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He was waiting for the right moment. He had been following Carlos all day just so he could make sure he was alone. If what Jett was saying was true then Carlos would have no problem talking to him right? Well he had that same thought in his head when the three of them approached him in the lobby. James shuddered each time he rembered that fateful day. For a while James believed that Jett and Mercedes masterminded Carlos' anger fueled rant, but he now believed that, that was no longer case. Now he believed it was Carlos just standing up for himself and for that James was proud of him but at what cost?

James had been watching Carlos for almost a half hour now down at the pool. Something was off with his small friend. Usally Carlos would be jumping in pool, splashing people without a care in the world, now he just sat in the pool chair away from Jett and Mercedes. He just sat staring deep into space like he was deep in thought and that was the wierdest part, most of the time Carlos' hyperactive mind would be racing at miles a minute. What was he thinking about that was so important? "Probabaly how to get revenge on his three so called best friends" James thought to himself. He mentally slapped himself for even thinking something like that, it's Carlos for pete's sake. Anyone who knew Carlos' knew that he didn't have a mean bone in his body, he couldn't harm a fly. James thought back to that day at the lobby again, he remebered Carlos yelling at them, he rembered Carlos cursing at them, he then rembered Carlos punching Kendall in the face. Carlos had definatly changed.

"He's not gonna bite you know" Jett said sneaking up behind James. James turned around and was taken back at what he saw, Jett Stetson looked like crap. He looked like he forgot what personal grooming was and he had lost a ton of weight. James thought he let himself go but he had nothing on Jett. "It's from all the stress" Jett said getting James' Jett knew what James was looking at he was trying his best to distract him from looking at his face.

"Stress? Stress from what?" Jett pointed towards the lonly Latino boy sitting in the furthest chair from the pool staring into nothing. James gave him a questioning look, why is Jett suddenly so worried about Carlos' well-being. Jett let out an annoyed huff "You know despite what you may think and what Kendall brainwashes you guys with I do have heart"

"But why Carlos, why all of sudden you trying to play big brother"

"Because he needed me ok and it's not like you were going to be there for him." Jett said with a hint of anger in voice. James face burned with shame. If Jett was the hero in this situation then he knew he seriously messed up, not that he didn't know that before. "Look James I'm sorry" Jett started "You probably think I'm trying to replace you."

"Replace me as what?"

"As the person who Carlos looks up to and idolizes. I know that I could never fill your shoes so I just wanted to tell you to please make up with him"

James was shocked he could see why Carlos startd hanging with Jett. Jett seriously seemed liked an ok guy. Maybe he should've gave him a chance instead following behind Kendall. They were after all the hottest guys at the Palm Woods. "Is something wrong Jett?" James asked seriously concerned about the boy in front of him. Jett hesitated for a moment but then slowly shook his head no.

"No I'm fine just take care of Carlos and yourselves ok?" With that Jett stood slowly and started walking away slowly coughing violently in his arm. If James didn't know any better he would say that Jett was leaving, but where was he going was the millon dollar question.


Carlos stood outside aprtment 2J he didn't know where to go because he was currently locked out his apartment he shared with Jett. He had been standing there for about 15 minutes now trying to decide on whether he should knock or not. His heart was telling him to knock but his head was saying otherwise. Eventually his head won out and he decided to wait outside the apartment for Jett or Mercedes to get there.

Carlos didn't know when he became such a scaredy cat. Sure he never was the bravest guy around, he still slept with a night light. Then there was the time when he was 13 and Kendall thought it would be a good idea to go to a haunted house since they were too old for trick or treating. Not even halfway through the haunted house he started freaking out and eventually James had to carry him on his back through the rest of the scary maze.

Carlos sat outside his apartment and waited, how could he be so stupid and lose his apartment key. "I just had it this morning" he thought to himself.

"Carlos?" He looked up towards the voice and saw James or what used to be James standing there. "Mind if I join you" he said pointing to an empty spot on floor next him.

"Sure" he said. They sat there for about five minutes in an awkward silence, both wanting to say what was on their mind but afraid of how the other would react. This was strange for Carlos and James they always were the closest out of the four of them. They were peanut butter and jelly, salt and pepper, a fat girl and a box of chocolates they just complimented each other. Almost as if one could not coexist without the other. They needed each other and neither one of them weren't afraid to admit it.

"Sooooooo how you been" James started, trying to make small talk, small talk was not his forte but he was willing to give it a try if it meant Carlos would talk to him.

