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September 9: Matsuki Family Bakery – 3:21 PM

Takato rushed home as fast as he could to get his partner Digimon and take him back to Shinjuku Park to meet with everyone. It was the Tamers' tradition to meet on the morning of the first day of school as well as the end so that they could reminisce and talk about normal kid stuff like school.

It was hard to believe that it had been five years already since they fought and won against the D-Reaper. Okay, not win but more like stop it from destroying the human world. And according to the Digimon, they succeeded in stopping it in the Digital World too.

The brunet finally reached his family's bakery and let the automatic door slide open for him. "I'm home!" he called. He dropped his bag just in time for Guilmon to suddenly pounce on his head and crush him with his massive size and weight.

"Yay! Takato's home, Takato's home!" the red dinosaur Digimon cheered ecstatically.

"Yeah, I'm home, boy," Takato chuckled before remembering one very important fact. His eyes grew wide and his smile disappeared as he turned his head to his parents who were standing there with awkward smiles plastered on their faces. "Mom… Dad… Please tell me that Guilmon is just here pretending to be a kid in a costume to advertise our Digimon shaped breads…"

About two years ago, Takato put his art skills to work and made sculptures of Digimon out of bread. It became widely popular among the children demographic.

Takato's hopes were crushed when Tai stepped out from the back. He had a wide smile on his face like a child on Christmas day. "So, Takato Matsuki has a Digimon partner… Just like the ones from the show I was on," Tai chuckled.

Takato knew that he was going to get an earful from Rika and Yamaki when the two of them found out about this. "Um… Yes… I do." He clapped his hands together in a pleading gesture. "Can you please not tell anyone about this? It has to be kept secret."

"Well, I know why I have to keep my mouth shut about Digimon existence, but...," started Tai as he pulled something out from his back pocket. "Why do you?" Takato took a look at what was in Tai's hand and let out a gasp.

In Tai's hand was a digivice, the exact same model as the one from the show. And it wasn't one of those cheap plastic look-alikes you could buy at a random gaming store; it was clearly made the same way and of the same unknown material the D-Powers were.

"Takato, it turns out that the stuff from the TV show you're always telling me about actually happened! This is the real Taichi Kamiya," Guilmon squealed happily before making a pouty face. "You're not mad at me are you? Guilmon promises he never left your room."

"I believe you Guilmon…," Takato said to him before returning his attention to Tai. "But… What happened? I'm fairly certain the public would've remembered control spires appearing everywhere and a giant dragon flying all around the world."

"I'll explain everything on the way to your friends, your parents tell me that you always go meet up with them on the beginning and ending of the first day of school," Tai replied. "Besides, along the way, you can tell me about your adventures and why I can't seem to remember anything. Guilmon's already kind of explained the D-Reaper incident but I still don't totally get it."

"Have fun you two," Mrs. Matsuki waved awkwardly.

"We'll be waiting when you guys come back," added her husband.

Takato waited until his parents hid away in the back before looking back at Tai. "Don't you have work to do?"

Tai shook his head with a carefree smile. "They gave me the rest of the day off seeing that this might be a little more important. But I have to ask, how do you plan on getting Guilmon to the park without making people suspicious? Are you going to pretend that he's just a kid in costume?"

"No, I used to do that, at least until Mr. Wong and the other Monster Makers developed the Formation cards," Takato laughed. Noticing his friend's lost look, he decided to explain in further detail. "You know about the Digimon card game right?"


"Well, my teammate's dad was one of the people who created Digimon. He worked together with his team to develop new cards for my friends and I to use," Takato started. "You see, my friends and I use the cards from the card games to give our partners power ups, which is basically why we call our digivice models, D-Powers. The new Formation cards are these cards and one of them allows Guilmon to go where he wants without being seen."

"I'm still lost."

Takato decided that a demonstration would be better for an explanation. He took out a card from a card holder that was hooked to his belt. It was given to him by Rika who found it inefficient the way he kept everything in his pockets and a shoebox. He knew this was the right card because he always left it on top since he used it often.

He took out his D-Power and glanced at his partner to make sure he was ready before sliding the card through. "Digi-Modify! Formation Gamma: Camouflage Ability Activate!" With only a few seconds interval, Guilmon began to glow and then fade into the background until he was completely invisible.

