Jenny woke early and stoked the bedroom hearth, running out to the carriage to pick up her and Vastra's coats and things while she waited for the kettle. She had just finished folding the blankets when it started to whistle. She grabbed Vastra's katana as she headed up the stairs, quickly putting it away properly before going across the hall to wake Vastra.

She dressed and grabbed the clothes they had worn yesterday and went down to the washroom, starting the fire under the washbasin. She let it fill with water as she prepared breakfast, oatmeal for herself and ham for Vastra. While the food cooked, she turned off the tap running into the washbasin. It would take time for the fire to heat that much water. When the food was done she moved it to plateware and to the dining room.

"Breakfast, ma'am!" She called up the stairs. A few minutes later Vastra sat at the table.

"You're doing the washing today?"

"Yes, I've got water 'eating for it now."

"Do you have an estimate of how long it will take?"

"Usually takes at least until 3 in the afternoon, you know that."

"Should we need to go out again tonight-"

"You will let me know when you're getting cold." Jenny interrupted, pointing her spoon at Vastra. "You've been getting too cold too bloody often."

"Of course, my dear." Vastra chuckled.

"I ain't fooling, ma'am. I don't know what you getting so cold so often does to you."

"It really is quite incongruous when you give me an order and then call me ma'am. As I was saying, should we need to go out again tonight, it shouldn't take as long as last night. Though I don't imagine we will need to go out."

"Why's that, ma'am?"

"For starters, that was Georgiana Irving we saw last night."

"'ow can you be certain?"

"When I asked if she was Georgiana Irving, I was not corrected, but asked to identify myself."

"Oh, right!" Jenny felt silly for not realizing.

"So, if we are lucky, she will speak with her brother today and he will let us know." They finished breakfast quietly and Jenny put the dishes in the sink to wait until after she'd done the clothes. Vastra went to review the case or phone Mr. Irving or something.

The water in the washbasin was nice and hot, so Jenny rolled up her sleeves and got to work.

She was hanging a dress on the clotheslines strung about the room when the telephone rang. Sighing, she dried her hands and ran to get it.

"'ello, Madame Vastra's residence, who may I ask is calling?"

"Yes, it's Mr. Irving, I was just phoning to let you know that Georgiana's home! Thank you so much for your prompt work. Could I please speak with Madame Vastra?"

"Of course, sir, I'll get 'er for you now." She set the handpiece on the table, going halfway up the stairs to holler. "Vastra, Mr. Irving's on the telephone for you."

"Be right there."

"You were right." Jenny grinned as the Silurian entered. Vastra just smiled and picked up the phone.

"Hello Mr. Irving." She greeted. Jenny went back to washing the clothes. That might have been one of their shortest cases yet. A while later Vastra joined her, resting her hands on Jenny's shoulders. "Mr. Irving wished to thank us and share the news of Anna."


"She showed up this morning with a man, most likely the one we met last night. It turns out she ran away to live with this man the day she started a new job, to cut all ties to her old life at once. He was courting her secretly for a while, likely the man who would talk to her at her job. For some reason Anna didn't think her brother would approve of him. You humans can be so odd."

"Really now?"

"You don't think falling in love with a lizard woman is odd?" Vastra teased. Jenny paused her scrubbing to smile up at her girlfriend.

"No more odd than a Silurian falling in love with 'er food."

"How can I chastise you for cheekiness when you make it so adorable?" Vastra chuckled, leaning down to kiss Jenny's head.

"I love you too, ma'am." Jenny knew she was blushing, she always did when Vastra called her adorable. "Now, if you want the washing finished before dinner, you'd best stop distracting me."

"Alright, I'll go entertain myself elsewhere." Vastra left, and Jenny got back to work, both grinning.

The end. If you have any questions about the story, I'll do my best to answer promptly!