Sorry it's been so long, but life and other things have kept me away from this. But it's back, and yes, this is finally the chapter with some "M" rated content. If that's not your thing, just skip the indicated section and you're fine. It might, some say, be a bit OOC for Oliver, but I'm sticking by my belief that now that's he's committed to this with Felicity, the romantic in him is coming out. Because I'm sure it's there, with the right woman, and I know both Oliver and Felicity have probably been missing this 'scenario' in their lives! Otherwise, hope you enjoy!

"You're taking me, dressed to the nines, let me add, to the mansion?" She turned to look at Oliver, confusion in her gaze as he pulled into the circular drive.

"Trust me," he smiled at her. "You're going to love this. It's going to be a night to remember."

Felicity felt the blood stir in her veins as she settled back into her seat as he parked the car. She had to admit, she was intrigued. There was such promise in his voice that it sent tingles down her spine. Her breath caught as Oliver turned off the engine and after pressing a kiss to her hand, got out of the car and came around to open her door.

Her mind still flustered from the feel of his lips on her skin, she took his outstretched hand, not surprised at the bolt of electricity that flew down her arm. From his expression, he'd felt it too. She remained silent as she let him lead her up to the front door, wondering if Raisa would be greeting them again. To her surprise, he simply pushed the door open and pulled her inside. It was quiet and she found herself wondering where everyone was.

"My mother is out having dinner with friends, Thea's at Roy's place, and I gave Raisa the night off." His voice was amused as he continued to lead her down the hallway and towards what she thought was the back of the house. She blushed, realizing she'd spoken the last words aloud.

"So, you've got me all alone in your billion dollar mansion." She knew her voice was lower than normal and the heat that sparked in his eyes as he turned to look at her made her shiver. "A girl has to wonder what you have planned Mr. Queen." She felt a bolt of desire slice through her at the way his eyes darkened at her words.

"Trust me, Ms. Smoak, I think you're going to thoroughly enjoy what I have planned for tonight." Oliver's voice was deeper than he'd wanted at this point in the night, his body tight and hard with desire, but then again, he should have realized that with Felicity all bets were off. Forcing his mind and body under control, he gathered himself together as he led her down a long hallway. Reaching a set of double doors, he took a deep breath before pushing them open.

Felicity gasped as Oliver pulled her into a room straight out of one of her most romantic fantasies. Her eyes widened as she took what must have been dozens of huge floral bouquets in every shape, size, and color that filled the room. A small fountain with water trickling and flowing over different levels sat in the center of the room. She turned to take a better look around her, and realized that along with the bouquets, here were numerous other flowers and plants scattered around the room.

"It's beautiful, Oliver." She really had no other words, so taken in by the beauty around her.

"I honestly never spent a lot of time here, it was more Raisa's thing," Oliver said, pleased at the happy expression on her face. He hadn't been sure she'd like it, but some well taken words from Raisa, and the knowledge that underneath it all, Felicity was a romantic, he figured what better place for a romantic date night. And Raisa had not disappointed in setting this up. She was getting a large bonus in her next paycheck.

"Well, it's beautiful and I'm very happy you showed this to me. It's so peaceful and serene," she pulled away from his grasp, feeling the loss of contact with him for a moment, but wanting to explore the room more. She wandered around, realizing that Raisa had a green thumb in addition to every other talent the woman seemed to possess. She made a mental note to ask the woman for tips on how to keep plants alive, as Felicity had never had much luck in that department. She'd even managed to kill a cactus once.

As she moved around the room, her breath caught as her gaze focused on a pair of huge glass doors that led to what looked like a balcony, moonlight shining in through the panes. Moving forward, she pushed through the doors, finding herself staring up at the night sky, filled with twinkling stars. It was gorgeous, and for a moment, she let herself get lost in the view.

She felt a shiver go through her as she suddenly felt Oliver's arms slide around her waist, pulling her back against him, his warmth and scent surrounding her as he joined her in looking up at the sky.

Neither said anything, no words were needed. Felicity realized for the first time in what seemed forever, she felt absolutely and truly content. And most of that was due to the man holding her in his arms, nuzzling his nose against the back of her neck.