"Whoa!" Tai gasped in shock and surprise. "That's incredible!"

"I know."

September 9: Yagami High Entrance – 3:04 PM

Takuya blinked and knew that he wasn't imagining it since his friends were staring stock still at their phones too. Each of their cell phones had beeped at the same time and all had the same exact message, however, the voice wasn't the familiar one they had been expecting.

"Go to West Shinjuku Park by 3:45 PM. There awaits old and new friends."

Kouji was the first to snap out of his trance. He looked up at the others to see that everyone was thinking the same thing. "We've got about forty minutes before that time is up," the raven haired boy said. "We should go now before it's too late."

"But who was that voice?" JP voiced out all their thoughts.

Takuya shook his head to show he hadn't the slightest clue either. "It certainly wasn't Ophanimon but one thing's for sure; this message is from the Digital World. For all we know, it could be in danger again, we better hurry!"

"Hold on!" Zoey called to the guys before they raced off. They turned back to see that she seemed to be calling someone, it was probably Tommy since he is a vital part of their team, after all. But he was all the way in Shibuya, there was no way he could make it to their destination in time.

"There's no time for that Z!" JP said to her.

"Tommy is one of us," she argued. "Even if he can't make it… He should at least know that we're going no matter what."

"We don't even know if this message is for us to go back," Kouichi remarked. "I know we all want to see the Digital World and be the Legendary Warriors again. But… we shouldn't get our hopes up if that isn't the case."

"He's right…," Kouji sighed.

At that moment, the youngest member of their team answered his phone. They could tell because Zoey began speaking again, but not to them. "Hey Tommy, where are you right now? I hear a lot of noise in the background."

"I got the message as soon as I left school; I'm on the train, on my way. I'm guessing you guys are heading there too?"

Zoey nodded before remembering that he couldn't see her. "Yeah, so I guess we'll be meeting you there."

"Guess so… Um, just one thing."


"Shinya's with me…"

"Takuya's little brother?"

This of course, attracted all of their attention, Takuya especially. "Wait, what about Shinya?"

Zoey raised a hand in front of his face to show that she was busy talking to Tommy at the current moment. He got the message but ran to her other side and tried to listen in on their phone conversation.

"He was standing next to me when I got the message. He saw and heard all of it and then got curious. He kept going on about our 'secret' outings and he was tired of being left out. So, he ended up insisting that he come with me and now we're both on the train. I might not make it though. Whatever is happening… I hope you guys can handle it without me…," Tommy replied in a tone that was asking them not to be mad at him for letting the secret out to an outsider.

Zoey nodded and pushed Takuya away from her face. "No worries… We've got it covered."

September 9: Hokkaido; DATS HQ – 3:40 PM

A pretty brunette stepped into the air conditioned room where her comrades were resting. She was wearing her spotless police uniform and her amber eyes shined brightly, reflecting the fluorescent light bulbs above her head. She stretched tiredly as she thought back to her daily chase with Kouki who was speeding on his motorcycle… again.

"That idiot," she grumbled to no one in particular. But then she smiled sadly to herself as she thought about how he reminded her of someone else she knew. "…I wonder what you're doing now, Marcus…"

"Hey Yoshi! We see you're back from your patrol!" giggled her friend and co-worker, Miki.

Miki's best friend, basically her light haired equivalent, Megumi, stood next to her. Clearly, the two of them were bored out of their minds so they were watching some of the latest news on one of their phones. Yoshino Fujieda could never tell which one of theirs they were using.

"Yeah, it was grueling and tiring as usual," Yoshino laughed humorlessly. She had barely sat down when a red alarm suddenly rang through the building. The entire room was covered in the flashing red light and a loud continuous blaring sound.

"What's going on?" Megumi shouted over the noise.

Samson was able to stop the alarm with a push of a button, now if only they could get rid of the expression of alarm on his face with the same method. He seemed to be checking things at his desk before he activated the large wall screen in front of them. It showed a glowing signal emanating from Japan's mainland.

"It appears that a Digimon has begun to realize in Shinjuku," their chief said to them. The alarm hadn't sounded in the last five years so it was reasonable why their ears had grown unadjusted to it. But they never thought they'd ever hear that a Digimon was realizing again.

"But, how? I thought the firewall had been repaired and it was pixel tight!" Miki remarked.

