Here is a new story. I've actually been planning it for a while, but have delayed because i wanted to focus on my other two stories for a while. Now i decided to start it.

Warning, there is a lemon near the end. I announce it, so skip it if you are uncomfortable. It is pretty tame in my opinion though.

This chapter was corrected by my beta, Vandenbz. So thank him for the easier read.

"Man, that test was brutal," Uzumaki Naruto called out while stretching his shoulders. Naruto was tall for the typical Japanese, and he didn't look to be Japanese at all. He had spiky bright blonde hair, and clear blue eyes. He also had three marks on each cheek that almost looked like whisker marks. Despite his words, there was a large grin on his face. He was dressed in casual clothes consisting of worn jeans, burnt orange shirt, and a black jacket. The most unusual thing was the necklace he was wearing. It had eight magatama hanging off it: six in front of his neck, and two behind.

"Maybe for you, dobe," a voice replied. Naruto turned and glared at the speaker. It was a dark haired boy just a bit shorter than him. Uchiha Sasuke. Although the two had been friends for years, it was more as frienemies. Sasuke came from a well off family, was naturally intelligent, and was nationally ranked in soccer. Despite that, Naruto always kept up with him, so the two were rivals.

"Oh quiet, you two. That test was brutal, Sasuke. You know it," an exasperated voice interrupted before Naruto could reply. The speaker was a girl with pink hair of all things. Her name was Haruno Sakura, Sasuke's girlfriend. Naruto had crushed on her for years, but she literally never had eyes for anyone except Sasuke.

"Yeah, I'll be lucky to scrape by with an 80. Not all of us are geniuses like Shikamaru here," a blonde piped in. Ino was the daughter of a well off family, like Sasuke. She was always more interested in fashion and boys than anything though, very unlike Sasuke who barely looked at a girl before college and getting together with Sakura. Naruto and Ino had a few flings together. That was the right word. Flings. No one could mistake their flings for an actual relationship.

A lazy looking boy with his hair in a spiky ponytail just muttered, "Troublesome." Typical Shikamaru. An absolute genius, but more likely to fall asleep standing than put it to any good use.

Beside Shikamaru was a…fluffy guy. Chouji had his constant companion of a bag of chips. Cool guy, real chill. Naruto still thought he should put the chips down every once in a while. Still didn't stop him from being nationally ranked in shot-put.

Next to those two were Hinata and Kiba. Hinata was a…well-endowed woman with long blue hair, white eyes that made her look blind, and a baggy coat that effectively covered up her natural assets. Naruto and Hinata had been an on again off again couple since freshman year in high school. Naruto had randomly broken up with her several months before for no apparent reason, for good this time. Hinata had been devastated, but Kiba had come to the rescue. Kiba was a remarkable feral looking boy with brown hair and eyes. He had been crushing on Hinata for years. The two weren't a couple, but they had definitely been growing closer the past few months.

This was Naruto's gang. The entire group had met up back in primary school, and been together ever since. They even all decided to go to the same college in Shinto Teito, Konoha University. They were nineteen years old.

The conversation between the group was put on hold though when Naruto's cell started ringing. Naruto raised an eyebrow before fishing it out of his pocket. He then looked at the caller ID to see that it was flashing 'unknown.' Confused, Naruto opened it and spoke into, "Yes, this is Uzumaki Naruto."


"Matsu," Naruto exclaimed in surprise once he recognized the voice and the nickname. He then questioned, "What's up? Why are you calling?"

Matsu answered in an uncharacteristically serious voice, "It has started. The Sekirei Plan. I'm waiting at your apartment."

Naruto grew serious when he heard that. So he nodded to himself and then told her, "I'll be there as soon as I can. Just hold on."

"Got it," she replied calmly.

Naruto turned the phone off and then turned to the group. He quickly informed them, "It seems a friend from out of town has stopped by unexpectedly. So I got to go. See ya." Naruto then ran away before the confused group could reply.

Naruto moved across the Konoha campus quickly, living up to his track star status. Within minutes he had left the campus and was running though the buildings of Shinto Teito. He moved into an alley. After checking to make sure no one was watching and that there weren't any cameras, Naruto leapt upwards in an impossible display. He easily cleared his way onto the roof of the building. He then started running, jumping from rooftop torooftop. He made his way into the northwestern part of Shinto Teito. He stopped when he reached a larger than average building that looked very top quality. Naruto made his way down to the ground across the street from the building. After making sure his clothes were straightened, he moved calmly across the street and moved into the entrance of the building.

"Hey, Kotetsu. Heard I have a guest," Naruto said cheerily to the front desk attendant. It was always manned by either Kotetsu or another man named Izumo.

"Yeah. She got here about thirty minutes ago," Kotetsu informed him before complaining in an envious voice, "Gorgeous too. You really are a lucky bastard, Naruto. Can't you go one night without having a totally gorgeous woman go up to your room for the evening?"

Naruto laughed before saying cheekily, "What can I say? When you look as good as me, it is just a crime to not spread the love around."

"Yeah, yeah," Kotetsu muttered as Naruto left. He then checked the clock and shook his head before exclaiming, "Not even two yet either. At least they usually come at night. Guess Naruto's youth is showing. Aw, to be young again." Kotetsu then ended with a perverted giggle.

Naruto didn't hear any of that as he was standing in the elevator as it moved to the top floor. He then stepped out and walked down the hall towards his room. As he turned the corner to the hallway with his door though, he was immediately latched onto as someone cried his name. He then felt a soft pair of lips touch his. Naruto felt the release of a massive amount of energy, and saw a flash of golden light. After a few seconds, the lips left his.

"Geez, Matsu-chan. Not even a hello before going for the lips," Naruto said in a teasing voice.

"Quiet, you. You know you loved it," was the reply.

"Can't deny that," Naruto claimed as his eyes scanned the person in front of him with approval. Matsu was a long red haired woman, with her hair in side plaits. She also wore circular glasses over her orange-red eyes. She was wearing a pale pink dress with detached sleeves that somewhat resembles a cheongsam. The dress also had a rhombus cut out of the front, displaying a healthy amount of cleavage. Matsu had a curvy figure that even outdid Hinata. Wide hips, tiny waist, and a very well-endowed chest. Yes, Naruto very much approved. He still asked in a teasing tone, "Doesn't change the fact that you went right for your wings. Is that all I am to you, Matsu-chan? An Ashikabi?"

"Of course not," Matsu exclaimed in an exaggeratedly insulted voice. She then added with a perverted voice, "You are also a subject that I can 'experiment' on."

"Ah, to be viewed as a sexual toy. Why is it that I never mind that from beautiful women?" Naruto commented with a matching perverted grin.

"Hehe, you really are my perfect Ashikabi, Naru-tan," Matsu announced. She then grew serious before claiming, "Seriously though, I've been waiting ten years to be winged by you. I wasn't going to wait another minute if I didn't have to."

Naruto nodded in understanding, realizing that the time for joking was over. He motioned her to step back as he fished out his key and opened his apartment. Slightly low-tech for a company like MBI, but Naruto agreed that a good old-fashioned lock is sometimes better than some high tech retinal scanning device. Matsu would have been in the apartment within moments if that was used. Naruto then moved aside and motioned for Matsu to enter in an exaggerated gentlemanly manner. She giggled and walked in.

