A TMNT Fanfic

Genre: romance, hurt/comfort

Rating: T

Warning: Hints of tcest and male slash

Pairings: Don/Usagi, (hint of Leo/Raph)

Summary: Continuation of my one-shot Different Angle. After having a heart-felt conversation with Donatello, Usagi takes time to think through his feelings for Leonardo. When Christmas comes, Usagi comes to visit the turtles for the holidays, and with this visit, he has a hidden agenda.

New Path

Ch. 1

Colored leaves fell from trees and turned to the shade of brown while wilting away. Fall became winter in what seemed like too short a time. December came and snow covered the grounds to create a thin sheet of white. Crunches are heard as wooden sandals click on the pebble path outside of the temple that lies ten miles or so outside the tiny village.

When reaching the steps, the walking seemed louder as feet traveled up those stone stairs. The journey seemed long, for the temple rested on a mountain side, but it was no challenge for a traveling ronin. His feet took him swiftly up those stairs, for the steps felt familiar; which is to be expected since he had taken this route many times before.

When reaching the grounds, the site was as beautiful as memory served. White flowers scattered the temple gardens, for these were a few of the plants that could survive the harsh winter of the mountains but still held much beauty. The walls making the structure were made from a rare but stunning stone. It took many years of hard work and effort to build it, but the ending result proved the labor had been worth it.

Entering, the main room called the Grand Hall was darkened except for a series of candles that lit around the pond on the opposite wall of the vast chamber. Priests in white robes were present, but they always were, for they kept watch of the inner sanctuary and outer grounds. They did not bother the samurai as he made his way to the opposite wall from where he entered. He stood by the pond and briefly observed the candles' light that reflected off the still water.

Falling to his knees, he let his body relax and let his mind wonder. Most sit with crossed legs during meditation, but this position did not bother him either. It seemed easy for his mind to travel far beyond where he sat, and to another place entirely; more like another planet.

He thought of the previous summer. Cherry blossoms were beginning to wilt as spring came to a close and the heat of the summer took over. A visit he made during this time was far from his beloved cherry trees he knew so well and shifted to the stench of car gasoline and shuffling humans. Fortunately, his time mainly resided under all of that and in the company of the Hamato Clan.

Splinter had been more than happy to let the ronin stay for a week's time; especially since his last personal visit, except for Gennosuke's presence, had been interrupted by an assassination attempt. It had been a long time ago that happened. Everyone was pleased to see him and he was happy to be present among them.

Michelangelo had been estatic. He showed the samurai his whole comic book collection, which he was extremely proud of, and tons of television shows. He could honestly not even remember half of them, for they felt like they ran together after a while.

Raphael had been more aggressive in his choice of activities. Sparring was what the two mainly did when in one another's company, which usually never happened unless in the presence of his other brothers. The second eldest turtle seemed glad to just have a new opponent to face.

Leonardo was who he spent the most time with. Their activities consisted of sparring, meditation, and small talks exchanged between them when the chance came for solitude. During these times, Usagi always felt that the eldest turtle was holding something; information he wanted to share but some invisible source refrained him from doing so. The ronin was sure what this information was and what stopped him from telling. Leonardo and Raphael shared a secret relationship. He learned of this one evening when they had not been cautious enough to completely hide their romantic exchange. Because of this fear, Leonardo never spilled a word of it, but it was unnecessary in the end. Learning this new information was kept secret from the two turtles in case they were not ready for others to know of it yet.

What surprised the samurai the most on this visit was Donatello. The genius turtle, the one he probably spent the least amount of time with, or close to when compared to Raphael. After the incident when he saw Leonardo and Raphael together, Donatello had been the one to see the ronin after, and even more of a shock, was the one to pick up the pieces in a sense. When speaking with one another on the relationship, it turned out that the olive green turtle had been in a similar situation but held feelings towards Raphael instead of Leonardo like Usagi himself had.

The genius managed to bring new pieces of thought to the samurai. That was why he was in this temple as he vaguely remembered his physical location. During the months between summer to that winter morning, other than the times serving Lord Noriyuki, had been spent in solitude. This varied between traveling through the forests or the mountain sides; taking on meditation as much as the wilderness and occupation allowed him.

Throughout this, Usagi focused his thoughts on Leonardo and finding out what it was exactly that sparked these feelings. Yes, he had a general idea, but he meditated for specifics. Only this information can come acceptance of his feelings and the acceptance that those feelings will not be returned. When the process of healing is fully realized, then the path of healing, of moving past these emotions, can follow.

Healing had actually been easier than Usagi had anticipated, but he had not seen the eldest turtle for about half a year. He knew this would be his final test; to see if the ninja and even with his partner to fully know if was truly over these emotions and healed.

Other thoughts had made themselves present, from the very beginning in fact. When he spoke with Donatello, new thoughts formed in his mind and he had imagined a fleeting thought. What if he chose someone a bit different, perhaps not too much, but one that could show him ways of life and ideas that varied from him own? One who could understand him, but not be exactly like him? One such as Donatello himself?

Usagi was aware this would not be easy. He spent months on moving on in solitude. This did not mean that the genius turtle did, or even received, the chance to move on from his feelings for Raphael. There was also the chance that Donatello may never even develop feelings for the samurai when, or if, he was over Raphael.

A lot of if's and but's resided in this situation, but Usagi felt ready to try. It did not matter if it took time. He would be more surprised if it were otherwise.

Another thought occurred, which may be likely, was if Don still had feelings for Raphael when he arrived for the holidays, and if so, then maybe if Usagi were to show him that there were options for him. This might open his eyes to not only moving on from Raphael, but to maybe see Usagi in a new light.

Again, there were a ton of what-if's and many things could go wrong. However, this was of no concern to the samurai as he finished his meditation. Moving to his feet, he then turned and headed towards the exit. Readiness and determination were strong in his eyes as he braced himself for the trip that lies ahead of him.

*Hey guys! So, I had some people interested if I did more with Don/Usagi and I myself thought it might be neat to explore these two more so I continued the one-shot of Different Angle. I hope you guys like it so far. Sorry it's so short but not all of them will be, I promise. I'm not really sure how long or far I am going to go with this, but we'll see. Please R&R. I would love to hear what you think so far, though there's not much to go off of so far, but still. Anyway, thanks for reading and I'll hopefully see you in the next chapter!