What could have been hours, but was probably only minutes later, she forced her gaze from the sky back to the balcony, and finally noticed what was off to the left. A small table was set for two near the trellis that flanked one side of the balcony. There was a formal dinner setting on the table along with a beautiful purple and while centerpiece. A bottle of red wine sat on the table, a corkscrew next to it. It was obvious that extreme care had been taken in setting this up and she couldn't help the catch in her voice as she realized Oliver had done this all for her.

"I figured, why go out when we could stay in?" Oliver's voice was low and smooth against her ear as he gently guided her towards the table. "I've always wanted to do the whole 'romantic by candlelight dinner' here, for someone special," his voice turned wistful. "It just took me a misspent youth, an extended island stay, and the right woman to realize that was something I wanted." He knew his expression was open and honest as he looked down at Felicity. "So consider it another thing that I missed in life finally fulfilled for me. Thanks to you."

Felicity struggled to hold back the emotions swamping her, not only at his honest emotion but also at the fact that despite what many might think, Oliver Queen did have a romantic bone, perhaps quite a few, in his body. "You figured right. This is beautiful. I can't believe you did this for me. And just so you know," she looked up at him with a smile, "no man has ever set up a romantic by candlelight dinner for me, much less at his mansion, even though it's been a wish of mine for a while." Instinctively, she leaned up to brush her lips across his. She deliberately kept it short and sweet, pulling back before either of them could deepen it. She loved the anticipation building between them and wanted to draw it out a little longer.

Oliver simply smiled as he pulled out her chair and helped her settle in. He wasn't going to fight her, even though he wanted nothing more than to drag her upstairs and forget about dinner altogether. But that wasn't what this was about. They had time. He had this all planned out to the last detail. He wanted to give her, give them, this experience. He could wait. At least for another hour or so.

Felicity's attention was suddenly drawn to the bottle of red wine sitting on the table. Leaning over to read the label, she drew in a breath as it registered. Her gaze turned to Oliver and she knew he could read her perfectly.

"I believe I promised you this a long time ago. I figured now was the perfect time to deliver." Oliver smiled as he reached for the bottle, seeing her eyes grow wide with anticipation. He wondered if he should feel offended it was the bottle of wine he held that she was giving that look to. He gave her an amused look as he uncorked and poured them each a glass.

Felicity could almost feel herself salivating as she lifted her glass and inhaled the bouquet of flavors. There was a reason this was a very, very expensive bottle of wine and she was going to savor it. She lifted the glass to her lips, taking a delicate sip. She groaned, eyes sliding closed, as pure bliss exploded across her taste buds.

Oliver felt his body harden at the sound. Her eyes were closed but he could see the pure pleasure that crossed her features as she swallowed the wine. Never had he thought he could be so turned on by watching a woman drink wine, but then again, he'd never really watched Felicity savor it. He had a sudden suspicion it was something he was going to want to see, and hear, more often.

Felicity finally came back to herself, blushing as she saw the heated way Oliver was looking at her. But she wasn't going to apologize for enjoying a good wine. Like good sex, wine was meant to be savored. But she would be lying if she said she didn't find his intense gaze even more of a turn on than the wine. Still, patience was required here and she was determined to give it.

"If I'd have known what I was missing, I would have demanded you give me this a long time ago, obviously fake scavenger hunt or not." She smiled, seeing happiness temper the desire in his eyes at her words. She realized, once again, she liked seeing him look so stress free, and well, so happy.

"Well, I only hope you feel the same about dinner." With a small motion of his hand, a waiter suddenly appeared as if out of nowhere, carrying two plates.

Felicity wondered where he'd come from, but decided it didn't matter the second he set the gorgeous looking plate of food in front of her. Her stomach rumbled in anticipation and she couldn't bring herself to feel embarrassed as Oliver laughed.

"Don't wait any longer, go ahead and see what you think of Raisa's cooking." He smiled and thanked the waiter when his own plate was placed in front of him before the man quickly disappeared back into the mansion.

Felicity sighed at her first bite. Really, it was a crime that Raisa didn't own her own restaurant. Was there nothing the woman couldn't do? "It's wonderful. Better than some of the 4 star restaurants I've been to." Suddenly something occurred to her. "But wait, you're telling me she cooked all this, then took the night off?"