Naruto's apartment was very high class, despite him being an orphan. His friends had always wondered how he could afford it. Luckily they accepted that he just had connections within MBI. One entire wall was a window of one way glass, so that no one could look into his room while Naruto could still enjoy the view of Shinto Teito. Naruto's living room and kitchen were adjoined, although the size of the room made it redundant. They was still bigger than most. The living room was slightly lower than the rest of the room. It had a large couch and chair centered around a small table, while facing a large plasma TV on the wall. The kitchen had black granite countertops, and every appliance one could ever need. It also had a large table, which could be used as a dining table for when he had guests. There was a hallway with three doors. One led to a massive bathroom which had a shower and a bath large enough to comfortably fit ten. Something Naruto had taken advantage of several times. One led to an average sized guest room. The last one led to Naruto's room. It was a large room. It was actual quite bare for the simple fact that it had a massive bed in there. As in large enough to fit like ten people easily. There simply wasn't room for anything else. Overall the apartment was very high class to a degree that it was more suited to a rich bachelor. MBI definitely splurged on it. Naruto also felt the large bed and baths were designed for when the Sekirei Plan started.

Naruto walked to the living room and laid down on the couch. He then motioned for Matsu to take the chair. Surprisingly, she instead laid down on the couch as well. She rested her head on his chest with a content smile on her face while wrapping her arms around his torso. Naruto shrugged in acceptance. Matsu did have to wait ten years for him to wing her. She deserved a bit of cuddling. Not to mention her chest was pressing against Naruto's deliciously, and no way was he going to push her away.

"So, catch me up with everything. Takami didn't tell me that the Sekirei Plan had started yet," Naruto said as he let Matsu rest against him.

Matsu closed her eyes and hugged him tighter as she responded easily, "Well it has just barely begun. About a month ago MBI let out the first twenty-five Sekirei. I stayed in the facility due to…having to do something."

"Why does that set off my trouble radar?" Naruto groaned out. Matsu chuckled uneasily, smiling at him awkwardly. Naruto sighed and question, "What did you do, Matsu?"

"I might have…stolenajinki," Matsu stated, saying the end in a rush.

Naruto managed to hear it though. His eyes widened in horror before he exclaimed, "You stole a jinki?!" Naruto wasn't too sure what a jinki was. He knew it somehow allowed the owner special abilities regarding the Sekirei, but not much more. What he did know is that Minaka was a crazy fucker, and not to be underestimated. Minaka likely wasn't happy about losing one of them before he wanted to. Naruto didn't even know what he might do. Naruto was about as unpredictable as they came, but Minaka is certifiably insane. Some people say Naruto is too, but that doesn't mean he can predict Minaka's reaction better than anyone else can.

"I'm sorry, Naru-tan. I had to do it. I couldn't allow Minaka to have all of them. Who knows what he might have done with them?" Matsu blurted out in a rush. She also sat up and clasped her hands together while looking at him with watering eyes. This had the advantage of pushing her breasts together, allowing Naruto a fabulous view of her cleavage. It was enhanced even further by the fact that she was bowing forward somewhat. Yep, she definitely knew what she was doing.

"It's okay, Matsu-chan. I was just surprised," Naruto told her after sighing. She immediately smiled and hugged him again before settling down in her previous position. Naruto started running his fingers through the part of her hair that wasn't done into braids absentmindedly as he thought out loud, "Thankfully, there isn't much Minaka can do. Well there is a lot he can do, but not without messing with the Sekirei Plan. He desperately wants me to play, which is why MBI had provided everything I could want and more my entire life. Now that you have been winged by me, he can't bring the entire might of MBI down on us in case it causes me to leave the game. He also can't send the Disciplinary Squad after us. Karasuba can't fight me, and I can defeat those other two newbie's they got after Yume died."

"Very good, Naruto-kun," a melodramatic voice declared.

Naruto groaned and Matsu stiffened before both looked over to see that Naruto's TV was playing. It was showing a picture of a white haired man with glasses sitting in a throne-like chair. Naruto immediately deadpanned, "Hello, Minaka."

"Hello, Naruto-kun. Good to see you well. You too, Matsu. Despite you having something that belongs to me," Minaka proclaimed in the same melodramatic voice that he always used. Matsu stiffened again, but Minaka immediately continued, "I'll overlook that though. Surprises like these are what make a game worthwhile, after all. I'll let you keep the jinki, and I won't even act against you. All I require is for Naruto-kun to participate in the Sekirei Plan. Not that he has much choice though, considering he already winged you, Matsu."

Naruto rolled his eyes before snapping, "Alright. I'll play your stupid game, Minaka, but don't expect me to not break a few rules in the process."

"That is no issue. As I said before, surprises are what make a game worthwhile. If everyone followed the rules completely, then it would be boring. Don't expect me to just allow it though. I won't target you for the jinki, but I won't allow you to break the rules without any punishment either. That is my role as game master after all," Minaka claimed with a smirk. He then spread his arms out in a grandiose gesture as he announced, "Welcome to the Sekirei Plan, #00 Naruto. The artificial Sekirei. You will make this a much more entertaining game."

"Yeah, yeah. We know. Now we'd like some private time," Naruto claimed as he took the remote and shut the TV off. Naruto half expected it to flicker on again, but it didn't. Seems Minaka understood that they knew about the Sekirei Plan. Naruto sighed in relief before looking at Matsu and commented, "Well it looks like you are free. All it took was me participating in the game, and we both know I never really had a choice in the first place."

Matsu nodded in understanding as she said, "Yep, I'm glad you are though. You really are my perfect Ashikabi. Strong, handsome, willing to go along with my experiments, and now even able to protect me."

"Good thing too. If I wasn't here, then the only option you'd have would be going under Miya's protection," Naruto mused. He grinned at Matsu and said, "You wouldn't survive a month at Izumo Inn. Considering Miya's rules and strict attitude. No lewd activity allowed. You'd die either from porn withdrawal or from being killed by Miya."

Matsu shivered in horror at the pure thought of being forced to live under Miya's rules. Her arms tightened around Naruto as she muttered in a scared voice, "Don't talk about such scary things, Naru-tan. I'm going to be having nightmares now."

Naruto chuckled before changing the topic. "So the first twenty have been released already. Any timeline on the rest of the Sekirei?"

Matsu shrugged before admitting, "Not really. Minaka does it at random. Considering all the factors though, I'd say all will be released within six months, at the most. Maybe a few more months for all of them to be winged."

Naruto nodded in agreement before telling her, "You're lucky I just finished exams. I've got several weeks off. I'll have to find Kazehana."

"Just Kazehana? What about Karasuba?" Matsu questioned curiously.

"Do you want me to wing Karasuba now?" Now asked with raised eyebrows. Matsu's shiver was enough of an answer, so he elaborated, "Karasuba has made it clear that she doesn't want me as an Ashikabi, despite reacting to me. I'll not press her. Truthfully, I doubt Kazehana will agree either. She's still hung up over Minaka."

"Still don't see how she could possibly fall in love with that man even while reacting to you," Matsu muttered. She then continued, "It is only a matter of time though. My abilities have been fluctuating for months to such a point that I had to ask for help from another Sekirei to steal the jinki. A bit longer and I'd completely be losing control. Kazehana has to be the same. MBI has been trying to recalibrate our cores in order to delay it till the Sekirei Plan starts, but it has reached the end of the rope. Ten years is simply too long. A bit longer and Kazehana's Sekirei core will be going haywire, and she'll lose her abilities completely until she is winged. Karasuba might have bought time by partnering with that Natsuo guy, but her powers are still fluctuating as well. Can't even guess what will happen over time there. You are unique after all. No other Ashikabi is actually capable of producing reactions in winged Sekirei."

"There is always madness in love, Matsu-chan. We can't expect to understand Kazehana's reasoning and feelings," Naruto told her softly. He then continued, "I'll find her, but I'll let her choose. I won't wing her if she doesn't want to be winged. I'll stay away from Karasuba for as long as possible. She's made her decision. I won't negatively affect her by causing a reaction from getting close to her. She knows where to find me if she reconsiders."

"That is exactly what I should have expected based on your personality, Naru-tan," Matsu admitted while unknowingly increasing her grip on his chest.

"What can I say? I'm just awesome that way," Naruto stated with a cocky smirk. He then thought a moment before adding, "I doubt that will be the end of it though. You three started reacting to me when I was nine. Now that MBI is letting the Sekirei out, it is almost a foregone conclusion that some others will react to me."