"Well that's what Thomas and Professor Crier said," Megumi added before getting back to her station.

"We haven't done this in a long time," Miki sighed hoping she remembered how everything on her keyboard worked.

The two girls set out to work and got a closer view into the mainland. Then they maximized it until it showed the signal's exact realization point. "It appears that the point of realization is in West Shinjuku Park," Yoshino observed.

"Tch," Samson scoffed. None of them had their Digimon partners anymore so there was no way they could take any rogue Digimon on. Although, one of their members always punched out his foes with his bare fists, the commander ended up sighing sadly to himself. "Call up Norstein. Fujieda, you and he will head there in his helicopter," Samson instructed as Miki took her old headset up.

While they were doing that, Megumi made sure that any other officers still in the building were away on patrol. It appeared that the four of them were the only officers in the building, give or take a few others who were always a part of DATS since the beginning. Those people weren't field officers like Yoshino and Thomas were though, rather, they were scientists and mechanics.

Yoshino nodded as she went into a changing room. A few minutes later, Megumi returned to report to Samson of the people in the headquarters. At the same time, Yoshino stepped out from the changing room in her old DATS uniform. "It's good to be back," she smiled to herself.

The other girls agreed even though they still didn't have their partners. "Thomas is up for the mission too. He's getting the helicopter ready as we speak!" Miki reported.

"Excellent," Samson replied. "One last thing… The Criers moved to Shinjuku earlier this summer didn't they?"


"Good, Keenan is closest, send him there."

"Are you sure sir?" asked Megumi. "He was never an official agent for DATS and even if he had a partner right now, he's still just a kid."

"He's older than Marcus and Thomas were when they started out," Samson reminded them. "The boy practically took care of himself for the first ten years of his life. If anyone knows how to handle Digimon appearances without the presence of a partner, it would be him."

Yoshino ran out of the building as fast as she could, setting her earpiece in the proper place so that she could communicate with the others. She pressed the button on it to see if it was still fully functional as she got into her police car. "Thomas, can you hear me or does this thing need maintenance?"

After a couple seconds, she was beginning to lose hope in the old piece of equipment when static started coming out from the other end. The familiar voice of her blond haired colleague answered. "…Yoshino? Good, I was starting to think this thing was broken."

Yoshino smiled to herself as she got the car running. "You and me both… I'm guessing you got the layout from Miki."

"…Pretty much."

"Good, that'll speed things up… Are you ready for this?"

She could almost see him smirking on the other line as the sound of a helicopter's choppers in full throttle in the background reached her ears. "I've been ready for five years now; I just hope we've still got what it takes to be DATS agents."

"Are you kidding? Of course we do."

September 9: Hypnos – 3:44 PM

Yamaki was watching the large monitors that surrounded him on every wall of the room. His sunglasses reflected the grids on the screen before him as he clicked his lighter over and over while wondering about what had happened five years ago. It should've been over then, the firewall should've stopped any more wild ones from appearing, not that he was complaining about the children's happiness. He snorted as he mentally reminded himself that most of them weren't children anymore. He could hardly count them as teenagers with the way they behave and handle difficult situations better than most adults he knew.

"Yamaki, are you all right?" asked a man with graying hair who just came up the stairs.

He seemed concerned for the younger man which was reasonable, Yamaki had been staying up for the last few nights because he had been downright worried. Lately, there had been less bio-emergences from the Digital World, forget less, it's been an entire year since the last Digimon appeared.

But there was still activity on the other side, they were sure of that. Furthermore, it seemed that there were a few Digimon trying to come to their world but they were destroyed or sent back before even breaking through the firewall. The farthest any of them had ever gone was the digital plane that was sheltered in between the human and Digital World.

It was only recently that they had discovered clear holes in the firewall where a Digimon could easily jump through and yet nothing ever arrived. This was why Yamaki had become restless, what he had come to contemplate for the last few nights. It didn't make any sense to him or any of the scientists, not even the Monster Makers themselves.

"I'm fine Janyu, just a little stressed out," Yamaki dismissed him.

Janyu sighed knowing that there was no getting through to him. "I understand that you're concerned with the strange happenings on the other side but maybe it's just effects from the D-Reaper. The world might still be repairing itself; after all, the damages done there were much more severe than anything anyone could possibly imagine."

"It's been five years and the Digital World works in wondrous ways, I doubt it would still be in need of reparations after all this time," Yamaki remarked. It came out a little bit more harshly that he intended.

From the elevated chairs above their head sat two women close to Yamaki's age. One of them had lovely long red hair and was certainly beautiful. The other had a blond bob and was just a little bit older than the other girl.

The red haired girl was looking down at their boss with a concerned expression, she sounded a little sad too, judging from her sigh..

"Riley, are you okay?" asked the blonde. "Don't tell me you're worrying over Yamaki again, you know him better than any of us, he's hopeless. But he always comes through in the end so you shouldn't fret over him."

"I know…," Riley sighed in response. She suddenly looked up when an alarm rang through the still air of the room. "That blare…," she whispered to herself as she pulled her glasses back down over her eyes. Both she and her comrade began furiously tapping away at their keyboards.

"Riley, Tally, what's going on?" Yamaki asked.

Tally gasped when the results came up. Yamaki and Janyu pivoted their heads towards the screen in front of them and they saw a cluster of blinking red dots on it. They were able to count up to eleven dots which meant a lot of bio-emergences.

"It's detected eleven different signals," Riley reported. "But none of them appear to be very strong, as a matter of fact, they're pretty small."

"Not much of a danger then…," Yamaki muttered. "Where are they going to bio-emerge and when?"

"The location is… Shinjuku Park! And according to this… All the kids are already there," Tally replied.

"I guess their D-Powers got the message before our detectors did," Janyu mused.

Riley nodded as if Janyu could see her from way up there. "Good thing too, the wild ones are about to bio-emerge in ten seconds."

Things were soon silent again but Tally seemed distracted. She was peering through her glasses which were picking up a signal that they had only seen once before, when the kids were returning from the rescue mission in the Digital World in Grani. "Riley, are my detectors broken?" she asked her coworker.

Riley glanced back. "If they are then so are mine."

Yamaki had heard their quiet conversation and looked up, thinking that it had sounded rather important. "What were you two saying?"

"Sir… One of the signals that we detected is human," Tally told him.

"There's more… Another one of the signals is very familiar, one we've seen before; I'm just not sure which one," Riley added. Before Yamaki could make the order, she was already on it. "I'm checking our databases right now."

What she had discovered was surprising to both her and Tally who could see what she sees. "Sir… It appears that the signal is an exact match with Leomon, Jeri Katou's partner…," Tally replied for Riley who was still dumbstruck.

"What?" Janyu gasped out.

Yamaki couldn't believe it. "But he was destroyed and his data was absorbed."

"Maybe it's another Leomon with a similar digital signature," Janyu suggested. "It can't be the same one, can it?"

September 9: Shinjuku – 3:38 PM

"So Gennai really erased everyone's memories and then turned your adventures into a television show?" Takato asked for the third time, he still couldn't wrap his mind around it. "But how come you guys weren't affected by the whole paradox thing?"

"Yeah, I don't really get that part either but hey, if it weren't for the show, the card game wouldn't have come into existence and you and your friends wouldn't be Chosen Children," Tai shrugged. "Or… Tamers as you called yourselves."

The two of them were walking at a leisurely pace towards the park with an invisible Guilmon following at his Tamer's other side. They decided that it would be better that they actually got to know a little bit more about each other so that they could get a better understanding of why their timeline had been so messed up.

"I suppose…," Takato mused reminiscently. He thought back to when he had found that mysterious blue card one day and slid it through his card reader. That day had changed everything for him; it was still hard to believe that Guilmon came to life.

Tai suddenly remembered something through the silence. "Hey, why haven't I ever heard or even seen Guilmon before? All the information of existing Digimon are in Izzy's Digimon analyzer. There shouldn't be any Digimon we never heard of unless it's one of those rare ones Gennai told us about from the continent of Folder."

Takato shook his head to dismiss the idea. "No, I actually created Guilmon myself."

Tai blanched and he paused for a moment in disbelief. Guilmon had apparently noticed before his Tamer had because they heard his disembodied voice pipe up. "Why is Tai acting weird? Is it strange to be created?"

