Twist of Fate

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Chapter 1: Start of Something Good

Academy City is a city of science with technology years a head of the rest of the world. With 2.3 million residents and most students it has a lot of schools. And most of those living in the city as what is known as espers with powers from just about anything from controlling electricity to mind control. There is one 16 year old high school student who has an ability to negate such powers, his power is not an esper ability nor is it magic. His power is known as imagine breaker.

Because of this ability that his right hand possesses Touma Kamijou is rather misfortunate. For an example what misfortunate he attracts one need to look back only a few days ago. Touma got involved with a cabal of magicians that had snuck into the city and attempted a spell that would have destroyed the city sacrificing it so the cabal could gain great power. Magicians from London arrived to stop it since even if the spell failed it was likely to cause many disasters and cost lives. Touma got involved and ended up fighting along side the magicians to defeat the cabal. Though he negated the spell the fight still resulted in him having many bones broken along with him getting several wounds.

So after Touma spent a few days in the hospital under the care of a frog faced doctor he was let out with just a few bandages.

He was making his way home to his dorm and the freeloader that was waiting for him. He was getting thirsty and decided to stop by nearby vending machine for a drink before he got home.

"Kinda hot today." Touma mumbled to himself. He walked towards the machine.

"Get out of the way!" A voice yelled out.

Touma turned back to see a girl with short dark hair and glasses, she was wearing a blue uniform and a green arm band. Before Touma could react she tackled him to nearby grass pushing him away from the vending machine. Before he realized what was happening the vending machine exploded sending parts flying everywhere.

Maybe it was because he was weak from his hospital stay and the pain killers still in his system slowed him down but it took Touma a moment to asset the situation. The first thing he noticed was that the girl was on top of him with her body resting on his.

A young man a little older than himself with dark messy hair who wore a dark leather jacket walked towards them

"That was pretty good." He said sounding over confident. "You managed to beat most of my guys and you don't see to have any offensive abilities. You even managed to dodge my attack and save him."

The girl looked up at him angrily, "I'm a Judgement officer, it's my duty to protect people and stop people like you who misuse their powers to commit crimes."

"Well there doesn't seem to be any point in arguing this." He was a safe distance from them when he outstretched his arm and a ball of fire formed in his palm. "I won't hold back and make this quick." With that a massive stream fire shot out his right hand towards them.

The Judgement officer knew she couldn't evade it or stop it so in the end she pushed down and pressed her body on Touma in an attempt to shield him from the flames. She didn't expect to come off unscathed and she wasn't sure she'd survive she just wanted to protect this stranger from as much pain as she could. She closed her eyes and braced for it.

Then she found herself being flipped over and she opened her eyes to see Touma had switched places with her.

"What-?" She didn't managed to finish.

Touma stretched out his right hand at the oncoming flames and the second they came into contact they shatter into nothingness with a crack.

"It's not even as strong as what Stiyl can do." Touma got up and stretched his other hand to help the stunned Judgement officer up.

The criminal stared in fear and confusion, a common sight when someone first used their powers against the imagine breaker. Their powers had raised them to a new level and just like that they were brought down to reality, they were reminded that they were just human.

"What did you do?" He yelled at Touma. "What kind of power is that?! How can you just snuff out my flames?! What level are you?"

"Me?" Touma said . "I'm just a Level Zero."

"Don't lie!" Frustrated he threw a fire ball right at him.

Touma reacted by basically slapping the ball away with his right hand to have it shatter into nothingness. The attacker refused to give in and fired fire ball after fire ball.

"Stop lying! You can't be a Level Zero." He shouted as each attack was shattered by Touma as he walked closer and closer to him and panic set in. "Me and my guys are going to take over! Do whatever we want! I can't just be beaten by a Level Zero." Finally he fired a large stream of fire at him giving him all he had.

The flames blocked his view but he could still hear Touma's voice, "You think you can do whatever you want? You think can hurt whoever you want? Take whatever you want?! Then I'm going to shatter that messed up illusion!"

With another loud shatter the flames vanished and a figure rushed towards him. Before he could react he was punched in the face by the Judgement officer that he tried to burn alive and with one punch she knocked him out.

Touma was for once the stunned one. "I'm usually the one who does that."

"What?" She asked him.

"Never mind."

Just then some Anti-Skill member arrived dressed in their body armor. Quickly a few of them grabbed the unconscious esper but one of them turned to the two teenagers. She is a tall woman with a long black ponytail and she looked right at Touma.

"It's you again." She said mildly annoyed. "You got into trouble again."

