Twist of Fate

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Chapter 69: Noice

Yeah, even though they had higher numbers, this fight wasn't going to great. They were fighting a guy who was called Thor, so they weren't making much progress.

Misaki and Mitsuari were barely managing to work together to interlock the minds of everyone present. Something like this could be difficult for inexperienced telepaths since their powers could conflict. Then add the other minds into this makeshift system, and it didn't help that there were magicians in the mix.

The only thing keeping it together was that the two telepaths were very powerful, and everyone there wanted Thor out and thus were united in a common goal.

Misaki and Mitsuari were connecting everyone's surface thoughts; people like Seria and Shinobu were helping them focus and plan out their attacks. Shinobu had the talent to figure out how people thought, and Seria was amazing in calculating the battlefield in real-time.

That might have been a mistake as the more significant challenge was just making Thor more worked up. The magicians raced up the building with a wild grin on his face.


They were pretty silent from then on. Touma wanted to help Oriana but didn't know how to help her. They returned to the hotel to find that it was finally ready. They were trying to be understood as the hotel had just recently open and was having difficulty attending to all the guests arriving.

As they left the lobby, Touma could swear someone was cursing at the manager; someone didn't book a room in time. Even as they rose in the elevator, Touma was sure he could hear them yelling.

Touma tried to pay it no mind as they quietly made it into their room. It was a rather lovely room, large with a sitting room and a small kitchenette.

Oriana went and lay down on the bed, and Touma opened up the bag that was packed for him and moved around the bags. He just wanted to feel useful; Oriana's problem wasn't something he could fix. Rationally Oriana did nothing wrong, but her actions did lead to an innocent death; if Touma were in her place, he'd feel guilty too.

He still tried to come to a solution. He felt exhausted and just went over to the bed, letting himself drop in.

He found the bed soft and bouncy.

Soft and bouncing?

And sort of warm.

"Oh well, that's a surprise,"

Touma realized two things, one that there was one bed, and he just fell on top of Oriana.

"Is this your way of trying to cheer me up?" Oriana looked at him with a slight grin, "it's kinda working."


The side of the building was a mess, Konori was being held by one of Itsuwa's wire slashing at the magician. Konori was doing a great job of repelling herself down as she attacked. Leep in beast mode climbed down the walls and cut at Thor whenever he got close. He also was forced to dodge gunfire and esper abilities from those on the upper floors, keeping him on his toes. It didn't help that Frenda was dropping explosions on him.

Thor probably wouldn't have any issues fighting them, except he wasn't at his full power to start with, and then getting injured by an unrelenting nightmare slowed him down. But as far as Thor figured, this just made it a much more fair fight.

Thor just smiled as he continued to charge.

Indeed this was a terrifying opponent, yet they still worried for they know as bad as things were for them. Touma must have been in even a more dangerous situation.


"I wondered when you would do something," Oriana smiled up at Touma, "we are supposed to be a couple. Though I do think the shy guy thing is cute, I was getting a bit impatient. So I hope that you don't mind if I take the lead from here."

Before Touma could even utter a word, he found them switching positions, and suddenly Oriana was mounting him.

She pushed the bangs out of her eyes as Touma felt his cheeks grow hot; he noticed how her eyes sparkled.

The light from the window show and made her hair glow like gold.

"You're beautiful," Touma let out.

Oriana let a small laugh, Touma was sure that was the first time all day he heard her genuinely laugh.

Oriana leaned and kissed him, Touma was surprised by the sudden affection but quickly found himself melting into the kiss and kissing her back. She was warm and soft, Touma's hand started to play with her hair, and a particular flowery scent filled his nose.

Oriana was about to continue but paused; she saw the hesitation in Touma's eyes.

Oriana let herself fall onto the bed beside Touma, "If you didn't want to, I would have taken a no." She sighed, "You should be able to tell me how you feel."

Touma could only reply, "I'm sorry; it's just that I couldn't help but think of the other girls."

"That's not exactly what any lady likes to hear."

"I mean, this whole relationship is so complicated and weird, and I thought-"He hesitated, "That is I did that with you, it would be like cheating on them."

Oriana couldn't help but smile softly, "Well, I can't be angry about that. I'd hate to have a cheater for a boyfriend."

Touma couldn't help but blush at the comment.

Oriana shifted a little resting her head on his shoulder and nuzzling up next to him. "Is this okay?"

"Uh, I think so."

"I guess we still have a lot to figure out about this whole relationship. I can tell you for sure that some of the girls have the same feelings as I do. I'm not sure if they'll be as patient, you better try and figure out how to work this out soon."

"I'll keep that in mind," Then something struck Touma, "Hey, why is there one bed!?"

