Chapter 1

35 year old Kevin Knight was 30,000 feet up in the air, controlling one of the largest planes on American Airlines. The plane had just taken off, and Kevin was in a good mood.

He was going home today; the plane was headed from Cheyenne, Wyoming, for St. Paul, Minnesota. He'd finally be able to see his beautiful wife, Jennifer, and his adorable 4 year old son, Kendall. It had been a few months since he last saw them.

Kendall had been sending him cards with hand drawn pictures on them, usually writing things like "I luv u, daddy" on them. Kevin kept them all in his suitcase like precious gold. He kept every single one of them.

Kevin was a pilot. It earned him an adequate amount of money that he was able to send home to his wife and son. They were by no means poor, and Kevin was planning to buy Kendall a Transformers set on Christmas that winter.

He was able to visit them at home for a few months every year, and he treasured those few months greatly. Being a pilot had always been his dream, but his family was also a priority in his life.

He tried to balance the two together a little, but he found that he was spending less and less time with his family. He was thinking of changing his job, but as for now, he was still a pilot.

He remembered what his son, Kendall, had told him once. "Daddy, I wanna fly a plane just like you!"

That's what Kendall had told him when he was about 3. Kevin was pleased, but he didn't want Kendall to pursue something that would take away much of his time that he could be spending with his family.

He was jerked out of his thoughts when the plane swerved right a little. Kevin immediately knew what it was. There was air turbulence. Kevin called over his announcer, Jason, and told him to tell the passengers to put on their seatbelts.

All passengers please stay seated; we are currently experiencing some air turbulence.

Kevin was used to it. Almost half the time he took off, the plane shook a little. It was just the air outside, the velocity and pressure of it, nothing else. He always got it back under control.

But this time, something felt different. It felt like he couldn't even control the plane, no matter how hard he twisted the direction knob. He tried to turn the plane left, but it didn't obey.

The plane started swerving down, and Kevin had no control over it. The controls on the panel just would not cooperate.

Then, Kevin understood. Engine failure. That was why he couldn't control the plane anymore. The engine was failing. He had heard about it happening before. The engine failed, the plane crashed.

It always crashed . There had not been one case where engine failure resulted in a safe flight.

He had no time to think about why it was happening or what would happen after; he looked down and knew that the plane, flight 451B, was going to crash.

He clicked on his announcement button and grunted out a few words that would change his life, and his passengers' lives, forever.

Passengers, prepare to crash.

Kevin Knight could do nothing but watch as the plane went down, down, and down into the ground below, thinking of his beautiful wife and his adorable son. Thinking of Jennifer's beautiful blue eyes and her red hair, Kendall's big green eyes and his messy blonde hair.

He couldn't hear the passengers' screams, couldn't hear his own heart pumping, couldn't hear the engine failing.

All he could hear was a little boy's voice, whispering in his ear.

I love you, daddy.

line line line

Ring! Ring! Ring!

31 year old Jennifer Knight blinked her drowsy eyes open, silently cursing whoever had called her so early in the morning.

It was July, and the sun was already halfway up even though it was only 5am. Jennifer stretched and put on her slippers, walking quickly towards the phone in the kitchen.

"Hello?" She asked tiredly.

"Hi, is this Kevin Knight's family?" A male voice asked gently into the phone.

"Um, yes, this is her wife, Jennifer. Is something wrong?" Kevin's flight was probably being delayed again; it happened many times.

"I'm very sorry, ma'am, but Kevin Knight has been involved in a plane crash. He is currently in the Wyoming State Hospital under immediate care."

Jennifer froze, her heart pumping loudly. "What… what? No, no, no… you've got it wrong, he couldn't have crashed, he couldn't have!" She cried into the phone, falling onto her knees.

"I'm sorry, ma'am, but it would be best if you got here as soon as possible." The man told her firmly. Jennifer felt tears streaming down her cheeks.

But she stood up and took a deep breath. Kevin wasn't dead; he was just in the hospital. "Alright, sir, thank you very much. I'll be there as soon as I can."

The man thanked her and hung up. Jennifer sat down on her leather couch, her hands shaking. What was she going to do? She still had a 4 year old son in bed. What was she going to tell Kendall?

She had to leave now. She had to be there for Kevin. But she didn't want Kendall to be there. She wouldn't be strong enough, and she didn't want Kendall to see something so horrible happen to his daddy.

Kendall admired his dad; seeing him unconscious and injured, lying in a hospital bed, would surely crush him. He was only 4, turning 5 in November.