"Sorry Yomikawa sensei." Touma said mournful.

"You two know each other?" The Judgement officer asked.

"She is a gym teacher at my school." Touma told her.

"Yes, and he has a habit of getting into these messes. You still haven't told me what happened in the Underground Mall or that explosion that happened a few days ago."

Touma was visibly nervous since even if he explained what really happened no one would believe him.

"I'm sorry but I have to ask him some questions about this incident." The girl spoke up.

"Right." Yomikawa relented figuring she could get to Touma at school left to handle the other espers they had detained.

"Thanks." Touma thanked the girl.

"No, I should thank you. I don't know how you did it but you managed to stop the flames. How did you do that anyway?"

"Actually-" Touma's phone rang and he picked up. "Hello." The phone blared in his ear. "Sorry I'll be home soon. Sorry to make you wait!" He hung up the phone. "Such Misfortune." He bemoaned. "I have to go someone is waiting for me."

"Oh, it's not problem but-" She paused for a moment. "I didn't get your name."

"It's Touma Kamijou."

"It's nice to meet you." She smiled at him. "I'm Mii Konori."

"It's nice to meet you too, I should get going." Touma turned to leave.

"Your phone." Konori spoke up. "Can we trade numbers?"


"In case I have to call you, we have to file a lot of reports for something like this. Besides if you do get into a lot of trouble like this it might be good to have each other's numbers."

"Oh, okay." They took out their phone and quickly traded numbers.

They didn't say much as Touma hurried home before more trouble found him or worse the hungry nun at his dorm got angry. Konori held her phone in her hand as she watched him leave, a small blush on her cheeks when she realized she was feeling something she hadn't felt in a long time.

Touma made it to his dorm soon enough to find an angry nun.

"I'm sorry I'm late." Touma told Index his free loader.

"Yes, someone was certainly grumpy." Maika was a maid-in-training, Index's friend and the younger sister to Tsuchimikado. Since her brother was gone she was spending more time with Index and kept her company. The young maid was in the kitchen cooking something when Touma arrived. "I am happy to cook for her when your in the hospital since my brother is who knows where." Maika didn't knew her brothers was a spy and at the moment faked his own death, she thought he was on a trip for school and would be gone for a while "Still she refuses to settle while I cook."

"I'm hungry." Index complained at she played with her pet cat.

Touma sighed knowing he'd get bitten if he didn't do something.

"Did you get a hair cut? Maika asked.

"What?" He asked her confused.

"One of your spikes is cut." Maika pointed at him.

Touma ran his hand through his hair to find that one of his spikes seemed to be cut. "Maybe when that vending machine exploded."

"Exploding vending machine?!" Index turned to him. "Have you been getting into trouble again!?"

"No, I swear I haven't." That was when someone knocked on the door. "I'll get it."

The door was quickly opened it to find a blonde haired girl in a Tokiwadai Uniform.

"Hello Kamijou." She greeted with a cheerful tone and a cute smile.

Touma blinked once, " Misaki Shokuhou?"

"That's right I'm glad you remembered me."

"Shokuhou?" Touma was confused as to why she was there.

"Please call me Misaki.""

"Oh, alright." Touma didn't know how to react. They hadn't spoken much, as far as he could recall they both met at Daihasei and then they spoke through a girl she took over to help him.

"Can we speak in private for a moment?" Misaki asked noticing the looks she got from Maika who seemed to recognized her.

They stepped outside and closed the door behind them "Wait, how did you know where I live?"

"Oh, I've known for sometime." Misaki didn't look at him in the eyes and gave a small sad sigh. "It's a long story."

"Okay, did you want to tell me something?" Touma was still uncertain about a number of things and hoped he would get some answers.

"Yes," She turned to him. "I wanted to say thank you."

"For what?"

"For saving me. You saved me in ways I can't even explain right now. I am truly grateful for what you've done for me."

Touma was confused as to what she was talking about but felt it would be too rude to interrupt her now.

"I know things aren't like they were but maybe that's for the better in some ways and I suppose worse in others." She shook her head as to clear off the thought from her mind. "I saw you in your strange little chase that you were sent on but I only saw you through another's eyes and then you ran off so quickly. I tried to find you afterward but I didn't reach you. I haven't managed to get you off my mind lately and I think it was since I saw you again. I wanted to see you again with my own eyes and to say thank you in person." She looked at him and she smiled, a real sincere smile that had a warmth that her cutesy smile lacked and Touma couldn't help but smile back. "And I wanted to give you a small token." She took from the bag that she always carried around a small box with a simple gold ribbon wrapped around it. "Mind you I'm not a great baker but I did make you some cookies."