Matsu giggled perversely as she said, "All the better. That will only make experimenting more fun."

"Yep, it definitely will," Naruto stated in an equally perverted voice. He then reluctantly straightened and stood up, drawing a whine from Matsu. He then told her, "We'll worry about that later. I need to do something now."

"What?" Matsu whined before declaring, "Kazehana can wait for tomorrow. I want to get down to our experiments." She ended by making groping motions with her hands.

"I know. I'm not going to find Kazehana. I need to get winged by my Ashikabi and bring her here," Naruto claimed easily.

Matsu blinked blankly a few times before exploding, "EEEhhhhh! You've reacted to someone."

Naruto nodded before explaining, "For almost half a year now. Since I lack the instinctual love for an Ashikabi like a normal Sekirei though, I've been putting it off. Wanted to get to know her first to see if I could actuallycome to love her. Can't say I love her quite yet, but I definitely like her. I even broke up with Hinata because I knew it was only a matter of time, and unlike Sekirei I couldn't expect her to share."

"I see," Matsu muttered. She then told him, "I should have expected. You stopped bringing Hinata over about five months ago after all."

Naruto looked at Matsu a moment before questioning, "Have you been spying on me, Matsu? I haven't found any cameras."

Matsu chuckled awkwardly before pointing to a shelf which held a random teddy bear. She then pointed to a fruit bowl on the table. Then the TV. Then another shelf. She then added, "There are two more in the kitchen. Eight in the bathroom. Two in the guest room. 24 in your bedroom."

"Matsu! What don't you get about spying on people is wrong?" Naruto asked in a serious tone.

Matsu quickly protested by saying, "Just because you didn't wing me didn't mean you weren't my Ashikabi. Of course I wanted to keep an eye on you."

"I really doubt it was keeping an eye on me as much as wanting to watch all the girls I've had sex with," Naruto deadpanned. Matsu's awkward chuckle, avoiding eye contact, and rubbing of the back of her head in embarrassment basically confirmed that. Naruto sighed, but then pointed at her and declared, "I'll forget about it this time, Matsu…As long as you give me a copy of all the sex scenes."

"Deal!" Matsu immediately answered. Naruto couldn't hide the perverted grin. He hadn't planned on videotaping all the girls he brought up, but since it did happen he'd have to be a fool or gay not to take advantage of it. Naruto now had access to more sex scenes than any porn company. Matsu snapped him out of it though when she pointed at him and informed him, "Don't think you can continue your player lifestyle though, Naru-tan. I'll be more than happy to accept any more Sekirei you wing, but even I have dignity. You are my Ashikabi, so you have to take responsibility. No more girls every night."

"All right, I understand. I have been in a relationship before you know. I never cheated on Hinata, without her approval and participation at least," Naruto replied indignantly. Hinata had been kinky when it came down to it, despite her timid and shy personality.

Matsu couldn't help the smile. Naruto really was a good Ashikabi. Many, many people would think of an Ashikabi/Sekirei bond as a master/slave deal. Not him though. It was a relationship. A highly unorthodox one withsuperpowered females and a high chance of other girls joining in, but still a relationship. Her perverted side then flared up, and she announced, "I might be willing to allow another woman every few weeks or so though. Variety is the spice of life after all."

Naruto chuckled and kissed the top of Matsu's head affectionately before saying, "And that is why you are my perfect Sekirei, Matsu-chan. We have a complete understanding of each other."

"And don't you forget it, Naru-tan," Matsu told him with a happy grin and slight blush on her face.

Naruto laughed at her response as he approached his door. He paused halfway through the door before telling her, "This shouldn't take more than two hours or so. Maybe you can disable all the bugs and cameras in here from MBI. I'm sure they have some, but I clearly lack the ability to find them. I'd also prefer if they can't spy on us from now on."

"Got it, Naru-tan," was Matsu's reply. Her eyes blanked for a minute before she came back and muttered to herself, "Basic scan indicates 122 monitoring devices inside the apartment outside of my own. Need to get rid of them before conducting a more thorough scan."

Naruto sweat dropped at the massive number, but left Matsu to it. That was her specialty after all. He had little doubt that every inch of his apartment would be spied on by her, but that was just one of the traits about her he had to accept. Just like her large breasts, nice ass, interest in females, and enthusiasm towards sex. Yes, he could definitely get over her peeping. No problem.

Naruto took the elevator down before leaving the building with a quick goodbye to Kotetsu. He didn't move as quickly as when he had rushed home, but he still moved quickly through the city due to roof hopping in order to avoid the traffic or crowds. He headed towards the eastern part of Shinto Teito. After about twenty-five minutes, Naruto dropped to the ground across from one of the numerous MBI hospitals in the city. Naruto calmly walked across the street and entered.

And he immediately came face to face with someone very important. Naruto grinned before exclaiming, "Takami-chan. Good to see you."

Opposite Naruto was MBI's head researcher and the person in charge of the Sekirei Plan. Sahashi Takami. She was a middle aged woman with somewhat short hair that had grayed prematurely. Her eyes were gray, and always seemed serious. She was currently dressed in trousers, a black top, and a white lab coat. She also was standing in an intimidating stance. Feet shoulder width apart and arms crossed over her chest.

"Naruto," she said simply without letting up her serious aura.

Naruto ignored it though in favor of looking at her appreciatively. He then announced with a grin, "You know, you can still put many younger girls to shame with your looks, Takami-chan. Are you sure you won't let me take you out on a date sometime?"

"Yes, I still refuse," Takami deadpanned. This was the usual occurrence between the two. She then added though, "Didn't last long in your promise to Matsu, huh Naruto."

Naruto just shrugged before claiming, "You've been rejecting me for three years. I had to give it one more try before giving up."

"You should have given up three years ago. I have a son your age," Takami informed him blankly.

"Like I care. That just makes you a MILF," Naruto stated easily. Takami sighed in exasperation. He quickly asked, "How is he by the way? Minato, right? Still studying for his second entrance exam?"

"Yes, still can't believe that boy failed in the first place. Too timid, he is. Don't even know where he got it from," Takami exclaimed in exasperation.

"At least he didn't get Minaka's…crazy," Naruto told her cheerfully. He actually knew where the kid probably got it. Takami is so confident and blunt she could come off as intimidating to those who weren't just as confident, like Naruto or Minaka. That attitude while raising a child is not easy on a child's confidence. Not to mention her daughter had the same personality based on what Naruto had heard. Poor kid was trapped between two domineering females. Never had a chance.

"Yes, I suppose there is that. Still wish the kid would grow some balls," Takami muttered to herself.

Naruto laughed loudly at that before telling her in an amused voice, "That should have got me to quit asking you out. You clearly love Minaka despite everything."

"What? Like I'd love that crazy bastard," Takami spat in disgust.

"Let's see," Naruto started while counting off on his fingers, "You've stayed at his side for years, had sex with him at least two different times, had his children, haven't dated anyone in over two decades, and are going along with the Sekirei Plan. Face it, Takami-chan. Either you love him or he's blackmailing you. Since I doubt you'd be blackmailed for over two decades without getting even somehow, that leaves just one option."

Takami growled, but couldn't refute his argument. So she shoved a folder into his chest before telling him, "Here are her files. We gave her the final treatments yesterday. The chance of the illness returning is 0%, but she still needs some physical rehabilitation. The necessary therapy is in there. You can help her with it at home."

Naruto nodded as he scanned the papers inside. He wasn't surprised that she had it ready. MBI had definitely been eavesdropping on the conversation between him and Matsu. It was why Takami had been waiting for him and knew that he promised Matsu he wouldn't pick up any other women. Made things easier as well. Now he could get her and go.

"Thanks, I appreciate it," Naruto told her once he closed the file.

