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As Beth lay in bed that night, thoughts chased themselves around her mind. She knew it would take some adjusting to all the new people, she wasn't used to having so many unfamiliar faces around her home. Her whole life, she had lived a sheltered childhood. Not even Maggie, who had already gone off to college, had corrupted her in the slightest bit. And then there was Jimmy. She loved Jimmy, she knew that for sure. But ever since walkers started to roam the Earth, she could sense that they had drifted. There was no time for love in an apocalypse, according to him. She had contemplated breaking up with him, but she knew that she would regret it. Besides, it was nice having someone to lean on with all the chaos the world was in. Even if Jimmy didn't care as much.

The last thought that crossed her mind before she drifted off to sleep was a man with a crossbow named Daryl.

She awoke peacefully that morning, birds chirping outside her window. Sliding out of bed, she pulled her curtains to the side and peaked out into the outside world. She could see the people in their small camp getting ready for the day. The sun was just rising and it was still rather early. The leader of the group, Rick, looked much better than he did yesterday after having caught up on his sleep. He still looked restless, for his son was not yet completely fixed. She knew her daddy would try his best. Glancing to the further side of the camp, a blue tent stood a bit further from the others. Beth didn't even have to guess that it was Daryl's, she just knew. For some reason, he preferred to be alone. She wondered what had happened to him to make him so bitter. Laughing to herself, she shook her head. An apocalypse was enough to make you bitter, that was for sure.

The tent began to move a little and Beth watched intently as the somewhat lanky, yet muscular man stepped out. He raised his arms above his head and bent his back a little, yawning. Beth smiled unintentionally, noticing how his hair was sticking up in all different places. She had been so caught up in watching him that she almost didn't notice when his gaze shifted towards her looking out the window. Gasping, she let go of her curtains and watched them as they swooshed back into their place. Did Daryl just catch her spying on him?

"Beth!" A voice called from downstairs, one that she immediately recognized as Maggie's. "Breakfast is ready, get it while it's still hot!"

"Coming!" Beth replied and began to shed her pajamas for more suitable clothes to be around people in. She settled for a lacy, yet modest white tank top and some black skinny jeans. She had gotten used to the Georgia heat, and preferred jeans over shorts since her daddy didn't let her wear the short ones anyways. She laced up her boots and began to tread downstairs to eat.

She could hear Patricia crying in the living room and a cold feeling flooded through her. She knew Otis had gone on the trip with Shane to get the medical supplies. There could only be one reason why Patricia was crying. Maggie noticed Beth's hesitation as she entered the kitchen and frowned a little. "Otis didn't make it back," her older sister whispered. Beth just nodded solemnly and sat down on a stool.

As she ate in the kitchen, she could hear the banter and small talk of the group through the window. They were talking about the girl that was lost. Carol's daughter, she remembered. Her name was Sophia. She had been chased into the woods by walkers and Rick had lost track of her. They were looking for days near the highway until Carl had been shot and they were forced to relocate here. They viewed the farm house as a sort of safe haven; it was beautiful, and untouched by the apocalypse. She only hoped it would stay that way for a long while.

"I ain't gonna sit on my ass when I've got a trail on her! I found fresh tracks yesterday. That little girl is countin' on me!" She heard Daryl snap. Beth wondered who exactly he was talking to and her question was answered when Shane began to reply.

"That girl is as good as dead. Why are we wasting our time looking for a ghost in the woods?" He yelled, and a subtle crying noise could be heard in the background. Beth thought the cries could only belong to Carol. Her heart ached for the woman. She couldn't imagine losing a child. She also couldn't imagine being alone by herself in an apocalypse where walkers could show up at any second. Finishing the rest of her breakfast, she set her plate in the sink and peeked out the window, this time careful not to be caught watching.

"Nice job, smart ass. Ya upset Carol, an' ya pissed me off. It's my choice if I wanna go lookin' for Sophia and I'm doin' it whether you approve of it or not!" Daryl slung his crossbow over his shoulder and stalked off into the woods. The rest of their group stayed to their business, not wanting to cross paths with an angry Daryl. Beth was starting to notice that Daryl was a force to be reckoned with.

Daryl returned later that day with nothing to show for. He stalked angrily around the camp, throwing stuff and muttering to himself before finally retreating to his tent, not even coming out for dinner. Beth didn't want to pester him, so she simply set his plate in front of his tent. He didn't appear to be moving, and Beth would have thought he'd been sleeping if he hadn't shifted on his side just then. "I'm leaving your dinner right here," She murmured, almost as quiet as a mouse before walking away.

She almost ran right into Jimmy, but his arms had steadied her right before the impact. They hadn't talked much or even spent much time together since the group came here yesterday. She felt bad and immediately began to apologize before Jimmy placed a hand on her mouth. "Shh," he whispered. "You look beautiful," he said gently into her ear before taking her hand. Beth smiled and tilted her head a little. Maybe Jimmy and her weren't on such bad terms.

"I got a surprise for you," He told her, careful not to make too much noise as he led her behind a small shed that was a distance away from the farm. The sun was just going down and it was beginning to get dark. Before Beth could even ask what he was doing, Jimmy's mouth was pressed against hers, hard and hungry. She let out a strangled gasp and her hands flew to his shoulders, as if she was trying to push him away. Her and Jimmy had kissed before, but it was nothing like this. Heck, she was still a virgin. A low growl escaped Jimmy's throat and he wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her tightly against him, his mouth still moving roughly against hers.

"Jimmy, stop―" Beth tried to say before he pushed her to the ground. He climbed on top of her and began pulling at her shirt, his lips now trailing kisses down her neck where he bit at her skin, none too gently. Beth struggled against him as she realized what he was going to do to her. She tried to let out a scream but his hand muffled her efforts to get someone's attention.

An arrow whizzed through the air and landed in a tree that was right near Jimmy's head. Jimmy practically jumped off of Beth, started. "What the hell was that?" He grumbled, looking around before spotting a figure in the shadows.

"You best leave that girl alone before I come over there and make ya," Daryl said, his voice low and intimidating. Beth's whole body was shaking as her mind reeled over what had just happened. Jimmy was going to rape her if Daryl hadn't showed up. Jimmy stood there, frozen as he tried to make sense of what was going on.

"Go on, get! You heard me!" Daryl continued, his voice raising a little and gaining momentum. Jimmy stole one last glance at Beth in the darkness, something that was a mixture of guilt and hatred before running off. Beth wasn't sure which of the two he was feeling towards her. Daryl began to walk over to her and outstretched his hand towards her.

Beth took his hand gratefully, still shaking with fear. "Th-thanks," she whispered, a single tear leaking down her cheek as she stared up at him. He watched her, as expressionless as ever before simply nodding and walking away.