13. Remember

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I'm back! Sorry for making you wait so much, but I hope this is worth it. I made a continuation of one of my drabbles (26. Tears). Part I is that drabble and then it continues. This is AFTER the Fall of Five. Hope you enjoy!


The market was busy with life, people buying, people selling… Marina was walking through the mass doing her own grocery shopping. She liked going out, because it was so different from the tension in their actual house. It was like travelling to a world where it didn't matter where you came from or if an evil alien race was hunting you down. It felt as much as freedom as she could get.

But going to Esther who had the best fruit of all the market, she spotted a mop of curls that made her heart skip a beat.

It couldn't be him though. It wasn't the first time she saw someone who resembled him and it never was him. She took a big breath and walked forward ignoring what those curls made her feel.

She should have looked where she was going.

Or perhaps it was better that she hadn't.

"Oh, I'm so sorry." She apologized to the person she had crashed into. Quickly, she helped collecting the apples from the floor and apologized again. "I'm really so-"

A handsome young man who had been telling her that it was no problem, that he had to wash them anyway, appeared in her sight. He was the proprietary of those curls and had a bright smile. And not only that; it made her want to scream, cry and laugh, because she was actually looking at him, at Eight.

"Eight?" She heard her own hope and happiness in her voice.

And she hugged him. She hugged him tightly and wished she would never have to let go. But she had to, eventually.

He looked at her confused but he had a kind smile. "Sorry, do I know you?"

Marina's heart truly stopped now. The smile that she hadn't even know she had, broke. She felt dizzy and her heart hurt so much, it was difficult to breathe.

"You don't…remember me?"

He frowned sadly at her disheartened expression. "I'm sorry."

Tears filled her vision and she wanted to laugh; to laugh bitterly and dryly.
Eight was back. Somehow he returned from the dead, and, still, even though she had him back, he couldn't remember her.

Fate is an elegant, cold-hearted whore. She loves salting my wounds


When he stepped on that house, he wasn't sure what he was expecting but nothing would have prepared him to the sudden quiet and staring at him.

He looked around waiting for some kind of reaction, anything that would tell him if he was welcome or not, not this blank faces.

"Hey…" He greeted trying to break the tension.

The first to talk was a black haired big guy.

"What the fuck."

Well, he wasn't expecting that either.

"Nice to meet you?"

"How is it possible?" A blonde haired girl asked in confusion. "Is it really you?"

Marina talked before I had the chance.

"It's him." She smiled. "But he…uhm, he doesn't remember."

"He doesn't remember?" Another blonde guy asked. "What does that mean?"

"I found him in the market, he didn't recognize me. It doesn't seem like he even remembers who he is."

"Are you sure it's him?"

Marina turned to face him. "Do you think I can't recognize Eight, Nine?" She snapped every trace of a smile gone from her face. Nine lowered his gaze slightly, it was only for a half a second but he broke visual contact with her.

"What do you remember?" The blonde guy asked me.

"Ehm…" He wasn't sure what he should say. "Only the past three weeks. I woke up in a bed, there was a man with me saying that I hit my head so I probably had a concussion or something."

"And before?"


He caught Marina's sad expression next to him and somehow it weighted on his lungs.

"I asked him." She said. "He doesn't remember, so I thought we could help him."


And I know it's hard when you're falling down

And it's a long way up when you hit the ground

They've been talking to him. Explaining things that he didn't understand, like how he somehow appeared under the shower while he was eating lunch because he remembered he had to take a shower; or how he could move his couch without touching it.

They told him about a far away planet called Lorien and an invasion and how those invaders were hunting them down on the Earth. And at first he couldn't believe them, but it made sense. And it sure was a lot easier to trust them when Marina smiled kindly to him. He still didn't understand how she made him feel safe.

He asked about himself. He was curious and they told him in hopes that he remembered something. But nor India nor the name Reynolds did awake any memories. They gave up that day. Maybe tomorrow would be more successful.


When the hour is nigh

And hopelessness is sinking in

And the wolves all cry

To fill the night with hollering

For some reason he stayed there, even though he had his own place. He was eager to remember, so not leaving seemed to make sense. Sam, who was human ally, suggested that maybe a smell or a noise might bring some memories (this is why Marina tried to cook a nice vegetarian food next day). Maybe he would lose an opportunity to regain his memory if he left.