Oliver nodded. "She wanted to do it, but insisted she leave us alone for the evening." He had to admit, it was one of her better meals, although he was getting more enjoyment out of seeing Felicity savor her food. Really, was there anything the woman did that didn't turn him on?

"Well, make sure you tell her this is incredible!" Felicity took another bite, reveling in the atmosphere, almost, for a moment, wondering if she were dreaming. After all, a month ago, she would never have imagined Oliver taking her on a 'date,' much less the romantic thoughtfulness that had gone into the process.

"I'm glad you're enjoying it, but make sure you save room for dessert." Oliver smiled as he heard her laughter, pleased to see her here, in his home, with him. For a moment, he sobered, thinking once again how close he'd come to losing her. But before the dark thoughts could take a hold, her laughter brought him back to the moment and he realized he was a fool if he didn't simply take advantage of the present.

They continued to talk as they ate, discussing everything and anything that came to mind. The only thing they deliberately stayed away from was anything related to their night jobs. Instead, they took the time to get to know each other even better, exchanging stories of their childhood and college years, learning things that surprised and amused them about each other. It truly was, in Oliver's opinion, the best date he'd ever had. Felicity, for her part, wondered only that it had taken them this long to get to this point.

When their plates were clean, the waiter suddenly appeared again, to clear the table and pour them more wine. Felicity was feeling full and content, and the slow arousal that had been building all evening was growing stronger with every moment that passed. The way he was looking at her, his hand holding hers as it rested on the table, well, she was seriously considering rising and moving over to settle herself on his lap. But her plans were thwarted as the waiter suddenly returned, this time carrying two plates that held some kind of chocolate cake.

Her attention was back on the food when she realized it was a six layer chocolate and almond creme filled cake. Her mouth watered, as she thanked the waiter and reached for her fork. She jumped as Oliver's hand covered hers, pushing it lightly away from the utensil. Her throat grew dry as he picked the fork up, cut off a small piece of the cake on her plate, and held it to her lips. Without question she opened her mouth and accepted the morsel, making sure to lick every last delicious bit of frosting from the tines. The chocolate and almond flavors burst over her tongue, and combined with the intensity reflected in Oliver's dark eyes as he watched her, she couldn't help but moan in pure delight, her eyes falling closed in near ecstasy.

Oliver again felt his body harden at the sound, and the wanton expression on her face as she savored the cake. He was suddenly developing a new appreciation for food and Felicity. It took all his control to remain sitting, feeding her, instead of standing and pulling her into his arms.

"Okay, now it's my turn." Her words brought him back to the present and he watched, heart pounding, as she reached for his fork and proceeded to feed him a piece of the cake. It was good, but it was nothing compared to the way she was looking at him.

They continued to feed each other in silence, eyes locked, until the last crumbs were gone. Dragging herself back to the present, Felicity sighed contentedly as she placed the fork on her now empty plate. This had truly been one of the best meals of her life, along with some of the best company. She smiled as her gaze again locked on Oliver.

"That was wonderful, thank you Oliver. Five star restaurants have nothing on this."

Oliver laughed, feeling lighter and more relaxed than he had in years. Not to mention he was quickly realizing that his home looked a hell of a lot better with her in it. The revelation should have surprised him, but honestly, it didn't. He figured it was a sign that she and this relationship were both truly something special.

Felicity smiled, wondering where his mind was, feeling her heart pound at the steady heat visible in his eyes. She wondered what he had planned next.

"Why don't you come with me and find out?" His dark, low voice startled her as she realized again that she'd spoken what was in her thoughts. But the look in his eyes made her heart race as he stood and offered her his hand.

"Don't you know by now that I'd follow you anywhere?" She wasn't sure what made her say it in that way, but the way his breath caught, and the fire that flashed through his eyes made her catch her breath. For once, there wasn't a hint of guilt or pain in those dark orbs. There was nothing but pure desire. For her. And she couldn't wait to see what came next.

Seeing he wasn't going to reply with words, she stood and took his hand, feeling the now familiar jolt of desire course through her body. She allowed him to lead her back into the mansion and through the conservatory. She followed him out into the softly lit hallway, her anticipation and desire mounting.

She looked at him curiously as after several twists and turns, he stopped in front of another ornate set of double doors. Her curiosity was aroused again as she wondered just how many rooms this place had. And what was behind this set of double doors.

