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The jingling of keys echoed through the house, with a click, the door opened and revealed a tired Hanyou. His wife looked up from her chore and smiled, wiping her hands with a rag she walked to her husband and planted a kiss on his cheek.

Inuyasha smiled warmly, "I'm home," He said as he brought his wife's head closer and stole a kiss. She squealed and swatted his hands away playfully, "Welcome home." She greeted in return before checking on the beef stew she had prepared in the crockpot.

"Did you ever think about me?"

"Every day,"

Inuyasha sat down on one of the table chairs and loosened his tie, the he switched the news on and a Coca Cola commercial was playing. The black-haired woman began humming an old tune as she continued to wash the dishes.

"Ya know, we have a maid for that." Inuyasha grumbled and his wife rolled his eyes. "Yea, but its relaxing." She huffed and Inuyasha snorted at the response. The news reporter began droning on about local news, and surprisingly began talking about Inuyasha himself.

"...CEO Inuyasha Taishou has recently been re-married, many call it a scandal considering he had a fiancée while others are calling it a hoax..." The reporter gossiped and Inuyasha scowled at the rumor.

He made a move to turn it off but the woman snatched the remote and planted it in her back pocket. "Don't." She warned and Inuyasha's gaze darkened as he watched her hips swoon dangerously.

"Was she better than me?"

"No, she never could be."

"And on a lighter note, Naraku Kumo was pronounced dead earlier this week. The military commented that the whole terrorist group has now crumbled without their ruthless leader."

Both stiffened and turned to the reporter, Inuyasha smirked, delighted with the death of the man. A small smile also made its way onto his wife's lips, she was also content with the news.

"What are we going to do now? You still have her."

"...I dunno', I still love you."

Inuyasha pinned his wife to the counter, her eyes widening as she felt his broad chest against her back. His hand went followed the curve from her shoulders, then danced over her sides and lingered dangerously on her hips. Her breath hitched and her eyes darkened as a new emotion over came her.

"Kagome." He teased, and said woman tensed when his hands slid to her ass. Inuyasha rumbled when she unintentionally leaned into his touch, brushing again his crotch. "Don't test me, woman."

Kagome smirked, her blue eyes glinted mischievously before she arched her back. Inuyasha breathed harshly, his own face turning pink as she continued to brush against his hardening member.

Kagome closed her eyes, her lips parting as a strangled breath came out. Inuyasha began to pant, Kagome continued to dance and Inuyasha growled, he couldn't believe that this woman was beating him!

Inuyasha smirked, baring his fangs and brushing them lightly against the sides of her neck. Kagome bit her lip as Inuyasha's began to suck on her lobe. The dishes long forgotten, she bared her neck and Inuyasha began to lick his way down the curve of her neck to her collar bone.

"Fuck it," Inuyasha cursed as he flipped his wife over, Kagome's eyes widened as he hauled her over the shoulder and began marching off towards the bedroom. Kagome squealed, and she began to flail. The remote had been discarded onto the kitchen floor, their game long forgotten.

Inuyasha chuckled at her childish antics, "Put me down!" Kagome cried as she continued to struggle. "As you wish," Inuyasha snickered as he slammed Kagome onto the bed lightly and she yelped as the soft silk sheets pooled around her.

Inuyasha paused, even though Kagome had been back for three months, he still couldn't believe it. Here she was, cheeks flushed and hair tousled, on his bed. "Inuyasha?" Kagome called out to him, her brows furrowing worriedly.

"What about the wolf? Heard he was gettin' ya a ring."

"Koga? Yea, but I know someone who will take better care of him."

Inuyasha shook out of his thoughts, he leaned over onto Kagome. His silver hair draping over her like a curtain, she bit her lip, and Inuyasha gently caressed her face with his hands. Oh how he had missed her.

He leaned down, and Kagome closed their eyes as their lips gently brushed against each other. It was innocent at first, both of them relishing each other's touch. It had been like this ever since she returned, neither believing they were back.

Then it turned into something fiery, electricity filled the air and something sparked. Inuyasha shifted his weight onto her, Kagome parted her legs while he brought a leg between them, she ran her hands through his hair and gently touched his ears.

Inuyasha groaned as her digits began to massage them, her fingers gingerly tugged at them causing the hanyou to relax into her grasp.

"Won't you miss the village?"

"Of course I will, but I would miss you even more if I stayed."

His hands cupped her cheeks and they parted for a moment, both searching through the other's eyes to confirm this was real. Inuyasha's thumb ran over Kagome's now plump bottom limp, her eyes watered. She had missed this, how could she have forgotten?

Inuyasha kissed her cheeks gently before bringing them back to her lips. Kagome withered as his hands danced on her pulse. His tongue stroked her bottom lip, and Kagome immediately allowed his muscle to wander her mouth.

Her tongue also joined the dance, both of their tongues intertwining. Kagome moaned and their lips continued to melt into each others. Her hands fell from his ears to his face in a desperate effort to bring him closer. Their bodies were becoming increasingly hot, and the heat became unbearable so Inuyasha removed his shirt.

Kagome eagerly joined him as she shed her own shirt, only parting as it slipped over her head before his lips slammed back onto hers. Inuyasha tossed the shirt away as his cool fingers wandered over her chest. They parted once more and Inuyasha's lips began to travel down the curve of her neck to her pulse. Each place he left a love bite causing Kagome to groan under him. Her hands found his muscular back and her nails caressed the warm flesh, Inuyasha purred at her actions and began to kiss the valley between her breasts, grateful that she didn't wear a bra under her shirt.

"How is Kikyo going to take it?"

