To Harry Potter readers and Merlin lovers alike, I thank you for reading my fanfiction. Set in the beginning of Harry, Ron, and Hermione's first year.

It's a two parter. The next chapter will be longer. This is more of a prolog.

Disclaimer: I do not own Merlin or Harry Potter, but I enjoy both.

The warm, rich color of the stone walls was illuminated by a mixture of the soft glow of candles and daylight streaming through the criss-cross glass of the hall windows. The similar textured halls' floors were stepped on the many black shoes students of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry wore to their daily classes.

The number of feet hitting the ground began to lessen as the time for classes to start drew near.

Professor Minerva McGonagall looked down at the entering students from the spot she stood behind her desk. As the students poured in she couldn't help but feel the ach of weariness creep in on her. Their youth and bountiful faces were fairly similar to the faces of her previous students; actually she noticed that she had in fact taught a large amount of their parents.

Oh how the time dwindles on, she thought to herself.

The clank of the door closing brought her out of her musings. It was time to start class. With a small smile she walked around her desk and stood before the class of eager, great witches and wizards to be.

It was only the second to last day of the week of the first semester, but like with anything, the veil of normalcy covered over, causing it to become like any ordinary day for the newly enrolled students. Her transfiguration class was interesting, yes, but it held a subdue manner.

On the first day she had given an overview of the course and shown the class a few easy spells. The next day she had explained the uses of transfiguration in everyday life and had shown how to turn an animal into any household object. The third day was a series of spells practiced by the students on their animals. All in all the first three days were fairly basic material. Today wouldn't be an exception.

She plans to explain how transformation spells could turn inanimate objects into living ones. Well she was planning on it, until she overheard a whispering conversation between two students in the back.

"I wish we could be learning something more exciting. This is rather boring don't you think?" one brown haired boy from Hufflepuff, John Kilt, whispered to a blonde girl from Gryffindor, Jennifer Buckley. The girl nodded her head in response.

"I know. This is rubbish compared to the things I see my older sister do at the Ministry," Jennifer whispered back.

The two suddenly stopped talking when they realized Professor McGonagall was staring directly at them. All eyes, including theirs, landed on the older woman, but hers were still glued on the two students in the back, a line of deep thought gracing her face.

Rubbish. She thought bitterly in her mind, though she did not glare at the students. Why, the transfiguration of objects is but of one of many spells vital to the expansion of a student's abilities onto more complex magic.

Boring. She thought of the boy's words. Sure it isn't as exciting as fighting off a griffon, but it is essential.

It is rather boring, a voice similar to her own rang through her mind. Her thoughts paused at that. She wanted to disagree. To defend her practice, but as she looked at the students in the back she couldn't deny the fact that some of the beginner spells were in fact dull.

But life isn't always extravagant, another voice, also similar to hers, reminded. Sometimes the dull, grunt work must be done in order for the extraordinary to come.

Something clicked in the back of her mind.

"Students," she started. All eyes, though they already had been, were fixated on her.

Should I tell them? crossed her mind. It wasn't in fact her area of study. Professor Binns probably would cover it later on in the semester and wouldn't be happy if she told them before he did, but as she looked back at the two students she shook the thought out of her head. Professor Binns will just have to get off his dead, high horse.

"I had planned to instruct the proper way to transform inanimate objects into living ones," she continued. She took notice of the way that not only the two in the back appeared discouraged but also the looks of a few others dispersed around the room. "But I have decided on a different lesson."

At that, all eyes lightened up. Well all eyes exempt for Ms. Granger's, but she would most likely enjoy the lecture later on. The professor smiled at this and continued looking at her students.

"How many of you know who Merlin was?" she asked.