"I've been better somedays I don't even feel like getting out of bed other days I just feel like running away and never looking back you know?" Carlos stated sadly. James felt immense pity for the small boy next to him, he had caused this pain, if he would've just looked inside his closet for his cuda products none of this would have ever happened.

They went into another awkward silence again, James didn't how to respond to Carlos' blunt statement. "Here goes nothing" he thought to himself, "You know were sorry right? About everything, we never meant for it to go that far. But most of all I'm sorry. I'm the one that started the whole you getting ganged up on situation. Do you forgive me?"

James had expected Carlos to yell at him again or even punch him like he did Kendall but instead Carlos just let out a loud sigh. "You wanna know something funny? It it were Logan or Kendall sitting where you were I would forgive them without even thinking twice about it, but you James I can't forgive so easily you want to know why?" Carlos paused to make sure James was listening, James shook his telling him to continue. "Kendall and Logan are my best friends in the whole world and nothing is ever going to change that, but you James I've always looked up to you in more ways than you count. Besides my dad you have always been sort of like a hero to me. All the bullies you beat up and all break ups you helped me through, I will never forget those and I thank you for those times. You've always been the person I wanted to be, so can you imagine the pain I felt when you guys beat me? Then when you guys kicked me out I sat in the hallway waiting for you to let me back in, not Kendall not Logan you and you never came" he said fighting back tears. James slowly slid his arm around Carlos' shoulder still remembering what happened in the lobby.

"But you know what I tried to be mad at you, I tried to forget about you and replace you with Jett but I couldn't, not after all the stuff we been through with that I do forgive you all three of you guys but I don't think I can bring myself to trust you guys again at least not anytime soon." James didn't know whether to feel happy or sad, happy because Carlos said he forgave him, sad because he didn't Carlos put that much trust and faith in him. Carlos was broken from the inside out and no amount of hugs, corndogs, and helmets were going to fix that and it was all his fault.

"Carlos I'm so sorry I honestly had no idea"

"James stop we're pass this already lets just start over "Hi my name is Carlos, what's yours?" he joked trying to lighten the mood. All this apologizing was seriously starting to put him back into a funk again, he just wanted to move past this and continue living his life to the fullest.

James caught on to his acting "Hey isn't that how you introduced yourself when were in kindergarten?" he chuckled.

"Yeah except now I have all my teeth, remember when you beat up Jack Gower beacuse he was teasing about the way I talked?"

"He was being a jerk" James defended. "Besides no one picks on James Diamond's little buddy without consequences" he said causing Carlos to giggle he wouldn't trade that giggle for all the cuda hair products in the world. Him and Carlos were finally on speaking terms and that meant he could finally put his guilty conscious to rest.

"I'm not that little you know?"

"Dude you're a shrimp" James exclaimed causing both of them to erupt into a fit of chuckles. "You know there's an empty bed next to mine calling your name? I think it misses you."

"I'm pretty sure its more comfortable than Jett's couch"

"So that means you're coming home?" James asked excitedly. Carlos thought for moment, could he really stay in that apartment where everything that practically ruined his life took place? Could he really be around Kendall after what happened in the lobby? Could he really leave the safe and comfort of Jett's apartment? He didn't know the answer to any of those questions but somehow he found himself nodding his head yes. "Let's go buddy" James said helping him up from the ground. He pulled out his phone and texted Jett "Thanks I owe you one everything went according to plan"

The walk to 2J was silent Carlos was going over every possible outcome in his head, maybe everything would go smooth like it did with James, but then again when has Kendall Knight ever let someone hit him and walk away freely? Never that's when. Then there's Logan, he never liked anyone hitting one of his friends so how would he react when he saw Carlos? Maybe they would gang up on him again and James would sit there and watch or even worse he would join. He thought about turning around he really did but it was to late. "Hey look who came home" James announced proudly as he walked through the door of 2J. Carlos saw Kendall's eyes zero in on him, he couldn't move it was like his feet were glued to the floor. Kendall was charging at him, he didn't know what was going to happen next all he knew was these next few moments were going to be the most painful of his life.


Mercedes walked up to Jett's apartment hoping to hear some good news, she was hoping that Carlos and James, Kendall, Logan made up. She still didn't trust them but then again she didn't want to see Carlos sad. Carlos and sadness are just two things that should never be associated. However when she walked through the door she caught Jett in the middle of a violent coughing fit. "Are you okay" she asked worry embedded deep in her facial features.

Jett looked up at her with sadness in his eyes "Mercedes we need to talk"

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