Author's Note: I do not own Teen Titans or any of the characters in this story. I heard that in season 6 BBRae would have been canon, so I decided to write a story about how that could have panned out. This takes place after Things Change and Trouble in Tokyo.

Things Change Again and Again

Chapter 1: The Realization

"Aaaaaahhhhh!" Beast Boy cried out as he flew the air. He quickly morphed into an eagle to avoid colliding with the building in front of him and looked back at the giant maroon colored blob shooting green snot at his other team mates. Starfire flew through the air, dodging the snot and shooting the occasional star bolt. Cyborg was charging towards the villain with his sonic cannon at the ready. Robin followed behind him with his staff in hand while he flipped around to avoid any snot globs that could have fallen on him. And then there was Raven. Beast Boy watch as she picked up a street lamp with flash of black energy and thrust in the glob's direction; then she turned and headed in Beast Boy's direction.

"Did you need a break?" she asked sarcastically, but still extending a hand to him. He shook his head, attempting to shake some of the goo out, and accepted her hand.

"Thanks" Beast Boy said. "You know, this goo monster really needs to be taught a lesson. I think it's time you did you little-" Beast Boy stopped when he looked around and saw Raven was already making her way back to the others, lifting a slab of concrete with her powers. Beast Boy shrugged and morphed himself into a Pteranodon and heading straight for Plasmus' glowing green eyes.

After a few good stabs with his talons, Beast Boy flew out of the way to avoid the giant blob's crushing hand. Just as he got out of the way, he heard Robin yelling "Raven, now!" Beast Boy morphed back with time to look up and see Robin with one of his grappling hooks wrapped around Plasmus' body, trapping his arms and Starfire still firing starbolts into his face. Then, Raven's familiar black energy flew into Plasmus' abdomen and within seconds, he burst into several globs of goo that rained over the Titans and most of Jump City. As Raven's energy returned to her body, the rest of the team came to join her.

"Oh, friend Raven, you are most excellent at defeating the Plasmus!" Starfire gushed as Raven descended back to the ground from her lotus position.

"Until he escapes again to start wreaking havoc," Raven replied in her usual monotone. "The police really need to find a better holding cell for him."

"Yeah," Beast Boy agreed, running up alongside Robin. "I don't think I can take another goo session." Beast Boy began pulling globs of Plasmus off of his suit and trying to throw them on the ground, but failing when they clung to his hand.

"Let's head back to the Tower. I think we all could use a well-deserved shower," Robin offered up, taking Starfire's hand despite the amount of goo that still lingered in his palm. Cyborg nodded in agreement and left to start up the T-car. Robin smiled at Starfire, who giggled in return, and the two followed after Cyborg, leaving Raven and Beast Boy alone.

"You know, that whole out of body thingy that you do is totally sick," Beast Boy said with a smile. "I don't know what I'd do without you!" Raven shot Beast Boy a look and he realized what he'd said. His eyes grew wide and the color flushed out of his face. "Uhhhh….I-I mean…We! What we'd do without you. You know? The team. Because you're just so good…at defeating Plasmus! Like y-you just did?" Beast Boy's face burned with a blush as he tried to save himself from being thrown around the city again.

Raven looked Beast Boy up and down a couple times before she pulled her hood over her face. "Whatever," was all she said as she walked off in the direction of the others. Beast Boy sighed out of relief before slamming his palm into his face.

"Smooth one, Beast Boy. Keep saying stuff like that and you'll end up with your head through the window," Beat Boy made his way over to the other Titans, and didn't even notice the flash of black energy bending the parking meter behind him.

Back in the Tower, Beast Boy stepped out of the shower and reached for his towel. He lazily dried himself off before wrapping the towel around his waist. Realizing his hair was still soaking wet, but not wanting to leave himself exposed, Beast Boy reached for the red towel with a yellow "R" embroidered on the corner. Without a second thought he wrapped it around his head to let his hair dry. "I'm sure Robin wouldn't mind me borrowing this for a minute," Beast Boy stuck a finger in his ear, trying to get out all the water and earwax that he could.

He wiped his hand on the mirror above the sink, clearing away the steam, and smiled at his own reflection and flexing his muscles, "Oh yeah! Beast Boy's got it going on!" Wiggling his eyebrows, he posed for himself a few more times, before grabbing his toothbrush. After he had brushed his teeth, and tested out a little of Starfire's face cream, Beast Boy gathered his clothes and headed back to his room.

