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Loki, for lack of a better word, was screwed. The God Of Mischief sat in his cell, his raven hair falling down his shoulders in long tendrils. Honestly. He mused to himself. You would think Thor would have learnt what happens when you put me in a clear glass cell. He chuckled a little at this inside joke, and looked at his surroundings. Not that there was much to look at. There was a guard, standing in the far corner of the room, a spear in his hand and a look on his face that told Loki that he honestly really did not want to be there. Loki had tried talking to him at one point. But the guard had just ignored him. Which wasn't exactly the most polite thing in the world. But then again he had tried the same thing with that Spider lady…what was her name again? Black Widow…something of the sort. Loki shook his head in dismay. What a peculiar creature she was. The thought of it! A mere midgardian Lass out smartening The God Of Lies. Impossible.

But that was the thing. It had happened. It had all happened. I wonder if she really did love him. All this rubbish about the sore reason of her being there was to wipe the red from her ledger. No. There was compassion in those eyes. Compassion that was surrounded by a barrier, true. But 'twas there none the less.

Loki looked up when he heard the sound of metal clashing against metal. With a small frown, he got to his feet on shaking, weak legs. "Guard?" He called out. "What is it? What is the meaning of all this ruckus?"
The guard didn't answer. Seeing as he was lying on the ground with his neck broken. Loki frowned. "Oh…well then." He mumbled, before he peered into the darkness. One does wonder….

Thanos smirked a little, remaining in the shadows as he watched the young god peering out at him unknowingly. If only he knew the pain he would soon be going through. Thanos stepped forward, relishing in the look of fear that crossed over Loki's face.
"Nay…" He whispered, his back coming to rest against the glass wall on the other side of the cell. "You're not here. You can't possibly be—"
"Oh it is true, knave." Thanos smirked, "You were warned of your demise if you failed to use the tesserect to our greater good. And that demise is about to commence"
Loki kept his breathing level, not wanting to show any fear. Although deep inside all he wanted was his elder brother. Despite everything, all that had happened, Thor was his elder brother and that was never going to change. "You plan to kill me?" He asked levelly, keeping his chin raised defiantly. Thanos shook his head. "…Nay. My plan is something a little more…"
The glass keeping Loki captive faded with a wave of his hand, allowing him to step in, sealing behind him once more so there was no means of escape. " Beneficial." He smirked, waving his hand in the air, summoning his magic, before clenching his hand in a fist in the God's direction.

And that was when Loki started screaming.

Things were getting better. Despite everything. Steve shifted a little, looking down at his coffee as he yawned. The man rubbed a tired hand over his face, before he finally took another small sip from his coffee. It was Christmas in New York. And, even though everything was different, there was still the same amount of magic in the air. Clint on the other hand, was just sitting there, glaring at the snow like Cats tended to do at their owners' children. Steve had no idea how many layers the SHIELD Agent had on. But Clint was oddly resembling a piece of cotton wool. "R-Remind me why we're having Coffee outside in the middle of December?" He asked. The two having become quite close over the months. It could have been worse though. It could have been Stark instead of Barton. Steve rolled his eyes a little, sipping his coffee again. An odd smile crossed his lips, a distant memory of a conversation a long time ago. With Bucky. Clint watched him, one eyebrow raised as he idly held a marshmallow down under the dark brown waves of his hot chocolate. Waiting until the pink fluffy goodness was soaked with chocolate before spooning the poor thing into his mouth. It was things like this that made Natasha wonder how on earth he had become an Agent. "It's because of that Waitress isn't it?" He asked with a roll of his eyes. It was strange when he thought about it. A few months ago this entire street was in ruins. He barely knew Steve and Steve barely knew any of them. But here he was. Socialising, Freezing his ass off, mind you. But Socialising. Steve shook his head, a slightly confused look on his face at the mention of the waitress. "No…she moved after Loki attacked New York."
Clint blinked a few times. "And you know that how?"
Steve turned a light shade of red. "…Shut up Barton."
"Gotcha." Clint shrugged, sipping his coffee. He glanced around at the falling snow, rubbing it from his eyes and hair. "Think Stark's rusting yet?" He mused. Steve managed a small laugh, getting to his feet after he had finished his coffee, having already paid. "I don't think he's even out of bed."
Clint hurriedly downed his hot chocolate, which to be honest, completely ruined the aspect of buying the damn thing in the first place, and hurried after his friend, Slip sliding in the snow. "Woah. Steve. Calm it. We got time, man."
Steve frowned. "I wasn't hurrying." He mumbled in slight confusion. Clint huffed. "Well walk slower! I got shorter legs than you, Skinny."
Skinny was a nickname Clint had come up with a few weeks after the attack. Steve blinked over at his friend. "Well maybe you can't keep up because you can hardly walk in all those layers." He chuckled. Clint rolled his eyes again. "I don't like being cold! I'm not a Robin for crying out loud! I don't wear tights either." He grumbled. Steve found himself laughing, shaking his head a little as he fiddled with the scarf around his neck. His breath steaming up in the cold. His cheeks were red and his blonde hair was dotted with snowflakes. Natasha blinked a few times, looking up when she saw the two men shuffle in from the cold. A wry smile spread across her lips when she saw Clint. "You look like a Shiatsu."
"Shiatsu." Clint muttered, gesturing wildly. "Shiatsu's a new one. I've had ball of cotton wool and Snowball from some guy in the street But Shiatsu! Shiatsu's a new o—" He smiled a little when he felt her kiss him. Steve blinked a little, looking away politely, rubbing the back of his neck. Bruce had a similar expression from where he was sitting on the couch, his nose in a book. Clint had his eyes closed, cold cheeks against hers. Bruce and Steve exchanged a glance with each other. Thor smiled in his usual cheery way as he walked in. He wasn't entirely sure why he was on Midgard. But he was none the less. His smile was slightly heartier than usual. "Good Morning! Fair Maiden," He nodded to Natasha, who quirked a brow. "Birdman." Clint just chuckled. "Dr Banner and Man of Stars." He smiled. It was only Steve who nodded back. "Morning Thor."

