Summary: A drabble (shortish chapter) series surrounding the 'Ligers can't breed', 'Raising Off-spring' and 'Pride of Lions' universes, dedicated to the small Pride that Xanxus and Tsuna have built for themselves within Vongola; the trials and joys that come with that. X27, 59xOc, 69xOc, 96xOc, 1880, LxOc. Reader prompts. MalexMale, MalexFemale. Family fluff. Angst. General.

All within the Pride.
Prompt: Lolita

Timeline: Tanya and Elexi (16), Mukuro (30),Tsuna (28) etc.

"You're not wearing that." Mukuro stated, looking over his twin daughters in worry.

It was Halloween and all the older children had been asked to a school party. The adults had all agreed, and the school being for mafia children had certain precautions in place to ensure that the children were safe – in a number of ways.

That didn't make letting his sixteen year old twins go any easier for Mukuro, especially since their older brother Dakota no longer went to the school, and their younger brother Alexander had declined the invitation to help look after Takeshi and Hibari's daughter –Kayla –who had suddenly been brought down by a bad fever.

"Why not, dad?" Elexi asked with a scorned look in her eyes. "Our friends decided on this theme months ago."

"You look like Lolita," Mukuro elaborated in distaste, "you told me it was gothic Victorian; not this!"

"We knew you wouldn't let us go." Tanya snapped, "We're not even revealing that much skin; not as much as some of our friends."

"I won't let you go like this." Mukuro seethed, "Not when those filthy boys at your school can see you."

He made a move to stop them but they both glared at him with eyes of anger and it confused Mukuro. "Why would you care, Mukuro?" They both spat, "We're going now."

Mukuro stumbled under their words as they left. He knew within half an hour that they'd be phoning him in tears and begging him to forgive them because they didn't mean it at all; he would forgive them of course because he understood. But it still hurt so much to hear it. They knew it hit Mukuro hard when they brought up the fact that they were adopted; hit him so hard he sometimes stayed in a stupor for days.

All three of his adopted children were precious to him, and their emotional scars had left deep impressions on them. Dakota was older, and sometimes he could be cold and emotionless like Chikusa, but he made up for it by being protective and hard working; he would never mention or even hint that he knew –even if he obviously did –that Mukuro wasn't his father. The girls however were young when they were adopted; too young to move on and understand what was done to them and too old to let it fade away into their memory. They had built walls to protect themselves, and could lash out with enough emotional destruction to leave even Hibari floored. Sometimes they let their emotions get to them, and it usually ended with Tsuna having to swoop in and pick up the pieces; and punish the girls with his own brand of fatherly love. Letting Mukuro heal.

"Tsunayoshi, what am I going to do?" He sighed, flopping onto the couch in the living room where he knew Tsunayoshi had been listening in. "I want to do the best for them, they deserve it. But sometimes I feel my control slipping and I just want to lock them in this mansion where I know they'll be safe; all four of them."

Tsuna sighed and handed Mukuro the mug of chai tea he had intuitively brewed, "You are doing a better job than any of us can expect of you Mukuro. You've taken on three very unique cases and are fixing them all. Your children are healing because of your patience and understanding."

It didn't seem to work and Mukuro seemed to be just more depressed.

"They're teenage girls, Mukuro." Tsuna laughed, "Don't you remember when Chrome and the girls finally hit the height of their puberty? It was hell. Tanya and Elexi are just overwhelmed by it all still. Don't worry." Tsuna rubbed a hand across Mukuro's forearm in a comforting manner, and he felt the tension fade away.

"I still can't believe they dressed as Lolita. I'm going to burn every single mind where I find inappropriate images of my girls."

Tsuna chuckled comfortably then, happy that his Mist was back. "They're teenage girls, friend." he smiled. "They'll grow out of it into beautiful, young women."

"Thank you, Tsunayoshi." Were the whispered words that greeted Tsuna when he got up to leave.

"Any time Mukuro. Oh, and if you do need to burn minds do you mind telling me? I can't have anyone with inappropriate thoughts about my niece get away with only that."

As Tsuna strode down the hall he smirked, because the last thing he heard was simply: