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Chapter 6- Unprecedented Magic

Luanne recommended another book to Marik; it was 'Jane Eyre' by Charlotte Bronte

"People who claim that they're evil are usually no worse than the rest of us... It's people who claim that they're good, or any way better than the rest of us, that you have to be wary of." Luanne quoted from the book 'Wicked- The Life and Time of the Wicked Witch of the West', I really like this analogy, "and part of it may be true, if you think about it back in history. How many have claimed to be good like Hitler. He thought he was doing Germany a favour, a cause but it costs a genocide wave. Elphaba is discovering goodness but saw greatness in her path but she is now deemed evil. To think about it I don't think I'm a good person."

"So you just follow one simple quote to determine where your morals lie? Luanne benefitting a life is not wrong. Fighting for survival is not wrong. Enhancing the state of life is not wrong. Some people use chaos as a means to benefit the society. Evil vs. good is not the only issue we face everyday. This is fiction!" Marik refuting her idea bored.

"This still some truth in this book. Take 'Jane Eyre' for instance, "I will rather be happy than dignified", satisfaction in perfection is enough." Luanne was quoting from the top of her head.

"I don't read novels but you seem to read them like a proverb…" Marik sighed.

"This one too, 'if all the world hated you and believed you wicked, while your own conscience approved of you and absolved you from guilt, you would not be without friends.' How's that for a proverb of the day? I just love Charlotte Bronte".

"What are you trying to imply in your quotes?" Marik chuckled, closing his book.

"That everyone is a hero or heroine in their own eyes."

"Fool! Elphaba seems to be more of an anti-hero but an activist. Jane Eyre on the other hand is a hero in her time and era. They may have similar determinations but they are different." Marik muttered. Luanne rolled her eyes.

"May I take your order?" A short waitress came. He name was Greta and her hair reminded Luanne of Cleopatra as her fits nicely within the jawline.

"May I have a qasab and a half rack ribs with roast vegetables?" Luanne answered

"Do you have any wine?" Marik scowled coldly.

"W-well whatever you can see in the menu… no sir we don't normally serve wine unless it's on special occasions." Greta said nervously.

"However you have a wine list and a wine cellar. Also it does not state specifically for special occasions. If anything when a customer verifies their desire for a drink, they get it for I am you best commodity for a normal day. Now request your offer…" He glared at Greta sourly. He smirked playfully at last as he detached his millennium rod from the back. Luanne could see the millennium rod glow.

"What wine would you like sir?" After being commended by the millennium rod.

"I'll have an Abarka, Warah Enab and a Kushari." Marik shoved the menu back to Greta. Greta offered to take Luanne's so she smiled and kindly passed it on to her.

"You're a despicable guy, you know she was only doing her job." Luanne affronted Marik.

"She will always find one or two customers like me, besides I find it amusing to see one lost. A test of liaisons is never harmful." Marik chortled

"Demotivating one person though your amusement is out of the question." Luanne slammed her hand on the table.

"Oh lovely little Lulu is very sensitive about the others. She's fine; look she's happily taking more orders. Besides, it's substantially what I'm paying for." Marik poured some water for Luanne and himself.

"Whatever…" Luanne opened her book annoyed. She had a notebook opened as well.

"You're also studious. Makes sense where you get your for of arguments from. Growing up to be an intellect and following your father's footsteps." Marik took her pen from her and laid his hand over her hand.

"And so I find it awkward that you are complimenting me and a few seconds ago you did not hesitate to insult two girls at this restaurant. Give my pen back." Luanne glared at him.

"I think you have the tendency to ask people about me but not ask me. In a way that's quite rude but when I think about it, it's rather assuring." Marik stared in to her icy orbs.

"I-I j-just…I just used to undivided attention." Luanne felt heat seeping upon her cheeks.

Then the dishes came. Marik placed the pen back on the notepad. "Perhaps you struggle with divided attention, I thought girls have a better tendency to multitask." Marik picked up his cutlery.

"It's more of a preferable trait, perhaps just with you." Luanne started to get annoyed. She just continued reading and writing.

"Don't tell me you can't divide this attention with food and what you're currently doing? Tell me what you think of this koshari?" He forked some of his food to her.