He was given a room and in the dark he laid trying hard to remember, but he couldn't. It was blank. He grabbed the sheets frustrated. He had to remember! He was so close.


He awoke to the nice smell of cooking. It was almost two in the afternoon and it seemed like no one had wanted to interrupt his sleep. He found his way to the kitchen where Marina was almost done with the fried peppers. She turned around to say good morning back with a smile. She told him to sit down while the others came because they were about to eat lunch.

Her food was very good, even if Nine complained about the lack of meat. But, unfortunately, it didn't help his mind. She looked at him hopeful but when he shook his head, a hint of sadness conquered her smile.

"We will keep trying."

And if you close your eyes

Does it almost feel like

You've been here before?


He trained with them. Well, he mostly watched. It was clear that Six and Nine were superior in combat but the others were good too. When they saw them training with Legacies, he was in awe. They were absolutely incredible and he wondered how he had been and how he had fitted with them.

When John told him to join in, he raised his eyebrows. If they fought against him like until now, he would be dead in minutes. Six told him to come already while an inviting smile formed in Marina's previous surprised face.

John had in mind that maybe this would remind him of fighting or even training. Mogs were part of their lives and the reason they were on this planet, so it might as well work.

But it didn't.

His body did remember, though. He surprised himself by doing movements that came naturally but he had never done before. The shock came when he teleported behind Nine and "killed" him. Everyone was silent as they looked at him.

"I don't know where that came from." He said clueless, inwardly wishing that Nine wouldn't hold a grudge against him.

"Dude!" Nine yelled from the floor. "That…was incredible!"

He grinned and even though everyone was cheering, he only looked at her.


They gave him his Chest and he carefully held it in his hands amazed and curious about it. Inside he found various stones and other…things that definitely aren't what they seem, but there was actually one that caught his eye. Duplicator, Marina called it.

"You liked it." She told him. "You showed us how it worked and said that you used it to-"

"To trick Reynolds." He finished her sentence.

Marina looked at him. "You remember?"

"Yes, well, not exactly. Only a bit."

"What bit?"

"Using the stone and Reynolds' face. He was funny. I don't know, it's blurry."

"But it's a start." She smiled.

"Yeah, I guess it is." He shrugged, not really convinced that he was making much progress.

He left the stone out of the Chest that night.


His dreams started to get crazier. He had dealt with crazy, but they were just so confusing now.

He saw monsters, and people and twirling lines and water. He saw a woman being murdered and a boy turning into steel. He saw a kind man with a familiar face and huge stones. He saw a little girl crying over a dead man. Then he got stabbed in the dream but it healed. He saw Marina screaming and then he woke up.

His head hurt. It almost felt like the first days after waking up from the accident. What time was it? Maybe he had missed breakfast. He decided to put on a shirt and changed his pyjama pants to go outside. As if on cue, when he was done, there was a knock on the door.

It was Marina.

She was smiling nervously holding a cup of tea.

"I don't know if you still like it this way, but I guessed I could try." She said handing him the cup.

"Thanks." He smiled in response before drinking. "Hmm, yeah, it's really good. Thanks, Marina."

"It's nothing." She says. "Listen, I've been thinking…you've spent a lot of time here trying to remember, but what if we took a break?"

"What do you have in mind?" She asked playfully.

"Just walking around. Get some fresh air."

"You sure Nine will be okay with this?"

"Nine?" She frowned expecting him to continue.

"Uhm, yeah, he seems pretty focused on training and all that."

She glanced down but smiled when she looked back at him. "He's just careful in his own way, like the rest of us."

He could have sworn that her smile was forced. He could see the disappointment in her eyes.

The path to heaven runs through miles of clouded hell


Their walk was silent but comfortable. He felt peaceful and content even though the town was erratic. They quietly agreed on walking on more calm streets getting away from the center. The silence was broken by some small questions or comments or one of his random jokes that made her laugh. But there was something he had meant to ask her and he figured it was now or never.