She didn't have to wonder long as he used his free hand to push the doors open, turning to smile at her as he led her through them and into a ballroom that was straight out of "Beauty and the Beast." She gasped at the huge crystal chandeliers hanging in clusters around the richly decorated room. Tapestries covered some of the walls while at the opposite end of the room, two huge double doors led out to yet another open-air patio.

"Oliver, this is gorgeous! This is the stuff fairy tales are made of!" His rich laughter made her smile and she couldn't help the urge she had to suddenly whirl around in a circle, swearing she could hear music in her head. As she stopped twirling, she suddenly realized that the music she'd heard was not in her head, but now filling the room around her, flowing out of hidden, but well placed speakers.

She gasped as Oliver suddenly appeared at her side and slid one arm around her waist, taking one of her hands in his. The feeling of his warm, solid body so close to hers sent her mind spinning off into the stratosphere. She breathed in the intoxicating scents of him, sandalwood and leather saturating her senses and she couldn't help but press her nose closer to his neck, wanting to surround herself with nothing but his scent and the security and desire it aroused in her.

Her gasp was audible as she felt one of his fingers brush across the skin of her collarbone before coming to rest lightly under her chin, tipping her face up to his. Trails of fire seemed to linger in his wake and as she locked gazes with him, desire flooded through her system.

"Ever since I saw you dancing with AJ the other night, all I wanted was to be the man in your arms." His voice was low and deep and it sent a shudder down her spine. "Dance with me, Felicity?"

She could only nod as the music swelled around her and Oliver began to lead her across the floor. To her surprise, she found herself completely in sync with him. There was no awkwardness as there usually was with other dance partners she'd had. Instead it was almost as if they flowed perfectly together. She followed wherever he led. She supposed that was nothing new. Her gaze remained locked on his face as they moved, unable to look anywhere else as she lost herself in the music and the amazing man holding her so close she couldn't tell where he started and she began.

She didn't know how long they danced, eyes locked, bodies pressed together swaying in perfect harmony. The music, which had started out light and jazzy, she suddenly noted, had turned sultry and sensual. It only fanned the flames of desire sizzling through her.

Unconsciously, she reached up to place a light kiss against his neck, enjoying the way the chords in his throat moved against her lips as he swallowed. He tasted even better than she'd remembered and she couldn't stop herself from letting her lips wander along his neck, delighting in the way his arms tightened around her. Feeling daring, she nipped gently at the skin beneath his ear, quickly soothing the sting with her tongue. His stifled gasp sent a wave of satisfaction and arousal through her body.

She couldn't help the moan that escaped as he suddenly buried his hands in her hair, pulling her head back and her gaze to his. The desire in those dark orbs took her breath away. She licked her suddenly dry lips, wondering why he didn't just kiss her. The tension was excruciating and she didn't know how much longer she could hold out.

"Turnabout is fair play." She gasped at his whispered words, and found herself only able to whimper as his warm lips suddenly descended on her neck.

Oliver was lost in sensation as he tasted her, noting she tasted both sweet and spicy, a flavor he would now only associate with the woman in his arms. His teeth nipped and bit along her collarbone, wanting to leave his mark on her milky skin. It was a powerful, primal feeling and he wasn't going to fight it. Not anymore.

He nearly lost all his hard won control at the deep, low moan she gave as her hands rose to pull him closer, pulling his head harder against her neck. He continued marking her skin, moving up to plant nips and kisses against the sensitive spot under her ear he'd discovered made her entire body shudder.

Her scent surrounded him, making him even dizzier with desire as his hands slid up and down her back, stroking along the bare skin revealed by the low cut back of her dress. Her skin was soft and silky and felt so warm against his rough palms. He growled as she whimpered against him, pressing her body tightly to his, circling her hips against his as they continued to sway together.

Felicity whimpered as she felt him, hard against her thigh and moved against him rhythmically, desperate for pressure where she needed it most. Her whimpers mixed with his low growls as he let his lips roam from her neck to her chin until he slanted his mouth over hers in a hard, heated kiss. It was the most overwhelming, overpowering, wonderful feeling she'd ever experienced.

