John Watson was almost used to his flat mate's odd personality aspects. Almost being the key word. This was something he couldn't have seen coming.

Sherlock was having a conversation. He wasn't harsh and deducing, he was having a civil conversation. With a man John didn't recognize-but that really didn't matter. Sherlock was having a civil conversation. He couldn't remember that ever having happened. Sherlock caught John's eye and motioned for him to stay quiet. "Mr. Emerson, I have thoroughly enjoyed this conversation. I must cash in favors with the Doctor more often."

The person 'Mr. Emerson' took this a sign to depart, and shook hands with the other man quite vigorously, nodded to John and then departed.

"What was all of that?"

"It was a conversation; I thought you wanted me to be more 'civil with people'." The last three words were set with air quotes, the latest of Sherlock's new extremely odd habits.

"Can you start with the Yard then?"

"John, if I am ever that separate for conversation I shall start talking to myself."

"You already do." The blonde man grumbled to himself. John placed the milk on the counter and looked out the window, and down onto the street.

"Sherlock, what is an old police box doing on the corner?" John asked his flat mate, completely baffled.