Then she remembered; the new folks next door also had a kid Kendall's age. They could take care of him for a while. They were nice people, and Jennifer was friends with the boy's mother, Ashley.

Jennifer called her up with shaking hands, trying to calm herself down. She didn't want to break down in front of Kendall or Ashley. She had to stay strong.

"Jennifer? It's 5 in the morning." Ashley pointed out, letting out a yawn. Before, Jennifer would have laughed, but today, she just couldn't. For obvious reasons.

"Ashley… I-It's Kevin. He's in the hospital in Wyoming." Even though Jennifer already knew, saying the tragic news out loud seemed to make it even more painful.

Ashley gasped. "Oh my goodness… I'm so sorry, Jennifer. Are you guys going to visit him now?"

"Yeah, but just me. I… I don't want Kendall to see his father in the hospital like that… Can he, well, can he stay over at your house for a while?" Jennifer asked.

"Oh, yes, of course! I'm really sorry, Jennifer, and I really hope the best for you two. And I promise I'll take care of Kendall. How long will you be there?" Jennifer was so grateful she had Ashley as her friend.

"Well, it's going to take about 12 hours to get there… probably a few days at least… seeing how things go." Jennifer responded quietly. Both women knew that the trip would be cut short if Kevin didn't make it.

"Alright, that's no problem. You can send him here right now, Jennifer. God bless you, alright?" Jennifer hung up and went upstairs to wake Kendall up.

Should she tell him the truth, or should she just not say anything? Kendall would be absolutely heartbroken when he heard the news. He'd want to come with her for sure, and that couldn't happen.

But Jennifer knew Kendall would be even more upset if she lied to him about his own father. Kendall had been excited for weeks for his dad to come home. He'd even made him a present.

She would tell him the truth. Kendall had always been very honest, and she should repay him for that by being honest back.

"Kendall, sweetie?" Jennifer didn't want to wake her sweet boy up, but Kendall had already blinked open his green eyes.

"Mommy? What's wrong? It's still dark." Kendall whined, sitting up. Jennifer hugged him.

"Sweetie, mommy has to leave for a while. Daddy… his plane crashed, sweetie. He's in the hospital."

Kendall's eyes filled with tears. "What? Daddy's in da hospital?"

Jennifer almost started crying at his heartbroken voice. "Yes, sweetie, but it's going to be okay. I'm going to send you to our new neighbor's house." She explained gently.

Kendall widened his eyes. "No! I'm going too! I have to see daddy, mommy!" He buried his face in his hands and started crying. Jennifer picked him up into her arms.

"Oh, sweetie… I'm so sorry, but you're still too small. You'll have a fun time with the new boy, okay? I'm sure he's nice. I'll be back before you know it, okay?"

But Kendall still shook his head, and was still crying when they got onto the car after Jennifer had packed her things.

"I-I don't want daddy ta die…" Kendall sobbed over and over again. Jennifer could do nothing but try and comfort him.

"Sweetie, neither do I… but you've gotta stay strong for daddy, alright? He loves you so much, and when he comes back, you can go play hockey with him again, alright?"

Kendall sobbed the whole way to Ashley's house, which was about a minute. Jennifer picked him up and kissed him on the cheek.

"Kendall, sweetie, it's okay. Don't cry, baby. Mommy will be back in a few days, and Mommy will bring daddy with me, okay? Stay here with the new boy's mommy and she'll take care of you, okay?"

Kendall sniffled, looking up at Jennifer with those big green eyes that reminded her so much of Kevin. "T-tell daddy I love him…" He whispered. Jennifer nodded and promised him that she would.

"Mommy will call you every single day, okay? Mommy will call you when she gets to the hospital, okay? Don't worry, sweetie, everything's gonna be okay." Jennifer assured Kendall. But she didn't even believe it herself.

"O-Okay." Kendall said in a broken voice. Jennifer rang the doorbell. She heard hurried footsteps, and then she saw Ashley open the door quickly. She smiled at them and pulled Jennifer in for a quick hug.

Then she kneeled down and gave Kendall a kiss on the cheek. "Hello, sweetie. You want to come in? I made you chocolate chip cookies." Kendall gave his mommy a big hug and hesitantly stepped into the unfamiliar house.

"Bye, mommy… Please come back soon." He whimpered. Jennifer kissed him.

"I promise, sweetie. You just stay here and be good for mommy, alright?" Kendall nodded, and then Jennifer was off.

As she watched Kendall wave goodbye, his beautiful green eyes filled to the brim with tears, and thought about Kevin, lying in the hospital, practically dead, tears slid down her face.

Everything had to be okay.

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