Oliver felt jolts of fire shoot through him as he kissed her with a passion he hadn't ever felt for anyone before. Her lips were like silken fire against his, as they devoured each other. Moaning against her lips, he tangled his fingers in her hair, pulling it to gain leverage to deepen the kiss.

The delicious friction made Felicity moan as she felt his warm hands turning her body to his every whim. It was only the need for breath that had her finally pulling back. She took in deep gulps of air as she stared up into his dark eyes, burning now with an intense desire that threatened to incinerate them both.

Oliver was trying to remember how to breathe himself, his hands still tangled tightly in her hair, eyes locked on her lips, which were red and swollen from his kisses as she panted for breath. She was the most beautiful creature he'd ever seen.

"Now that's the way to leave a girl breathless, Oliver."

The way she said his name sent another bolt of desire racing straight to his groin. He'd thought he could hold out, create the perfect seduction that she deserved and he'd thought he wanted. But he was definitely going to have to rethink his plan because there was no way he was going to be able to take this slow. But that was okay, because as he'd learned over the past six years, some things were better when you improvised.


Taking her lips once again, his hands slid to her waist, pulling her tightly against him as he thrust against her. The kiss screamed of desperation and long held desire. His body tightened unbearably as she moaned roughly and wrapped her arms tightly around his neck, nails digging into his skin.

Felicity was feeling so much she didn't know if she'd survive the onslaught. His hands were also becoming much bolder, his long fingers sliding up her waist and over the silk of her dress and into the deep V of the front, brushing lightly across her breasts, peaking the already tight nipples that strained against their confinement. Whimpering, she clutched him closer.

Oliver knew things were fast spinning out of control and while his plans for a long, drawn out seduction were fading fast, he was determined to slow things down. He might want nothing more than to take her then and there, but he was not going to grope her like an overeager teenager. She deserved better. They deserved better.

And besides, there was nothing he liked more than hearing a beautiful woman moan her desires in his ear as he was pleasuring her. The fact that it would be Felicity only served to send his arousal skyrocketing.

Still, he allowed the kiss to deepen as his fingers lingered against the bare flesh of her upper chest, marveling at how her heaving breaths almost sent her breasts spilling out of it. His smile feral, he pulled back, allowing one finger to softly rim the edge of her breast, enjoying the small whimpers coming from the back of her throat.

"You like my touch, Felicity?"

He smiled as she whimpered. She was beautiful, her eyes pools of desire as her breasts heaved against him. Her lips parted as she gasped for air, allowing most of her weight to fall against him, in all the right places. With a small smile, he slid his leg fully between hers, drawing another loud whimper in reply.

"No reply, Felicity? Would you rather I do something different? Touch you in some other way?"

Felicity's eyes flew open at his husky, teasing words. A strangled moan emerged from her throat as she felt one of those long, talented fingers slip into the crevice between her breasts, stroking the side of one globe with a fingertip. The feeling was exquisite, robbing her of speech as she pressed herself against him, unable to do more than whimper and beg him with her eyes to continue.

"Still no answer? I guess we'll have to try something else then."

She struggled for breath, not sure whether to be annoyed by his words, despite his sensual tone. The desire that suddenly swamped her obliterated all else as his finger slid underneath the material covering her breasts to brush across one straining nipple. At the same time, his lips lowered to her neck and nipped at the familiar flesh beneath her earlobe. A bolt of desire crashed into her, liquefying her entire body. She cried out at the sensation.


The sound of her hoarse voice crying his name nearly sent him over the edge. He'd thought her breathy moans and whimpers were arousing enough. He found it strangely satisfying he had reduced her to near speechlessness. Quite a task for anyone when it involved Felicity Smoak. However, he soon realized that nothing could compare to the heat that flooded him at hearing her call out his name in total abandon. He was rock hard now, his desire throbbing against the tight constraints of his pants. His skin felt super-sensitized as he stroked the softness of her breasts, enjoying the way her nipples peaked against his fingers.

Felicity felt as if every nerve in her body was on fire as she whimpered and arched against Oliver, begging him to continue. The rasp of his breath across her neck as he licked her skin made her tremble. The teasing way he stroked her breasts nearly made her knees give out. All she could do was lean farther into him, arching even closer, needing more of the incredible sensations swamping her body. And from his low moans and the feel of him pressing hard and strong against her thigh, she could tell he felt the same.