"N-No," Tai stammered awkwardly. "It's just, Takato, don't you know how incredibly dangerous it is to create a Digimon from scratch? There's usually a virus that gets encoded with the initial programming to bring them to life and they end up going berserk. You know what happened to Wallace's creation of Diaboromon and Ken's creation of Kimeramon. One almost sent a missile to destroy us and another demolished large portions of the Digital World."

"Yeah, I know how bad it is!" Takato suddenly blurted out. The older boy was taken aback since Takato wasn't usually so aggressive. "I've seen Guilmon go wild before and do things like a rogue program… But he wasn't created with the help of a virus. He was created by desire and a wish by a Digi-Gnome. Guilmon has learned to control himself and he's become my best friend. He's been my best friend for the last five years now…"

Tai had heard everything the boy had said but there was one thing that stuck out. "What's a Digi-Gnome?"

"Ah… Right… Well… It's these creatures from my version of the Digital World that basically grant wishes," Takato tried to explain. "I guess you can say that they're sort of like fairies."

"Wait… What do you mean, 'your version of the Digital World'?"

"Ugh… You see… Watching the show, I've seen the Digital World that you and your friends have been to. Well, let's just say that my friends and I have been to a version of it that's nothing like it. There are data streams and data packets and instead of civilized behavior, the inhabitants follow the law of the wild."

"Dude… You lost me again…"

"It's hard to explain, maybe if we ever get the chance, we can go back and you will see it for yourself."

The two brunets let silence fall between them once again and they were still a couple of blocks away from the park. Tai knew that he was getting nowhere; he wished he had the chance to get to know the boy better during the summer but he had work to do and Takato was almost always with his friends.

"Um… That card you used earlier…," Tai started.


"I've never even heard of it… The Formation cards I mean," Tai said. "I've learned to play the game myself but I've never come across those cards."

Takato chuckled to himself. "Well these cards were never going to be released to the general public but then the trailer for Digimon 03: Digital Legends came along and it was decided for the cards to be released. What's the point of releasing new cards if the show just stopped five years ago?"

"I see your point. But how do those cards work?"

Takato pulled out his deck and took out four particular cards. "There are four different types of Formation cards. The first is Alpha, which are offensive cards, then it's Beta which are defensive cards. After that is Gamma, like the one I used back at the bakery, these cards are special abilities; camouflage is just one of them."

"How do you use an invisibility card in the game?"

"It prevents the next battle phase to occur for your opponent," Takato explained. "This gives you time to get a new card from your next draw to help the Digimon you have on the field. This card is especially useful if you're stumped in a timed tournament battle. But in real life, it makes your partner invisible for about thirty minutes."

"I see… And what about that last Formation? I'm guessing Delta?"

Takato nodded as he held it up. "These cards concern the ten Digimon elements, fire, wind, water, earth, steel, ice, thunder, plant, light, and darkness. This card is especially useful; it allows you to change your Digimon's element to give it an advantage over your opponent's element."

"How do you know which element is better than the other?"

"Each element has its opposite. For the four basic elements, it's easy, water and fire, earth and wind. The secondary elements are a little bit trickier."

"Secondary elements?"

"They're kind of like primary and secondary colors. Imagine the four elements as a square, going as water to earth to fire to wind in each corner. Each of the elements in opposite corners are also opposite elements, same goes for secondary elements which will be between them. Water and earth make plant, earth and fire make steel, fire and wind make thunder, and wind and water make ice. It sounds complicated but you get the gist of it. That makes plant and thunder opposites as well as ice and steel. And of course light and darkness are clear opposites."

Tai frowned as his brain felt all muddled up; he was surprised that the younger boy remembered all this by heart. "I'm still a little bit lost but I'll pretend I got it."

"So was I when my friend, Henry, explained it but it's easier if you draw a diagram of it," Takato chuckled. "Anything else you've got to ask me?"

"Yeah, when are these cards going to be released to the public?"

"A week after the new season is shown," Takato grinned. "Now it's my turn to ask a question. What's the third season of Digimon about anyway? I barely have the time to watch television anymore so I never got the chance to see the commercial. And Kazu can never explain it to me properly. Did the events from this new season even happen for real?"

"No, they did not," Tai laughed. "We just decided to continue it with fake characters since it seemed peculiar for us to just end it the way it was. This new season is about a group of five kids who are thrown into the Digital World to become the new heroes. It happens four to five years after Davis completes his adventures."