"I want to know about myself." He said. "What kind of person was I? Or what I liked to do…"

"Are you sure? I mean, if you don't remember, you don't have to feel like you need to be that person again…"

"I want to know, Marina. There are some things I…feel and I don't understand them. So I want to know."

"Alright." She gave in with a soft smile. "You were funny and nice and one of the best persons I've met. You liked to make people laugh, especially- especially me. I don't laugh much. We, uhm, used to spend time together. It might be because we're next to each other in line, seven and eight."

"How long did we know each other?"

"We went to India to find you like two months ago."

"Just two months?"

"We couldn't find you sooner. Sorry."

"No, no, it's fine. What did I do before those two months."

She bit her lip. "You were alone in the mountains. Reynolds died, he was killed. He fell in love with a human and you all were tricked by the Mogs but they couldn't kill you because we were still under the charm."

"Right. The killing in order spell. What then?"

"You met Devdan. You really liked him."

"Devdan…It sounds familiar."

She smiled. "That's good. He helped you with your Legacies. Somehow he knew about you."

"Yeah, he was nice."

"Then you met Commander Sharma. And you shape-shifted into an Indian god, so they would follow you. You didn't do it with bad intentions." She added when she saw his frown. "You just didn't want to be alone, I guess."

He didn't speak for a while and she didn't push him.

"What happened to me?"

He didn't have to explain when exactly he was referring, she knew.

"You were…killed." She gulped. "Five, he was a traitor and you sacrificed yourself for Nine."

"I did?"

"Yeah." She smiled weakly. "You teleported in front of him when Five was about to kill him."

"I can't remember any of that. It's not like the rest that feels familiar somehow…"

"Maybe it's better this way." She said in a low voice before clearing her throat. "Do you remember something else?"

"I…don't know. I remember some things when you talk about them and I dream stuff...It doesn't make sense, but it feels like I've always dreamt it."

"What happens?"

"People die, there are Mogs, I guess. And there's a boy turning into steel and a little girl crying. And more people dying. I get wounded but I heal somehow. Then I wake up."

He left out the part where she screams on purpose because it might have seemed weird to say it. But it also was so she wouldn't worry. He had notice himself hating when she was sad or worried.

"I think your dreams are reminding you of your past."

"But I don't understand them. I don't remember any of it."

She sighed giving up hope for today. "We should give it more time. Let's take a break from it. Are you hungry?"

"Actually, yeah." He grinned.

His heart beat faster when she smiled back.

Somehow I've fallen

Under your spell

And somehow I'm feeling

It's up that I fell


"What do you want?" She asked when they were nearing a street with various choices of food.

"Whatever. I'm so hungry, I could eat an elephant." He exclaimed making her laugh. "Except I'm a vegetarian, apparently."

"Okay, so let's scratch the elephant from the list." She joked. "I could tell you the other choices we have. There are hot dogs and hamburgers, but don't worry they have veggy choices, too. Or we could get some pizza or we could just go to- Eight?" She stopped talking and walking abruptly.

Eight wasn't walking beside her anymore. He was standing a few steps behind her. Looking dumbfounded but, also, as if he had just remembered something important.


Marina held her breath understanding what it meant. "What?" She managed to choke out.

"Pizza." He looked at her with suppressed excitement.

But he couldn't bottle up what he felt, so he did something that surprised both of them: he walked towards her decisively and without missing a beat, he held her face with his hands and kissed her hard on the mouth. She shut her eyes immediately, quickly responding after the shock.

They had to separate eventually but their faces kept close to each other. Neither of them was ready to let go yet.

"What…what was that for?"

"We will always have pizza, Marina." He smiled. "I remember."


He nodded. "Yeah. Everything. And you owed me this kiss." He added smugly.

If the situation were different, she would half giggled and slapped his arm playfully. Instead, she was smiling, as bright as the sun if you asked him. She looked even younger. The war against Setrákus Ra and all its consequences had made them grow up too soon, but right then, she was seventeen again. Her eyes couldn't tear away from his and it was so intense that he felt the urge to say something funny to hide the hotness he felt on his cheeks.

"So, are we having that pizza?"

The future's in our hands and we will never be the same again.

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