"Hmmm hm hmmm, hmmm hm hmmm." Beast Boy cheerfully hummed to himself as he strolled down the hall, his eyes closed and his dirty uniform in his arms. "Hmmm hm hmmm, hmmm hm-OOF!" Beast Boy crashed into something and stumbled backwards before falling onto his behind, spilling his dirty clothes in the air. "Ooooooh…" he moans as he rubbed his head, which had smacked into something hard, but he wasn't sure what. Beast Boy opened his eyes to see his clothes scattered around the hall and a pair of dark blue boots in the midst. As he became more aware of his bearings, he noticed the boots were attached to a pair of very pale legs, which were attached to a body donned in a black leotard and a dark blue cloak. "Eeek!" Beast Boy squealed as he realized his head had just collided with none other than the dark sorceress, who, he was pretty sure, already couldn't stand him.

"I-uh-I'm so…sorry…" just then Beast Boy noticed he couldn't actually see Raven's face, because the pair of pants he had just been carrying had fallen on top of her head. Beast Boy sat there, stunned, unsure of how to handle the situation. Before he could react though, the pants were absorbed in black energy, pulled off Raven's head, rolled into a tight ball, and thrust into Beast Boy's chest. He fell backwards again, and looked up to see an angry Raven standing over him. Beast Boy felt his face flush and his pulse quicken as he looked into her glowing eyes. Neither of them moved for a few moments, until Raven's eyes returned to normal.

"Are you going to get up on your own, or do I have to pick you up again?" she asked in her usual monotone. Beast Boy gave a sigh of relief before sitting up again.

"You didn't PICK me up, you just HELPED me up. And I totally could have gotten up on my own," Beast Boy said gathering the rest of his clothes.

Raven disregarded his attempt to salvage his masculinity. "Uhmm, shouldn't you be taking all of this to the laundry room? Which is that way?" she gestured to the opposite end of the hallway.

"Uh, well I was just planning on throwing them on my floor with the rest of my clothes, so, you know, I could do them at the end of the month like I usually do," he smiled nervously, knowing Raven was not fond of his hygiene habits. She just rolled her eyes at him and began to head in the direction she had already been headed. But she suddenly stopped.

"Oh, and Beast Boy?" she didn't even bother to turn back and look at him.

"Yeah?" Beast Boy asked nervously, worried maybe she hadn't gotten over the pants incident.

"You might want to invest in a bigger towel," Raven then made her way down the hallway, leaving Beast Boy blushing furiously. He cautiously looked down, and sighed with relief when he saw his unmentionables were still fully covered, but still, most everything else was exposed. Clearly embarrassed he scooped up his clothes and bustled to his room. He ran through his bedroom door, letting out a huge sigh and tossing his clothes on the ground. "Man, she always finds me at the most embarrassing times," Beast Boy grumbled as he threw off his towel and rummaged through the piles of clothes on his floor, locating a pair of boxers that looked relatively clean and throwing them on with a yawn. "She must think I'm the biggest loser in Jump City."

Once Raven heard Beast Boy's door close, she halted again. "Keep it together, Raven. It's just Beast Boy, it's just…" Raven trailed off as she felt her powers slip and watched as a flash of black energy formed a small crack in the wall beside her. Raven groaned as she rubbed her temples, trying to calm down. "You can't keep doing this anytime he looks at you funny. It's just Beast Boy, you've kept everything under control for years, why can't you control yourself around him now?" With a sigh, Raven continued down the hall, trying to clear her head and level her powers.

Beast Boy woke up the next morning to the sun shining brightly through his window. He yawned loudly, groggily scratching his back, and jumped down from his top bunk. He lazily grabbed the cleanest looking clothes from his floor and sniffed them to ensure they smelled safe enough for him to wear them in public. He dressed himself as he wondered out his of his room. Fully clothed, he stumbled down the hall, making his way to the main room for breakfast.