Panting, she managed to slide her hands between them and to his waist, pulling his shirt from his pants, allowing her access to his heated skin. She couldn't hold back a moan as she felt the texture of his flesh, outlining the firm abdomen she'd dreamed about countless nights, especially after he'd done the salmon ladder.

Tracing every sharp line and lean muscle, she slid her hands up to brush over his small male nipples, her smile turning feral as she heard him moan against her. Moving quickly, and with only the slightest regret, she pushed him away from her long enough to yank at his shirt, the buttons flying off as she freed him of it. His growl made her shudder but didn't stop her as she began biting and sucking along his collarbone, her mouth quickly moving down his chest.

She was rewarded with a harsh intake of breath as she kissed across and over every scar, not paying any one more attention than another, caring only about the feel of his body, his muscles jerking beneath her as she indulged in several of her long-standing fantasies about having him shirtless and at her mercy.

Oliver could not bring a coherent thought to mind as he let Felicity have her way with him, amazed at the sensations shooting through his system. It had been far too long, if ever, that he'd felt such a burning desire to tear off a woman's clothing and ravish her. But he was fast reaching the point of no return as the woman in his arms proceeded to drive him wild.

"You taste good, I want to taste more." He felt himself nearly lose all control as her husky voice washed over him while her hands slid down to stroke the bulge now straining against his pants. The friction was nearly unbearable.

"Feel free."

He was surprised he managed to even get the words out as he felt her nimble fingers yank the zipper of his pants down before sliding in to draw his aching flesh into the warmth of her palm. He cursed as she smiled up at him and gave a hard squeeze that nearly ended things then and there.

Maybe it was the triumph he read in her eyes, or the burning lust he could see that matched his. Whatever it was, he needed to take back the upper hand now. Before he completely lost it and took her with no thought to anything but pleasure and need.

Twining one hand in her hair, he slammed his lips onto hers, tongue ravaging her mouth even as her hand began to stroke him in quick, hard motions, exactly the way he liked. His free hand slid to the hem of her dress, hiking it up around her waist with no thought but to feel the sweet flesh that lay beneath. He inhaled sharply as his fingers found her panties, a thin scrap of lace really, drenched, her body instinctively arching against his probing fingers.

Felicity couldn't help but tear her mouth from his and cry out as she felt him push aside the soaked fabric and slide two long fingers into her willing body, her inner muscles clamping down hard on the welcome intrusion. Nothing had ever felt this good in her life before, and she found herself whimpering and begging him incoherently never to stop.

He must have understood because he began to thrust his fingers sharply into her, in time with her own motions against him. Panting, she lifted her eyes to stare directly into his as they pleasured each other with their hands.

Suddenly, she felt him hit the flashpoint inside her. She screamed his name as he hit it again, and then again and again and again as she lost all coherent thought but to move, arching, pushing, thrusting against his fingers.

Oliver nearly came himself as he watched her total abandon as she moved against him, begging him to continue with harsh, guttural words that he should have been shocked to hear coming from her. But she was beautiful like this, lost in the throes of passion, her hand falling from him as she lost herself to her own pleasure. His hardness ached at the loss of her touch but he knew in a few short moments, it would more than be made up for. Right now, he simply wanted to watch her enjoy the cliff he was taking her over.

He felt himself twitch painfully as she suddenly convulsed against him, crying out his name in a voice laden with lust and ecstasy. He simply held her tightly as she writhed against him, watching as the waves of pleasure swept over her, turning her beautiful face into a rapturous sight he would never forget, no matter how long he lived.

Felicity was lost to everything but the sensation blinding her as she fell farther and farther into a heated pool of ecstasy. Colors and lights exploded around her, the pleasure nearly too much to bear. Finally, after what seemed an endless fall, she felt herself touch bottom again, eyes fluttering open to see the most wonderful image she could ever imagine.

Oliver Queen holding her against him, an expression of intense desire and lust on his face, his body hard against hers. She could barely think coherently, but despite her euphoric bliss, she knew he needed more.

"Oliver, let go."

She whispered the words even as she reached for him again, stroking him hard and fast. Once, twice, three times was all it took before he uttered a hoarse cry of her name and exploded, his body shuddering, wracked with tremors.