"So it fits with the timeline."

"Exactly… Anyway, all the previous DigiDestined have been taken away and trapped. It's up to these five and their partners to free each and every one of us. The only one of us who wasn't captured was Izzy who acts as their very own Gennai, but according to the ending of season two, Tentomon isn't much help since he can only become Kabuterimon. It's really cool because that means that each of us get to voice act for real instead of pretending we're professionals."

"That sounds pretty cool but in the show… Does the public actually know about Digimon?"

"Yup… That reminds me… Why can't my friends and I remember anything about this whole D-Reaper thing? I'm fairly certain I'd remember a giant red blob swallowing up the world."

Takato frowned at the thought of trying to explain this. "Well, there's this secret government organization known as Hypnos. Their original aim was to rid the world of all Digimon and the Digital World itself. But things changed over time and they became an organization to protect digital lifeforms instead. Our partners had to go back to the Digital World after we defeated the D-Reaper but they returned three months later. It had been two months after that, on Rika's – another one of my friends – birthday when the Locomon incident occurred."


"Before you ask, that's another story for another day," Takato interrupted before continuing. "After that, the higher ups of Hypnos decided to erase the public's memories of Digimon and their existence except for me, my friends, and our families. They hacked into every phone, computer, and television set in the world and forcibly erased everyone's memories. It sounds a bit harsh but it's true."

"Wow… That's a new one. But what about the incident in Hokkaido? I doubt a tsunami did all that damage."

"Mr. Wong said the exact same thing but none of us know the deal there. However, Yamaki, the head of Hypnos, seems to know something about the incident but he won't tell us anything. All we know is that it involves the government somehow."

"Mr. Wong… You mentioned that name before," Tai muttered thoughtfully before figuring out exactly when. "You said that he had created Digimon… What the heck does that even mean? Do you mean to tell me that all Digimon and the Digital World itself were created by a group of people? How does that make sense, there was a DigiDestined group before me and my friends, Takato, the Digital World has existed for longer than time itself."

Takato was stumped by this one but he was saved from answering when they both heard a growling from Guilmon. His D-Power began beeping erratically and Takato took it off his belt. A holographic compass suddenly appeared and it was directing them straight ahead. They looked up just in time to see a beam of light shoot into the sky. It looked like it had come from the park which thankfully, they were right next to.

"A wild one…," Takato whispered.

"Wait, a wild what?" Tai asked.

"I smell a lot of Digimon, Takato," Guilmon growled. "Renamon and Terriermon are already there."

Takato nodded. "That means Henry and Rika must've gotten there too. Let's go!"


"Wait!" Tai cried out. But it was too late, Takato had ran off along with his partner presumably straight towards a fog bank that had just appeared from seemingly out of nowhere. The older boy didn't have the slightest clue of what was going on but he decided to follow them, it was better than just standing around.

The three of them were running along the shaded path when another voice made itself known. "Takato, what are you doing here? It's dangerous."

Takato and Tai stopped and they saw a boy around Takato's age standing on the steel fence. He was perfectly balanced as if he was some sort of monkey rather than a human. Takato froze, recognizing him to be the same kid that had sat next to him in homeroom. "Keenan? I'd like to ask you the same question."

"Really? I think the first question is; how is he standing on that fence like it's the sidewalk," Tai huffed as he tried to catch his breath. He was rubbing his right leg as if it was in pain, which it was. The soccer accident he had gotten into had really damaged his leg; he couldn't even run right anymore.

Suddenly, a brunette came up from behind Keenan and leapt over the fence almost easily. It was like the two of them were superhuman or something. "This is not time for idle chatter, Keenan. We need to hurry!" she reminded the boy.

"Oh, right," Keenan nodded, jumping down.

The four of them were just about to run up the steps that would bring them to the stone shed. Takato stopped them when he noticed that the fog was slowly diminishing. He wondered if Henry and Rika had already taken care of the situation but it would appear that wasn't the case since he could still hear his partner's relentless growling.

"What are we waiting for?" asked the brunette irately.

"Kristy…," Keenan sighed. It appeared that Keenan and this Kristy girl were a tad preoccupied to notice Guilmon's presence.

They were all startled when they heard a new voice join them. "Over there! That's where our phones are leading us to!"