Raven sat on the sofa in the main room of the tower with a book in one hand and a cup of herbal tea in the other. Cyborg was in the kitchen, preparing a feast of bacon, eggs, and waffles, with Robin nearby furiously typing on one of the many monitors around the room. Starfire sat next to Raven, intently watching the latest edition to the Titan's cable package: The Fungus and Bacteria Channel. Starfire was the one who demanded it, and really the only one who watched it, but with more than 500 other channels to watch, no one really complained.

Cyborg finally finished cooking his super-sized breakfast and threw his dirty pans in the sink before settling down at the table with piles of food in front of him. Beast Boy entered the room as Cyborg was shoveling scoopfuls of bacon and eggs into his mouth, followed by mouthfuls of waffles dosed in syrup. Beast Boy shuddered at the sight of so much animal byproduct being consumed at one time. He couldn't really understand how his friends could continue to eat meat after seeing him turn into most of those animals. Beast Boy pushed aside his queasy feeling, and wandered into the kitchen to look for some food.

Raven listened carefully to what Beast Boy was doing, having noticed he entered the room and not wanting him to do anything else to cause a lapse in her control of her powers. She listened as he poured himself a bowl of what she could only assume was a sugar covered cereal, and heard him heading in her direction. She tightened her grip on her tea and tried to focus harder on her book. She heard Beast Boy walk around the couch and stop within her proximity, but Raven still kept her nose in her book.

"Hello friend Beast Boy!" Starfire's energetic voice pierced through Raven's concentration, causing her to almost spill her tea. Raven calmly collected herself, and finally looked at Beast Boy.

"Hey Starfire! What's on?" Beast Boy settled down next to Raven. Even though he was a comfortable distance away, Raven could still feel a small blush creep onto her face. She looked away from him and scowled in hopes to hide her nervousness.

"The Channel of Fungus and Bacteria! There is a special on the process and prevention of mold growth." The smile that was on Beast Boy's face quickly faded into a look of nausea.

"Uh, Star? Could we maybe watch something else while I eat?" Beast Boy looked down at his giant bowl full of Batman Sugaroos, which now seemed slightly less appealing.

"Of course! What would you prefer? The Fungus Whisperer or My Crazy Bacteria Obsession?" Starfire smiled, expecting an answer, but Beast Boy's face just fell further once he realized he wasn't going to get to watch his favorite late morning cartoons.

"Uh, I guess this is fine," Beast Boy settled into the couch, trying to eat his cereal without looking at the oversized TV screen. Normally Beast Boy loved the giant screen, but now it just felt like he couldn't escape the fungus.

Despite his discomfort, Beast Boy shoveled spoonfuls of cereal into his mouth one after the other, chewing loudly as he tried to eat as quickly as possible, before he could lose his appetite. When he was about half way through the bowl, Beast Boy felt someone watching him. He looked up only to make eye contact with Raven. There was a fleeting moment of silence between the two before Beast Boy lifted his bowl between them.

"Did you want some?" he asked, a small smile spreading across his face. Raven looked unamused.

"No thank you," Raven returned to her book, causing Beast Boy's smile to falter. Raven really wasn't one for jokes, and although Beast Boy knew that, he was still eager to try and make her smile. However disappointed he was, Beast Boy returned to his cereal.

Beside him, Raven was blushing. She tried to hide her embarrassment that he'd actually caught her staring at him, but she couldn't help it. He had matured so much over the past year. Raven often thought of how he had taken charge so quickly when the Titans were faced with the Brotherhood of Evil. Before she had never seen Beast Boy as a leader, and now that she had, she couldn't get it out of her mind. Sometimes Raven would find herself waking up from dreams where she would be pinned to the ground, unable to move, and just as she was about to smashed, Beast Boy would run in to save her. Although the villain, the location, and Beast Boy's animal of choice were always changing, it always ended with Beast Boy rescuing her, and Raven abruptly waking up, trying to shake the image from her mind. It wasn't like Raven to have dreams about Beast Boy, but ever since the Brotherhood of Evil was defeated, they seemed to happen on the regular.

Suddenly Beast Boy dropped his bowl on the table in front of them, having licked the bowl clean. Raven shot him another look, this time Beast Boy just shyly smiled, "Heh heh, sorry".

