Twist of Fate

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Chapter 2: The Not Date

Night came and went in a certain Judgement office and finally a certain teleporter was allowed to go to her down. That very teleporter wasted no time to head off to her dorm and her beloved onee-sama. They were allowed to go but Konori paused for a moment and asked Uiharu for a favor.

"You want me to look up your boyfriend?" The girl with the flowers in her hair asked as she nibbled on her last cookie.

"He's not my boyfriend." A blushing Konori was quick to point out. "I was just hoping to know more about him. Can you look him up? His name is Touma Kamijou."

"Hm?" Uiharu mused to herself as she began to search the name. "That name sounds a little familiar." And with a bing the computer popped out the results. "Here you are."

Konori looked over onto the screen to see Touma's picture. "Yeah, that's him."

"Let's see, he's a Level Zero going to school at-"

"A level zero?" Konori was genuinely surprised that he was an actual level zero after what she saw.

"He seems to be a fairly average student," Uiharu looked over the information that was displayed on her screen. "but that's strange."


"The results for the examinations say he has no aim field what so ever. He's gone through the curriculum but he has no powers what so ever."

"Anything else?" Konori was getting more and more curious about Touma.

"There are a number of reports of him made by Anti-Skill. Fights in the middle or a restaurant, a terrorist attack in the Underground Mall and a lot more. They end in the same way, he wasn't at fault and that he was the one that was attacked. Just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Oh, my."

"What?" Konori responded to the concern in the younger girls voice.

"There is another report. An Anti-Skill officer shot him."

"Shot him?!"

"Yes, it was a mistake and he was taken to a hospital and he was to be questioned but he escaped from the hospital after he was treated. The whole thing was eventually dropped."

Both of the girls just turned to each other. Konori was interested in finding out more about him, and let's face it who wouldn't. First she had seen Touma some how stop the flames with no apparent power. Now she found out he was shot and without being fully treated escaped a hospital. She couldn't help but wonder why would anyone do that? How could anyone do anything like that? Everything she found out about him just gave her more questions.

"I'm going home and clean up before I meet him." Konori turned to leave but stopped. "Uiharu, do me a favor and don't use those skills of yours to spy on us." Konori had the feeling that Uiharu might be tempted to hack into the security camera feeds and try and watch them.

Uiharu got very still and chuckled lightly. "Of course not, that would be an abuse of my privileges as a Judgement officer."

"Good." With that Konori left.

Uiharu sighed, "I can't believe she knew I'd do that." Uiharu had actually stayed last so she could use the computer to hack the security feeds and watch them. "I guess I could get Saten to follow them and I can keep looking into who this Touma Kamijou is."

Uiharu quickly picked up the phone to call her friend.

Sometime later at a restaurant called Joseph's stuff was about to get down. The restaurant as unusually empty with only e a few tables being used. The waitresses split what few people arrived far apart leaving the restaurant spacious and empty. Overall the entire restaurant was almost as silent as a tomb.

The Level Five Esper Misaki waited at a booth at the far end when a dark haired girl sat across her.

"Hello Seria." Misaki smiled brightly.

"Give your remotes." Seria told her not in the mood for any games.

"Don't you trust me?"

"Not really." Seria was all business.

"Alright." Misaki sighed handing over her bag filled with remotes.

Misaki was a powerful but without her controls she found it a little hard to focus her power. Seria had known Misaki long enough to know that the Level five was not above using her powers for petty things and Seria was not up for taking chances.

Seria looked into the bag and content turned back the esper, "Alright let's talk."

They really didn't talk at that moment since a waitress came over and took their orders. They continued not to speak for a few more minutes until their orders were brought over. The waitress grew nervous, to her it felt like a fight might break out. Taking the chance she went to break room to get away from the tense situation.

Finally Misaki broke the silence. "We failed." Those words hung in the air for a moment. "We haven't managed to protect him at all. We even lost track of him during World War Three. All we found out was his mother was looking for him and Academy City was keeping it hidden that he was gone. Then you found that TV clip of him in Russia during War World Three."

