Not one of my regular stories. It's one of those Percy-bets-bitten-by-a-wolf-and-all-this-crap-happ ens kind of stories, because I LOVE WOLVES!
But mine has a slight twist, read to find it out ;p

There will be, like, three chapters rated M for the violence , maybe more, but it won't be too much blood and all that crap, and it's only in certain parts. U can skip if you don't like that kind of stuff :)

Setting is a couple days after the giant war.

Percy's POV

I walked up to the camp's borders. The giant war has just ended, and I was coming from my moms. A lot has changed the last few days, and not just because the war ended 2 days ago.


I walked down the ally way by my apartment. I had been inside with my parents for a total of seven hours, and I needed a break. Don't get me wrong, I've missed my mom and all. I mean, I haven't seen her in the last nine months. But with her going on asking so many questions and bear hugging me, I just needed some fresh air.
I was walking down the dark ally when I heard a noise from behind me. It sounded like a growl. I turned around, looking for the animal that made the noise. Nothing was there. I turned back around and saw it. It was a dark brown wolf, but it was as big as a bear. It growled again. Keeping my eyes on it, I slowly reached down towards my pocket for my pen. It bared it's teeth at the movement. It crouched and slowly moved toward me. I narrowed my eyes, and as quickly as I could, I got out my pen and uncapped it. Faster than the speed of light, the wolf pounced onto me. I yelled in surprise as it nocked me down. It snapped, barely missing my neck. I kicked it off and swung my sword. It caught my sword with it's teeth, yanked it away, and threw it to the side. I stared at the beast, it was moving way faster and was much stronger than I thought possible. Before I got over my shock, it jumped on me again. It snarled, and clawed my chest. I screamed in pain.
It bared it's teeth again, and when I thought it was going to end it, it bit my arm. I shouted out as it's very sharp teeth pierced my flesh, sinking threw my arm. A second later, it let go. It gave what looked like a grin, and disappeared into the shadows, leaving me they're screaming in pain, but no one seemed to hear me. The bite burned, and I felt pain like never before. The bathe in the Styx felt like a hot tub compared to what was rite now, then everything went black.

When I woke up, I felt weird. Everything was blurry, so I blinked a couple times. When everything came into focus, and I saw a black snout. I shouted in surprise, but instead of a shout, they're was a yelp. I looked at my feet, and instead saw brown paws. I saw a puddle near by, and I walked over to it to look at my reflection.
I stared into the water, and a large midnight black wolf stared back.

*Flashback Over*

That was four days ago. In the last few days, I found out I could do so much more. For one thing, I was so much faster and stronger, and my reflexes improved greatly. I can talk to animals in both human and wolf form, and I could see, smell, and hear ten times better. No one knew about me being a werewolf, and I planned to keep it that way. Most of the time, it should be easy. The movies about werewolves that you usually see are wrong. They can change into a wolf anytime they want to, and change back whenever they want to. But when it's a full moon, they loose all self control, whether they're in human or wolf form. So yeah, full moon will be a problem.

I could now see the camp. It's even bigger, now that the romans are hear, and there was more cabins and buildings, but they haven't fixed all the damage yet. I walked towards it, Peleus shrinking away from me. I smiled at him, two canine fangs showing.
I walked towards the Big House, I could see my friends standing outside of it clearly, even though it was almost a mile away. I ran to them at human speed, so nobody would get suspicious. Three minutes later I was a couple feet away from them. I planned to surprise them, since their backs were turned to me. I walked to them, not making a sound. I tapped on Annabeth's shoulder, making her yelp and jump, and turn around clutching her knife. When she saw it was me, she tackle hugged me. Thalia (she was staying to help out with the camp), Nico, Reyna, Leo, Jason, Grover, Piper, Hazel and Frank turned around to see what happened, and when thy saw me, they smiled.
"Hey, Kelpy." Nico greeted smiling. I gave him a wolfish grin (pun intended).
"Hey Devil Spawn." I greeted him back. He stuck his tongue out at me. The girls gave me small hugs and the guys high fives.
"So, how's camp?" I asked them.
"Good, the forest and stuff are all recovered, and Leo, the Hephaestus/ Vulcan Cabin, and the romans are-" Grover stopped and sniffed the air.
"I smell a wolf." He stated, looking around, everyone other than me looked at him in confusion. Oh crap! I thought in panic. I forgot about Grover's abilities of smelling and reading emotions. I'm just glad that the empathy link is dissolved, or else I'd be in deep s***.
"What?" Jason asked.
"I smell a wolf." he said again, looking around, trying to spot it. I was about to jet, when Thalia saved me.
"It's probably me. I do hunt with wolves.'' She told him. He shrugged, and I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding.
"So... Let's walk and talk." Hazel said.