Thor grinned happily, looking down at his hands as he glanced back at Clint and Natasha. Clint had a small smile on his face, his arm coming to rest around Natasha's slim waist. "You okay?" He mumbled. It was rare that she ever let them have moments like this. She shrugged a little, looking down at her feet. Clint frowned, tilting her chin up with his fingers gently. "Tash….talk to me…"
Natasha shook her head a little, hiding her face in his chest. Thor was the first one to frown. "What is wrong with Lady Natasha?"
Clint just shrugged a little, looking down at his partner. "…Tashy…c'mon Babe.."
Natasha shook her head. "You know I hate it when you call me that." She said quietly, but didn't stop clinging to him. Clint nodded his head, kissing her head. "….M'kay…" He mumbled, slowly sitting down with her in his arms.

Bruce frowned a little, running a hand through his hair. "Something is confusing me…" Steve slowly looked down at him. "Dr Banner?" Bruce placed his book down, glancing back over at the clear glass tablet in his hands, frowning down at the data that it was displaying. "There's…lots of Gamma radiations." He mumbled. "Coming from all around. The…The angle of it…" He trailed off, whipping on his glasses. "Something isn't right. It isn't right at all."
Steve had a small frown on his face. "Dr Banner. Please. What is happening?"
Bruce walked over to where Tony was standing, pretending to not make it obvious he was snapping pictures of Clint and Natasha for future blackmail purposes. Bruce and Tony conferred, using words that Steve would not understand in a million years. Tony nodded gravely, before he looked back at Steve. "We need to suit up. Whatever that thing is it's moving fast and it's heading for New York."

Clint sighed. "Of course it is. Why wouldn't it be? Where else would it land? London? Sydney? Oh no. Aliens attack and they come to New York, The Apocalypse starts and it starts in New York. I mean come on!"
"Barton you're rambling." Tony muttered. "Shut it Legolas."

Clint rolled his eyes, helping Natasha up. Resisting the urge to reply to Tony's remark with something about Hobbits and Isengard. He wasn't about to let this slide with Natasha. There was something wrong and he knew it.

Loki was falling. And falling fast. He couldn't breathe. He couldn't breathe at all and it was just about the most scariest thing he had ever witnessed. He was battered and bruised, tattered and torn. But then there was the pain. The dull ache that seemed to linger up and down his spinal cord. His head was pulsing and his fingers nattered with the tell-tale pins and needles pain. He couldn't see where he was going as he fell through the Bifröst, but he felt the familiar sensation of falling through atmosphere after atmosphere.

And then suddenly the ground was coming to meet him.

The People in Central Park weren't expecting it. And to be quite honest, neither were the ducks. Loki gasped for breath once he broke the surface of the water, spitting feathers from his mouth. Smoke was rising from the water where he had landed. And for a brief moment he had forgotten how to swim. The God spluttered a little, wincing at all the screams of the New Yorkers before he finally managed to begin treading water. . His head was hurting like nothing on earth. Stop…Please stop… He went to place his hands over his ears, but froze as soon as he lifted his arms. Smaller? He pondered. He slowly looked down at his reflection. The small boy let out a startled cry, his hands going to his cheeks, squeezing and pinching. "No…No no no…" The six year old whimpered. "This isn't right….this isn't right!"

"Somebody help! There's a little boy in there!"
"Stand back Ma'm…we'll handle this."

"Mommy! Mommy look! It's the Avengers!"

Loki slowly raised his head. "Oh…Bother." He muttered, shaking his head a little. Thor's face slowly fell. He knew that face. He knew those frightened green eyes. "Loki?" He whispered, kneeling near the duck pond, his hammer falling with a thud at his side. "Brother it cannot be so…."

"Loki?" Clint echoed, tightening his hand on his bow. Steve just swallowed thickly, looking over at Tony.

This isn't good.

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