So I've begun this because I've been having X27 feels lately; including rereading some of my favourite X27 fics and planning a few of my own. So this I how this drabble series was born. It won't be a set number of prompts, and it won't necessarily be just X27, but all the pairings within the Lion!Verse I've made for most of my X27 fics.

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Summary: A drabble (shortish chapter) series surrounding the 'Ligers can't breed', 'Raising Off-spring' and 'Pride of Lions' universes, dedicated to the small Pride that Xanxus and Tsuna have built for themselves within Vongola; the trials and joys that come with that. X27, 59xOc, 69xOc, 96xOc, 1880, LxOc. Reader prompts. MalexMale, MalexFemale. Family fluff. Angst. General.

All within the Pride.
Prompt: Cinnamon

One thing Xanxus would never, ever admit to but a few was one of his ridiculous obsessions. The simply reason for this, because he thought it was a weakness that didn't need to be teased or exploited.

Xanxus knew every single one of Tsunayoshi's obsessions; from the dire need for hot chocolate whenever a migraine hit particularly bad, to the girlish insistence in having either vanilla or coconut scented shampoo or cologne; as fucking expensive as that shit was.

Xanxus was lying of course, he adored that scent Tsuna held; girly or not.

In turn, as Xanxus knew all of his quirks, Tsunayoshi was one of the few to know every single one of Xanxus; the ones he was happy to laugh off, and the ones that were strict and embarrassing secrets.

It was that delicious smell of one of these embarrassing obsessions that woke Xanxus up that morning; even if he was never truly any less than lucid.

"Happy Birthday, love." Tsuna's voice carried like chocolate, and the bed dipped as Tsuna sat on the edge.

"That wha' I think it is?" Xanxus mumbled as sleep fell away and a smirk took a place on his lips.

Tsuna smiled softly, setting the plate down on the bed and kissing Xanxus lips deeply, the man tasted sourly of sleep, but the way Xanxus inhaled both Tsuna's taste and the smell of his breakfast made Tsuna's stomach warm.

"M'hmm, cinnamon toast; your favourite."

"God damn, I love you." Xanxus growled as he captured Tsuna's lips again, purring when he tasted the fragments of the missing bite from his breakfast on Tsuna's tongue.

So I hoped you like that, feel free to review with a prompt or scenario (or pairing) you'd like to see and I'll see what I can do. These chapters will vary in length, so we can have some fun with this, eh?

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