I figured since all my other multi-chapter stories have an epilogue I thought why not write one for this one. :P Short I know but I couldn't think of much for it. ^.^'' Enjoy Chapter 15: Epilogue!

Once Jack had gotten better he and the three cubs went back to the South Pole. They lived there over the summer while they would stay at the North Pole with North over the winter.

Jack sometimes went out with Tooth or Sandy to help them with their jobs. He always had a small extra bag of dream sand in his pocket in case he ever needed it, which he only rarely did. When Easter came Jack had fun helping paint and hide the eggs.

Bunny had even complemented him on his painting skills! Then Jack had spent the rest of the day being chased by him after he had made it lightly snow in Bunny's Warren.

It took him little over two months, but Jack was happy when he finish the three 8 feet tall statues he made in honor of his dad, Manuel and his sister. When the Guardians had come and saw them they had asked 'Who the lady was', but Jack would just smile. After all he felt the talk between him and his decided loved ones should stay with just them four.

Time flew by after that and soon it was Christmas Eve.

Jack sat sideways on a chair furthest from the fire with his head resting on the arm. Schnee, Moroz and Glace cuddled on a couch sleeping soundly, and the Guardians sat in various other chairs.

"A toast,' North suddenly says when a dark brown yeti comes in with mugs of eggnog, passing them out to all those awake. 'To the defeat of Pitch, and gaining four new family members!"

The others cheered, though Jack had a bit of a light blue blush on his cheeks but smiled none the less.

The cubs snorted in their sleep makes the others in the room laugh.

"I had great times being with you guys this year,' Jack tells them, making their smiles widen even more. 'And I can't wait for the years to come."

A cheer came from the group again. After a few more hours of celebrating North left to spread Christmas. The others left with waves and rounds of 'Good-night', soon it was just Jack.

With Glace, Moroz and Schnee still asleep on the couch Jack walked back to his room.

It was a plain blue color, with hard wood floors and bed covered in thin layers of frost. He pulled back the thin dark blue blankets and fell asleep to the sounds of Santa's amazing workshop.

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