Hey I'm finally back with a new story. It's pretty much a complete AU but there might be a few parts from the movie here or there, for sake of I don't want to change that awesome movie. XD Ok so here is Chapter 1: The Request!

Father Frost, or when he used his real name Johnston, walked around the small village of Burgess, it didn't bother him at he was invisible to almost everyone. The ones that could see him only got small sightings of him, after all they didn't think of him a real person so much as a saying for when winter started to get a bit ruff.

You see he and Old Man Winter, Manuel was the old grump's real name, are two completely separate people. Manuel was more like the harsher winter weather then he was, sure his were sometimes heavy but you can still walk outside with out freezing like right away.

A small snow-blocked cave seemed to draw him in. Father Frost frowned but decided to follow the faint call.

(2 hours earlier)

Jackson Overlander, or Jack as he liked to be called, and his little sister Lily walked through the snow that went half way up the 10 year old's legs. It was almost too high for the little 4 year old's body so Jack picked her up and put her on his shoulders.

Lily yawned. "Jack, are we near home?"

Jack laughs. "Almost just a little while longer, Lillian."

Lily grimaced. "You know I hate that name, Jackson."

Jack sticks his tongue out. "You know I'm just playing, sis."

She giggles. "I know, can we stop? I'm hungry."

Jack frowned as he looked around them. The snow falling around them was thick, but not enough to block out their vision too much, and he believe he could get them home before it picked up.

He nodes. "Sure, but we need to be quick. Mum will get worried if we aren't home soon."

Lily nodes eagerly and climbs off his shoulders as they move over to a small cave that was the sign that they were nearing home.

Jack took off the satchel he was wearing and took a loaf of bread from it and tore off two small parts, handing one to Lily he put the big part back and began to munch on his piece.

Soon they were do and started to leave.

"Come on lets go." Jack says as his sister walks up next to him as she shivered slightly.

"Wait, I-I-Achoo!" Lily cries as she covered her nose.

It echoed off the walls making them shake slightly, Jack tensed as he got ready to grab her and rub should the snow collapse. The air was thick as he waited a few moments before sighing in relief, just as he was going to joke about her 'monster' sneeze the cave rubbed again.

Lily screamed in fear as she clung to her brother. Jack reacted without thinking and pushed Lily out of the cave opening just as a huge pile of snow covered the entrance.

Jack coughed slightly as the snow settled; it was completely dark except for the small lantern he had been carrying.

"Jack? Jack!" His sister cry sounded from the other side of the snow wall.

"I'm fine!" He shouts. "Go get father and some of the men."

"I can't leave you!" She calls back. "You might freeze to death!"

Jack takes a deep breath to fight down the fear that was growing in his stomach. "That is why I need you to hurry, Lily. I know you can get them. Do you believe me?"

It was quiet for a moment before she answered. "Yes."

Jack smiled sadly as he stared at the wall, thinking of her tear-stained face. "Then you have to believe in me to be ok till you get back, ok?"

"Ok. I'll be back soon, please be ok Jack!" The last part was faded slight as he believed she was running away.

Jack sat back against a wall and shivered slightly, his shirt was thin and his cloak was small and mostly just hung around his shoulders. He looked around the walls and hoped that his words had sounded more curtain then he felt.

(An Hour Later)

The flickering flames gave a light glow as it covered his curled form. He could see his breath and his legs and arms felt slightly numb.

He felt sleep trying to over take him but he fought it tooth and nail. After all he was told how you shouldn't sleep if you're numb because Miss. Cartlin did that a few weeks ago and she never woke up. Jack knew he couldn't do that, he had promised Lily he would be ok when she got back, and that was what keep him from giving into his tired-ness.

His brown bangs hung in his face as his warm, but now slightly dulled, brown eyes fluttered. "Have to stay awake, I promised Lily, have to stay awake."

Soon just as frost was starting to grow on his eye-lashes golden sand came through the snow and finally pulled him into a dreamless sleep.

(Hour later, back with Father Frost)

Father Frost knew it had to be around midnight for Manny was high in the sky. He frowned at looked at the moon as it seemed to light up the same cave he had been walking to.

"What are you trying to tell me old friend?" He says as he walks more quickly to the cave and with a flick of his hand the wall moved away.

Looking inside he gasped. There near the back of the cave that at first was barely lit by a small lantern, but now brightened by the moon light, was a small body.

A child's body.

He rushed forward, he was no Guardian but he did care about children besides whatever others might believe. Looking at the boy he could tell he was barely alive, he had frost on his eye-lashes and his skin had hardly any color. His body was a bit stiff but still movable enough to be shown he might have been there for at least two to two and a half hours at most.

He made a snowflake in his hand and whispered into before blowing it away quickly.

He waited on a moment before a breath of fresh air came through the cave and he turned to face Mother Nature her self.

Mother Nature was more on the skinny side with warm and welcoming grass green eyes, slightly pale skin, and rich dirt brown hair that curled around her waist. A fall leaf red dress covered her form and ended at the ground hiding what he knew where bare feet.

"Mother this child needs help, what do I do to help him." Father Frost goes straight to the point.

Mother Nature looks at the child and kneels next to him as she shakes her head slightly. "There is nothing we can do, I'm afraid."

He shakes his head. "No, he is still alive. We can and must save him, there must be some way."

"I do not-' She started to say but the moon light in the room brightened and she looked out the cave entrance.

To any other it would have looked as if she was just staring into space, and in a sense she was. What made him wonder was what could Manny have to say to her but not him?

After a minute or so she nodded and turned back to him. "There is one way."

"How?" He asks right away.

"We make him a new winter spirit. We both know Manuel's time is coming soon and we will need another to take his place. There are two things though." She says gravely.

"What?" Father Frost asks, trying to hold back as much of the cold as he could to help save the boy. Something about the child just made him feel like he needed to protect him.

"One is that he will remember nothing of his past. It will be as if he was just born.' She says as she runs a hand through the child's brown locks. 'The other is he will need someone to look after him, teach him. In other words you will need to be his guardian, do you agree to these things?"

It took him only a moment to think. "I accept."

She nods. "So be it, and to tell you the child's name had been Jackson Overlander."

She stands, and the moon light around the boy seems to make it look like he is glowing.

"Child you have been deemed worth of becoming a spirit, by the Man in The Moon. And you will be accepted as a spirit of the seasons by me, Mother Nature, welcome to our family." She chants as her hands glows yellow, with a twist of her hand the glow moves to the boy and the cave is lit by a blinding white light.

As Father Frost moved his hands away from his face he took in the changed child before him. The child's skin lost all its rosy color and now had a light blue tinting. The child had pure snow white hair, and for a moment when the child's eyes fluttered open for just a moment he saw ice blue eyes.

"I'm sure he will not know what his old name is so what will you call him?" Mother Nature asks, a bit of humor gleamed in her eyes. "I'm sure you will not simply call him 'Child' or 'Boy' forever."

Father Frost laughs as he kneels by the boy and runs his hand through the now white locks. It felt as soft and snow-like as it looked. "No, since I am now is guardian I would do no such thing."

Mother Nature giggled, which was odd for a 30-something-looking lady. "Well come on, tell me! After all I will have to come check on him after all, so I will need to call him something!"

Father Frost looked at the boy next to him and smiled. "I will name him Jack Frost, and he will be my frozen child."

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