Takami waved her hand nonchalantly and walked out the door as she replied, "Thank Minaka and his desire to have you participate. Curing her wasn't easy or cheap."

Naruto watched her go before turning and moving through the hospital with an ease that showed he had done it dozens or hundreds of times. He soon arrived at a door. He didn't pause as he opened it and announced, "Hey Chiho. The great and awesome Naruto-sama has arrived to cure you of your boredom."

The room was a typical hospital room. White walls, disinfectant smell, and hospital bed. It was the person in the bed that interested Naruto. Hidaka Chiho was a tiny eighteen year old girl. She also seemed to have some English ancestry since she didn't look Japanese. She had long sandy blonde hair and soft hazel eyes. Her skin was a clear alabaster, the only thing being that she was slightly pale from her long stay in the hospital.

"Naruto-kun," Chiho said with a smile.

Naruto appeared in the corner with his head lowered as he replied in a depressed voice, "How cruel! I thought I told you to call me Naruto-sama, Chiho-chan."

Chiho giggled at his dramatic reaction, and said in a joking voice, "Oh, I'm sorry. I'll make sure to remember next time, oh great and awesome Naruto-sama."

Naruto stuck his nose in the air as he stated snootily, "You seem to be finally getting the pure awesomeness I naturally give off."

Chiho giggled again, but then asked curiously, "So how did your exams go, Naruto-kun? You haven't visited me all week."

"Not bad. Had to study, which sucked, but I should get solid grades," Naruto claimed with a nonchalant shrug. Naruto typically got below average grades, but it was more due to a hatred of schoolwork than a lack of intelligence. He may not be a Shikamaru, but he was able to give the genius a good match in Shogi. He even won a few times, apparently due to 'completely unpredictable moves and strategies.' Shikamaru's words. Naruto then looked at Chiho and asked softly, "How about you?"

Chiho smiled widely and exclaimed, "Stay there. I'll show you."

Naruto stood back as Chiho removed the hospital sheet to show that she was wearing a casual dress instead of the typical hospital gown. She then threw her legs over the side of the bed, and then dropped to the floor. Her legs wavered a bit, but she then managed to steady herself. She then walked the few feet to Naruto in a slow, but strong gait. She then stood in front of the shocked Naruto with a triumphant grin. Naruto was shocked, but pleased. It had only been two weeks since Chiho had managed to take her first wobbly step in years.

"That's amazing, Chiho-chan. You've really made progress," Naruto exclaimed excitedly.

Chiho blushed slightly at the praise, but he clearly saw her own glee over it, and why wouldn't she be happy? Chiho had apparently been confined to a wheelchair when she was eleven. So she was finally walking after seven years of being infirm. She nodded happily before explaining, "My sickness never really affected my muscles, so I didn't have to do any serious therapy. It was just that they atrophied from being inactive for so long. I still can't run, but I can walk for well over a half hour without problems. The doctors think that it will only be a week or two before I have the leg strength necessary to run."

"Great," Naruto exclaimed while beaming. He really was happy for her. It really hadn't been easy for Naruto to see her ill knowing he couldn't do anything for her. That didn't stop him from patting her head as he commented, "Now I can see just how short you are."

Chiho pouted cutely in anger at his comment and protested, "Sorry I'm not a giant."

Naruto raised an eyebrow while smirking before replying in a teasing voice, "I'm six feet tall. That isn't giant by any means, Chiho-chan. You are the one who barely reached five feet tall."

Chiho pouted again, but couldn't argue that. Naruto wasn't sure whether it was due to her illness or her genetics, but Chiho was quite tiny. Even among Japanese she was small. Naruto thought it was cute though. Like a little doll, that image was reinforced by the fancy dresses she seemed to prefer.

Speaking of dresses, he looked at her clothes before commenting, "Why don't you have a hospital robe on?"

Chiho blushed before admitting, "I don't really know. A doctor just came in and said it would be a good idea to get dressed in something else."

Naruto nodded, understanding that this was Takami preparing Chiho to leave. Knowing this was the time to tell Chiho, Naruto told her seriously, "I have something I have to tell you, Chiho-chan. Something important. You might want to sit down for this."

Chiho looked at him and saw that he was being serious. She nodded nervously and sat down on the bed. Naruto then sat down next to her and took one of her hands in his own. Chiho blushed at the contact, but didn't protest. Naruto had long realized that Chiho had developed a crush on him since he started visiting her, claiming that he was a volunteer worker who was meant to cheer up long term patients. She really had been isolated from people her own age, and Naruto knew that she had been desperate for friends when he had arrived. It really wasn't surprising for those feelings to develop. Apparently only one other person visited her regularly. Hopefully that would make his announcement more…agreeable.

"You see, Chiho-chan…I'm not…normal. I'm what you call a Sekirei," Naruto began hesitantly, not knowing how to tell her.

Chiho tilted her head cutely before saying, "Seki-rei? What is that?"

"It is…I'm not really one though. This is hard to explain," Naruto exclaimed in irritation. Being special can really complicate things. He thought for a moment before looking at Chiho intently and saying, "Maybe this will help explain."

Chiho quickly asked in confusion, "Maybe what will he-eep!"

That was all Chiho could say before Naruto leaned forward and pressed his lips to hers. Her face immediately turned so red that a lobster would be jealous. Naruto moaned slightly though when he felt energy flow into him through the kiss. It moved to the back of his neck and burst out. Nine blood red wings sprouted from his back. They filled the entire room, bending to avoid breaking anything. After a few seconds, they disappeared. Naruto felt the Sekirei crest appear right on his navel instead of the back of his neck. He slowly pulled back to look at Chiho. Chiho seemed to be frozen with her face bright red for several moments, but she then overloaded. Naruto could practically see the smoke rising from her head as she collapsed backwards in a faint.

Naruto looked at his unconscious Ashikabi for a moment before sighing. He should have expected this. Maybe having her wing him first in order to help explain wasn't the best idea. Shrugging, Naruto moved over to the small closet and opened it to see the several dresses that Chiho owned. He grabbed them and put them over his shoulder. The rest of her clothes he fit into his pockets. Silently apologizing when he was grabbing her underwear. He then turned to the still unconscious Chiho, and picked her up in a princess carry. Making sure to rest her head on his shoulder, Naruto then moved out.

Normally Naruto would be stopped, but this was an MBI hospital. They had no doubt been told to let him pass. So he moved to the roof and started back to his apartment. Chiho didn't wake up on the way thankfully, the only sign of activity was when she buried her face in the nape of his neck.

Naruto entered from the roof of his building this time, since he didn't want to go through the lobby carrying a sleeping girl. His room was on the top floor, so he only had to go down one staircase. It was somewhat awkward unlocking his door while carrying Chiho, but he managed.

"Naru-tan," Matsu immediately called when he walked in. She stopped though when she saw Chiho in his arms.

Naruto nodded at her before moving over to the couch. He carefully set her down. He then signaled Matsu to be quiet before he headed to the guest room. He quickly put Chiho's clothes in the closet of the room. He then walked back to the living room to see Matsu examining the sleeping Chiho intently.

"So this is your Ashikabi?" Matsu asked in a hushed voice.

Naruto nodded before informing her, "Her name is Hidaka Chiho."

"I know," Matsu claimed immediately. Naruto looked at her in confusion, so she continued, "Let's just say I had to delay plans for her. You'll understand when you go to Izumo Inn tomorrow."

Naruto was curious, but shrugged in acceptance of the answer. He then told her, "I kissed her to use the winging as a way to explain my status to her, but she fainted."

"So she'll be confused and panicking when she wakes up?" Matsu asked in concern.

"Unfortunately," Naruto replied.

"I guess we can deal with it," Matsu stated with a sigh. She then looked at Chiho and commented, "She's like a little doll."

