Okay this is my Rotg, Httyd, Brave, and Tangled crossover. Hope you enjoy. P.S. Dreamworks is making a How to train your Dragon II. And hiccup looks HAWT. Look up the teaser trailer on youtube.

Jack wandered around the Pole, thinking about the recent Guardian meeting. Manny said that Pitch was going to return with new allies. In turn, the Guardians were going to need new allies of their own. Ever since then, all the Guardians have been on high alert. No one has rested.

Jack was about to do a few more rounds around to check for Pitch when Bunny bounded up to him. " Oy, Frost! Frostbite, come on Manny's callin' us."

Jack ran next to him. " What for?"

" Ah don' know, but when Manny calls us. Ya don' ignore 'im."

Jack shut up and followed Bunny.


Hiccup and Toothless flew around Berk for their daily fly. " Alright ,bud, lets give this a try." Hiccup said. Toothless nodded. Hiccup detached the life line and stood on Toothless's back. Up ahead there was an arch. As they approached the arch, Hiccup jumped, ran across it, then jumped right back onto Toothless's back. " WOOHOO!" Hiccup cheered.

Then he noticed that the sun was setting and the moon was out. " Ah man, Dad's gonna kill me if we don't get home soon. Come on bud, lets head back."

The two turned around and flew back towards the village. They arrived outside Hiccup's house to find his father, Gobber, the twins, Snotlout, Astrid, Fishlegs ans all their dragons waiting there. Toothless landed, Hiccup hopped off and said ," Okay, whatever Snotlout or the twins did. I am not responsible for them."

Stoick shook his head. " It has nothing to do with that. There is ... something strange behind the house." Hiccup raised an eyebrow and walked back behind the house. What he saw surprised him.

It looked like a portal that was still in the progress of forming. It was pure white, but still slightly transparent. And it was in the form of a large circle, like the moon. " Well, I guess that we can all agree that this is certainly strange."

Then the sun went down. The glow from the portal intensified. Toothless growled. Suddenly a tentical of light reached out and wrpped around Hiccups waist and pulled him through the portal.

" HICCUP!" Astrid yelled as she jumped through the portal, everyone else, dragon and human, in tow.


Merida and her family rushed into the courtyard where the mystical 'portal' was said to be. Sure enough, there it was, shimmering as brightly as the moon.

"Och," Merida gasped," Muther, what do you think tha' is."

" I'm afraid I don't know, Merdia" Her mother, Elinore, answerd.

Merida's father, Fergus, approached the portal sword drawn. Medrida imitaited with her bow. Just as she got close, a tentacle like beam shot out and wrapped around Merida's waist, pulling her in.

Fergus shouted ," MERIDA!" and the whole family entered the portal.


Rapunzel haft led, haft dragged Eugene( I'm going by his real name, not Flynn Rider), Maximus, Pascal, and her parents, to her room where she saw the portal. " I swear it's there I saw it the moment the sun went down. It looks like the moon!"

Eugene rolled his eyes ," Honey, I believe you, but a magic portal appearing in your room. That seems a little far-fetched don't you think?"

They entered Rapunzel's room and there it was, shining as bright as the moon. The king and queen exchanged worried looks. Eugene said ," We should probably have the guards inspect this."

The king said ," I agree."

Rapunzel however, wasn't paying attention to the conversation. The brunette ( This takes place after the movie and Tangled ever after, so Eugene and Rapunzel are already married) was walking towards the portal as if she was drawn to it. Suddenly a tentacle of light wrapped around her waist and pulled her through.

" RAPUNZEL!" Eugene yelled as he and everyone went in after her.

North Pole

Jack and Bunny were running to the globe room when the heard a bunch of loud THUMPS.

" Sounded like that came from the globe room." Jack whispered.

"Let's go check it out." Bunny ordered.

Jack heard something in the room behind him. " I'll catch up with you ,Bunny. I think I heard something back there."

" Ya sure about tha', Jack."

"Yeah, I'm sure. I'll catch up."

Bunny nodded and continued on while Jack turned around. As soon as Bunny was out of sight Jack rushed into the room staff drawn. He reared back once he saw a bunch of teenagers in the room. One of them was a scrawny boy with brown hair and eyes in green and brown and he was missing a foot. And Jack could hardly miss the scary looking dragon behind him.

Another was a skinny female brunette with really short hair in a pink dress, a diamond tiara, and green eyes. ( Yes her eyes are green)

The third and final was also a girl. She had wild, fiery red hair, sky blue eyes, round face, and she was wearing a green long-sleeved dress. Oh and she had a bow and arrows on her back.

" Who...are you?" Jack sked the three teens.

The red-head was the first to speak up ," I am Princess Merida, first descendant of the clan Dunbroch."

Next was the boy. " I am Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, son of the tribe chief of Berk. And this is my dragon Toothless." He gestured toward the dragon who was nuzzling him affectionately.

Finally the skinny girl spoke up," I am the lost princess Rapunzel of Corona."

Jack raise his hand. " I'm Jack Frost and I am a Guardian. It's nice to meet you people, now what are you doing here?"

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