Oriana chuckled," Yeah, I asked for two. With so many people coming in, I guess they made a mistake. I doubt they could change it even if we asked. Besides, you said you were okay cuddling, so it should be an issue."

Touma felt his face turn red, "I guess."

Touma was just hoping the girls wouldn't be upset about this.


A mech arm from the mobile weapon Unit Shautura was ridding grabbed Thor. It had barely arrived in time to pull this plan off.

It wouldn't hold long, and everyone else had to get into place.

Shautura put some pressure down on Thor's right side, Shinobu notices he seemed to show signs that he was still injured there and Konori had proved it by focusing some attacks at that spot. This was still only buying them time, distracting the magician, and even though the pain he was tearing himself free.

Thor saw a flash of light and turned to see everyone aiming every attack at him at once. His eyes went wide as his vision was covered in white light, and he smiled at the madness that this fight had become.


Touma later found himself ridding an elevator with Oriana; they were heading downstairs to start scouting the area to get their mission going.

Oriana leaned over and kissed him on the cheek, "Thank you."

"Oh! Ah! For what!?" Touma was trying to keep himself from blushing any more that day.

Oriana chuckled a little, "you're so lucky. I think it's cute when you blush like that."

Touma shook his head, "well, I don't know if I helped, but if I did, I'm glad."

Oriana was still not sure about anything about her past or even about staying in Academy City. But she was on a trip with a cute guy; maybe she could at least try and enjoy herself a little. She wanted something, and she reached over and took Touma's hand in her own.

Touma couldn't remember anything from before the previous summer, and he wondered if he had ever held a girl's hand before this.

There was a bing as they arrived at the lobby, and the doors opened.

They walked into the lobby; they could already hear the sounds of the nearby sea.

As they walked out into the lobby, they heard a familiar voice.

"There you two are."

They turned to see a woman with long silvery hair.

"Kara?" Oriana asked.

They quickly spotted the notorious Jean Slasher, and Valkyrie in training was sitting on a chair by the elevator.

She was wearing a white two-piece bikini with a dark floral pattern. Honestly, it wasn't much different from her usual outfit when slashing jeans.

Kara sighed, "I decided to wait you out on the beach, but then none of the guys would leave me alone, and I started to run out of sunscreen. I burn far to easy to risk that." She sauntered over to Touma, "My skin is so lovely, it would be a shame if it were to burn, don't you think so?"

"Ah, yes," Touma managed to say, "And, uh, you are showing a lot of it."

"What are you doing here?" Oriana asked her.

Kara spoke, "Well, I might have been on the rung from Gremlin."

"Gremlin?" Touma picked up on the name.

"Yeah, a while ago, I sort of joined them, and when I found something useful, ran off."

"You mean you stole from them?" Oriana summarized.

"Well, yes, I was exactly in agreement with their plans either, but I thought I might get something out of them. Then I happen to be hiding out in Academy City when I happen to see Cendrillon, and she didn't seem to recognize, and from what I hear, she's not in league with them anymore, so I didn't worry much. But then Thor showed up, and he's unstable to start with, so I didn't want to be around him when he's happy. I didn't want to be in the same country as him if he found out I stole from his group."


Yomikawa was driving back the office; she had heard it had taken a lot of damage during the latest incident. She'd been so busy the last few days she didn't have a chance to see the damage. She'd been mostly working in the field. They didn't even get too much time to rest; also, while she drove, her partners were asleep in their seats.

As she drove, she started to see the building; she remembered how the dorm of a certain unlucky boy was right above the office. She thought that was a good thing, that maybe they could take care of some issues before they got too big.

Yomikawa still wasn't sure if this whole department wasn't thought up just to try and limit the destruction that came from Touma's involvement.

An explosion broke her out of her thoughts, and her eyes went wide as she saw it coming from that very same building.


Touma could understand it; Thor was very powerful. He sighed in relief happy knowing that Othinus hadn't been found out, he still wasn't sure how the other would take to her being there.

Still, he wasn't certain that Thor wouldn't cause any trouble.

Kara continued her explanation, "So when I noticed you sneaking off, I followed you and got myself on the plane. I figured with the city on lockdown it was my best bet to get out,"

"I supposed you weren't wrong" Oriana sighed

"Yeah, but since I had to guess my destination, I didn't have time to find me a room, and everything is booked." Kara nuzzled up next to Touma, "You wouldn't mind sharing a room with me, right?"

Oriana cleared her throat, "He's already sharing a room with me, and we only have one bed."

With a hint of mischief, she smirked and raised and eyes brow, "My, my, you do work quick."

"We-"Touma sputtered as he blushed.

