Chapter 8

We sit in the kitchen and Mom just stares at me for a while. "I thought you weren't going to pursue this. Lana told me you stopped by. You told her that you would drop this. And did I hear Tess say you paid Lex a vist?" she asked, getting increasingly angry.

"Yeah…" I mutter.

"Mike, talk to me, why did you go to Lex? You know what he's capable of!" she yells, " Why were you so determined to find Tess?"

I look down at my hands that are folded on the table. "Well, no one would give me a straight answer. I got the feeling I needed to know, that it was important."

"You're grounded for at least a month, that is, if we survive this," she adds under her breathe.

I'm just about to apologize when Tess calls from the other room, "She's waking up." We get up and go back into the living room where Bette is in fact waking up.

She moans and moves her head from side to side, Tess did bandage up her shoulders, even though I had my doubts that she actually would. Her eyes flicker open as she tries to focus them. Once they come into focus she seems to realize that it's Tess standing over her.

She cries out, "No!" she pushes herself into the corner of the couch, trying to back away from Tess. But in her haste, she didn't notice that she was handcuffed to the table beside her, and was immediately thwarted. She pulled her arm, probably sending a tearing pain up her arm. "Ahhh," she shrieks.

Mom runs over to her side to comfort her. "Bette, you're okay," she soothes, "you're at a safe house. We're not going to hurt you."

"Unless your try something, then we'll be forced to respond accordingly," Tess threatens.

Bette attempts to catch her breath and calm down. I'd guess she was trying to think up a plan to get out of here, but quickly realizes that there's not many options, especially since Tess have a death grip on her gun.

I almost feel bad for Bette. Anyone can see she's scared, even though she's doing her best to hide it. She's probably only twenty, and being held captive by Tess. That would make anyone uncomfortable. I'm on her side and she scares the heck out of me.

Bette starts looking over the room and her gaze falls upon me. "Who's the kid?"

"Temporary, not that it matters to you," Tess answers. I can't help but wonder what exactly temporary means. Mom wouldn't let her hurt me but, it does plant a little seed of fear in me. I unintentionally gulp.

"What do you want?" Bette asks.

"Nothing," Mom replies.

Tess cuts in, "Chloe insisted that we bring you back here, to makes sure you were ok."

"You were going to leave me to die?"

"You couldn't have died from that. Besides your little blond friend would have come to pick you up."

Mom cuts in, "Which raises the question, who else is alive?"

Bette takes a deep breath and seems to debate on how best to answer that question without making her bosses angry and without making Tess angry. "If I may," I look to Mom for the okay to continue, she nods, "I'm really not being biased when I say while your bosses may be violent, Tess is a more immediate, if not altogether bigger, problem for you to deal with now." Tess' gaze slides over to me with an indistinguishable look. Whatever way she meant it, it helped prove my point.

"Alicia, Tina Greer, Greg Arkin, Ian Randell, Tim Westcott, and Linda Lake," She answers, not looking any of us in the eye.

Tess looks to Mom for a sign of recognition. Mom's face looks defeated, almost. Whatever you want to call it, she's not happy. "I take it you know who these people are," Tess says.

Mom nods, "Unfortunately."

"I'd assume you have access to you-know-what," she says to Tess. I have to guess that you-know-what is Watchtower.

Tess smirks, "Of course, how else could I cut the kid off?"

"Look them up, explain to Mike. I'll watch Bette."

"Come on, kid," Tess nods over to the kitchens.

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