"Th- thanks! Well… not organic paste. Still fresh…" Luanne hesitated to lift her fork up.

"I've had better but it'll do for now, I'm curious now about your special koshari."

After a silent meal of reading, Marik checked what his Rare Hunters are doing through his Millennium Rod. They seemed to be occupied with dueling and stealing cards. The general public are normally experiencing physical assaults.

"Hey Let's go to Toys 'R' Us! My twin brothers have their birthday tomorrow so I wanna get them something." Luanne shuts her purchased book in her bag.

"Tomorrow happens to be a special days for me too, so do I get a toy?" Marik laughed..

"You wish. It's not your birthday and you're not a kid... wait, really?" She almost shouted.

"That's right, I guess I don't expect a public servant to give me something when we just met. I'm a man of particulars, I don't need gifts." Marik winked.

"What are friends for?" She shrugged. Luanne knew she didn't have any friends. Perhaps Marik would appreciate her being one to him.

"You need to earn that title Luanne. I don't trust many as a result worthy of that title." He scoffed bitterly at the idea. Luanne raised her eyebrows with disbelief. Is this guy for real?

"Well, what do you want to purchase for your twin brothers?"

"Hmmm, something that is useful but at the same time fun. Popular… small that defines who they are…"

They were already walking towards the store. Christmas decorations were already displaying with Reindeers, and 'O Holy Night' was playing in the background.

"Hey, catch!" Luanne thrusts a bouncy frog toy and Marik caught it in time. Then it slipped off his hand.

"Interesting… a toy that runs away." He eyed at the frog on the floor and continues walking.

"Oh isn't this cute! A mini car and a motorcycle."

"Not as awesome as the real one. I do have a motorcycle of my own since I was thirteen years of age." Marik said smugly.

"Thirteen! What are you a spoilt brat?" Luanne laughed.

"No, a brat with great integrity, having a motorcycle gave me freedom to travel and obtain what I will achieve."

"Oh? What achievement do you wish to fulfill?"

"To set my clan free." He smiled.

"Is your family, if you don't mind me asking… slaves of human trafficking." Luanne asked nervously.

"My dear, what if it is?

"I will ask my father to issue a bill to aid the asylum."

"So you think a simple with stop slavery?" Marik said smugly

"It had in the past. American President Lincoln, Martin Luther King and amongst many other citizens showed their support of human rights and equality."

"Then no, mere mortals can not free my clan in this slavery. The slavery I'm talking about is a dutiful slavery. That's all you need to know."

"See there you go again, being the subtle cryptic guy that runs the secret society." Luanne raised her voice.

"After being met by your confronting kiss the other day did put me off in revealing further about me." Marik smirked.

"Oh come on, that kiss meant nothing!"

"Perhaps, perhaps not. I could analysis it, loneliness may be an issue for you. I might even say you do have a little infatuation with me." Marik grabbed Luanne roughly by the arm and dragged her to a random aisle.

"That's because I'm an introvert and I'm not lonely. I plan to be married when I'm 25 so teenage love is out of the question." Luanne muttered hurtfully

" I can see you're already planning ahead. Exposing my identity will not gain any secret admirers However you haven't run off yet to expose my identity, that I get credit my dear." The Egyptian boy lifted her chin lightly. "Do they play Duel Monster Cards?"

"They hate Duel Monsters, they like prank tricks but I'm seeing to it that they duel me." They walked to the aisle. She finally found the sets she was looking for and they were the last ones.

"You might need a ladder for that my dear, I'll be back." It was too high. so Marik asked a shop assistant while Luanne stayed. Then a tall teenage boy that was heavily build came along, he looked like he works here. He knew Luanne was eying on the two boxes.

"Here… you need help don't you" He smirked, "Uh ah… it's mine shorty." The boy teased her.

"I'm the customer and you work here, you should be treating me with respect." Luanne crossed her arms and said calmly.

The boy laughed, "This is the respect you'll get princess," He pushed her over and ran with the boxes.

"Fine you can have it!" She practically yelled.

Then Marik and another shop assistant came. "Luanne, what happened?" Marik came to her, he helped her up. Then Marik waved the shopkeeper away.

