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Chapter 3


I woke up the next morning to a familiar sensation. My stomach growling. I turned over to avoid the sun light that was piercing my eyes, only to see a bunch of red in my face. What the fuck? Oh right. Cat. She had curled up in a little ball wearing footie pajamas. I rolled my eyes at the ridiculous rainbow patterns. I laid there and studied her face for a moment. Even in her sleep she had a tiny smile on her face, showing her dimple. How did she even end up sleeping with me anyway? I started to will my self to remember the blurry ending of that night.

I laid my head on the pillow. My blond curls annoyingly getting in my face. After moments of being frustrated I finally threw it into a messy bun and laid on my back. I stared up and smiled at how much fun I had tonight. It seemed like it had been ages since someone had looked at me with light in their eyes like Cat did. Ages since I didn't feel like I was letting someone down for just having a little fun. Now that I really thought of it, I couldn't ever remember a time when I had heart racing and adrenaline rushing fun like that with Carly. I felt like I could do it all over again. Cat wasn't that bad. She was very childish but at least she wasn't a boring yes 'mam kind of girl. It's a shame I have to leave tomorrow. Go out and see what else may lie ahead for me. Back on the road to no-where . I couldn't help but think about what Cat would do after I left. I mean. Why should I care in the first place. Once I'm gone it's not my problem. As if she knew I was thinking about her, she came quietly walked over to the end of the bed. Her eyes all wide and her expression almost scared. "...Sam...are you awake?" She said in her little voice. I quickly shut my eyes and pretended to have been asleep. I heard a deep disappointed sigh. I went ahead and slowly opened one eye and peered at Cat. Her shoulders had slumped and she hung her head low. "...oh well" she mumbled. I watched as she started to walk away. That little bounce no longer in her step. Suddenly I acted on impulse.

"Cat! Wait! Yes.. I'm.. I'm still up..." Cat smiled like she just won a prize and came bouncing back over to the bed. Still shocked at my self that I did I barely managed to stumble the next sentence out. "Oh so uh what ...what do you need kid?" Cat looked down as if she had felt embarrassed about something.

"Can I sleep in here with you?" Her eyes looked at me all sad and worried.

"Uh well..." I started to say no. "Cat..." but then I really looked at her face. She was genuinely scared."...um" I took a deep sigh in defeat and said "...sure." I mean what was one night going to hurt? This made Cat feel better. She excitedly got into the pull out bed and got under the covers. She lifted up her red hair and laid it above her on the pillow. Why didn't I think of that? Its genius!

"Thank you!" Cat giggled. I didn't even noticed I had said that out loud. Cat looked over at me quizzicaly."Sam?" I turned my head to face her

"Yeah Cat?" She furrowed her brow and after a moment she took a deep sigh

"Nothing." She started to play with her red hair. Occasionally smelling it.

" Cat what's up with the hair?" She shot up and looked at me like I just seriously offended her.

"What's that suppose to mean?!" This took me back little. What the fuck was wrong with what I said?

"Nothing! I was just asking about the color. Ya know. Why is it red?"

"Oh!" She relaxed her shoulders and laid back down. I waited for her to respond. After a minute I sat up and looked at her. She had a smile on her face. One of those smiles that showed she was off in her own world. I cleared my throat to get her attention.

"Yes?" She innocently said.

"Well? Are you gonna tell me why it's red?"

"Yeah." She replied. The she went back to where ever her mind was before. Is this girl for real?

"Um. Cat. Are you gonna tell me or not?" She looked up at me with confusion lighting her eyes.

"Oh! Did you mean now?" She couldn't be serious. I let out a little laugh at this

"Well! Yeah now!"

"Oh well why didn't you just say so!" I resisted the urge to ask if she was really this oblivious or was she just kidding. I haven't known her for a while but anyone could see she was still a child. "Well I really like red velvet cupcakes so I dyed my hair this color. But even though it looks like red velvet it still tastes like hair." I rolled my eyes as she stuck a piece of her hair in her mouth and did a little frown.

I laid back down and realized that the entire time I was here I haven't even seen her parents. Cat didn't really seem like the kind of girl who would be left alone.

"Cat where are your parents?" She stopped dead on her tracks at this. Putting down her hair she went silent. As if debating to answer this or not. She noticed me staring at her and quickly put on a smile.

"They went for business..." The words rolled off her tongue as if she's said it a thousand times before. Almost recited, mechanical. I had to give Cat some credit for being able to pull off a smile as genuine looking as that one. But I could see that I struck a nerve. And behind that smile those nerves had cracked something. She had no light in her brown eyes. Usually radiant and bright , they now appeared dull and shadowed with sadness. I knew those eyes and that smile. It was the same one I would pull off every time some one asked me about my mom or my dad. Deciding not to press any further questions on a clearly sensitive issue I dropped it. But before I changed the subjects the words just slipped from my mouth.