"Not well, I don't want to hurt her since I brought her hopes up so high."

"Inuyasha," Kagome breathed as her lover's tongue encircled a nipple, his other hand sliding from her cheek to her breast. She arched her back, shoving her flesh even more into his hand. Inuyasha smirked and gazed up at her pleasure stricken face, her blue eyes deepened as lust began to cloud her mind.

He grazed his teeth other her nipple while the other hardened at the tugging and pinching of his skilled digits. Her breaths quickened and the nipple in his mouth hardened, Inuyasha released the nipple from his mouth and worked on the other as his hand began to knead the other.

By now her moans were driving him crazy, his own member began to harden. But he wanted her to be lubricated well enough so that his thrusts wouldn't rip her apart. "Ahhh, Inuyasha." Kagome sung and his ears twitched fondly to her voice.

Inuyasha's tongue left a trail of fire as he left her mounds and moved down the precious womb that held his child. Inuyasha kissed the area fondly before encircling her navel and even dipping his tongue into it. Kagome's breath came out broken as her back arched once more.

"I'm sorry, if I knew this was going to happen I wouldn't have-"

"Shut up, it isn't your fault."

Inuyasha made his way to her jeans, taking one of the loops into his mouth as he playfully tugged on it. Kagome looked down at him and couldn't help but feel her lips moisten at the sight, god she just wanted him. Why was he teasing her damn it?!

Kagome nodded, and Inuyasha slowly slid the jeans down her slender legs. Kagome kicked him away and sat up, her body betraying her anger. "Your such a tease, Inuyasha!" She grumbled as she eagerly slid the jeans off and panties along with it before tossing it away.

Inuyasha chuckled in satisfaction at her impatience, his own ego went up but the tent was now becoming painful. Inuyasha knelt at the edge of her bed and roughly grabbed her knees and yanked her sex closer to him.

Kagome gasped but said nothing as he began kissing her right ankle, and trailing up her legs and stopping right before his lips made in contact with her sex. Kagome was practically trembling as he did the same to the other leg, this time her juices had began to trickle down her thigh to which he eagerly lapped up.

Inuyasha went up to her sex and breathed upon it, he felt Kagome twitch before another satisfying moan tickled his ear. By now she was practically soaked and the pleasant scent of arousal was making his cock throb. He slipped his jeans off and licked her lips.

Kagome trembled, and she only moistened even more at the action. Inuyasha parted her lips gently with his claws and ran his tongue over her hole and encircled her clitoris. Kagome cried out and bucked her hips into his tongue.

"Easy now." Inuyasha growled before his claws dug into her hips and his tongue punctured her hole. Kagome cried out as Inuyasha began to suck and wiggle his tongue inside her. Kagome was already wet enough, and the smell enough was intoxicating.

Kagome was lost in her world of pleasure, she was tempted to just slam his head into her crotch but knew that he only teased because of his ego. When his tongue slithered inside her Kagome was in heaven, the muscle was satisfying but not enough. She wrapped her legs around him, effectively bringing him closer into her flower.

Inuyasha growled but removed his hand and moved his mouth onto her nub and began to suck. He shoved two fingers inside her, minding his claws and Kagome cried out once more. Inuyasha could feel how her muscles clenched around his fingers so tightly, he couldn't wait any longer before he slipped out of her hold and bared himself before her.

Kagome was sweating, she came so close, but whimpered at the loss of his fingers. Inuyasha rose up to her face and kissed her, allowing Kagome to taste herself on his tongue as he positioned the head at her entrance.

He moved his head to her ear and mumbled: "I love you," Before sheathing himself inside her. Kagome jolted but wrapped her legs around him and began to move with him. Inuyasha steadied his pace, their bodies colliding perfectly.

"I. Love. You." Kagome breathed back with every thrust, Inuyasha purred happily as he felt her muscles clench around him. Her hips danced with his and Inuyasha began to lose himself, he could never get enough of her.

Their bodies began to perspire, the heat radiating off them was suffocating but had the other wanting more. Kagome brought her arms around him and onto his back, she desperately wanted his body as close to his as she could get. And Inuyasha responded by shifting their position to him sitting up and Kagome on his lap.

She groaned as the change had him deeper inside her, she encircled her legs around his hips and her arms draped over his shoulders. Inuyasha's claws dug into her hip as he began to slam Kagome onto his cock, Kagome eagerly participated as she lifted herself up and down.

Inuysha groaned at the sensation of her ass grinding onto him. His hands slipped down to her well rounded bottom and squeezed her cheeks. His wife yelped when he delivered a firm slap onto her right cheek.

The burning inside the pit of her stomach grew, it was a thirst that needed to be quenched. Inuyasha speeded up his thrusts, his groans and her moans creating a symphony of ecstasy. Their eyes locked for a moment, and Kagome cried out as she came crumbling onto him. Her muscles clenched and convulsed around him as her juices coated his manhood. Inuyasha unwinded, his own release drowning him in pleasure.

Inuyasha spilled his seed into her and Kagome mewled at the feeling of him filling her. He lay back on the bed, gently untangling himself from her as she rolled onto the bed beside him. The room heavily smelt of sex and Kagome turned to her partner and smiled.

Inuyasha gazed at her , his eyes softening at the sight of his beautiful wife. He loved the smell of their scents mixed together, and he brought her close to his body. Kagome buried herself into his warmth even more, her heart swelled as he brought her curled up body under the sheets with him.

"Your mine, wench." Inuyasha claimed hotly as his hands clenched her cheeks. Kagome squealed, but didn't pull away. "And your mine," She fired back as she relaxed into his grasp, his heartbeat lulling her to sleep.

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