"Nothing, I- I was pushed by this-"

"It's one of my Rare Hunters, they're playing around with you … Luanne, I have a personal score to settle with this fool, come with me." Marik growled dangerously. He pulled her along; Luanne had never seen him this furious. They went out through the back of the store and there stood the boy. He was supposed to run and she glanced at the Millennium Rod glowing. The boy looked frightened, as he knew he was in trouble. Marik paced around his victim carrying the boxes. He immobilized the boy's body but not his speech, enough for him to hear his pleas. "I'm sorry Master Marik, here girl… I just wanted t- please I didn't mean to p-"

Suddenly Marik laughed with a tone of sadism, he tilted his head sideways. He stood in front of the boy smirking. "Oh my, who is this disloyal buffoon? Ah, Riley… Pollock. I wonder what was your today's assignment for me…? Oh wait like any other ones… Obtain weapons and clearly you will forget that in the future so therefore your new task is to enjoy… the Shadow Realm!" The boy just fell to the side as Marik felt the boy's soul leave the body and the body vanished out of sight. All was left was his clothes. Luanne stood behind the boy distraught in what she just saw.

Marik turned to look at Luanne still holding onto her shopping bags and simply scared. He was curious why she seemed didn't stop him. Luanne bent down checking any breathing from the boy. She was shaking and her breathing was heavy. Is he dead?

"He's no longer exists now, little Luanne…Luanne what are you doing?" Luanne took his wallet out. Still shaking she found a piece of evidence that linked to the Dixon as he has a picture of the lady in the museum.

"Dixon, please ensure the Middle Crown stays safe from the Ghouls. Ish-" Luanne read. Marik took is from her and flipped the photo. "Dixon, please ensure the Middle Crown stays safe from the Ghouls. Ishizu" Marik tore the photo and stuffs it in his pocket.

"What does it mean?" Luanne asked

"Nothing… nothing at all, it's getting late." His anger slowly dissolving, he picked the two boxes for Luanne and they made their way to the registry. Recognizing she had developed a bit of fear for him, he held her hand firmly. "Come, on." He inwardly smirked, amused at "the second sign of weakness: Death. As for Ishizu, her life is in my hands and you're too late, far too late sister."

Marik had his Rare Hunter drive them back in a limousine. They did not speak at all, for the fact that Marik was looking at his deck and Luanne was so concentrated on her next report. Whether it should be based on what she had experienced or hypothesized theories about politics. The shadow realm was an absurd topic to talk about; no one will believe her. Nothing to do with politics…

For dusk as ascended in the Egyptian sky. "Little Lu, here is the key so go up and leave your shopping bag there. Then meet back at the private parking lot."

Whole mobs of people were cloaked at the parking lot. Luanne stood aside with her briefcase, knowing that she's the only one without a cloak. Some rare hunters have already exchanged lustful looks on Luanne. Marik was already there standing, Odion was with him too. For one she actually saw Dixon chained, blindfold and had a mouth gag attached and was laid in front of Marik who in every manner expresses danger and authority. He is not the laid back Marik she met in the public meeting, this time he is not to be messed with. Marik was also holding a Taser in his other hand, he must have been interrogating Dixon or perhaps torturing him. Whatever it was Luanne did not like one idea of this secret society.

"Amongst my ranks, I do not take betrayal lightly. You are all here to witness an interrogation of someone who has daringly, yet foolishly joined forces with our enemy." Marik spoke out with ascendency. "For those who have displayed loyalty within my ranks, you shall receive a token of hard work tomorrow. However the next bidding will not be as easy as the last. Acquiring Slifer the Sky Dragon, my first Egyptian God card cost many pathetic souls but we will hunt all three successfully. Am I clear?"

"Yes Master Marik…" The rare hunters chorused.

"May I also remind you all, without my millennium rod, you will all still fear me for I know many ancient sorceries, which will uproot the shadows. Now to witness the demise of our traitor…"

For a boy, he sure knows how to keep company. The atmosphere began to change. Shadows gradually engulfing reality, it felt like pure evil. She felt a tingling sensation down a back and all over as the density of the shadows was intense. Luanne began to feel nauseous. All because Marik pointed his millennium rod at Dixon. Dixon was feeling nauseous as well but worse, as though his gut twisting. His hands were clasped to his own neck and he started choking himself. Luanne was doing the same and she was blanching fast.