"..." Seria stared at her not knowing what to say.

Misaki hung her head down, "I had that dream again. The one about his scar. It was about the first time I saw that scar on his back and he told us how he got it. Remember?"

"Of course I remember." Seria said her voice shaking. "That is not something easily forgotten."

"He was just a child. How can someone do that to a child? How can anyone take a knife and hack a child?" Her usual calm composure was falling apart. "How could anyone do that to him? Children threw rocks at him and he never threw them back. He's always been kind no matter how much misfortune was given to him. Then he was sent here and his father must have hated it; sending his son away to barely seeing him just hoping that he'd be safe in this city. And we both know how that turned out."

Seria didn't speak but her calm facade was starting to crack away too and harsh memories she would love to be able to forget filled her mind. Seria fiddled nervously with the red hair band that held her hair back as if that was the only thing she could control.

"The light went into the sky and the feathers danced and we lost him. We lost him..." Misaki started to tear up, the stars in her eyes started to become blurry. "Since then we've tried to protect him and we've failed. And I have to wonder was any of this pain worth it."

"Of course he's worth it." Seria shot back.

"No, he is worth it but are we actually helping him in anyway. Is our grief worth the result? If you can look me in the eye and tell me eyes than I will never bring it up."

Seria looked her into the eye but the words could not come. As much as she'd like to believe they helped the unfortunate boy she didn't believe. They might have managed to keep some trouble from him but both girls were powerless to stop the major events that he seemed to get dragged into. He would still suffer from misfortune and they would suffer from lacking him. Misaki broke eye contact and grabbed her spoon and dug into her parfait she had yet to touch.

"What do you want to tell him?" Seria spoke in a tone barely more than a whisper. "He doesn't know us, we're just strangers." Those words hurt her more than loosing her eye. That simple fact pained her more than what magic Tsuchimikado had done to her. She hated the fact that when Touma saw her he only saw a stranger.

Only feet away of this sad scene one Touma Kamijou entered that restaurant and he quickly found an empty booth. He rubbed his head as the bite marks that Index left him with started to fade. When he told her she couldn't come with him she bite his head, but he insisted since he had to see a Judgement officer and she could get in trouble not being a citizen. He had wanted to leave early but besides his argument with Index he was delayed by a call from his parents. It turns out that they won some sort of lottery and won tickets on a cruise and would be away from a while. Touma was glad by their sudden windfall despite the reminder that his luck wasn't so good.

To arrive early he had to run all the way there, so by the time he arrived he was just glad to sit down. Touma just barely got there before their due time. Still Touma didn't know what to expect.

He certainly wasn't expecting a girl named Saten to follow him in and sneak into the empty booth behind him. Saten had got a message from Uiharu to spy on Konori and Touma and was even sent a picture from his file. Konori had let it slip yesterday where she was to meet Touma and even the time so all Saten had to do is arrive a little earlier and wait for him to show up. The waitress alerted by the ring of the bell by the door went to her new customers. Touma declined to order until Konori arrived. Saten ordered a soup to eat slowly so no one would notice her and she could just sit back and over hear as Konori and Touma talked. It seemed like a perfect plan, she ignored the inherent invasion of privacy since like Uiharu she really wanted to know what made Konori blush so much. Saten didn't see it, Touma was fairly average looking, he seemed a little familiar but she couldn't place where she saw him. Saten mused to herself that maybe she spotted him out a window somewhere once. She quickly shook the thought off as she glimpsed Konori out the window, Saten was afraid that Konori spotted her but that didn't seem to be the case. The bell above the door ran again as Konori entered the restaurant. Saten glanced over carefully to make sure she wasn't spotted and her eyes went wide when she saw Konori. Konori wasn't wearing her usual school uniform but cute outfit that consisted of a black skirt, a red top and a black sweater; that overall the outfit did a good job to show off her feminine charms.

Saten gave a silent nod in approval as she thought, 'She looks cute. Good job Konori. You should have no trouble winning him over.'

"Hello Konori." Touma waved Konori over to his table. "You look great, do you have a date or something after this?"

