Final chapter for this tie-in. This story was meant as bits of insight for the characters and story leading up to their meeting from 'SOL.' But no worries as I have at least two more of these I plan on doing... one for the time Angel and Cordelia were still married and then when Buffy and Angel became a couple and before she ran off. So keep an eye out! Thanks for reading.

Buffy was pretty sure this was the best night of her entire life. She couldn't count how many times she'd thanked Oz for this, nor how many times she'd felt like nearly fainting. She was in some amazing seats with a fantastic view of the ever-gorgeous Angel.

This was the first time she'd been to one of their concerts or been this close to them so she was riding pretty high on it all.

She never wanted the night to end.

Her face turned into a pout as Angel and Spike bantered a bit, then announced they were heading closer to the end of the night, doing some playing with the guys on stage and working the crowd a bit.

Then she heard her name.

Buffy's eyes went wide, her throat closing up. "He... he said my name," she stuttered out. "Oz! He said my name... or am I going crazy?!"

Oz laughed, grabbing her hand. "Come on," he said, tugging on her as he went past.

Buffy felt her body start shaking as they walked through the crowd.

"What did you do?" she harshly whispered. A second later her free hand went to her hair, trying to make sure she looked presentable.

When she got on stage, she saw each member of the band right there, feet away as she walked along. They each smiled, yelling out well wishes for her day.

When they got to Angel, she swallowed, feeling her face burning up. More so as he stared at her, like he was in a trance. Oz let go of her hand and used it to poke the lead singer and she tried to hold back a chuckle.

There was something well beyond powering in getting this man's attention like that.

Her face was in flames as he touched her hand and began singing with the crowd to her. She knew her life would never seem the same after that.

Just not how true it was going to be.