One rare hunter saw that Luanne was choking as well. "Hey look!" Marik's heart skipped a beat almost dropping his millennium rod. Marik saw Luanne from afar with her laptop wrangling around her own neck. He wasn't controlling Luanne; only Dixon was his mind puppet. He released his hold on the millennium rod and used the Taser on Dixon one last time making sure his torture resulting in a cardiac arrest, allowing the rest of the Rare Hunters have fun with torturing Dixon. As he kept an eye on Luanne, the same time he released his mind control, she stopped choking on herself. He strutted over to Luanne. He parted his ghouls like the red sea as he passed them.

Luanne was coughing from oxygen depravity, "S-stay a- a-way from me, you freak." Odion came along as well. Luanne glared with pure hatred flashed at the lavender orbs.

"Luanne, I wasn't controlling you…" He caressed his hand on her cheek. "Odion I was… it was…"

"Master, perhaps by signing the contract may have triggered a mirrored magic."

"Perhaps it's the labyrinth vision she had and my millennium rod had never played a trick like this befor-"

"How- uh –d- do you know I had a premonition?" Luanne was straining her vocal cords. Now coughing uncontrollably.

"Dearest Luanne, I know everything thanks to my millennium item, I have every means to control minds and analyze thoughts and that's all you need to reminded about my power." Marik explained sternly.

"Master Marik, what about the meeting?"

"Odion, you deal with the cohorts and I will take Luanne back to the room!" he practically yelled at Odion. "Inas come with me!" The rare hunter from earlier followed on.

"Yes Master Marik…" Inas bowed obediently.

Inas followed his master and Luanne to the room. They made certain they did not show their rare hunter outfit so they held their robes. Luanne was silent, she was a dead as a doornail with one wrong word. She knew it… Marik wanted to kill her that's why he made her choke herself. Perhaps it's a mere misunderstanding. She definitely had another headache.

"Are you alright ma'am?" Inas asked as he held Luanne's briefcase.

"Yeah I think so." Luanne held her head. "Marik, I-I need to-" At the doorway she walked pass Marik and went straight to the bathroom. Marik narrowed his eyes trying to read her mind. 'There's the strange premonition again, what it wrong with me? What place is this?' She sat on the washer room floor; she finds it hard to breathe. Marik followed her as she started crying for no apparent reason.

"Do you need the doctor?" Marik asked gently, trying to soothe her. She shook her head.

"Alright, I want to do a simple test on you. Inas is going to be controlled in certain movement and I want to see what happened a few moments ago-" He bent down but Luanne kept shaking her head.

"Master Marik, perhaps just test my basic movements." Inas suggested. The older boy suggested said.

"Inas, lift your right hand." Inas did so by Marik's commending words, whilst wielding his millennium rod. Luanne also lifted her right hand.

"Lift your left hand." Both did. Marik furrowed at this phenomenon. He was only using his rod on Inas. "Luanne, clap your hands." Luanne instead had her head throbbing harder just as he tried controlled her. She held her head instead and wailed.

"Alright I think it's clear what I need to do. Inas leave us I mean stay here at the lounge room."

"Luanne is crying Odion, what do I do?" He thought to Odion.

"Anything that Ishizu like as a girl when she's upset." Odion communicated with him. "Tea, chocolate, sweets or flower?"

"Give it a try and see how she fares, Master." With that said, Marik went out to opened a stash of tea bags from the hotel. He opened a cupcake wrap that had been stored in the fridge and a painkiller for the headache. Once he was done, he came back to the bathroom.

"Lu, here's something that my cheer you up. Though this was for my birthday. Anyway I will need to go in your mind with you into the labyrinth to solve some mystery, with your approval that is." Marik murmured sourly. He should be the one being served.

"It's probably nothing t-" Marik hushed her as his tanned on her lips.

Luanne took the tray and puts it aside, pinching some cupcake and eating it. Then she hugged Marik, embracing his toned body. She could feel his cold arm bracelets in contact against her back.

"Would you have killed Dixon?"