Both Konori and Saten choked on their own spit hearing that comment.

'She got dressed like that for you! How dense can you be!' Saten thought that but Konori was thinking something similar.

"No, no." Konori tried to seem calm and not disheartened by the comment and sat down.

Saten tried to stay still and not give away her presence and just started to sip away at her soup.

"So what did you want to talk to me about?" Touma asked her still not getting the point of the meeting. I'm just going to say it now but he's not going to get it anytime soon. Touma is just very dense when it comes to girl who like him.

"Well," Konori started slowly brushing a few of her hairs behind her ear. "what did you do yesterday? I don't understand what happened there. You just held out your hand and flames were gone."

Touma raised his right hand before him and wriggled his finger as he took a moment to let that question sink in. "It's a little hard to explain."

Sensing the hesitance in his voice Konori stopped him, "I mean you don't have to tell me if you don't want to."

Touma smiled at her and waved her worry off. "No, it's okay. It's just I'm not sure you would believe me."

"Try me." There was a certain playfulness in her voice when she spoke.

"It's my right hand." Touma said simply. "Don't ask how it works, I don't even know really. All I know is that my right hand has the power to cancel out any supernatural power. It doesn't matter if it's an esper ability, magic, or even a miracle from God my hand can cancel it out."

Konori raised a skeptical eye brow, "You're saying that you have a power that allows you to cancel out other peoples powers?" She just seemly ignored the magic comment.

They both flinched when they heard a spit take, what they didn't know that Saten just spat out his soup in shock. Being the a hunter of urban legends Saten was well aware of a rumor that said there was a boy who could cancel out powers and right now it seemed that very boy was right behind her. Normally Saten would have grabbed him and asked him countless questions but reality quickly snapped her back, not only had she spat out soup but she couldn't reveal herself to Konori. Frantically Saten grabbed a bunch of napkins and tried to clean off the soup she spilled on the table, on her top and the dribble that was on her face. Saten certainly couldn't risk this Urban legend see her in that current state. Touma was basically a rock star to her.

Now all while this was happening in that same restaurant two girls happened to spot Touma in the company of a young lady.

"Is that Touma?" Misaki choked out. "With a girl?"

Seria quickly turned around to look and quickly turned back. "It is." She huffed. "Why would a girl be with him?" She knew the answer to that.

"Y-you don't think it's a date." Misaki said the stars in her eyes shone a little less brightly.

Seria took a wii control out of the bag with a star on it and handed it to the girl who sat across her. "Maybe you can check her reasons for being with Touma. I mean, we should make sure that she isn't trying to use him."

"Of course." Misaki took the control and pointed it at Konori and started to use her powers to dig into her mind. While the girl with the stars in her eyes acted more like a girl with greens eyes of jealousy Konori looked at Touma straight into his eyes.

"Do you have anyway of proving it?" Konori gave Touma a very reasonable question.

"I can, do you have a power?"

"I'm a Level three Clairvoyant."

"That's like x-ray vision, right?" Touma scratched his head thinking. "Just try and using your power to look through a wall or something."

Konori went along to it and looked at the wall that blocked the eating area and the kitchen. Her eyes glimmered for a second as her eye sight changed and with hues of bright blues she began to see the outline of people just past the wall. She normally didn't like to use her powers without permission but she didn't see the harm of a quick peak. That was when she felt Touma's right take hers, for a split second she felt his warmth in her hand but then suddenly she heard a sound like glass shattering in her head and her vision went back to normal. She tried to turn her powers back on but she was unable and she turned to Touma in shock.

"Ow!" Misaki shouted as her connection was severed. The effect hurt her enough that her body went ridge and collapsed onto the table. With a rather large squish and a clatter she fell onto her parfait and Seria's coffee and cake. With a low grumble she raised her head, her face was now covered with a small smears of white cream from the cake.

"They're holding hands." Seria said, not even noticing the mess Misaki had made. The tone of her voice could only be described as defeated.

"Why doesn't my power work?" Back at their both Konori questioned Touma.