"Its cool if you don't wanna talk about it. But just so you know, I get it. Just don't get your self caught up in whatever it is they are up to.. Don't dwell on it, maybe they expect you to crumble. Prove them wrong Cat." I turned to her face to see tears begging to spill over. Cat was refusing to let them fall, and maybe that's how she's not so different from me.

Cat croaked a small "thank you."

"No problem kid." I wasn't feeling so much like my self right now and it bothered me. Since when did I try to make people feel better? It was a little unnerving. Not wanting to press the conversation any further I told Cat I wanted to go to bed now.

"Kay kay. Nighty night Sam."

"Yeah g'night Cat." Shit. Now I'm not even just saying yeah and sleeping. She should have been thrown out of the bed by now. Sent scampering back up the stairs.

"Oh one more thing!" I stopped my self from letting out a groan. And I'm not to sure if it was a good idea. It could have stopped what happened next. I felt soft plump lips be gently pressed against my cheek. I could smell the pina-colada lip gloss being stamped upon my cheek. Cat laid back down like it was just the most natural thing in the world.

Now I really didn't feel like the Sam Puckett I was just hours ago.

And maybe that wasn't such a bad thing.

I snapped back to reality. I looked to my side and saw that Cat was no longer peacefully sleeping there. Now instead I stared at the wrinkled bed spread and a little dent where she had laid down. Weird, I didn't even hear her get up. I could hear in the distance someone singing. It was coming from up stairs. I got out of the fold out couch and proceeded up the stairs. I walked into Cats room and found that the source of the singing had been Cat. I watched her as she danced around the bathroom while getting all dolled up for something. She was pretty good and it was actually kind of cute to watch her spin and twirl about, blissfully unaware of me standing there.

She stood one her tippy toes and leaned into her mirror and began to but her make up on. Still singing even as she opened her mouth open to put on her mascara. It didn't take long for her to finish her make up since she barely even wore any. She looked down at her feet as she hit a high note on her song.

"All I need is just one chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaance!" She bounced her way out and smiled as she noticed me standing before her. "Your up!" She threw her arms around my neck and gave me another one of those hugs. I couldn't bring my self to push her away this time. She finally let go and bounced her way down stairs after grabbing a book bag.

"Sam do ya think you can give me a ride?" A little surprised I responded with

"Now? Where do you need to be this early?" Cat looked at me as if I had just asked her the question to the most obvious thing in the world.

"To school silly!" She giggled and made her way outside. Standing right next to my bike as if at any moment I'd just hop on and take her to where ever her little heart desires. Still a little befuddled that she would just assume that id give her a ride,I stumbled towards the door.

" yeah, uh just a sec Cat. Lemmie...lemmie get dressed." I took a deep sigh and threw on some pants and a t-shirt, I was just barely putting my shoes on when I heard that little giggle. Thinking she had broke something I dashed my way out side to see Cat wearing my helmet and leather jacket sitting on my bike.

"Look I'm Sam Puckett!" She loudly declared with a giggle "vroom vroom hahah." I smiled at the sight of this.

"You should wear my stuff more often Cat..." Oh no. What was up with me and saying things without meaning to? It was like word vomit. Unexpected as I heave out whatever nonsense had been laying in the back of my thoughts. Hoping to pass off what I just said I got over to my motorcycle and took my place in the front." Where to Cat?"

"Hollywood Arts!" I remembered seeing that place yesterday. It wasn't to far from here as I recall. I drove off as soon as I felt Cats hands grip my shirt tightly letting me know she was ready. Is I drove down the curves and turns of the smooth road I couldn't help but thinking of how I could get use to this. Every night being an adventure, me on my bike with Cat gripping my waist behind me ...I quickly pushed the thought out of my mind. My brain was just muddled that's all. Besides its not like I could stay if I wanted to.

Soon we pulled up to the seemed to take her time grabbing all her stuff and she really took her time to take off my jacket. Funny I didn't even notice she still had it on. Cat turned on her tip toes to walk away but then she turned back around. Her little hands started to play with the straps on her bag as she nervously approached me. "...Your gonna leave now right?" She continued to fiddle with her straps.

"Well of course I have to go Cat." I couldn't bring my self to admit that I was doing more than just leaving Hollywood Arts, I was leaving California.

But Cat could tell there was more than I was telling." You know what I ment Sam." Her brown doe eyes looking at me sadly.

"Yes I'm leaving."

"And ...and your not going to come back...are you?" It wasn't a question really. It was more of a straightforward fact. I looked down at my sneakers as if I had suddenly found the dirt smudge on them interesting. Cat made deep sigh.

