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Merida was the first one to respond ," 'Ow 'bout you tell us where we are, ice elf?"

Jac raised an eyebrow. " What did you just call me?"

Hiccup and Rapunzel looked at each other, both of them deciding that they were the only cool tempered ones in the room, before Rapunzel said," Jack. Can I call you Jack? Do you know where my parents are and were my husband Eugene is? I they must be worried."

Hiccup spoke up next," Yeah, and I think my friends and my dad are probably wondering where I am."

The group stopped talking as they heard shouting. Jack muttered ," Found 'em" Jack stepped out of the way of the door and said ," If you want to find you companions or whatever, follow me."

Then Jack walked out of the room, Mérida, Rapunzel, Hiccup and Toothless following him.

Globe Room

They entered the globe room to find it in utter chaos. Merida's, Jack's, Hiccup's and Rapunzel's comrades were fighting each other screaming things like " Where is she!" " WHERE IS MY SON" " WE KNOW YOU HAVE HER" " Where'd Jack go?" " GIVE HIM BACK!"

The teens looked at each other in confusion. Finally Mérida yelled ," SHUT IT!" and there was silence, for a moment. Elinor gasped ," Mérida!"

North saw Jack among the teens and shouted ," JACK, Come and give us hand vith dis." Jack didn't move.

Finally, Rapunzel got into the middle of the ruckus. " EVERYONE CALM DOWN!"

Silence throughout the North pole. Rapunzel continued ," Look, it seems that all of us are extremely confused. But lets not immediately go and start bashing heads and let's think this through."

Everyone visibly calmed down and each teen went to their respective parents/companions. After each person in the room introduced themselves, everyone in the room settled down and waited for their explanation to why they were here.

Eventually, after consulting the moon, North returned to the group. " After consulting Man in Moon, it seems that you are ment to help us in our battle against the Boogeyman, Pitch Black."

At this Eugene stood up and said ," No, not happening."

North stared at Eugene in surprise. " Well, vhy not?"

" There is no way I'm risking the well-being of my wife or her parents, over something that doesn't even involve us." Most of the other people in the room seemed to agree with

North gave a small frown. " Unfortunately, this does involve you. It appears that Pitch has recruited the help of your worst enemies from each of your worlds."

Everyone fell silent as the information sank in. Rapunzel turned to Eugene," Eugene, who could Pitch recruit from our world. We're at peace with the thugs and ruffians. Who else could it be."

Suddenly a voice called out from nowhere. " Why, Rapunzel. I'm hurt. You've already forgotten about me."

Everyone whirled around to the globe to see a woman standing on top of it. Rapunzel gasped," M-M-Mother."

Rapunzel's parents shouted ," GOTHEL!"

Black sand materialized next to Gothel and took the form of Pitch Black. " Hello guardians."

" Oy, Pitch, can tha' fun start now? I'd like da' get me hand on that fish bone of a boy!" From around the globe appeared Alvin the Treacherous.

Stoick, slightly alarmed, ushered Hiccup behind him.

Pitch's eyebrows furrowed. " Do tell me North, where is Jack?"

North looked to his right, the spot where Jack was just standing, only to find it vacant. Then a war cry sounded out and Jack flew out of the rafters, where he was hiding, and flew straight at Pitch. Gothel jumped out of the way and Pitch blocked Jack's ice magic with his black sand. Then from behind the globe, a giant bear with matted fur, scarred face, weapons littering his fur, jumped out and tackled Jack off the globe and onto the floor. Fergus and Mérida cried out, " MORDU!"

Mordu reared his head and lunged for Jack's throat. Jack grabbed his staff and gripped it with both hands, causing Mordu to bite onto the staff instead of his throat. As the two wrestled Pitch brought out his nightmares and Alvin brought out the five or six Outcasts he had with him. To provide a counter attack, the Vikings, Fergus, Mérida, Eugene, Rapunzel( Who had conveniently found a frying pan laying on the table), and the Guardians charged at the enemy onslaught. Hiccup noticed Jack struggling to keep the bear from ripping out his throat and called out ," TOOTHLESS!" Toothless understood and shot a blast of flames at Mordu, effectively knocking him off of Jack. Jack looked at Hiccup, gave him a grin and a thumbs up, then went to join the fight. Hiccup smiled back and hopped on Toothless and muttered ," Lets go ,bud" Then they took of into the air.

The first battle had begun.

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