Kara just shrugged and looked over to Oriana, "I would mind, he's cute, and it's not the first time me and you shared a bed."

Before Touma could question anything, another voice rang out, a voice filled with rage, "YOU!"

The lobby seemed to clear out mostly.

Touma couldn't disagree with them, Mugino came stomping towards them looking ready to kill them.

Touma didn't have much experience talking with her, Hamazura telling him the best he could do was try and keep her calm.

"What are you doing here?" Kara asked her, "Is this a rematch? I think we still need the ninja to make it official."

Yeah, that plan already wasn't going to work.

"You!" Mugino growled, pointing right at Touma.

"What did I do?"

"Everything around you is so strange!" Mugino shouted, "I kept noticing things around you! That strange presence! Disappearing blood! Teeth marks in bodies!"

A few people turned to look at Touma for those comments.

"How you seem to get pulled into the middle of every major disaster in the last few months!"

"Yeah, that one might have to do with a rock." Touma tried to explain that one.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Mugino finally asked.

"I've heard that a lot," Touma had to admit that. He had even got that sentiment from an alternate version of himself recently and then told him that too.

"Wait, what are you doing here?" Touma realized,

"I was trying to figure you out! You've been on my mind for a while now! I can't understand you!"

"That's fair," Oriana had to agree.

"That still doesn't explain why you're here." Touma tried to focus on anything besides himself.

"I noticed the big boobed blonde drag you away. I decided to follow you."

Kara replied with a "Same."

"Does that happened a lot?" Mugino questioned, "Since I've known you, you've been kidnapped twice."

"It's been more than that," Touma admitted with a sigh.

Mugino explained how she heard Touma being dragged away and decided to follow, hoping to get some clue to the weird stuff about Touma and his hand. Threatening flight staff onto letting her onto the plane and things like that.

Kara took Oriana to an aside, "By the way, should any of us have been able to follow you. Isn't that your thing to make sure you aren't followed?"

Orina sighed, "It's not perfect, and using a spell isn't going to work with Touma around."

"Then I was about to tear the managers head off,"

Oriana just realized that. what this meant, "Are you trying to mooch a bed from us?" Mugino didn't reply, and Oriana took it for her answer, "Sorry, but we are full up already."

"There are already three people sharing a bed," Kara teased, "As it is we might have to sleep in the buff to safe space,"

"I don't remember letting you stay with us either," Oriana shot back.

Touma did want to help Mugino and Kara, but he didn't know what he'd be able to do. He somehow ended up sharing a room and a bed with Oriana, and he wasn't sure how he'd manage with two other women.

Touma had to find a way to settle this before things got worse.


There was a familiar voice, one that Touma wouldn't have expected to hear there. He didn't know if this encounter was his regular misfortune or Carina's spell, twisting the strings of fate as they moved.

"Touma?" He was there too, of course.

Touma craned his neck to the left to see both his parents standing there.

Touma vaguely remembered his parents saying something about a trip. With everything that was happening, he hadn't had a chance to speak with his parents that often lately.

"What are you doing here?" Shiina asked.

Oriana knew Touma wasn't prepared to lie to his parents, stepped in. Oriana blazed a bright, beautiful smile, "Hello again, you see, well, you see an opportunity came up that allowed us to have a short trip here. All expenses paid, including room, it was hard to say no." Oriana decided to ignore the two people trying to barge in on their trip.

"So, this is a couple's retreat?" Touya looked at Shiina, "So these are the girls you told me about? I mean, dating three girls is a bit much, but you made it sounds like he was dating a dozen."

Shiina smiled that same indecipherable smile, "No, I'm sure there was more. Our Little Touma is a bit of a Casanova."

Touma felt like a rope was wrapped around his neck.

He and his mother had a private talk, she wasn't upset, but she had made it clear she wasn't all for him dating several girls.

Touma was about toe to explain that Kara and Mugino were not dating him.

Kara grabbed Touma's left hand and pulled him close, "Well, our Touma can be so Charming. What girl could resist him?" Kara smiled, "I know I couldn't."

Mugino was quick to understand what she was planning, Mugino usually had more pride than do something like this, but desperate time demanded desperate measures. Plus, it would be fun to watch Touma squirm into a tight spot she'd put him, and maybe she could get a better understanding of his power.

Mugino grabbed his hand and entwined her with his.

Mugino chuckled, "You raised him; you have to know exactly how special he is."

"What?" Touma let out.

"You raised a kind and sweet young man," Mugino wasn't a sweet girl, and she was pouring it on. She knew enough about mind games, though, make the mother feel that she was a good mother and then have her eat from her hand.