"Whatever," Raven rolled her eyes and returned to looking at her book, although, since she felt so uneasy being next to Beast Boy, she was hardly reading it anymore. Beast Boy leaned back into the couch, stretching his arms out around him, and resting them on either side of him. Raven felt his hand brush by the back of her neck before it rested behind her. She felt a shiver run down her spine and she looked at Starfire, then Beast Boy to make sure neither of them had noticed. Seeing she was the clear, Raven adjusted her posture so her back no longer rested on the couch, and tried her hardest to regain interest in her reading.

Just as she was beginning to focus on the tale of the ancient inter-dimensional travelers who mastered the art of levitation and meditation, she felt Beast Boy shift his weight. She assumed he was just going to bring his bowl back into the kitchen, and decided not to look up from her book.

"Can you believe she actually likes watching this stuff?" Raven's stomach jumped as a soft raspy whisper came from beside. She turned her eyes to the side and stiffened when she noticed how close Beast Boy was to her. Obviously the movement she'd felt was actually Beast Boy leaning over to talk privately with her. Raven knew Beast Boy had no idea how uncomfortable he was making her, and she knew he was just trying to be friendly and joke with her, but she couldn't help but feel angry. How could he enter her personal space so abruptly and without consultation? How could he so casually whisper in her ear? How could he so easily turn her stomach to knots?

Raven tried her best to push these thoughts out of her mind. She tried to keep her powers under control and tried to keep herself level headed. Despite her best efforts, Raven felt her powers slip, as Beast Boy's empty bowl was engulfed in black energy, and thrown forcefully at the TV. The screen fizzled and the image faltered, but thankfully, Cyborg had eventually invested in a plexiglass screen, so the damage was minimal. But still, all of the other Titans gapped at Raven, confused by the sudden burst of energy.

"I'm going to shower," Raven said quickly, gathering her book and tea cup and gliding out of the room as fast as she could. For a moment no one else in the room moved. Then, simultaneously, Robin, Cyborg, and Starfire all turned to look at Beast Boy, who was still baffled himself.

"Dude," Cyborg said, startled, "what was that?!" He stood abruptly, gesturing wildly between Beast Boy and screen, which was still giving off a slight fizz.

"Yeah, that was pretty dramatic. She could have just said she didn't like the show," Robin scratched his head in confusion.

"If I had known the program would upset Raven so, I would have simply done the changing of the channel," Starfire looked slightly hurt that her friend had not told her she was upset. Beast Boy just hung his head.

"No, I think it was me. I was just trying to joke with her, and I guess I invaded her personal bubble or something." Beast Boy looked up, only to find the other Titans exchanging knowing looks, "What?" No one answered. "Guys, what?!"

"Oh nothing," Cyborg said with a small smile. "It just seems that you've been invading her personal bubble a lot lately." The Titans all snickered.

"What are you talking about?" Beast Boy was only becoming more confused. "I always give Raven her space."

"It's just…there have been quite a few things around the tower that have been mysteriously breaking lately." Robin smiled at Beast Boy, raising an eyebrow.

"So, Raven's been moody lately. What's that got to do with me?" Beast Boy could feel himself growing defensive.

"Ooooh I don't know, maybe just that the accidents started happening just about the time Raven stopped pounding on ya all the time." Cyborg was now just smiling at Beast Boy, clearly having forgotten his damaged TV.

"Wha-Raven still rags on me all the time!" Beast Boy was getting angry that his friends would assume that he was the cause of all of Raven's outbursts. "Besides, I don't have any control of her emotions."

"Beast Boy, is it not obvious?" Starfire questioned. Beast Boy just gave Starfire a puzzled look. "Friend Raven has the feelings for you."

Beast Boy was silent for a moment. "You mean…" he began, "she hates me?" All the other Titans glared at him. "Y-you can't mean…" Slowly things started connecting in Beast Boy's mind. Raven and Beast Boy…emotions…Raven losing control of her power…Raven not sending him through the windows anymore…Beast Boy's eyes shot wide open. He could feel his stomach flop, his hands grow cold and clammy through his gloves, his heart stopped, and his face flushed. "SHE LIKES ME?!" Beast Boy almost bellowed as he through his arms in every direction, "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!"

"I was under the impression that all of us knew. Please, is this supposed to be a secret?" Starfire was confused by Beast Boy's reaction, "I assumed you had the feelings for her as well."