"Well. There is a play here today. And I'm in it. So maybe you could just stay a little while. Maybe come and see it. Its only in an hour and it won't take too long. I don't think..."she trailed off. Maybe she was right, I could stay for just a moment...No. I couldn't. I had to leave before...well I don't know what but I just have to leave now.

"No Cat. I need to go." Her shoulders slumped back but then rose up again. She put a smile on her face and slowly stepped away.

"Kay kay, bye Sam. I...I had fun!" She disappeared into the building as I rode off. Riding down the road use to be enjoyable and peaceful by myself. But now I could feel my self wishing for a certain little redhead to be clutching on my waist and giggling as we road to anywhere and everywhere. I started to notice that red things where sticking out to me everywhere around. Red cars. Red shirts, lights, signs. Red, red. RED. I took a deep sigh and finally gave in to my self and turned around. I headed back to the school hoping I wasn't too late for Cats play. I came storming through the doors. You'd think I just entered a circus instead. Teenagers where everywhere, but they were not doing normal teenage stuff like texting or talking. No. I walked in to see some kids dancing in ways that made my spine shiver. As if there bones where removed. Others so crazy graceful. Kids playing instruments everywhere. Acrobatics right on top of the stair well. One kid was walking around arguing with a puppet. I walked along side the lockers. Studying everyone I passed. They where all differently designed. Some lockers looked like monsters others where cool things like a piano keyboard. I turned and saw one that seemed really weird. A bunch of scissors had been stabbed into the locker. The colorful handles sticking out. The plastic varied different shades of reds and blues. I ran my thumb along the part where your finger goes in. It was pretty cool.

"What do you you think your doing?" Some girl snapped. I turned to see who the fuck the girl was. When I looked at Cat all I could usually see was shades of pink and red, this girl was just all black. Dark and thickly healed combat boots stood on the ground the black skinny jeans led up to even more black with her t-shirt and cardigan. Her dark (and of course black) dramatic curls laid nicely on her shoulders. Standing out in contrast of her very pale skin. She wore a expression on her face that was the cross between a smirk and anger. "Hello? I asked you a question." She snapped once more as she took a step forward, clearly she was thinking she could just intimidate me. Haha wrong!

I took a step forward and smiled "Well obviously I was just buying some fresh fruit from this here market stand." I gestured to her locker. She rolled her pale blue eyes.

"Nice, but just so you know that's my locker and you can keep those grubby little mitts off of it." Oh grubby little mitts? I knew exactly where I could put them now. Right around her neck. I smiled at her in the sweetest way I could and stepped back, placing my hands on her locker.

"Did you not just hear what I said?"

"Did you not just see me give a fuck? You shouldn't have because I clearly don't." She raised her eyebrows in anger and took a step forward again. I mimicked her. She tried to stare me down with her piercing blue eyes. But she has no idea what game she's playing at. Our little stand off was interrupted by a familiar giggle and the flash of red hair.

"Sam!" She exclaimed when she saw me. She ran towards me causing the other girl to step back in confusion. She jumped and wrapped her arms around my neck, giggling. "You came!"

"Of course kid!" Cat continued to giggle as she let go of me.

"You know her?!" The other chick asked in a shocked and angry voice.

"Yeah! Jadelyn this is Sam!" Cat grabbed 'Jadelyn's' hand and smiled. I felt a weird feeling when I saw that.

Her eyes flickered to where Cat had just grabbed her hand "I told you to stop calling me that Cat! Its JADE!" She then shook off Cats hand and walked over to her locker. I looked at Cat and saw that her eyebrows had furrowed as if she was mad at herself.I swear I could even see her lower lip quiver. This really infuriated me. I marched over to Jade and slammed her locker door shut while she was still getting crap out of it. "Dude, I don't know who you are but "

"You don't need to."I cut her off " but what you do need to do is go apologize to Cat." I at first wanted to just slam her head into the locker but Cat wouldn't have been able to take seeing that. Jade looked at me all shocked for a minute then cooly replied

"Why do you care?" That puzzled me for a minute. Why do I care..

"Because...because you shouldn't have yelled at her for something so stupid." Yeah like I haven't done that to someone before. But it was good enough for now.

"You don't even know me."

"I don't care to know you." Cat seemed to be her self a little more. She walked over to me and tugged on my shirt

"Sam its fine. Really." What?

"Cat she can't just-"

" Its fine. I should have known better than to...its fine. Can we just go do the play now?" Oh right there was a play. I looked at Cat and saw the plea for this to just be forgotten in her big chocolate eyes.

"Sure Cat." She smiled and gave me a hug. The kind where she just wrapped her arms around my torso and I could feel al the warmth in Cat just seeping through me. Jades eyes flickered to Cat. She pierced her lips together and walked off.

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