Prompt from microgirl8225 on tumblr: Castle and Beckett take a bubble bath together.

"Okay," Castle says, "you can open your eyes."

Beckett does as she's told, and immediately bursts into laughter. Castle has worked his hair into a mohawk and given himself a Santa like beard with the bubbles.

"So," he raises his eyebrows, "what do you think?"

"The punk hairstyle with the old man beard isn't exactly your best look ever," Beckett answers.

"Oh come on," he protests, "I make this look good."

Before she can argue, he reaches out and grabs her shoulders, then tugs her over to him. Water sloshes all around them, some splashes over the side, but Castle presses his lips fiercely to hers before she can fuss at him for making a mess. He breaks away all too soon, and smiles devilishly at her.

"What is it, Castle?" she manages to gasp out through the breathlessness from the quick but passionate kiss.

"You have a bubble beard now too."

Beckett lifts a hand to feel her face, finding that she indeed does have soapsuds all over her chin and cheeks. She lets out another laugh and wipes her face clean, then starts to do the same for Castle.

"Hey," he whines, "I worked hard on that."

"Well, I'm not going to kiss you again with soap all over our faces."

Castle pushes her hands away and quickly removes the remaining bubbles, and Beckett is still laughing when she leans in and touches their lips together.