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Ally's POV

"Austin…" I whisper into the head piece as I gripped the rails, pressing myself against the wall. I could hear the cars bustling about 200 feet beneath me as the wind whistled. "I'm going to fall…"

"Ally, I gave you the choice not to go." I hear Austin say. I scowl, rolling my eyes. I glanced down and my stomach churns, but the excitement of finally being able to go out in the field was more powerful than my fear.

"I know I know." I tell him. "Just tell me where to go." I order. I start shuffling my feet to the left, the wind blowing my hair in my face. I knew I should've gotten a haircut.

"Go left till you hit the very end, and then carefully lower yourself to the next glass window. You have the gloves?" He asked. I rolled my eyes.

"Duh! You're the one who packed them!" I say. I hear Austin chuckle and I sigh. "Austin don't laugh, we're on a mission. Take it seriously." I say. It's been three months since we began training at Veronica's place. And every day, Austin began making new jokes about me, because I was the only one who fell behind in every project in the beginning. I only excelled in target practice, where Austin merely shrugged and kept at the stubborn comment, beginners luck. We ran for miles without stop, and I was in pain every day because my legs ached badly. Even now, pressed against the wall, 200 feet in the air, practically dangling; my legs were killing me. But over time, I've learned to ignore it. Unlike the experienced Dez and Austin, Kira, Trish and I had to struggle, Kira and Trish having more success at that than me. "Austin do you hear them?" I ask. I hear a small intake on the breath and I await his answer.

"Yea. Two terrorists and…" He paused for a second. "And a woman?" He said in surprise. "No one said there would be a woman." He whispered. I roll my eyes and continue to shuffle my way on the edge.

"Focus Austin, you think we can take them?" I ask. Reaching the edge, I bite my lip. Gripping the edge of the top railing tightly, I let go of it with one hand.

"Ally, don't think on impulse. That's usually what gets people killed." Austin whispers.

"Unless you're James Bond…" I mumble, activating the glove that I had. The blue glow on the front told me it was safe to use and I place the hand on the wall, repeating the steps with the other hand. In two quick seconds, I lower myself down. "Austin, open the window…" I tell him.

"You got it Ally-cat." He whispered mockingly. I smile.

"You are never going to let that nickname go are you?" I ask, just as I hear the faintest of creaks on my right. Austin's head pops out the window, a smirk on his face.

"Nope." He whispers, popping the 'p'. Extending a hand, he reaches out for me. "Come on. I can't occupy this room for long." I shake my head and grab his hand, the other slowly moving against the wall as I guide myself towards Austin. Ducking my head, I leap into the room, crashing onto his chest. I hear him let out a small grunt as his held my waist. I freeze and so does he as we listen quietly. Silence. "Crap…" Austin whispers. Letting me go, he grabs my hand and shuts the window quickly and quietly.

"What happened?" I whisper. Austin scans the room quickly and pulls me towards a closet. That's when I hear the footsteps nearing and I panic. I squeeze myself next to Austin and shut the closet door. Merely seconds later the door creaks open.

"… There isn't anyone here Jenna." I hear a male say.

"I swear I… Nevermind." A woman, Jenna, mutters. "So you two found the chip." She asked.

"Right here. Every name is available."

I clench my fist and my hand slowly traces the pattern on my golden necklace. Austin warned me about bringing the chip, insisting that it was a bigger risk. But I didn't feel comfortable leaving it in HQ.

"Can we take them?" I whisper to Austin. He shakes his head, gripping my hand which was still encased in his.

"We have to stay put..." He whispered. "Now shhh before we record out voices instead of theirs." Sighing, I do as he says.

"Bring the laptop. Hurry." Jenna says. I hear the footsteps near the closet and stiffen.

"Now?!" I whisper. Austin sighs. Just as the person reaches the door, Austin pulls his gun out.

"Now..." Kicking the door, Austin leaped out the closet and shot at the first person in the room. I followed him, aiming at the woman. She ducked, her red hair flying. She glared at me and scowled. I noticed her hand clutching something and my eyes narrow. Then she took off.

"Damn it..." I mumble. "Austin, be right back!" I say, chasing after her.

"Don't Ally, you'll get hurt!" Austin yells at me as he wrestled one man. Ignoring him, I turn the corner, running faster. I could see her red hair swing around the corner and I pick up speed. My feet slapped the ground, the walls echoing each thump.i turned and found a spiral of stairs, and Jenna was running down them. Smirking, I got up on the railing and jumped. I could feel the short wind blow on my face before hitting the ground, just as Jenna reached the last step. Taking my pistol out, I aimed.

"Move and I shoot..." I growl.

"Ally hold up!" I hear Austin say from my ear piece. I stand up slowly and Jenna smirks. On that very second the faintest click could be heard and I felt the cold hilt on my head. I close my eyes and sigh. Damn it...

"Lower your weapon..." A voice growls. I open my eyes and bring my hands down in defeat. A hand lays itself on my shoulder, spinning me around. I'm face to face with a guy with thick rimmed glasses. "Right... I thought it be you Ally..." He whispered. I have him a look of confusion just as he rips my gun from my hands.

"How do you-"

"Ally!" I hear Austin shout. The guy looks up and I take that moment and hit him the crotch. He groans in pain, backing up and doubling over. I smile just as Austin lands next to me, gun pointing at the guy. I turn behind us and Jenna is gone. Scowling, I clench my fists. I glance up just to the the red head slip away and I sigh. I wasn't going to be able to catch her. "Search him..." Austin says.

"You do it, your the guy..." I mutter. Austin rolls his eyes and hands me his gun. He kicks the guys right before searching his jacket. Pulling out a small chain, Austin smiles.

"Got it." He mumbled. "Thank you." Standing up, Austin kicks the man in the face and he smirks before turning to me. "Lets go, that chick is calling for back up." Grabbing my hand, we race to the elevator in the corner of the elegant floor. "I knew I shouldn't have let you come..." Austin mutters.


"You know, it was good that I came, you think to much on impulse!" Austin says as we race down the halls.

"Hey I was doing fine on my own!" Say, passing him and turning a corner. "I can handle this!" I hear Austin sigh behind me and I roll my eyes.

Three months and my true adventure finally begins...

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