"No, I think it's pointing us to China, of course it's leading us there!" snapped another voice irritably.

The group of four humans and an invisible reptile, turned to see another group of five teenagers, all wearing the Yagami High uniforms, show up. "Kristy, is that you?" inquired a blue haired boy from the group of five.

"Wait… You're… Kouichi Kimura? What in sane heck is going on around here?" wondered Kristy aloud.

"I have no idea," shrugged Tai. "But if I had to make a guess, I believe our answer is up there!" The oldest of them pointed towards the stone shed.

They could now see two teenagers standing there. One was a male with blue hair with some sort of stuffed bunny thing on his shoulder and the other was a redheaded girl. They seemed to be staring at something inside the shed.

They ran up the stairs, Takato getting there before anyone else and making it behind his friends. "Henry, Rika, what's wrong?" he asked but froze up when he saw what they saw.

Inside the shed was a young man, he was around Tai's age and height but his hair was longer than Tai's was even when he had been younger. It was recently when Tai had gotten a haircut and now he resembled his father a bit. The man inside however, had hair that was longer than that of Rika's and he was gobbling up the bento boxes Rika's grandmother had been so kind to pack for her and the other Tamers.

With this brown haired man was eleven Digimon, all of which were of the Rookie level or below. The others had soon caught up only to crash into an invisible wall. Tai was the least affected by this strange event.

"What the hell?!" the raven haired boy exclaimed.

They suddenly froze when they heard a sniffling and sobbing voice. "T-Takato, that man's eating all of the food!" it whined, causing everyone other than the Tamers and Tai to flinch.

"Oh, you're always hungry," said the bunny creature on Henry's shoulder. This caused another reaction from the group.

"I don't believe it…," breathed Keenan who was the first to recover. He and Kristy made their way to the front of the little viewing crowd and saw the man for their own eyes. His clothes hadn't changed if not for the dirt and scent, his bangs were exactly the same, and the mini-ponytail was still there. But one thing that told them that he was who they thought he was, was his eating habits… Oh, and the Digimon that were with him.

"B-Biyomon?" asked Kristy cautiously towards the pink bird Digimon. Unlike the Biyomon that Tai knew, this one was about as large as Guilmon who was relatively the same height as a ten your old human child.

The pink bird known as Biyomon turned to the one who had uttered his name. "Kristy? Is that really you? My, how you're grown."

"It is you!" she sobbed as she hugged him. He returned the embrace warmly as if afraid that one of them would disappear on the spot.

The man stopped eating and slowly looked up. He looked at the two reuniting friends and couldn't help but stare at the adolescent. It was hard to say who looked for surprised, the Tamers who had stumbled upon him, or him, with the way he was looking at the girl.

While he was doing so, Keenan approached the other bird Digimon who was wearing a shirt that reminded everyone of something a ninja would wear in the movies and the two of them silently stared at each other for what felt like hours to them. "Then… That means… You're Falcomon… You're back," Keenan whispered.

"…Keenan… I've missed you so much!" Like their friends had, the two of them embraced each other warmly and held on to make sure that the other was still there, still real and not just an apparition from what they had been wishing for, for so long.

The man placed down the bento box in his hand and studied the two teenagers in front of him. Looking at them reminded him of how he had been gone for five long years. He didn't know who the others were that were standing there, speechless, at the scene. But one thing was for sure, the two teenagers hugging the Digimon he had brought back were the ones he had missed so much.

He smiled to himself and cleared his throat so that everyone could bring their attention on him. "I know it's all sappy for you two and all, and I really don't want to ruin the moment but… You guys keep saying how you've missed your partners… What about me?" he asked.

Keenan and Kristy glanced at each other before throwing themselves at the man. The two of them hugged him as he returned the gesture. Tears were spilling out from all of their eyes. It was like seeing two children reunite with their father who had been deployed overseas for years.

"How could we ever forget about you?" Keenan laughed.

"Welcome home, big brother," added Kristy.

Marcus smiled as he patted both their heads affectionately. "I'm home…"


Marcus has finally returned to the human world but he still has a lot of explaining to do. What will he tell the soon-to-be gathered group of DigiDestined? And what of Liollmon, could he truly be Jeri's deceased partner? Find out next time on Digimon: Children of the Present!

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