"That's what I thought as well," Naruto stated with a chuckle.

Matsu grinned perversely before claiming, "This can work. I can definitely think of some experiments we can do with her."

Naruto flicked her head before telling her, "No! Down girl! None of that for now. I've never even kissed Chiho before today. I know she has feelings for me, but I doubt she'll be ready for any of that. This is a huge change for her. So no bothering her or pressuring her in any way."

Matsu pouted, but nodded in acceptance. She just muttered, "Fine, I can wait. As long as I get you tonight, I can wait for her to adjust."

With that over, Naruto decided to wake Chiho up. He tenderly put his hand on her cheek while his other one shook her shoulder. He also whispered to her, "Chiho, it is time to wake up."

"Naruto-kun," she mumbled after a moment as her eyes slowly opened. She looked at him for several seconds before no doubt remembering what had happened before she fainted. Her face blushed and she weakly moved away from Naruto. Naruto let her go. Once she got a bit of a distance between them, she looked around in a panic while questioning, "What is going on? Why am I here? Y-You k-k-kissed me?"

Naruto calmly replied while making calming motions with his hands, "Calm down, Chiho-chan. I'll explain everything."

It took a minute, but Chiho finally calmed down. She then asked Naruto anxiously, "What is going on Naruto-kun?"

Naruto gestured around before informing her, "This is my apartment. I took you here when you fainted."

Apparently that was not what he should have said. Chiho's face reddened again and she questioned hysterically, "Your apartment? Why am I here? Did you take me here to ravish me or something? We can't do that! Not until we are married or at least go on a date!" She then degenerated into embarrassed mumbles.

Naruto sweat dropped at what she thought he was doing. Matsu meanwhile giggled before commenting, "Oh, we can clearly tell what her fantasies are about."

"W-Who are you?" Chiho asked, looking like she was about to degenerate to hysterics again.

"Calm down, Chiho. I'm not going to do anything to you," Naruto immediately told her soothingly before she would go into a panic again. Chiho slowly regained her composure. Naruto let out a sigh of relief before telling her while gesturing at Matsu, "This is Matsu. She is my Sekirei."

"S-Sekirei? You said something about that before," Chiho said uncertainly.

"Yes, I'm going to do my best to try to explain, but I need you to keep calm and listen," Naruto told her softly, but firmly. When she nodded in reluctant acceptance, Naruto continued, "Sekirei are, basically, aliens."

"A-Aliens? But she looks human!" Chiho questioned in disbelief.

"Chiho, you promised to let me explain," Naruto reminded her seriously. When she quieted down, he once again stared, "Yes, Aliens. Despite their looks, Sekirei are aliens. About a thousand years ago, eight alien ships reached Earth. Each contained one hundred and eight Sekirei. One of these ships crashed into the sea near Japan. While the rest left their ships and interbred with the local humans of where they landed, the eighth ship stayed dormant due to being underwater. 21 years ago, an earthquake raised a landmass alongside the ship. This would later be called 'Kamikura Island.' It was found by two people. Sahashi Takami and Hiroto Minaka."

"The chairman of MBI," Chiho muttered.

Naruto nodded before explaining, "Minaka used the advanced technology in the ship to build MBI. More than that though, inside he found the one hundred and eight Sekirei. One an adult, the 'pillar.' Eight embryos, and 99 fertilized eggs. MBI raised and studied the Sekirei. Despite their human appearance and the relatively similar genetic code to the point where humans and Sekirei can interbreed, Sekirei are different. They have something inside them. Called the Sekirei core. This core gives Sekirei access to superhuman abilities. Element manipulation, strength, speed, endurance."

"I…see," Chiho muttered. She then turned to Naruto are asked, "And you are one of these Sekirei?"

"That is complicated," Naruto claimed awkwardly. He clarified when Chiho looked at him in confusion, "I was human. There was a scientist, Asama Takehito, who was one of the first scientists to study Sekirei. Two years after the ship was discovered, he managed to create an artificial Sekirei core. I was just a baby at the time. It was…inserted into me. So I am a 'false' Sekirei. Minaka has even labeled me a jinchuriki. 'Power of Human Sacrifice.' Suppose to say that I was sacrificed as a baby in order to allow me to ascend to something greater. Bunch of bullcrap, but whatever. I am officially called #00, the artificial Sekirei."

"That is…that is…horrible. To do that to a baby," Chiho exclaimed in outrage. She then tilted her head and asked, "Why the #00?"

"Sekirei are numbered from #1-108. So I am #00," Naruto told her.

"That is even worse. Numbering people like that," Chiho stated passionately.

Naruto shrugged before telling her, "Somewhat, but Sekirei aren't human. You have to remember that. They might be sentient, but Sekirei are completely alien in certain ways," Naruto told her seriously. He then elaborated, "One of the greatest ways is the winging system. Sekirei have a natural…instinct for finding their mates. Their fated ones, you could say. Officially it is called their Ashikabi. Likely they somehow scanned for desired genes originally, but the point is Sekirei would meet someone and 'react' to them. The Sekirei would then bond themselves to this person by winging them. This is done through a kiss."

"A kiss? So that mean…w-when you," Chiho stuttered in realization.

"Yes, you are my Ashikabi," Naruto announced seriously while looking at her. He then gestured to Matsu as he continued, "Due to the fact that I am both human and Sekirei though, I am also capable of being the Ashikabi of other Sekirei. Matsu reacted to me, and has been winged by me."

"I-I don't understand. Why me?" Chiho asked in confusion.

"That is something of a mystery. While the ancient Sekirei likely somehow scanned for desirable traits or genes, modern Sekirei don't do that due to MBI. All modern Sekirei have been 'adjusted' by MBI. Limiters have been placed on our power. The Sekirei, most specifically their cores, have also been adjusted. Some of these limiters can be removed by absorbing the energy of descendants of the ancient Sekirei. While the genes are recessive, descendants still have access to a minute amount of special energy. Sekirei have been modified to absorb this energy in order to remove some of our limiters. Our cores sense the energy in descendants, and cause a reaction to one whose energy…'fits' I guess you could say. So only descendants of the ancient Sekirei are capable of winging Sekirei."

"So are you saying that…you visiting me…talking to me…all of it was because some random chance meant you reacted to me," Chiho whispered while tears gathered at the edges of her eyes.

"Don't be stupid," Naruto deadpanned bluntly. He then clarified to the hurt Chiho, "You think I would have accepted you if I didn't like you? I specifically talked to you and hung out with you to see if I could come to have feelings for you. I wouldn't accept just anyone to be my Ashikabi."

"You mean that you…" Chiho asked hopefully.

Naruto frowned before informing her seriously, "I can't honestly say I love you, Chiho. However, I do have feelings for you and believe it could turn into love with time."

Chiho wiped her watering eyes, but she couldn't help in a smile. She then replied happily, "I can accept that."

Naruto nodded before continuing, "My reaction is somewhat different than most Sekirei could be. Sekirei seem to have a natural love towards their Ashikabi. Since I lack this instinctual love, I wanted to get to know you first. The higher numbered Sekirei have likely been adjusted by MBI to have an even greater love towards their Ashikabi to a point that forced winging is possible."

"Forced winging?" Chiho repeated in confusion.

"Yes. It hasn't happened yet due to the game just starting, but you can be sure many people will take advantage of the Sekirei's natural love and devotion towards their Ashikabi. Any descendant could probably wing any Sekirei. Even if they aren't reacting to them. The Sekirei would then be forced to follow any orders of that Ashikabi, and would ultimately have a love towards them. Or at least a strong devotion if they are lower digit," Naruto told her.

"That is just…horrible," Chiho whispered in horror at the thought.

"Yes. It is," Naruto agreed.

Chiho thought for a moment before questioning, "Wait, you said game. What game?"

