Full Moon

Tatsumi winced, listening to the inhuman noises echoing down the corridor. Next to him, Watari tended his savaged hand. Hisoka was curled up in a ball, traumatised, whimpering.

"I told you it wouldn't work," the scientist hissed. "You know what he's like normally. This has only made it worse."

Tatsumi refrained from sighing. It wouldn't help matters. "And I thought you said you'd checked him thoroughly for wounds."

"I did!" Watari protested. A dreamy smile appeared on his face as he continued, "I had him strip off and ah, well, yes, I did check him."

Tatsumi pointed a finger which shook with wrath (and other emotions) down the corridor. "Then how do you explain that?"

Watari flinched. "I didn't know. I don't know how it happened. I don't think he realized himself, till . . . till the change. That huge full red moon hanging in the sky. One minute Muraki was stalking him, pushing him up against the wall, and dear kami, the sexual voltage . . ."

Tatsumi coughed pointedly.

". . . and the next minute it was all teeth and fur and paws," Watari sighed. "Muraki didn't have a chance."

Elsewhere, a white-haired doctor cursed eloquently and elegantly as he bandaged his ankles.

"And Hisoka tried to get through to him?" Tatsumi queried.

The blond scientist nodded. "But . . . well, I think Tsuzuki reacted on instinct. Hisoka couldn't handle it. He just screamed and fainted."

Hisoka lay very still, very quiet. Perhaps if he didn't move, it wouldn't come back and lick his face again.

Tatsumi took a deep breath, and picked up the bag of dog biscuits. "Remember. If I don't come back, make the report to the Earl. Tell him . . ."

He summoned the shadows and stepped out into the corridor. From the distance came the animal whimpers and barks.

"Tell him that Tsuzuki was bitten by a were-puppy."


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