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Chapter 2

A night on the town

Walking to Cats house I noticed some things. For one she walks on her tippy toes half the time. It was actually kind of cute. Also she wasn't as dumb as she seemed. Maybe she was like me. Just lost. She did talk way to much though. Half the time I wasn't even shure she knew what she was saying. When we got to Cats house I noticed that everything was perfectly in line with each other. Like a person with severe OCD woke up every morning and straightened it all out. Down to the last inch. It was also very bland. Beige and browns where the variety of colours through out the large house. Cat led me up the stairs to her room. It clashed so much with the rest of the house it was almost like a whole new world. Bright pink covered the walls. Millions of stuffed animals where everywhere. Her shoes where hanging off hooks and rootbeer bottles all lined up along the shelf. Posters of many bands. But the thing that intrigued me the most was the writing. Many words written in black sharpie splattered every corner and space in the room. "Your about the same size as me right?" Cat asked me. I looked up and down my body and then hers. I was a bit more curvy an obviously I filled out more in the chest than she did. Other wise we were about right.

"Yeah pretty much. Except I don't think I could barrow a bra any time soon." I joked. She started giggling and handed me some clothes

"Its just for today. I'll put your clothes in the wash kay kay. And the bathroom is over there." she said as she left the room. I walked over to Cats bathroom and immediately got in the shower. I wanted the hot water to sooth my nerves. I stood there for a good five minutes with my eyes closed. Juts letting the water relax me and help my thoughts start going. I opened my eyes and took noticed to all the different kinds of shampoos and body washes that Cat had. I picked up one at random and read the label. Coconut Cream. Smelled good. I went ahead and used it to wash my hair. Coconut cream, it reminded me of what happened with Freddie. No matter how hard I tried to will the reminder away, the memory went ahead and flooded my mind

It was the day after Carly had left. Freddie had texted me an hour ago to meet him at the park because he needed to talk with me. I could just tell that this was going to end badly. I pulled in on my motorcycle and parked it. I could see him sitting on a bench and it made my stomach clench, maybe I could just leave before he sees me and make up some excuse. He turned his head and spotted me just as I was starting to turn around. Maybe he didn't really see me and he was just admiring the lovely trees. He held up his hand and waved me over. Shit. he definitely saw me. I nervously walked across the park to him.

"Hey Puckett" he greeted me with that lopsided grin of his. He brought out some sort of picnic basket and reached into it to bring out something in a container "coconut cream pie?" I couldn't help but smile at this.

"Is that?"

"Yep Golini's!" Wow, maybe this wasn't going to turn out so bad. I gladly took the container from his hands as he brought out another one. "One for you Princess Puckett and one for me" This was all going to well for it to be true.

"What's the occasion Benson?" I started to stuff my face with pie. Oh god it was sooo good. After noticing the silent response from Freddie I looked up at him. And just like that all the smiles and laughter in his eyes where gone. Replaced by a look of guilt and sympathy. I put down the pie and looked at my lap. I knew this was to good to be true .

"Sam..." he started. I looked up at him and stared him straight in the eyes.

"Just spit it out Benson." he knew I hated it when he talked like that. He let out a deep sigh and took one look at me and turned away.

" Sam. I'm...I'm...I'm leaving. I cant stay here anymore, I mean what do I have left here for me?" I looked at him with disbelief. I was here wasn't I?

"Freddie. I'm still here." he stood up and started to pace around, this was going even worse that I thought it would.

" Sam its not the same and you know it. I...I'm leaving Seattle. I have too. Lets face it I am nothing but a tech nerd who is never going to get anywhere if I just stay here, and I don't have any reason to stay.." he trailed off. This wasn't about Him being a tech nerd and I knew it.

"Its because of Carly isn't it?" He couldn't meet my eyes "Isn't it?"

" Sam..."

" No! Shut it Benson! Why would you let some girl literally drive you out of town? That's just stupid! Why keep fallowing her around like a little love sick puppy? She left Freddie. She left us both.."

" You think I don't know that? You think I haven't been asking myself those same questions? She just makes me feel like I'm worth something even if I know there isn't ever going to be a chance! She's just like that." I don't know why but that made me even madder.

" Carly will never love you." I spat out those words and just as soon as I did I wanted to take them back. silence hung thickly in the air. and then Freddie just started to pack up all his things and walk away. But before he left he turned around and looked at me dead in the eye.

" I talked to Carly and you know what? She thinks your just never going to grow up. That your mean ways and dumb pranks are just going to get you no-where, yeah it was funny for a while but now its just an old board game you keep trying to get everyone to play. You hurt people and you don't even feel bad about it. She wonders if you still even feel. And that's also why I'm leaving Sam. unlike Carly, your just to hard too love." he turned around and walked away. Leaving me here. I was lost for words. Carly said that? I couldn't believe it. I refused. I just ran away to my motorcycle and fought back the tears that stung in my eyes. Wouldn't dare let them know I feel.

I snapped back to reality and finished my shower. I couldn't bring my self to even go over that night once again. I stepped of the shower and noticed a very pink out fit neatly folded on the counter. I picked it up and noticed it was a pink tank top and pink sweat pants with little rainbows all over it. I sighed and put the out fit on. I started to walk out the door

"Cat do you have any thing else to wea- AHH!" I jumped about ten feet, I had not been expecting her to be sitting on the edge of her bed in front of the door. It was as if she had been waiting for me.

" hahah! Surprise!" she exclaimed. I rolled my eyes at her. I looked out side and I noticed it started to get dark. It would be too late to go find a hotel to crash. Plus I was broke. Suddenly an idea hit me.