Naruto sighed before explaining, "It is called the Sekirei Plan. It was originally meant to protect the Sekirei, but Minaka has turned it into a game. Insane maniac that he is. Basically, MBI will be releasing Sekirei into the city to find their Ashikabi over the next few months. Then the Sekirei will basically have a battle royale. The last remaining Sekirei and Ashikabi will be able to stay together, and they will be granted some amazing reward by MBI."

Now Chiho was so horrified she couldn't even speak. Her mouth opened and closed several times before she managed to declare angrily, "What! How could he do this?"

"Because he holds a kill switch over every Sekirei," Naruto stated bluntly. Naruto turned to Matsu who handed him a thin crystal with an 8 on it. Naruto then faced Chiho as he explained, "This is a jinki. There are eight. One for each Sekirei ship that arrived on earth. Minaka has managed to collect them all together over the years. These hold huge power over Sekirei cores. One alone has very little use, but if all eight are gathered together it is said that one would be able to terminate every Sekirei and every descendant of Sekirei. 10% of modern humans are descendants of Sekirei. A human genocide. Naturally that isn't the only thing that they can do, but it is a possibility. Matsu stole this jinki earlier today, but Minaka still has possession of seven. With that number he could still likely control every Sekirei or shut off their Sekirei cores. 'Killing' them. My body has also adapted to the core, and I would die if it shut off. There are a number of Sekirei that disagree with the plan, but we literally can't do anything about it because he literally holds a blade to our throats that he can use anytime he wants. You can also bet that he isn't going to give the jinki away till he wants to. Even then, MBI adjusted every Sekirei. You can bet he could likely turn off our Sekirei cores even without the jinki. So there is literally nothing anyone can do. Not to mention the Sekirei need MBI for protection. There have already been two noted attempts to take the Sekirei by others."

"That is…unbelievable. He's forcing you to participate in this game," Chiho muttered in disbelief.

"Yes, he is," Naruto gravely admitted. He then added with a small grin, "Don't think I'm just going to lie down and take it though. Neither will several other Sekirei. We are simply waiting for a proper opportunity."

Chiho nodded in understanding. She then asked hesitantly, "So what does this mean for…me? What am I expected to do?"

"For now, nothing. We've dumped enough news on you for now. We'll talk more tomorrow when I go searching for another Sekirei, Kazehana," Naruto told her after checking out the window to see that it had grown dark during their talk.

"Wait, another Sekirei?" Chiho asked in astonishment.

Naruto nodded with a grimace. He'd hope he wouldn't have to explain this yet. Sekirei might accept it, but getting Chiho to accept it might be more difficult. He sucked it up though and told her, "Yes. Multiple Sekirei can react to a single Ashikabi. I currently know of at least one other Sekirei that had been reacting to me for years. Others might react to me, or others might react to you."

"I…see," Chiho replied, unsure of how to take that news.

"Actually, two others are reacting to Naruto," Matsu pitched in cheerfully, earning an irritated look from Naruto.

"That is enough for today. You've been hit with a lot. Sleep on it, and I'll answer any more questions tomorrow. Okay?" Naruto asked with a sigh. Chiho nodded in understanding, so Naruto stood and took her hand to lift her to her feet. She blushed slightly at the act. He then led her to the guest room. He told her, "This is the guest room. Your clothes and everything from the hospital are in the closet."

"Thank you," Chiho said before asking curiously, "What about Matsu?"

Naruto blushed slightly before telling her, "Matsu will be sleeping with me."

Chiho blushed again and hurried into the room from her embarrassment. Naruto sighed once she closed the door. He walked back into the living room while stretching out his shoulders. He then flopped down on the chair with a strained groan.

"That took way longer than expected. Way more stressful too," Naruto commented.

Matsu chuckled before she moved behind Naruto. He stiffened when he felt her hands on his shoulders, but let out a groan of pleasure when she started massaging them. He moved forward while leaned forward to give her a better display of his back. She moved to sitting behind him as she continued her massage. She then told him, "No doubt. You really could have just told her about the Sekirei Plan. You got sort of off topic."

"Maybe, but she deserves to know the whole story," Naruto replied between his groans of enjoyment.

"Guess you are right," Matsu commented as she continued to massage him.

"Better to get it over with," Naruto claimed.

"You still have a lot of stress now," Matsu said before gaining a perverse grin. She leaned forward, pressing her breasts against his back while her hands started rubbing his chest. One lowered till it reached his pants. It slipped inside and started rubbing his rapidly hardening dick. She then whispered sensually into his ear, "Especially this part of you. Lots of stress."

"Really?" Naruto asked in an amused voice while enjoying her soft hand doing its best to jack him off in his pants. He then asked in a husky voice, "So what is your recommended course of action?"

"Lucky for you, I know a sure fire way to release all of the stress in this part of your body," Matsu told him. She then continued in a perverted voice, "See, first I need to put it into my mouth. Then once you release some of your stress in there, then you need to put it into my vagina. Then you'll have to release at least three loads of your stress in there."

"Just three. I think I have more stress than that built up," Naruto replied huskily.

Matsu smiled as she replied, "I guess we'll just have to see how much stress you have built up."

"That we will," Naruto said before spinning around and furiously kissing Matsu. They didn't even start slow or anything. They had been waiting for this to happen for too long. They got right into the hot and heavy kissing.

Lemon Start

Their tongues dueled before Naruto's came out victorious and started exploring Matsu's mouth. As he did this, his hands moved from their position on her hips to her ass. He then stood and lifted her into the air, his hands cupping her cheeks in order to carry her. Matsu squeaked into the kiss at the sudden action, but quickly wrapped her legs around his waist so that his hands could start groping and molding her ass to his hands instead of being devoted to holding her up. Naruto didn't let off the kiss or his grabbing of her ass as he started walking to his room. He even managed to silently open his door to make sure that Chiho wasn't disturbed. The walls between the rooms were thick enough to block any noise afterwards.

Once the door closed behind them the two broke apart from their kiss, a small string of saliva momentarily connecting the two. Matsu put her feet on the floor so that she could stand on her own. Her hands lowered to the bottom of Naruto's shirt and lifted it. Naruto quickly went with it, pulling the shirt up and then tossing it away. His toned chest was now open to Matsu's hungry gaze, her smile clearly showing that she liked what she saw. Her hands then went to his pants, trying to pull them down. Naruto once again acquiesced and dropped them. He then hooked them with a foot and tossed them in a corner. He was now left in only his boxers, which were failing to hold back his large erection.

Matsu licked her lips sensually at the sight, and the two once again closed to start kissing. This time Naruto's hands wandered. His left hand fell to her ass and once again started rubbing it. His right rubbed her side for several moments before rising till it alighted on her right breast. He slowly felt the large globe in his hand, gently squeezing. He molded it in his hand for several moments before his thumb and index finger lightly pinched the hard bud of her nipple which was clear despite her dress. Matsu moaned at his actions, and enjoyed it for a minute.

She soon broke out of it. Moving back, she smiled at him before lightly pushing him back. The back of Naruto's legs hit his extremely large bed, forcing him to sit upon it. He didn't mind though, and chose to admire the sight before him. Matsu had stared to dance sensually. Her hands started at the lower part of her stomach and slowly slid up till they touched the bottom part of her breasts. She then cupped her own breasts and started to rub and squeeze them while moaning in exaggerated pleasure. She even bent forward while jiggling her breasts, doing wonderful things to her cleavage.

She then spun around suddenly and started to slowly rotate her hips in circles, showcasing her ass. She slowly lowered her upper body while one hand slid along her side downwards. She was soon bent over entirely with her hand on one of her cheeks. She looked over her shoulders with a seductive smile as her hand squeezed her cheek before she actually lightly spanked herself.