Touma still hadn't let go of her hand. "As long as I touch you with my right hand you can't use you any powers at all."

Konori looked down at her hand who was still being held by Touma and a small pink blush tinted her cheeks. It could have been the a moment right out of a romantic novel if not for the fact that cell rang and that loud ring caused Touma to jolt and break the hand holding session. Though it might have been more romantic if Touma actually realized he had up until then forgotten to let the hand go.

Saten grabbed her phone and tried to whisper, "Hello?" She was annoyed and her tone did nothing to conceal that fact.

"Saten!" Uiharu called on the other end. "Are you there with Konori and-"

Saten quickly cut her off, "Yes, and they're close I can't talk-"

It was Uiharu's turn to cut her off, "Something happened. Searching his files and as I dug deeper something happened."

"What?" Saten couldn't help but ask.

"I tripped some sort of trigger program when I looked deeper into Anti-Skill files about him, anything beyond school records and you'll get detected."

"What? You had to hack those systems several times."

Uiharu was in fact one of the best hackers in the entire city, for that very reason her Judgement office had just about the best computer security in that city. Uiharu had often hacked files to search out information for cases instead of wasting time by asking for that information. Uiharu was just as surprised as Saten when she was found out.

"There was a trap set up underneath a few layers of programs, it's a warning that alerts people if someone looks into his files. Most people wouldn't be able to notice even after it had been triggered ." Uiharu voice was hoarse and it sounded like she was scared. " I tried to leave as fast as I could once I realized what happened but it was too late."

"Uiharu?" Saten was worried about her friend. "What happened?"

"I got suspended. One of the member of the board of Directors came with Anti-Skill and suspended me from my Judgement work. It's only for two weeks but they said if I ever did something like searching into restricted files again I would be in trouble."

Saten was speechless, not only had Uiharu been caught, punished and she was punished by the very top. Saten was very suspicious about it, for one it seemed like the security didn't really care about hiding Touma's information but they cared who saw it. The security was set up to catch those who saw it and stop them only if they started looking too deep. That would be a complicated means of security, Saten understood that, which meant that someone paid extra attention to him. Now Saten couldn't help but wonder why.

Now while Saten whispered to the phone she failed to notice that Konori was still talking with Touma.

"How can you just be a Level Zero?" Konori questioned Touma. "A power like that-"

"It's not an esper ability." Touma told her flatly.


"I've had it all my, since before I arrived in Academy City."

"So what? Are you saying you're a Gemstone?"

"No, it's not an esper ability. The test the city runs all say they can't detect anything from me. No AIM field or anything. What ever it is, it isn't an esper power."

"That's still very impressive."

"Trust me it's not that good. It cancels out any good fortune I might have so I only get bad luck."

"Oh, it can't be that bad."

There is something to say about tempting fate especially when it deals with Touma Kamijou. Right after Konori said those words the faint sound of a bell rang out. The bell sounds soft and sweetly like the chirping of a bird and it informed someone that the door was opened. Yet such a lovely sound only would bring misfortune. Coming through the door were two students dressed in the uniform of one Tokiwadai. One happened to be the Level Four teleporter Kuroko Shirai and the other was Mikoto Misaka the Level Five Electro master. Though their presence might not normally bring bad tiding their eyes happened to turn to the booth with Touma and Konori.

Mikoto's normal expression quickly turned to one of surprise, then turned one of shock followed by one of anger. Suddenly bright blue sparks shot sparked off her bangs.

Touma reacted in his usual fashion, "Such misfortune." He couldn't shake the feeling that something bad was about to happen.

Authors Notes: Notes time in the rail gun manga Saten and Touma met but since the english translation has yet to get to the end of those events I'm just going to say neither really remembers the meeting. It was busy time for all of them. Anyway I know I can be a little bit dialogue heavy and I am but I am trying to put more descriptions and narration so I'm trying. Anyway I'm glad I got such great response for the first chapter. I hoped you like this one and feel free to leave a review. Next chapter Mikoto zaps and Misaki and Seria speak to Touma. Other stuff happens too like property damage.