations.

2D is smirking and biting his lower lip as Murdoc pleasures him, almost completely at ease, something that Murdoc soon "fixes" by bringing a hand down to 2D's, er, under carriage, and presses a finger against the singers entrance, and the only problem with that is his fingers are also sharp because Murdoc probably hasn't trimmed his nails in months.

"OW! Hey, don't go poking down around there!" 2D sequels on instinct and mostly means you can go poking around down there just trim your nails first Jesus, I mean, he had the bassist's prick up there once in a shower and then a few times more, and he didn't need to go to the hospital so he guesses he trusts him, but at the same time no not really just because, its Murdoc.

"Oh don't pretend you're not used to it." Murdoc mutters, and 2D thinks he hears 'faggot' pinned on the end but doesn't dwell on it, mostly because he feels something press up to his entrance again only this time its not pointing its wet, warm, and makes 2D let out a gasp.

"Oh, a-alright." Is all 2D says as he takes a quick glance downward to see Murdoc's head between his legs as the bassist begins to push his tongue into the singers entrance, ass cheeks pressed up against, well, face cheeks, Murdoc taking 2D's stuttered approval as a go signal, although he very well might have just taken silence for a yes.

2D lets out a strangled sound from the back of his throat Murdoc's tongue slides into him, the stretch created even by the pliable muscle creating a small burning sensation that some how feels like it adds to the arousal a little bit, the singers cock twitching as Murdoc begins to move his tongue inside him and the singer lets out a fervent moan, his entire body tensing as the bassist's tongue suddenly brushes up against a certain spot, a small string of curses escaping his lips as he forces himself to relax, breath coming out in pants.

"You're g-good at that, Muds." 2D blearily says, although its likely anyone with a tongue that long would be this good at licking the insides of someones arse just by circumstance actually.

The praise is certainly heard as Murdoc presses his tongue further into him, making slow lapping motions that grazes his prostate with most every go, making 2D let out a mewl of approval as he bucks his hips slightly, eyes near completely shut and half lidded in pleasure.

Still somethings missing and that something soon becomes apparent to the tusspot as his cock bumps up against his stomach making him tense, the heat pooling at his crotch demanding attention.

2D gingerly reaches his hand down and wraps his hand around his own hard arousal, letting out a groan of approval at the much needed friction, but he doesn't even get one stroke in before he feels Murdoc's hand as his member, almost grudgingly trying to push his away but instead their fingers end up intertwining and, Murdoc's hand movements in time with his tongues driving the singer all but wild.

Unfortunately, at least for 2D, a moment later Murdoc suddenly removes himself making the singer let out a involuntary sound of shock at the sudden lack of presence, and sags back down onto the bed.

"Mmprh, why'd ya stop?" 2D asks as he lifts his head somewhat blearily to see Murdoc reaching under the bed by the looks of it trying to grab something.

"Have some patience will you?" Murdoc gripes from his uncomfortable looking position that's half way on the bed half way under it and before 2D gets the chance to ponder what exactly Murdoc's doing he suddenly sits straight back up, smirking, and clutching a vibrator. Oh.

"Wipe that horrified look of your face its not like you're a bleedin virgin or something." Murdoc sneers at 2D's dropped jaw, that he quickly picks up and nods at Murdoc as he twiddles his fingers, not bothering to compose a more elaborate response of agreement and validation, and that's all the bassist' really needs to move over 2D again and lift the singer's legs for him and place the object in question between his legs.

The stretch isn't that bad, especially since he had already been prepared and the vibrator was narrow to begin with but it still makes 2D clench his eyes shut, his breaths coming a bit short and fast as the vibrator slides into him until its almost fully in, as soon as it is Murdoc moving up and sitting up right on the singers stomach as he absent mindlessly strokes his almost fully hard leaking member with one hand, holding a little box in the other that's connected to the vibrator in 2D's ass via a cord.

The box has a little slider on it that just as 2D notices Murdoc switches onto the lowest setting, grinning as the singer's face contorts into shock at the sudden although mild vibrating sensation.

"W-Warnings!" 2D gasps at unanticipated feeling, both his hands grasping the dirty sheets below him, to which Murdoc leans down a bit his eyes lidded, looking smug as ever.

"I like it better when you make surprised noises." Murdoc responds his breath hot against 2D's face, that contorts a fraction more when Murdoc slides his rear back so it grinds against 2D's erection, making him let out a small gasp.

Murdoc momentarily puts down the vibrator controller and sits up for a moment to grab something out of the drawer which turns out to be a bottle of half full lube, and immediately squirts some of it onto one palm, throwing the bottle to the side once that's finished.

