Chapter 10

It was Saturday, and Kendall and James were planning to go fishing with Kendall's mommy. But then Kendall's mommy called over Carlos's mommy and they had to go with Carlos, too.

Kendall was angry for a while. Why couldn't he have any time with only him and James? They were friends first, so they were bester friends. But then when he saw how happy Carlos was, he remembered that they were Carlos's friends too.

That didn't mean he was as excited as before, though. Carlos was bad at… well, everything. He always lost when they were racing, and he didn't know how to do monkey bars or ride his bike or anything cool.

And it wasn't a surprise when Carlos got scared of the huge fishy that Kendall's mommy had just caught. He squealed and wrapped his arms around his mommy's legs. Kendall and James giggled at the squirming fish.

Kendall's mommy put the fish in a huge bucket with water after taking a sharp thing out of its mouth called a hook. "Mommy, can I try?" Kendall asked eagerly.

"No, I wanna try!" James argued.

"No, I asked first!" Kendall retorted.

"Boys!" The two looked up at Mrs. Knight's voice. "Boys, I told you not to argue." She turned to the smallest boy. "Carlos, you've been a good boy. Do you want to try?"

Carlos shook his head quickly. "N-no… it's scawy." He admitted.

Kendall suddenly had a goal. He was determined to make Carlos not scared of fishing. He was going to at least find something Carlos was good at. "Don't be a baby, Carlos! Only babies are scared of fishies! We eat them all the time!" He taunted him.

Carlos sniffled. "I'm notta- a baby!" He argued.

"Then do it!"

Carlos looked up at Kendall's mommy with wide brown eyes. "Okay… I'll twy."

He grabbed the pole hesitatingly from Jennifer's hands and almost fell from the heavy weight. His mommy went to help him with it, and soon, it was silent.

Then Carlos felt the pull. He thought it was going to pull him into the water. His mommy took hold of the pole and Carlos ran away and hid behind Kendall's mommy. "Carlos, look! It's a fishy! It's bigger than mine!" Mrs. Knight congratulated Carlos, lifting him up into her arms so he could see. It was a struggled because of her huge stomach, but she still did it.

Carlos gaped. The big fish was now swimming along with the other fish in the bucket. "Woah…" He breathed out, not as scared now that he knew the fish wasn't going to get him.

"Good job, Carlos! You got the biggest one!" James grinned at the smaller boy, who grinned back.

"Yes! I knew you were good at something!" Kendall cheered. Carlos grinned at him too.

"Alright, boys, now you two can try." Kendall let James go first. He wanted to be the last one so if he caught a big fish it would be the biggest. The last one was always the biggest, everyone knew that.

But none of them caught a fish as big as Carlos's.

They let the fish back into the water. Just as they were about to leave, Kendall's mommy let out a scream.

The three boys let out a scream of their own. "Mommy? What's wrong?" Kendall asked him mommy fearfully.

Carlos's mommy looked at her and knew. "I'll call the ambulance." She announced in her slight accent. "Don't worry, you'll be fine."

Jennifer nodded. "Kendall, sweetie… Your baby sister or brother is coming out." She explained, gritting her teeth at the pain.

Kendall looked at James excitedly. "My mommy's having a baby!" He squealed. "Can you believe it?"

James nodded excitedly. "That's so cool!"

Soon, the ambulance came and Carlos's mommy drove them to the hospital. Kendall didn't remember ever going to a place called the hospital. Except when his daddy had been hurt from the crash… and he went to a hospital.

"Is it fun there?" Kendall had asked Mrs. Garcia. The woman had laughed.

"Maybe, sweetie." She answered. Kendall took it as a yes. Maybe it was only bad for his daddy.

They got there and were forced to sit in a room full of boring old chairs. "This isn't fun!" James whined. "This is boring!"

"We… we can pway I Spy!" Carlos piped up excitedly.


James started. "I spy with my little eye… something…" He looked around until he found the object. "Blue!"

"Your shirt?"


"Your pants?" James looked down. He hadn't realized he was wearing mostly blue today. He shook his head at Kendall.

"Oh, I know! It's Mrs. Garcia's pants!" James shook his head again.

"Is it dat tishoo box?" Carlos asked. James looked at him.

"How'd you know?" He asked incredulously.

Carlos smiled. "You wooked at it wight before you told us." He explained. James blew out a puff of air.

"Aw man!"

"Jennifer Knight?" Kendall looked up first at his mommy's name.

"That's my mommy!" He told the nurse eagerly. "Did she have a baby?"

The nurse smiled at him. "Yes, sweetie, do you boys want to come see?" Mrs. Garcia led them down with the nurse.

"Do you fink it's a boy or girl?" Carlos asked Kendall excitedly.

Kendall shrugged. "I don't know. I want a boy, though. Boys are cooler."

James nodded. "Yeah. What if she has a girl and it's like Jenny?"

Carlos shrugged. "But Jenny's nice."

"No she's not!"

Before an argument could brew, the boys stopped in front of a door. "Here you are, boys."

Kendall jumped in first. His mommy's tummy was small again. She held something in her arms.

"Is… is that the baby?" Kendall breathed out.

Jennifer nodded. "Yep. Sweetie, meet your new baby sister!" She told him quietly but happily.

Kendall grinned, even though it was a girl. "What's her name?"

Jennifer grinned. "I was thinking of naming her Apple."

Kendall scrunched his eyes up. "But… that's a food!" He blurted out. The baby moved.

His mommy laughed. "I was just kidding, sweetie. Your daddy and I decided on a name a long time ago. Katherine Alexa Knight."

Kendall stood there, pondering over the name. It sounded okay. "That's cool." He told his mommy. She smiled.

The baby cried. "Do you want to hold him, Kendall?"

Kendall grinned. "Yea!"

His mommy placed the baby gently into Kendall's arms. "Be careful."

Kendall smiled. "Say cheese, Kendall!" Kendall turned to see Mrs. Garcia with his mommy's camera. He grinned.

He loved his baby sister.

line line line

Kendall's mommy had to stay at the hospital for a night.

Kendall slept over at James's house just like the night his daddy had been to the hospital and his mommy had to go see him. Without him. But this time, they were in the hospital because something good had happened, not something bad.

Then his mommy came back with the baby wrapped into pink blankets and stuff. Kendall still wished it were a boy.

James and Carlos and their mommies came over to see the baby. Carlos couldn't say her name, no matter how hard he tried.

So Mrs. Knight decided that Katie would work to. "Katie is the short way of saying Katherine, alright Carlos? You can call her that."

Carlos grinned and shoved his face in front of the baby's. "Hi Katie!" He grinned at her. "I'm Carwos!" He added. Kendall found it funny that Carlos could say Katie's name right but not his own.

The baby spit into Carlos's face. Carlos recoiled and wiped the liquid off of his face. "Mommy! She… she got me wet!" He whimpered. The mommies laughed and Kendall and James found it funny too.

Kendall grinned at the baby after the boys had left.

"Maybe a girl was good after all."

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