"You made me cookies?" Touma was surprised since rarely was he this lucky.

"Don't worry I tasted a few and they taste fine and I don't think they'll make you sick so don't worry about your misfortune for once. Enjoy." With a slight bow she handed him the small box. "Well, I have to go there are a few things to do before my curfew. Good bye."

With that she was off and before she stepped into the elevator she turned to him and smiled giving him her usual cute pose. After Touma stepped back inside and tried to eat the cookies but Maika scolded him and made him wait until he had eaten. Index ended eating most of them though.

Little did Touma or anyone else know that Misaki happened to run into someone right outside the dorms.

"Oh, if it isn't Seria Kumokawa?" Misaki greeted the dark haired girl she happened to run into. "What are you doing by Touma's apartment?"

"I could ask you the same thing." Seria retorted.

"I was simply giving him my thanks in the form of some home made cookies"

" I thought we'd agreed to stay away from him."

"It's just a small exception."

"That was the plan."

"The plan hasn't worked. He keep getting into trouble and unlike you I can't watch him at school."

"It's not pleasant for me either." Seria told her, her voice becoming agitated as she spoke. "I pass him down the halls and maybe speak a few words to him but he looks at me like a stranger and I do that everyday. You don't know how that's like."

"No I don't but it can't be worse then never seeing him and hearing whisper of what he's gotten into. Worrying but never seeing with your own eyes if he's truly alright."

The air around the two of them grew tenser and the two of them stared off at each other, they'd reached an impasse they could not easily overcome.

On the other side of the world in the magical land of England in the city of London in one of the many cathedrals in a throne like chair the Archbishop Laura Stuart sat. She was looking through sheets of paper though the room was too dark to properly see. Before her stood Itsuwa of the Amakusa church waiting after she had been called to meet her. Itsuwa wrung her hands together as she waited for the Archbishop to say something.

Laura finally spoke in fair to cutesy Japanese, "Itsuwa, you got back only a few days ago correct?"

"Yes." Itsuwa kept her answer short.

Laura gave her a cute smile as to calm her down. "When you came back from Academy City with the others you sent me a note and suggested something."

"Y-yes!" Itsuwa stuttered her answer out.

"I gave it some thought and talked to someone in Academy City in passing and to my surprise they agreed with you."


"Your request has been granted." Laura held out some paper for her. "You will go to Academy City and serve as Touma Kamijou's bodyguard and aid."

"Really?" She looked up at the archbishop with wide eyes.

"As you put it Touma Kamijou does seem to get drawn into many magical incidents as are spy has confirmed. You will go protect Touma Kamijou as best you can from any magical danger that might arise and help him in his duties as the protector of the Index Librorum Prohitorum."

"Of course." Itsuwa nodded taking the papers that Laura handed to her.

"Now, even though Academy City has arranged for you to be in the city and to remain close to him they will provide no more aid. Since War World Three Touma has become a target and they feel for the safety of the city having a magician with him would greatly help keep down any collateral damage from these attacks. The last time you were in Academy City as his guard you did a good job so when you brought up that Touma needed some more protection I thought you should have this assignment. Now take those papers which include your instructions, all information you will need and your plane ticket for tomorrow so get packed up and say your goodbyes."

"Thank you. Thank you." Itsuwa bowed excitedly as she started to leave.

Laura smiled as she waved her goodbye. She dropped the smile once she was alone. "Hm? What are you really planning?" She figured that the true power behind Academy City had plans and she could buy that he wanted to limit property damage but she really felt that something else was happening.

Back in Academy City in the home of a rather small and pink haired teacher, Komoe. The small teacher was not alone in the in her apartment she was accompanied by two girls. Komoe was preparing some food on a hot plate on the table that they all sat next too.

"You see I wanted to talk to the both of you at the same time so I invited you to dinner so we could talk."

Both girls looked at each other before they looked back at the teacher.

"Awaki?" Komoe turned to the red haired girl. "You haven't been going to class lately.

"...things have come up." Awaki looked away as she answered. Awaki had been involved with many fights with the Darkside of Academy City so that kept her from actually going to her classes.

"Still I can't have you fail because you didn't show up to classes, you're the second student who has this problem but you have a better chance of overcoming it. So here is my plan: Himegami I want to show Awaki around school and help her adjust to it. "

The girl who'd up to this point remained silent pointed at herself, "Me?"

She had reasons to be a little surprised when it came down it both were rather different. She looked at Awaki and noted her red hair down up in two pig tails, Awaki had her school uniform coat over her shoulders wearing it as it were a cape. She had bandages wrapped around her torso and was showing more skin than Himegami could image herself showing off.