"Now try not to buck, okay?" Murdoc says as he grabs the vibrator controller. 2D's about to make a remark about how the bassist is currently sitting on his stomach and he doubts he could thrust upward with that amount of weight on him if he tried, his statement probably ultimately ending in a paunch joke, but the start of his sentence turns into a fervent groan when Murdoc suddenly escalates the speed of the vibrator and does indeed almost make 2D try to buck when he also reaches back with his lubed hand and takes a hold of the singers cock and stroking, covering it with the lube.

Murdoc almost makes a comment on him trying to buck him off but instead tries to stay focused at the task at hand, putting down the vibrator controller so he can use the hand to help lift his arse up over 2D's cock, the other hand still slowly stroking it as he starts to guide it towards his entrance.

2D watches blearily as Murdoc slowly forces his prick into him, starting slow his breathing heavy as he manages to get the head in, the stretch visibly showing on his face as he starts to slide it in until after some amounts of squirming its in at the hilt and Murdoc's eyes are lidded, tongue lolling out of his mouth slightly, reaching with one hand to stroke his erection to distract himself from the pain.

2D lets out a groan when Murdoc moves just slightly, rocking his hips a little bit as he clenches his eye shut and bites his lower lip.

"Ahh ahh, M-Murdoc." 2D groans out as the bassist moves, the combination of the vibrator and the bassist moving his hips letting out a few groans himself almost intoxicating.

Murdoc grabs at the side of the bed and grabs the vibrator controller again, sliding it up another notch so that its at about low medium now and 2D's eyes shoot open as he involuntarily bucks letting out a moan as he inadvertently thrusts into the bassist, pressing against Murdoc's prostate while he's unprepared causing him to almost shout, the noise lowering down into a low groan as him and 2D start moving their hips together, both of their movements becoming less coordinated and more drastic as time went on.

Murdoc, the pain starting to be blocked out by the pleasure caused by 2D's cock scraping against his prostate, pulls his ass up more then before and then slams it back down causing a surprised groan from 2D, Murdoc's eyes snapping open as his tongue lolled out of his mouth unchecked, profanity occasionally slipping past the bassist's lips with every movement, one of his hands reaching down and vigorously stroking himself in time with the combined movements of both their hips.

"Mrrmph, Muds turn up the vibrator." 2D says in between pants, there's this heat pooling at his crotch that hints that he's about to cum but it feels like he's not going to get their unless Murdoc's movements get a lot faster or he turns up the vibrator.

"Yeah, yeah okay give me a minute." Murdoc breathes, still trying to move his hips in time as he reaches off to the side and grabs the controller, sliding it up two notches this time making 2D's eyes pop open and he bucks upward and groans, causing Murdoc to shout out of both slight pain and pleasure, the singer hitting his sweet spot head on instead of just brushing up against it.

2D lets out a long drawn out moan as he rocks his hips upward after bucking, Murdoc trying to compose himself and keep up with 2D's now more erratic movements, feeling a tingling heat pooling at his crotch as he strokes himself.

"Agh ahggh, Murdoc I'm gonna c-cum." 2D slurs his accent causing him to be a bit incomprehensible but Murdoc gets the message and speeds up his movements, rocking his hips back and fourth quickly.

Murdoc's increased motions is all it takes to send the singer into orgasm, arching his back as he lets out a heated and loud moan, rocking his hips up into Murdoc and to feel the vibrator brushing against his prostate as Murdoc continues to ride him, the bassist's eyes clenched shut in concentration in pleasure as he strokes himself furiously.

Murdoc cums a moment later letting out a long drawn out moan as he comes all over his and 2D's stomach riding his orgasm until exhausted and sags down onto the panting singer, who is equally spent.

2D blearily reaches over and turns off the vibrator and that's all the movement between them for what must have been at least five minutes, the two of them drifting on endorphines.

Murdoc is the first to move, pulling himself off 2D and flops down next to the singer on the now very sweaty bed, 2D sitting up briefly a moment later and pulling the vibrator out of his ass.

"Mrmph, what time is it?" Murdoc asks, the singer glancing over at the clock on the wall.

"About nine." 2D responds as he reaches down to his pants, fishing around into one pocket until he finds his lighter and pack of fags.

"AM or PM?" Murdoc questions, putting his arms behind his head to act as a pillow, 2D raising a eyebrow at him, well, he had been a heavy drinker since he was twelve or something perhaps that just really skewed his sense of time.

"PM." 2D responds, popping a cigarette in between his lips as he lights it, Murdoc patting him on the side and reaching his hand out to 2D as a signal to hand him a light, the singer obliging. Murdoc lights himself up a cigarette and takes a drag before responding.

"Goodnight then." Murdoc grunts reaching down and grabbing the somewhat scratchy blanket at the end of the bed and covering himself, and part of 2D, who has laid back down again.