Naruto groaned in appreciation, feeling like he was about to snap and just take her. Matsu seemed to sense this and sped up. She turned and faced him with a grin. She removed her glasses and placed them on a small dresser nearby. Naruto thought Matsu looked sexy with her glasses, but she looked just as good without them. Her hands then deftly undid the pins holding her unattached sleeves onto her dress. She tossed them away, leaving her in a sleeveless dress. One of her hands then rose to the zipper the front of her collar. She pulled it down. It went down to the top of the rhombus, loosening the top enough for her to slide the dress downwards.

She took her time sliding it over her shoulders. It felt like a year to Naruto's gaze for the dress to finally pass the mounds of her breasts. He was rewarded though when her chest was revealed. Perfect in every way. Large,well-shaped, good color, and cute pink nipples topping each one. Sekirei really are perfect. The breasts jiggled when they were removed from their confinements. Matsu lowered the dress till it was halfway down her stomach before stopping in favor of playing with her breasts to Naruto's enjoyment. She cupped them and purposefully jiggled them. Bent forward and shook them back and forth. Jumped a few times to cause them to bounce. She even pinched her own nipples, drawing a sexy moan from her. She was testing Naruto's self-control.

She continued though, making Naruto once again become entranced by her strip dance. She turned around to show her behind to him as the dress reached her hips. She bent forward to properly emphasize her ass as she lowered the dress even further. Each inch revealed more of her perfectly toned and shaped ass till it reached the bottom and fell to the ground. Her bent forward state clearly displayed her ass and very wet cunt to Naruto. She once again looked over her shoulder at Naruto and placed a hand on her ass so she could squeeze it a few times.

Naruto cut her off this time by leaning forward and giving her ass a spank. Matsu yelped slightly at the unexpected action. Naruto enjoyed how her ass rippled from it, but he then grabbed her hand. Pulling on it, he spun Matsu around and pulled her to him. She fell into his lap. Naruto's hands grabbed her ass as he growled out, "I can't hold out any longer. I should punish you, Matsu-chan, for teasing me like that."

Matsu grinned seductively and replied, "I guess that is the only option. I've been a bad girl."

"Yes, you have," Naruto replied before adjusting her position so that she was straddling his waist. One of his hands stayed on her ass, properly balancing her. His other one rose to one of the breasts and started to fondle it and tweak the nipples. The other was being occupied with his mouth. Naruto licked it with broad strokes to get the entire breasts shining. He then focused on the nipple. His tongue played with it for several moments before he latched his mouth on it. He sucked on it lightly. Matsu started breathing heavily at the pleasurable sensations in her breasts. She started rubbing her core along the large bulge in his underwear, soon thoroughly drenching his boxers in her juices.

"You really like-ahh…large breasts, don't you-ohh…Naru-tan," Matsu said between her pleased moans. Naruto didn't reply, but the stronger suck on her nipple likely was meant as an affirmative, so she continued, "You really know how to handle them to-ahh. Too. I could let you do this all day, but not right now. We can experiment with this another time. I want to see something else."

Naruto considered ignoring her, but eventually acquiesced. Naruto let her go, and she soon stood up on wobbly legs. Naruto used the opportunity to crawl backwards till his back was resting against the medley of pillows at the head of his bed. Matsu soon crawled after him. Knowing what she wanted, Naruto spread his legs for her. She soon settled herself between his legs. Her hands soon went to the top of his boxers, and pulled them down. Naruto groaned as his erection was finally freed.

Matsu examined it with a perverted grin. He was very large, although right now it was covered in her juices from when she had been dry humping him. She announced in a sensual voice, "My, so large! And all for me. It is covered in my juices though. I'll have to fix that. Thank you for the meal."

She then descended on his dick. Her tongue ran along its length eagerly, not caring at all that it was her own juices she was licking up. His dick was soon shiny with her saliva. Her hands soon started jerking him off, although her hands looked quite small grasping onto his dick. Her mouth descended onto his testicles. She licked them a few times before she took them into her mouth and sucked on them. Letting them out of her mouth, she then rose till her mouth was positioned over the tip of his sick. There was a dollop of precum there, which she eagerly licked up.

"Yummy," she said with a grin before swallowing the head of his dick. Naruto groaned at the feeling. Matsu was really into it, immediately bobbing her head up and down on his length. He was soon bumping into the back of her throat. Too bad the position was all wrong to try deepthroating. She still was working the first five inches of his dick, and her hands were pumping the rest. So he just laid back and enjoyed it.

For five minutes. He then grew restless and lifted her head off his dick. He moved forward and grasped her waist. She squealed in surprise when he lifted her body up easily. He shifted her as he laid back down. Now her head was over his dick while her vagina was accessible by Naruto. Naruto admired it for a moment. Matsu was completely hairless, not shaved, hairless. Naruto briefly wondered whether all Sekirei were like that, but threw it away for later. He used his fingers to pull her swollen lips away to display her depths to him. She was drenched by this point. Smiling, Naruto licked her.

Matsu moaned at the feeling before she started going at his dick with even more enthusiasm. Unfortunately, she was outmatched here. Naruto's tongue probed her depths with skill gained from practice with hundreds of women. Matsu's enthusiastic, but somewhat clumsy, blowjob couldn't match. Not to mention Naruto had far higher stamina. Matsu removed his cock from her mouth barely half a minute later in order to cry out as she orgasmed. Naruto eagerly licked up her release. Matsu tasted amazing. Actually sweet. Once again part of him wondered whether all Sekirei were like this. When it ended though, he once again lifted her and moved her so that he could sit up. Matsu had started sucking him off again after her orgasm ended.

Naruto pulled her off before saying, "That's enough. Let's continue."

"No," Matsu whined before continuing, "I want your DNA in my mouth, and I'm going to get it." She then once again took him in her mouth.

Naruto sighed at her stubbornness, but decided to let her. When a hot girl wants to drink your cum, you let her. So he effortlessly picked her up and moved to the edge of the bed again. He set her on her knees on the floor. He then sat on the edge of the bed and spread his legs. Matsu took full advantage of the opportunity he presented her and once again dived her head down to his cock. Naruto leaned his head back with a pleased groan. She might lack experience and skill, but damn if Matsu wasn't going at it like his dick was a fine treat. For the next five minutes Naruto just enjoyed her actions.

Matsu then pulled out the big guns. Pulling off his dick, her hands cupped her breasts and wrapped them around his dick. She started moving them up and down while her mouth took in the exposed head of his dick. Her tongue swirling around it. Naruto groaned again, and felt his release approaching. He moved Matsu back again so he could stand in a crouched position. Matsu seemed to understand what he was doing. Her hands pushed her breasts together harder as he started to thrust into her cleavage. Her head was bent forward, sucking on the part of his dick that was poking out. Naruto thrust faster as he felt his end approaching.

"I'm cumming," Naruto grunted out a second before he released. Naruto's tip had slipped out of Matsu's mouth, so his first shot hit the right side of Matsu's face. She immediately let go of her breasts though and leaned forward to take Naruto into her mouth as he ejaculated. She eagerly accepted his load, her hands jerking him off to make sure she got all she could. She had to swallow several times due to the amount he gave off; Naruto could only assume it was a side effect of the Sekirei core. Literally every woman he had ever been with had stated they'd never seen so much cum.

Eventually he ran out though. Matsu carefully extracted herself, savoring the last mouthful before swallowing it. She then looked up and Naruto with a seductive grin and claiming, "Delicious. Like a fine, white wine. I could suck a meal from these balls." She ended by gently fondling his testicles with one hand while the other scooped the cum from her face and brought it to her lips where she sucked it off.

"I wouldn't object to you trying," Naruto told her with a chuckle, "For now though, I want to get started on the main course."

He then picked up Matsu again, who giggled. He carried her onto the bed and set her with her back to the pillows. She smiled and spread her legs lewdly, showing off her drenched core. Naruto settled himself between her. He aimed his dick, and then slid in. It was a very tight fit, but Naruto took his time and worked himself in. After a minute Naruto had fit his entire member in her, much to his surprise and delight. It had to be because she was a Sekirei. Too many good things for it to be luck.