"Well, I guess the only person it was a secret to was Beast Boy. I'm not even sure if he's aware of his own feelings, let alone Raven's." Cyborg seemed none too surprised that Beast Boy had no idea what was going on.

Beast Boy's confusion was beginning to fade into a fit of nausea, worse than he'd felt earlier while watching The Fungus and Bacteria Channel. He somehow managed to ask, "How did you guys know?!"

"Dude, are ya kidding? Where have you been these past few years?" Cyborg practically slammed his metal palm into his face. "Okay, let's start from the beginning. I knew there was something weird between you two when Star and I came back to the Tower after our first fight with the Hive. I saw the way you were smiling at each other."

"I too noticed that!" Starfire interjected.

"See? And then when ya won her that giant chicken at the Pier-"

"You helped me win her that!" Beast Boy still couldn't believe his friends would assume he and Raven actually had something between them.

"Will ya let me finish? And ya can't tell me ya didn't think maybe something was up when we went into her mind and that other Raven laughed at basically everything ya said. And I saw the way ya were looking at her afterwards." Cyborg wiggled his eyebrows.

"Even I saw that one," Robin smirked at Beast Boy, only making the changling frown.

"And ya should have seen how she acted when you were hypnotized by Mad Mod. Man, that girl would not let go of ya. If that doesn't show she cares, I don't know what does." Beast Boy shot a glare in Cyborg's direction.

"Come on Beast Boy, did you really think Raven just needed to warm up to Terra? I'm sure Starfire's family on Tamaran could have looked down on Earth and seen that Raven was jealous of all the attention you gave Terra." Beast Boy moved his glare to Robin.

"Of course, who could forget when that dragon guy broke her heart and I caught you two hugging in the hallway. I mean, if I hadn't already thought you guys were crazy for each other, that moment would have made me a believer." Cyborg was absolutely giddy to see Beast Boy's discomfort in this conversation.

"On my planet, someone would only become as jealous of someone as you were of the Malchior if that person were the one to which they were betrothed." Starfire smiled. But Beast Boy just stared blankly. "Uhm, I believe you would call them a 'wife'?"

Beast Boy cringed. "Are you guys done yet? I think I'm going to hurl."

"Not quite," Cyborg sneered. "We all remember how hard ya tried to give her good birthday, being the good boyfriend ya are." Beast Boy fumed. "And don't think we didn't see that penny ya gave her when we thought the world was ending. Or the hug ya gave her when she was finally back to herself."

"Oh, and when you had to protect Raven from the Adonis!" Starfire cheered.

"She's right, Beast Boy. I've never seen you transform into the werebeast except when you needed to protect Raven," Robin interjected.

"Face it BB, you and Rae have always had something going on. And now that ya finally got your closure with Terra, I don't see what's stopping you two from FINALLY acting on your little flirtationship you've been working on for all these years." Cyborg crossed his arms, feeling satisfied that his point had been made.

"What's stopping me," Beast Boy said, rising from the couch, "is the fact that Raven and I are just friends. I mean, sure, I'm always trying to get her to do stuff with me, and we protect each other in combat, and maybe she was jealous of Terra, but I'm sure not because of me. Raven is my friend and nothing more. No matter what you say, or what you do, you can't-" Beast Boy suddenly stopped. He began to think about just what all his friends had said. He had always felt something different for Raven than for Starfire or Bumblebee or any of the other girls he'd teamed up with. But he had always known it wasn't the feeling he'd had with Terra. Still, the Titans had a point. He remembered how he'd felt when Raven had hugged him, how warm her arms were, like when she would help him up in battle, and how he'd always felt protective of her. Had he been flirting with Raven all these years? And had she been flirting back in her own dark way? Was everything they said true?

Beast Boy fell back onto the couch. "I…I…like Raven…"

"Boo-yah!" Cyborg broke the silence with a cry of victory, followed by a squeal from Starfire, and a smirk from Robin. "Took ya long enough to figure it out!" All the other Titans began to high-five, celebrating that after all these years, Beast Boy and Raven might actually become something. But Beast Boy remained on the couch, staring at his hands with his head hung low.

"Friend Beast Boy, what is the matter?" Starfire glided over to him, a look of concern on her face.

Beast Boy looked her in the eye, a puzzled look on his face. "Well, you guys just hit me with the realization of the century. But, what do I do now?"

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