2D decides to test his luck and see if he can just pass out here pulling some of the blanket over him too, resulting in Murdoc's ass suddenly being bare, causing him to pull the blanket straight back with a grunt, taking even more then before.

"Hey!" 2D says, suddenly blanket-less, and Murdoc chuckles.

"Either deal with it or leave, faceache." Murdoc snickers from his very warm position, and 2D glares at him debating on whether or not he should just leave or try and fight for the blanket. He takes so long thinking it over that Murdoc just rolls his eyes, and lifts up the blanket as to invite 2D in, deciding that he'd rather just share then have to deal with him staring into space for as long as it takes him to leave.

2D, after snapping out of it joins Murdoc under the blanket, the bassist spooning against the singer.

Its silent for a while, so silent that 2D thinks Murdoc might have fallen asleep with a lit fag in his mouth and he might want to pluck it away so it doesn't fall into his hair and let it catch on fire when Murdoc speaks again.

"Your brand of lights is still shite mate." Murdoc chuckles, making 2D confused for a moment before he remembers the previous remark, to which he responds by spitting out his completely done fag and reaching back and plucking Murdoc's not quite done one from his mouth and bringing it to his.

"Then stop bumming fags off me." 2D responds his voice hinting at smugness.

I'm going to give a little back story for this fic I think, its more of my take on this pairing actually, and not particularly for this fic, in fact it probably goes against a lot of whats already written here.

Personally I don't think 2Doc is really that probable, and probably over all shouldn't happen (except in fanfiction, obviously) but if it where to happen in my opinion it would start out right when Gorillaz was forming. This theory kinda comes from the scene in Rise of the Ogre when 2D wakes up from his coma and Murdoc describes the experience, saying something along the lines of "I knew the girls would go wild for his pretty boy looks" and you could take that as Murdoc going a bit hot for his looks as well, especially if you factor in the kind of awe inspired tone of his voice, perhaps some kind of unbeknownst attraction forming.

Now the thing about Murdoc and attraction to others is that I don't imagine him ever having any kind of romantic urge, any kind of "crush" he would develop would be a mix of a friendship and sexual, going something like "Hey I want to be close friends with you and hang around you a lot but I also kinda want to have sex" if Murdoc had a smaller libido that last part might have been left out but as it happens he most likely has one the size of a elephant. The thing about Murdoc and being attracted to someone (sexually, romantically, or just in a friendly way) is I can see him doing one of two things, one, just indulging in the urge and see where he goes, or two, deciding that its a rubbish idea and distancing himself from whoever hes attracted to, or being a absolute twat to them. Now lets say at first Murdoc doesn't quite realize his little crush, and its only a few months later when Gorillaz is at Kong setting up for the debut album when he does. Of course 2D is very far down on his list of people he'd consciously like to be involved with, so of course his reaction would be to distance himself, only one problem with that.

Murdoc's been working for about fifteen years to finally get the winning lineup he needs for fame, and he'd be hard pressed to give it up for a stupid little ill conceived crush, he'd give up his soul, his dignity, but not his band, so he stays close to 2D despite the risk, and believe me when I say the singer would only make it worse.

Its a fact that 2D idolizes him probably to a extent no matter how many times Murdoc snapped at him would still stay around him, albeit letting off a few snarky remarks while the bassist's guard was down, at least during phase 1, around demon days he became a whole lot more rude towards Murdoc openly I find.

That would be the main problem, no matter how many times the bassist hit him over the head, smashed his face in, tripped him for a laugh etc, 2D would still come crawling back with that goofy smile on his face, probably offering him a cig, black featureless eyes somehow conveying so much joy just to be in his presence, those eyes especially, the fact that their his own handy worked probably factored in Murdoc's liking of them considering his massive ego.

So he would yell and kick to protect himself, from himself really, so he didn't fall even deeper into his little attraction, until something snaps and he doesn't "protect" himself and the start of this fic happens.

2D probably would have next to no idea what he was doing the bassist just by existing in his presence, and when something finally did snap and the bassist made a move, he wouldn't protest, as he likes(at least around phase one, between phase one and phase two had a big character arc for 2D) the bassist enough to go along with whatever he wants to do really, even though he mostly views him as just a friend, fuckbuddies is really good too.

A important factor about this is 2D goes from being very tolerant of Murdoc in phase 1 to getting up the confidence to pick on Murdoc occasionally in phase 2, to just getting completely fed up with him around phase 3, this kind of means the ship would have been in its prime in demon days, unfortunately.

If I wasn't so disorientated I would throw this entire fic so far into th bin that it breaks a hole straight to the eight level of hell it and start over starting at the very moment 2D goes flying through the windshield, using some of these chapters so far as bases for later chapters and release "we're just bandmates (revised, including phase one!)" unfortunately I'm a bit lazy and unmotivated really, maybe at a future date in time though.