"Perhaps I would but for now I want to help you. I'm unable to control you and that is a not normal. You may have a repellent of some sort, which causes your headaches. These headaches in my opinion is a parasitic power so they are not normal." With said that she nodded. She broke off some of her cupcakes again and gave some to Marik.

"What if you can control me, will you make me do your dirty chores?" Both were eating in the bathroom.

"That is a rather enticing idea. That is… if you don't hold your end of the bargain." Marik sipped some of her tea.

Suddenly he lifted her gently to her bedroom. Luanne was light as a feather. Marik placed her on the mahogany lounge to sit and he sat on the ground. "Hold on to my hand Luanne, I'm going to channel my conscience to you. He held his rod with one hand and placed it on her forehead and a surge of energy pushed Marik into Luanne's mind.

In a land, no barren realm… Marik lay, holding Luanne's hand. Marik wasn't ready to come in so soon but it felt as though he was lying on burnt rubble. Ominous clouds foreshadowed them with a transparent triangle glass just above them. The rest are mirrors like a large floating platform. Her mind was particularly hard to access, unlike many mind slaves he had used to do his bidding, eerie as well. Briars surrounded the area and cracked earth littered. He groaned as he tried to move. There was a floating platform just above them.

"What in Hades is this place?" Marik yelled. They both sat up.

Luanne ignored him. Coming to her mind means he knows her secrets. She did not know this place in her mind existed either.

"Well I never knew you have a dark mind." Marik smirked. Weakness Number 3: Loneliness. Marik thought to himself

"And you don't have a dark mind of your own?" Luanne said snidely.

"Perhaps darker than this. We need to find the source of the contract."

"Does it mean you want to erase our contract?"

Marik flinched. There are two reasons he had came here, one to break one aspect of the contract, so that he may control her and open the labyrinth to unfold more weaknesses to break her but that cannot be disclosed to her. Have her reputation destroyed so that he could have it.

"No I won't break the contract, just the unnecessary side effects." He stood up. And he grabbed Luanne's arm to help her up. "There's no sign of the labyrinth. However, I already see your problem, there. The bloodstained mirror floating is the more dangerous spell in the contract you have signed than a regular contract. In a way it's a curse so it wouldn't be prudent of you to expose me." He narrowed his eyes in slits. "Now to explain The Mirror, my dear Luanne, it had never been experimented and I have yet to discover the effects it has on an individual. You are the first. My proven theory is right. It's when I control one person in the midst of you… you copy the same action. However you cannot be controlled, you will only be paralyzed with pain until your body shuts down."

"B-but-" Marik pulled her along to the enormous mirror, he held his rod and chanted an ancient language fluently. Then the glass triangle above them shattered. With the mirrors from all three sides formed a prism, much like a pyramid but a clear pyramid. An oculus beam shone into the entrance gate, though it was sealed, it was the same from her premonition. Briars and thorns started to uproot from the base of the prism, decorating the walls about 5 meters high. It descended slowly towering the two. The platform vanished into thin air. Luanne hid behind Marik, holding him tightly.

"I get it now, to remove the side effects of the contract, reveals the labyrinth. Perhaps we should go in." Luanne whispered into Marik's ear.

The boy shook his head. The millennium rod grew brightly. "Another time, my dear."

They were back from Luanne's mind where dusk resides in Egypt. Luanne woke up and so did Marik as his head was on Luanne's lap. Her glasses were crooked after turning her head. Marik accidently stuck her knee with the millennium rod and she wacked him on his head. They both grunted at the same time.

"What was that for?" Marik yelled.

"Same question back at you?" Luanne sighed.

"Get some sleep." He left and slammed the door, he growled.

"But I'm not… tired."

Marik and Inas got out of the hotel and went to the basement again. Smiling to him knowing he can control her and should control her soon.

"Master Marik, you ought to know Luanne had already progressed in making our system legal. The assets and bonds are directed to the organization. I have hacked her system and the result is promising." Inas informed Marik.

"Already…? Well I guess we don't have to do much. Now do we?" Marik chuckled.

"Not that, she had misled Ishizu's men into keeping a god card accidentally to Zifta."

Marik smirked and he couldn't contain his laugh, destiny is on his side. "Then I guess we can take our private jet to Zifta. We leave tomorrow." He mounted his motorbike and sped though the illustrious streets.