He'd wanted to be inside her when he'd lost it, wanted to have her right there with him for the entire journey. But the feel of her hand on him, against him, stroking, pulling, rubbing him as she whispered for him to 'let go' was too much. He could only hope she could support his weight as he collapsed against her, waves of ecstasy washing over him as he shuddered against her.

Several minutes later he came back to himself, noting Felicity was literally supporting all of his weight as she nuzzled into his neck, fingers stroking sensually along his scalp. "What did you do to me? I wanted slow and steady, to seduce you out of your mind for our first time."

Felicity managed enough breath to laugh at his rumbled words, the sensation tickling her ear where his lips now rested.

"Slow and steady is good, but fast and furious is by far the best. For the first time at least." She felt him shudder at her words as he pulled back to look into her eyes. The heat blazing in them nearly undid her again as she whimpered and felt him lean down to take her lips once again.

Oliver was amazed that the woman in his arms could return his passion without a thought to the fact that they'd just satisfied each other. Of course, he was pretty sure that where Felicity was concerned, stamina was probably not going to prove a problem. At least that's what his body was telling him as he hardened against her yet again.

Felicity sighed, teasing his tongue as their kiss dragged on, sensual and deep as their bodies rubbed against each other. Her hands raked through his hair, drawing a low moan as his hands slid to the bodice of her dress. With a small move, he pushed the material down until it pooled around her feet, exposing her to the cool night air. Her panties quickly followed. But any coolness was soon replaced with the warm heat of his mouth against her sensitive flesh.

She mewled low in her throat as she pulled him against her, whimpering as his fingers played with her other breast, pulling and tugging in the same rhythm as his mouth.

"Oliver, please! I need more!"

She wasn't sure what she was asking, all she knew was that she would die if she didn't get it soon. She'd never been this turned on, so fast after being satisfied before and she wasn't going to question it. Somehow, it didn't surprise her. This was Oliver Queen, star of too many of her fantasies to count. He must have understood because an instant later, he'd dropped to his knees and buried his face between her legs.

Her scream only drove him faster and further, his tongue sliding through her folds before stabbing at her clit. At the same time, he thrust one, then two fingers inside her, feeling her jerk against him as she shuddered. He finally removed his fingers so he could use both hands to steady her waist.

Then he dove back in, this time pushing his tongue deep into her body, her taste tangy and tart as he felt her contract around him. Her voice was a hoarse cry of his name as she crashed into another orgasm, and he rode her through it, keeping her steady on legs that were trembling. He realized, then and there, that he was going to become completely addicted to doing this to her. He wasn't complaining.

Felicity was pretty sure she'd died and gone to heaven. The feel of Oliver's lips and tongue driving her over the edge was something she was pretty sure she wasn't going to be able to do without anymore. Riding the wave back down to earth, she looked down to see his satisfied smile, lips glistening with her moisture as he held her until her legs were steady enough to support her on their own. And she suddenly realized he had far too many clothes on.

Reaching down, she pulled him up her body, at the same time her hands pushed his pants and boxers down to his ankles. With a dexterity that shouldn't have surprised her, Oliver managed to get his shoes, pants and boxers off, all while planting kisses up and across her body.

Felicity could feel her body, amazingly, building to yet another peak. But this time, she needed more. She needed him with her. She took the initiative then, using her own strength, and managed to push him around and onto one of the low sofas that sat alongside the dance floor, straddling him as she went.

She watched his grin turn into a low moan as she began to kiss her way down his bare chest, letting her hands rake across his bare skin, feeling his growl reverberate through his chest. His body was like fire against her, the evidence of his desire strong and pulsing rhythmically against her inner thighs again. With a sly smile she moved lower, feeling his hands come to fist in her hair, but not stopping her.

She felt her need for him growing as she allowed her breath to blow lightly over the tip of his erection, watching his body arch up towards her lips. She managed to look up at him, feeling a new wave of lust as she watched his dark eyes blaze with desire. Then, with her eyes locked on his, she took him deep into her mouth.

Oliver didn't know he was capable of making the strange, strangled sound he heard emerge from his throat as Felicity began to move against him in a rhythm all her own. He thought he'd die at the sensation of her hot, wet mouth, tugging on him. He kept his hands fisted tightly in her hair, not forcing her but urging her with the movement of his hips to move faster. He could feel himself growing harder, feel the desire in him rise as he watched the blonde head bent erotically over him.

