1. Midnight thirst

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Ella fell asleep quickly. Today's practice had been hard on us both but she was so much stronger now. I'm proud although it saddens me to think that she's so young and innocent in the middle of a war against a whole race.

I look at her tenderly before heading to the kitchen, quietly thanks to my night vision. I only walk a few steps before I see the light is on and my eyes quickly get used to it.
When I enter the kitchen I see him preparing something, not facing the door.


My heart kind of skips a beat and I think of leaving before he sees me, but it's too late. He turns around and I feel myself getting more nervous and anxious.

"Hey." He smiles.

"Hi, Eight." I barely say out loud. I try to sound as normal as possible, though.

He's holding a plate with a big midnight snack. I can't help but notice how his white wife-beater contrasts with his skin. Eight walks to the chair by the kitchen table and sits down.

"Can't sleep?"

"I'm just thirsty."

With my back to him, I drink a glass of water and try not to turn around and ignore the slight trembling of my fingers. A part of me wonders if he will ever say something about that last kiss, even though I fear that conversation. The reality is showing me that it wasn't as big as it was for me, like the first time, but I remember exactly his shocked face.

Taking a big breath, I turn around to leave.


"Marina. Wait."

I look at him and lock my eyes with his. They light up even in the artificial light of the kitchen. My hands turn into fists so he doesn't notice them trembling, but, most importantly, so I don't either. It's no use, though, my heart is beating faster by the second.

"Yeah?" I try to put power in my dry throat.

"I never said thanks for saving me." He smiles sheepishly.

"It's fine." I tell him. "It's what I do."

No one else could have healed him. John didn't know until later that he had the legacy too.

"You kiss everyone you save?" He laughs. My cheeks start to burn and I look away. "I'm kidding." He grins, clearly amused with my reaction. Then he's right in front of me, teleporting and it reminds me of the time I found his chest. "Marina." He says my name softly and I look up. He's no longer grinning, but there is a small and sincere smile. "Thank you. I'm so happy to be alive and that the painting didn't come true. Well, didn't stay true." He corrects himself. "And it's thanks to you."

"I told you, it's fine. I wasn't going to leave you to die."

"It's not fine, it's amazing!" He grins once more. "You're special, Marina. You changed fate." He leans in and I take a short breath. His lips are soft against my cheek and I can smell the fresh scent of his shampoo. It doesn't last long, but it feels like time stops around us letting me enjoy the few seconds.

Then, he takes his sandwich and leaves saying goodnight. I stand there with my fingers barely touching my cheek, dumbfounded. A smile of my own forms on my face because I know that, like the first time, this could just be a grateful gesture but there was something different tonight and that thought makes me happy and hopeful and stronger than ever before.

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