Shiina just smiled at Mugino, no malice or anger in her aura. Honestly, Shiina felt a tad guilty, Shiina couldn't remember from Valentine's, yet she was so kind. Now that she thought about it, she couldn't remember the silver-haired girl either.

Shiina mentally sighed, Touma was dating so many girl's she couldn't remember them all.

Touma cringed at how things were turning when he noticed his father behind Shiina beaming proudly and giving him the thumbs up.

Shiina said, "Are the other girls here with you too? Misaki? Seria?"

Oriana couldn't help but let out a sigh, "No, it's just us," Oriana could only continue with the lie as presented, if she contradicted it and the others said something else this whole thing could fall apart. The less they asked would be better. Oriana didn't know how much Touma's parents knew about the situation, and if they asked, she'd have no reasonable explanation of how they got out of the city.

"Would you like to have dinner with us?"


"WHAT THE HELL?!" Yomikawa yelled, "WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL?"

The dorms were a mess, there were scorch marks, holes in the wall the size of people, gunshots, it looked like one wall had been torn apart by explosives, and the wall the collapsed, well no half of the entire room was gone, and there was a mech stuck in the upper floor.

No one seemed dead, there were some injuries, but Maria and some of the others were treating them with the first aid kits.

Yomikawa looked around at the utter destruction. "Okay, where is Kamijou? Is he hurt?"

Seria shook his head, "He's not here."

"Did someone take him again?"

Awaki just sighed, "Yeah, our Dorm mother took him for something. They'll be back in a few days."

"I guess it's fine if he has a chaperon," The officer she rubbed her head, "Okay, so who caused this?"

"Long story, he's gone," Awaki groaned out.


Shutaura slowly raised a hand and pointed out into the city, near a river.

Yomikawa cringed, "This is going to be a long day."


Thor floated along the river leading out of the city, his face down in the water. With a gasp, he raised his head. He was pretty sure one of his bones was pressing into an organ. He smiled; those girls were an interesting team; he wondered how they would fight with Touma. Maybe fighting them all together would be an even better fight.

First, he'd have to heal. That creature with the hammer did a number on him.


Touma could never have guessed this was where his day was going to go.

He had been kidnapped, which even he was starting to think it happened way too much.

He certainly didn't guess that Oriana would do the kidnapping. He and Oriana ended up at a resort in Mexico on one of her jobs to destroy a ritual sight. Then two other girls trying to bum a room off him.

That was all something he could deal with, but then his parents showed up.

"What did this Kamijou do in a previous life to deserve this?"

So with his mother now believing that Mugino and Kara were both his girlfriends, he couldn't find an excuse to kick out. If his parents noticed something off, they'd have questions that he wasn't sure he could answer.

Mugino did manage to get them out of anything at the moment as they had to settle in.

Then there was clothing shopping since Mugino didn't bring anything. Since Kara's clothes were not something, a girl should wear to meeting her boyfriend's parents for dinner. They had to get clothes. Lucky for them, the gift shop at the hotel had some lovely clothes.

Oriana got Mugino to pay for them, in return for letting her stay with them. Though Mugino did try and threaten to tell his parents the truth.

Oriana wore a lovely and surprisingly conservative amber-colored dress. Kara wore a long flowing white dress, one that she made sure showed off her long legs. Mugino wore a purple evening dress.

"Come on, open up." Kara smiled, holding out a spoonful of food.

"No, it's my turn," Mugino pushed some food forwards.

She wasn't into the cutesy stuff, but she enjoyed how comfortable this was making Touma.

Oriana was trying to keep her nerves under control.

Oriana smiled, trying to continue the lies, it wasn't easy, especially for Touma.

Could she keep on doing this? Could she stay with Touma? Did she deserve to have that happiness?

Her mind always reeled back to an old woman climbing onto a bus.

Oriana looked out of a window and to the moon.


A seal shifted and opened a hole which the moonlight filtered in.

In this hidden temple stood a platform four suns at four corners with a new sun in the very center. The platform itself was made in the image of the Earth, with the land almost looking alive and black. All the celestial bodies marked on the platform glowed in the moonlight.


The restaurant, the whole hotel, the entire city shook.

The room quiet, it was as everyone present sensed something was wrong. But that paused, and they continued to their normal activities.

"My, I didn't expect an Earthquake," Shiina spoke out loud.

"I'm sure its nothing to worry about," Oriana said, Touma knew it was a lie.

She thought they had more time, but the moon it seemed wrong. Had the beast they face recently change something? Was it a mistake? A miscalculation in the moon charts? The truth of the matter of blaming a demon was possibly a mistake; they probably made a mistake. She made a mistake.

Shiina smiled at Oriana, "I'm sure everything will be alright. There is no reason to look so worried."

"I'm sure you're right," Oriana lied again.

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