God she was a beautiful sight! Her hair fell softly around her cheeks as she looked up at him, judging what he liked and disliked from his expression. He felt himself nearing the edge, but struggled for control, knowing he wanted her with him when they crashed.

With another low growl, he pulled her away from him, and up his body, clamping his mouth down over hers and kissing her desperately as he slid two fingers into her, feeling her hot and ready for him.

Felicity moaned into the kiss arching against his fingers, begging him with her body to take her. He must have read her mind because he quickly withdrew his fingers and reached down to fumble for his pants, lying on the floor next to the couch. Felicity stilled against him, sensing what he was doing, trying to reign in her desire by planting kisses against every piece of bare skin she could reach. Finally, she heard a ripping sound and seconds later, he was moving her slightly so he could slide the condom on. She pushed his hands away, finishing the task, loving the growl he gave as she then positioned him right where she wanted him.

"Felicity, look at me."

When her gaze focused on his, he saw the answers to any questions he might still have had. She wanted this as much as he did. Her next words sent him over the edge.

"Take me Oliver. Now!"

Felicity knew her words were more of a guttural moan, but she couldn't manage anything else. She was desperate to feel him hard and full inside her and didn't want to wait another minute. The words obviously had the desired effect because with another low growl, he entered her with one hard thrust.

Oliver felt stars explode behind his eyes as her body clenched around him like a tight glove. She was so tight, so hot, it was nearly unbearable.

"God Oliver, it feels so good. Please, more!"

He complied with her harsh moans, pulling her hips down to his as she frantically bucked up against him, determined to go as deep inside of her as he could. He knew he was uttering his own growls and pleas, but was unable to register anything but the sight of her above him, reveling in the pleasure he was giving her.

"Felicity, let go, come for me!"

The sensual words, filled with desperation, sent her flying over the edge. She shrieked his name as her body clenched tightly around him, jerking slightly as he flew over the edge as well with a cry of her name. For a few moments, they simply moved against each other, riding out the waves of ecstasy as they floated back down to earth.

When she could finally breathe again, she let her head come to rest against his chest, bodies still joined, enjoying the afterglow of earth-shattering sex. There were no words for what she'd just experienced and she didn't even want to try and find any. The moment was too perfect to be marred by something as mundane as words.

Oliver also felt no need to say anything. The bliss he'd felt while buried in her body was still with him as he cuddled her closer, reluctant to release her. The silence between them was a sensual thing, filled with emotions they weren't quite ready to admit to but that were undoubtedly there. After a few moments, Oliver managed enough strength to lean down and brush a kiss across her forehead, smiling as her face came up to look at him.


Felicity smiled as she read the pure, relaxed contentment in Oliver's eyes. She felt proud that she'd managed to put it there. And she intended to see it there more and more often. And she knew just how to keep his gaze relaxed, a smile on his face.

"You realize this definitely fits the criteria of you holding me in a definitely non-platonic way, right?"

Oliver laughed, the sound free and joyous as he hugged her closer. She could swear there was a twinkle in his eyes as he responded.

"So you're not going to hurt me if I say it felt really good to be inside you?"

She laughed in pure delight at his audacity, reaching up to plant a light kiss against his lips. She moaned as she felt him stir against her, his lips taking hers in another deeply sensual kiss. Pulling back a few moments later, she saw an answering desire burning again in his eyes.

"It felt really good having you inside me. I'd kind of like to continue it. If you're up for it of course."

With a sensual laugh, Oliver leaned down and kissed her passionately. When he finally pulled back for breath, he smiled into her eyes.

"I'm always up for you, Felicity." He winked at her as he slid her off him before standing, then pulling her up from the couch and into his arms. "But we're moving this to my bed. I've got quite a few more things I want to 'teach' you before our lesson is over for the night. And I suspect there's a few things you can teach me."

Felicity felt a delicious shudder flow over her body as he carried her from the ballroom. This was definitely the best lesson ever. And she'd think about what she was going to do to top it later. Much later. For now, she was simply going to enjoy the fact that she was exactly where she wanted to be, with the man she loved more than life itself. And even if he couldn't say it yet, she knew he felt the same. For now, it was perfect.

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