We walked around camp, them telling me what happened at camp while I was gone, and me telling them what happened with me. Well, part of it.
We sat down by the lake. Out of the corner of my eyes, I saw Reyna studying me.
"What?" I asked her. Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at us.
"Your eyes seem... different." she said.
"What do you mean." I felt a little hot all the sudden.
"It's just that you're eyes seem, different. Brighter." Everyone looked at my eyes, and I blushed from all the attention.
"She's right." Annabeth said, cocking her head. It was silent.
"We have capture the flag tonight." Piper said, breaking the awkward silence.
"Sweet. What are the teams I asked.
"Romans vs. Greeks." Leo answered. I nodded.
"Well. That sounds promising." I grinned.


I stood at our side of the creek, waiting for the horn to sound and for the game to start. The Hephaestus, Aphrodite (whoever was participating), Hecate, and Hermes Cabin were defense. I already had a plan worked out. I was going to go off on my own, and distract as many romans as I could while one of my team members went for the flag. A second later I heard the horn, and everyone rushed into the forest. Thalia, Annabeth, Nico, and I were in the lead. I winked at them and turned, while they kept going forward with confused looks. Once I was sure no one was following me, I ran through the forest at top speed, which was about 100 miles per hour. And that's just while I'm human. I got the attention of a group of Romans, and slowed down but kept running with them chasing me. I past another group that was about twice as big as the other, maybe fourteen. I stopped and turned around, and they surrounded me, Jason in the front.
"Hey, Perce." he grinned.
""Sup Jason." I smiled back. They drew all of they're weapons, and I uncapped my pen.
"Let's do this." I told them.
A second later five rushed me. I fought five at once disarmed three, knocked out the other two, and turned just as three others came rushing towards me. I smirked and dodged the one's sword, knocked it out of his hands and kicked him in his chest. He flew back. I turned to the other two, kicked the spear out of the one's hands, grabbed it in the air, and snapped it like I did to Clarisse's. The last was an amateur. He didn't hold his sword right, and he was dressed for defense. He jabbed at me, and I easily disarmed him. He backed up quick. The rest decided to then charge me together, while Jason watched grinning.
"Wow, guys. Twelve against one? That hardly seems fair." I said as they all rushed me, "For you." I added under my breath. The next thing I knew, all of the romans were either on the ground unconscious, or they had fled.
Now it was just me and Jason.
He smiled at me, then charged with a golden sword.
I have to admit, Jason was getting good with the sword. We sparred for a couple of minutes when I found a chink in his defense. I disarmed him and brought the hilt of my sword down just above his temple, knocking him out cold.

I smiled, then ran off. They would be waking up in a few, and by then we would've won the game. I found myself at Zeus' Fist. I looked around, and sighed. Any minute now... And there's the horn. We won the game! I started to walk out when I heard something in the bushes. I slit my sea green eyes, alert, and turned looking for what made the noise. I heard a distant howl, and my eyes narrowed even more. I was about to go to the animal who made it, but then I felt a hand on my shoulder.
I quickly turned around, but relaxed when I saw it was just Annabeth. Her eyes were sparkling and she was smiling.
"We won!" she exclaimed. I smiled, but it was sort of forced. I was hoping she wouldn't notice. She noticed.
"What's wrong?" she asked, smile turning upside down. I smiled again, this one not strained at all, and pecked her on the lips.
Nothing." I told her, "Nothing at all." I kissed her. She seemed slightly stiff at first, but she relaxed quickly. About 20 seconds later, we broke.
"Well, okay then. Let's go Seaweed Brain, unless you want another search party looking for you."
I grinned and we walked out of the forest and to the pavilion.

I forgot all about the howl.

TADA! How'd you like it? I think it's good so far, but it's my story, so that doesn't count ;)