"Come on, Naru-tan. Thrust in me. Release your DNA into my deepest area. The area only you will ever be allowed," Matsu gasped out as her chest heaved from the very tight fit.

Naruto acquiesced and started thrusting. For her benefit though he started slowly and gently. Sekirei or not, Naruto was large. He kept at it till he felt her loosen slightly and start moaning in pleasure. He then started speeding up till he was punching into her depths. Within a few minutes, Matsu screamed out her orgasm. Naruto slowed down when she tightened around him. When she came down, Naruto looked at her with a grin. Her hair had come out of her braids, and it was spreading across the bed. She was by now covered in sweat from the activity. Her sweat covered breasts were jiggling deliciously with each breath she took. Her eyes were fogged from the pleasure. Her hips seems to be moving on their own, grinding against him and trying to work him in deeper.

Naruto once again started to thrust, drawing mewls of pleasure from Matsu as he stimulated her overly sensitive core. His thrusts were stronger this time, shifting her entire body. This caused her breasts to bounce, soon drawing his hand towards them. He roughly gripped them as he ravished her depths.

Feeling his end slowly approaching, Naruto extracted himself. Matsu whined at the loss, but eeped when he rolled her over. He lifted her till she was on her hands and knees, and then inserted himself again. His hands grabbed her breasts as he thrust wildly again. Matsu started cumming again, but this time Naruto couldn't force himself to stop. He kept going through her orgasm. When her orgasm ended, he let go of her breasts and leaned back. He admired her ass rippling whenever he thrust in. One of his hands swatted her, causing Matsu to moan as her ass rippled from the spank. He continued doing it, enjoying the feeling of her tightening on him with every shot. Her cheek was soon decorated with several of his hand prints. His other hand reached below her hips and started to gently tease her clit, increasing her pleasure greatly judging by her higher pitched moans. After the sixth swat of her ass, he grunted and shoved himself into her depths as far as possible before releasing his load. This managed to set of yet another orgasm for Matsu as well. Her arms collapsed under her, her breasts squishing against the bed as her upper body fell. Only Naruto's hold on her hips kept her backside up. Matsu muffled her scream by going it into a pillow while Naruto came inside her womb. Naruto stayed like that for a minute before he allowed himself to fall onto the bed beside Matsu. Without him holding her ass in the air, Matsu's ass lowered as well.

Naruto took several breaths before exclaiming, "Wow!"

Matsu nodded weakly before claiming, "I can feel your hot, sticky DNA in me. It is…absolutely amazing."

The two laid there, basking in the afterglow. Naruto quickly recovered though, and turned to Matsu with a smirk on his face. His hands started fondling her chest. She moaned before asking, "Already time for round two."

He chuckled and replied, "Round two? Please. I'm not going to stop tonight till round five is over."

Matsu shivered at the mere thought before Naruto closed the distance and kissed her.

Lemon End

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx

"Alright, I've just finished the recalibration. You can move now," Sahashi Takami announced while pushing away from a large computer screen.

"Finally!" an annoyed voice declared. It came from a woman with long, light gray hair and gray eyes. Her eyes also had noticeable bags under them. One could also clearly tell she was irritated based on the scowl marring her face. Most people would also observe that she was currently naked. This was Karasuba, the feared 'Black Sekirei.' She sat up from the metal surface she had been laying on. The first thing she grabbed was her Nodachi. Then she grabbed her clothes and started getting dressed. As she dressed, she complained, "That took longer than usual."

Takami sighed before explaining, "Your core fluctuations were even more severe than usual."

"I noticed," Karasuba deadpanned. She had literally collapsed while patrolling. She had managed to recover and started heading back to MBI where she had collapsed once more. This time she could barely move though. She had to be carried back by Haihane and Benitsubasa. That was a major hit to her pride. She immediately added bitterly, "I wasn't even near the bastard either."

Takami apparently heard and informed her, "Naruto winged Matsu. Records show your first attack happened right when it happened. The second attack was caused when Naruto was winged by his Ashikabi. Seems your core picked up his increased energy output during both events. It was just too much for it to take within the time frame of a few hours."

Karasuba cussed angrily before questioning, "Are you saying that each time the bastard wings another Sekirei my core will go crazy?"

"Something like that," Takami replied before rolling her eyes at the furious look Karasuba sent her. She immediately clarified, "The larger reaction was from Naruto being winged. Since that is over, you'll only have to deal with the smaller reaction from when he wings someone. As long as you keep a distance and he doesn't wing two or more Sekirei in the time frame of a few hours, it shouldn't affect you too much. We'll have to fix your core after each time, but that is manageable."

"It isn't manageable," Karasuba spat before continuing in a furious voice, "I specifically allowed myself to be winged by Natsuo so that I wouldn't react to the bastard. So that I could fight him. Instead it seems to be getting even worse. I can't get within ten meters of the bastard without becoming weaker than a sick child."

"Not at all, Karasuba," Takami stated as she spun her chair around to look at Karasuba before explaining, "While you can't get within close proximity of Naruto, you are at least stable. Your fluctuations are getting worse, but your power shows no signs of going unstable. That is more than Matsu or Kazehana could claim. Matsu is winged, but our estimates say that Kazehana's will go unstable within two weeks. A month tops before her own powers kill her. Despite your own limitations, you are unlikely to go unstable ever. As long as you receive periodic core treatments, you will be fine in the long run."

"That doesn't help me though," Karasuba yelled in anger. Takami just watched coolly as Karasuba raged, "There is no point in going on if I can't fight him. Him and Miya. They are my entire reasons for living right now. To prove myself superior despite all their advantages over me. I have no purpose if I can't face him in battle."

Takami sighed before informing her, "Unfortunately, there is little you can do. Naruto's unique situation is causing him to literally overpower your bond with Natsuo. The only way it could stop is if his core was deactivated, and unlike with normal Sekirei who can be reactivated, he'll really die if that happens."

"So I have to either decide between being helpless whenever near him or having him cease to exist. Either way I can't fight him," Karasuba stated angrily. She finished dressing and headed towards the door.

"What are you planning on doing, Karasuba?" Takami asked cautiously. While Karasuba wouldn't attack her, well hopefully she wouldn't, Karasuba being in a mood like this was never good.

"Out! I need to cut something," Karasuba claimed without turning around.

Takami sighed. That meant she would go find some gang of scum and massacre the lot of them. At least no members of MBI would become victims. In a mood like this, Karasuba would end up cutting someone. You just have to hope her eyes aren't set on you. She'll have to notify the right people though in order to make sure everything is prepared to cover up the slaughter Karasuba was probably going to cause.

Here it is. Hope you enjoyed it.

The Naruto characters. They won't be playing a huge role. One will become an Ashikabi definitely. You can also vote for Naruto characters to be either Ashikabi or Sekirei, but don't expect much. None of the Ashikabi's will be replacing Mikogami or Higa, and none of the Sekirei will be single digits. So don't ask for one of them to have five Sekirei or to have Mei be a Sekirei somehow able to match Miya. They would be side characters.

Matsu. No doubt many of you wondered why i chose Matsu as Naruto's first Sekirei. Well here it is. I love Matsu. She's my favorite Sekirei of all. Others don't seem to agree though since she's basically a side character who seems to rarely get any attention besides trying to rape someone in most stories. Even when she is winged by the main character, she rarely gets expanded upon. Matsu will basically be one of the central characters of my story.

I also gave a specific reason why Naruto will be participating in the Sekirei Plan. Minaka controlling the jinki. So many stories have Naruto basically say 'fuck Minaka' and ignore the Sekirei Plan until he has no choice. Not here. Naruto will be playing the game. He'll break rules, but he is still aiming to be the big player in the game.