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Chapter 1

Carlos has something special about him. Carlos has this ability where nobody can get mad or annoyed with him. When Carlos broke James lucky comb, James wanted to kill him. Then James remembered its Carlos, his best friend since 1st grade. The guy who is practically his brother. He couldn't stay mad at him especially when Carlos used his powerful puppy dog eyes on him. Whenever Carlos used his puppy dog eyes on James he would cave in seconds unlike Kendall or Logan who would take a couple minutes to cave. Can you blame him? James had always had a soft spot for Carlos.

There was a time when Carlos hid Logan's social studies project and forgot where he had hid it. Logan was furious, like really furious he would have tried to beat Carlos to death if James and Kendall weren't between them. For two days Logan stayed mad at him, which was a record that Logan was proud to hold. Logan eventually decided to forgive him he missed Carlos happy go lucky attitude, that and Carlos started to pretend crying. Logan caved and forgave him.

Kendall always forgave Carlos no matter what he did he never wanted to face the wrath of Carlos puppy dog eyes. He always lasted longer than James but that's not the point. I guess you can say Kendall also had a soft spot for Carlos.

All three boys no matter how hard they tried could not stay mad at Carlos. He was practically their little brother and they always wanted to see him happy. You want to make Carlos sad or unhappy. Pretend to be mad at him. Which is how the guys usually got their revenge on Carlos.

Carlos knew that they couldn't stay mad at him or so he thought


A very furious James came running through the doors of 2J. Face red, fist clenching and unclenching, teeth gritted together he looked like a mad man from those 70's thriller movies. "I'm gonna kill him" is what he chanted over and over as he paced back and forth through their apartment.

Kendall and Logan were sitting on their orange couch staring at James in slight amusement. James tanned face turning red from anger kind of made him look like a clown. Kendall decided to speak "Who you talking about buddy".

"Fucking Carlos I'm gonna kill him".

"Calm down James what exactly did he do this time", Logan said.

"He went and hid all my Cuda products", James yelled. Kendall and Logan started to snicker a little. "What?"

"Dude you're threatening to kill him all because he hid your Cuda prodcts. Don't you think you're over reacting just a little?" Logan said through bits of laughter

James was not amused they obviously did not know the value of his Cuda products. "First this the third time in two weeks he has hid all my products and never gave them back. Cuda products are not cheap. All together they cost over 400 bucks. So I just wasted 1200 dollars all because Carlos can't keep his hands to himself". Kendall and Logan both ohhhed in unison. They now understood why he was so mad.

"Ok buddy we get it but just try to go easy on him you know how sensitive he is", Kendall was trying to reason. He knew that Carlos was in the wrong but he also knew Carlos didn't mean any harm. In Carlos innocent eyes this was just a harmless prank and sometimes James can get pretty violent.

"No I will not go easy on him. I'm done babying him, Carlos needs tough love. If you guys won't give it to him then I will", James said. He was done with Carlos. Done protecting him, done babying him, done with him all together. For the first time in his life James actually hated someone. It was unfortunate that this hatred was directed to someone who James always introduced as his little brother.

"You know James you have a point". Kendall looked at Logan like he started growing antlers. "I'm serious Kendall, Carlos has been getting on my nerves lately all the pranking he does and all we do is just brush it off like its nothing. I know I'm going to feel bad for saying this but Carlos has been REALLY annoying lately. Annoying to the point where I don't even want him around me".

Kendall looked at his friend with disbelief. They were saying that they hated Carlos. But Kendall knew they were right because he has been avoiding Carlos for about a week now for the simple fact he hated Carlos now. He was just done with Carlos like James was and decided to just avoid him all together. "You guys are right; I've actually been avoiding him all week. It's like everything he does just annoys me. The way he is always happy about nothing is annoying".

"The way everybody thinks he is the innocent one is annoying", Logan chuckled

"The way he can't sit still for two seconds is annoying", James added

"The way he stutters makes me want to put a bullet through my head", Logan was all in to the conservation he really hated Carlos now.

"The most frustrating thing about him is that stupid annoying helmet. What's the point of him walking around with that helmet on 24/7? Doesn't he realize he looks like a complete idiot"? James has now came to the conclusion he hated Carlos now.

Kendall never realized that his friends had a good point. "Guys I fucking hate Carlos now. I know he's been our friend since we were little but he disgusts me now. I just don't want him-"

"In Big Time Rush anymore?" Logan said flatly.

"You read my mind buddy", Kendall smirked these next few days are going to be fun.

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