"Hey Cat do mind if I crash here tonight?" She smiled the biggest smile I've ever seen and nodded her head in excitement. Good I wasn't ready to ditch this girl quite yet. I started to walk off to go raid the kitchen but then I remembered something. Oh god how could I be so stupid! I brought all of my clothes and stuff with me on my motorcycle." I'll be right back Cat." I started to walk out the door after I put my sneakers on. But then I noticed a soft tap of Cats shoes trailing behind me. I turned around and looked at her "You uh need something?" She looked at me with her inocent eyes

"Can I please go with you?" I looked at her eyes and I could tell that she was scared to be alone.

"Um yeah sure why not." She jumped up and giggled

"Yay!" She fallowed me out to my motorcycle and while I was getting my stuff I noticed that she kept staring at my motorcycle. Her little hands kept going over there handle bars. And that gave me a new idea.

"Hey Cat." She looked up and pulled her hand away quickly.


"You uh ever been on a motorcycle before?" Her eyes lit up.

"Oh! Well. Nope!"

"You wanna ride?" I half expected her to say no. It didn't seem like she did much. But then again I saved this girl from a garbage truck, so what else has she gotten her self into. I stood up with my bag in hand and watched her ponder it for a moment. I could tell she was thinking really hard when she started to chew her bottom lip. "So kid, you wanna ride?" She looked up and unexpectedly gave me a hug. Not a little one . A full arms around the neck practically choking me hug.

"Yes! Yes! Yes! A thousand times yes!" I grabbed both her wrist and carefully removed them from around my neck.

" okay I'll go back inside and change and then I'll take you on my motorcycle." She clapped her hands together in excitement

"Kay kay!" She basically skipped her way back to the house.

After I changed my clothes I went outside to see Cat standing by my bike with a very bright pink helmet on. I couldn't help but roll my eyes at that. I put on my black helmet on and got on my bike. I waited for Cat to go ahead and get on but after a minute of waiting I looked at her and noticed she was just staring at the bike.

"Cat," I said impatiently "you can get on now"

"Oh! Kay kay!" Was this girl for real? She eagerly climbed onto my bike and wrapped her arms around my waist. I took a deep sigh and rode off. The ride wasn't so bad and Cats constant laughter and giggling didn't even phase me. I could tell she was just having the time of her life. We rode for a while and Cats laughter eventually died down. She just gripped me tightly and laid her head on my back. I love riding but I couldn't help but get bored after a while. Eventually we pulled over into a Groovy Smoothie. I didn't even know they had more than one , I always thought there was just Tbo's. While we were drinking our smoothies and Cat was chattering away, I started to get bored again. When we finished our smoothies I decided to go walk around town a little. Cat was telling me some goof y story about her brother when I spotted the toy store. And it gave me an idea.

"Cat," I interrupted her "have you ever stole anything before? "

"No I can't say I haven't" she giggled. I smiled at this. Of course she hasn't, she's way to innocent. I pointed at the store and waved Cat over to fallow me . "Just fallow my lead, okay" I whispered as we entered the store

"Kay kay " she whispered right back. The store had rows of candy and shelves stacked with toys and things to amuse small children. On my right I noticed a red bin filled with mask. I grabbed one that looked like a dog and Cat grabbed one that looked like a cat. She giggled and whispered "I'm a cat named Cat!" I put my finger up to my lips.

"Shhh" she mimicked my action and nodded her head. After we put the masks on I lead her to the back and acted like we where looking at things. Cat tugged at my shirt and pointed to the cashier guy. He was looking at us up and down. He definintley suspected something. He started to walk towards us. " Cat when I say go just grab something and run" she nodded her head. We started walking towards the front when the guy started to yell at us.

"Hey wait!" He started to walk faster.

"Go!" I yelled. Cat just started grabbing everything and we where going to get caught if we didn't leave now. "Cat just ugh!" I grabbed her free ha d and we sprinted out the door. The cashier went on a full sprint after us. I pulled a very giggly Cat into the ally to hide from him. I couldn't help but to laugh. Both out of breath and sweaty we went to go find my motorcycle.

"Hey! Stop!" The cashier found us. I grabbed Cats hand again and we just kept running. I took her down another alley hoping to loose him again. Shit he found us and we couldn't run anywhere there was a fence in the way. Cat suddenly started to climb onto of a bunch of crates and got towards the top of the fence. She was going to climb over it. I fallowed her and quickly leaped onto the crates and helped push her up the fence.

"Hurry Cat! Shit! Go faster! She was soon over the fence. She looked up at me anxiously all wide eyed and worried as she climbed down the other side. The cashier had grabbed my sneaker and was trying to pull me down. Fuck! I kept trying to shake him off but it wouldn't work. He was going to catch me. Suddenly I felt a tug on my hands .It was Cat. She stood on top of a huge garbage bin and was trying to help pull me up. I some how managed to squirm enough so I was able to kick the guy In the neck. He stumbled back words and went for grabbing me again but it was too late. I was on the top of the fence and I jumped over. I grabbed Cat and laughed as we ran away.

We where still laughing so hard when we reached my motorcycle. I haven't had fun like that in a long time. Cat and I got on the bike and rode back to her house. I noticed she was a little scruffed up and we were both still wearing the masks. She wasn't so bad to hang out with. When we were in her room she lifted up her shirt a little at the stomach and all the stuff she stole came spilling out. I was a little impressed. I didn't even notice she still had the stuff.

After a couple of hours I decided to go to bed. Cat set up the fold out couch and the last thing I could remember was a little kiss she had placed on my cheek.

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