On the other hand Awaki on the other thought that Himegami was rather plain and soft spoken. Awaki mused that Himegami might look good dress as a shrine maiden.

"Himegami." Komoe continued. "You told me that you want to stand out more I'm sure if you spend sometime with Awaki you could learn to do just that."

They both quickly saw what Komoe planned by spending time with each other Himegami could learn to open up and Awaki would have someone to help her adjust to school life and thus would improve her chances staying in school.

They both had their doubts and were about to to speak them when they looked at Komoe with her bright eyes, it looked like she would cry if they said no so they nodded in agreement.

Happily Komoe continued, "Good,I want you ready for Monday when school starts. Also I've been told that a new transfer student is coming to class I'm sure Monday is going to be an interesting day."

With that Komoe took a bit of meat for herself.

In the 177th Branch of Judgement three girls were doing paper work and it was as exciting as it sounded.

The twin pigtailed teleporter Shirai Kuroko was groaning over the mountain of paper work she had to do. The girl with a hair band with flowers in her dark hair, Kazari Uiharu, was also doing paper work but was nowhere near as depressed by it.

That was when the door to the office opened and two girls came in carrying bags of take out. One had dark hair with a simple flower decorating her hair while the other had short tea colored hair.

Kuroko was suddenly more energetic and leapt at the one of the girls. "Onee-sama! Your mere presence rejuvenates me-" She was struck with lighting from the other girl's bangs before she got to finish. Kuroko was on the floor twitching.

"Don't start that." Mikoto Misaka the third most power esper in the city told her.

Ruiko Saten, a Level Zero, held out a bag of food, "We brought dinner."

"Great I'm starving." Uiharu happily took one of the bags.

"Why do you have to stay so late anyway?" Mikoto asked her roommate who was on the floor.

"Ah?" Kuroko moaned still coming off the shock. "We have to do a lot of of paper work. I'm going to have to stay here all night. Please let the Dorm Mother know."

Mikoto quickly agreed to the request not wanting her to get into trouble.

Saten asked them, "Why do you have to do so much paper work?"

"Property damage." Uiharu explained it. "Konori and Kuroko stopped a robbery done by a group of espers. The fight spread out into a nearby park and a lot of things were destroyed so we have to file all these papers and make sure everything is reported."

"Overall it was rather impressive." Kuroko getting up said. "Konori might be getting an accommodation. She managed to subdue many of the espers on her own before she lead away their leader while I took on the rest. Then she managed to defeat their leader at the park, a powerful fire esper at that while saving some civilian though it resulted in the destruction of a vending machine."

"Is this true?" Mikoto looked over to Konori.

"Oh?" Konori who wasn't paying attention said. "Yeah."

"Is something the matter?" Saten asked her. "You seem a little distracted."

"No, it's nothing." Konori said fiddling with her phone. "It's just I should... um, there is this guy."

"Oh, did you meet a boy you like?" Saten said with a teasing tone.

"No! It's not that!" Konori quickly replied. "He's... he's a witness. I let him go home but I need to talk to him about what he saw for the reports." A small blush appeared on her cheeks as she spoke.

"Oh, really and that's all." Saten said sounding like the little sister Konori never had.

"He's... interesting." That was all that she was willing to admit at the moment.

"Well, if he's so interesting," Saten said extra emphasis on that word. "maybe you should just ask him out somewhere, so you could interview him for the report."

Konori chuckled a little, "Yeah, I should just ask him out... for the interview for the report of course."

"Of course." The other girls said in unison.

Konori picked up her cellphone and walked out of the room for some privacy.

"That's good for her." Kuroko noted. "After the incident with Big Spider and everything it's probably the first time she's liked a guy. I hope it works out for her."

"Still it seems a little silly to to ask a guy out and pretend it's for something like filing a report." Mikoto sighed. "If you like a guy you should just ask him out plain and simple." Mikoto was completely sincere about that, which coming from her that's pretty ironic or plain hypocritical or maybe both.

Either way without her knowledge Konori happened to be talking to a certain boy she liked at that very moment.

In the city of science that was Academy City one would never expect magic to be at work but it was. A tall woman with dark wavy hair looked at the city from the balcony of her hotel as she watched the last few rays of the Sun streak across the sky painting it with brilliant hues of purple and blue against the remaining bits of orange. Just past her was a room with a magical artifacts set out in a magical array. She had performed her spell hours ago and now waited to see how it all would turn out.

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